The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid

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Great Shopkeeper Fei’s authority was limited to convening the Elixir Meeting. Thus, he could only depend on his connections to deter people.

As long as he gave the word, then all of the elixir dealers related to the Red Blood Palace wouldn’t dare to sell any elixirs to specific stores. This was because the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store was their biggest financial backer, and no one was willing to offend it.

Great Shopkeeper Fei’s expression became gloomy. “Newcomer, if you take a single step out of here, I can ensure that your store won’t continue doing business.”

Great Shopkeeper Fei flew into a rage when he saw that Su Yu wore an indifferent and aloof expression as he replied, “Is that so? Then, let’s just wait and see.”

After Su Yu spoke, he left the main palace grandly, strolling out under the gazes of all. The whole place descended into silence, as no one dared to say even a single word. They could feel Great Shopkeeper Fei’s fury.

After Su Yu left the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store, he started strolling around and soon forgot all about Great Shopkeeper Fei’s threats. This region was flourishing, and it had all kind of stores.

When he walked by a grandiose and vast plaza, which was second only to the nine-story attic and the sky island, a pretty young girl passed him a flyer, which had several sentences written on it…

Tianya Auction House has a secret treasure, and if you apply now and participate in the auction, then you can get the opportunity to win a Spirit Benefit Elixir, which is worth 10 crystals!

As he looked at the flyer, Su Yu was lost in thought. Then, the pretty young girl broke into his reverie. “Old mister, will you participate in the auction?”

The pretty young girl wore a warm smile as she spoke. Su Yu shook his head, then asked, “I don’t have any interest in the auction for now, but later, I may need to sell some objects through your Auction House. Would that be possible?”

The pretty young girl’s eyes lit up. “That would be possible, as long as the treasure meets Tianya Auction House’s criteria. You can perhaps sell your items during our next auction, which will occur in half a month.”

As one of the Auction House’s personnel, if she could bring in people who wanted to auction their treasures, then she would get a percentage of the sale, similar to a commission. As Su Yu wore the Red Blood Palace’s disciple uniform and was so old, great age, she assumed that he had some wealth. So, the young girl became quite eager.

“Okay, I will come later on and find you.” Su Yu nodded.

The pretty young girl took a stone that was the size of a thumb from her sleeves and passed it to him. Then, with a faint smile, she said, “I’m Shaer, and if you want to sell some of your treasure through the Auction House, you just need to crush this object in front of the Auction House, then I will promptly come to you.”

Su Yu took the stone and smiled at her, then turned around and left. After that, Su Yu managed to easily find an appropriate elixir production place. In fact, he found that there were more than 10 places nearby that allowed alchemists to make elixirs within them.

Su Yu chose a fairly well-known elixir production place, which was famous for the stability of its earth flames. This impressive characteristic caused many novice alchemists to take a liking to it, and even some experienced alchemists chose this place while they were making their extremely important elixirs.

“Purple Flame Mountain,” Su Yu read aloud as he stood in front of a mountain that had three words carved on it.

They were many evenly-sized caves that had been dug into the mountain, and there were turbulent flames that were suitable for alchemy within each of them. However, the price to use them wasn’t low, and after one gained entry into them, they still had to pay a fee of one crystal for every two hours.

Su Yu paid four crystals and chose a cave that was situated in a secluded portion of the mountain. After he entered it, the seals on it started working all by themselves. Such seals possessed great sound-isolation effects, and regardless of what happened inside, no sound would be transmitted out.

As for the refined pills, they were also incapable of flying out of the cave. As such, it could be said that such seals were specially set for the alchemists.

There was adequate lighting in the cave, and there was a fire hole in its center, which had raging flames within it, which were quite stable and steady. There was even a refined device that could be used to control the flames, which was even more professional than the one in the Red Blood Palace’s Raging Flame Cabinet! This made sense though, as the Raging Flame Cabinet was set for cultivation only, not for alchemy.

Su Yu calmed his mind as he took the furnace and two batches of Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s ingredients, then placed them in front of him. Once everything was ready, Su Yu became somewhat excited as he wondered…

What will be the effects of these ancient elixirs? How great will its strengthening effects be on one’s soul?

Su Yu cast away such distracting thoughts as he started processing the ingredients. The most difficult one to handle was obviously the Heartbroken Zither Grass, as it had an acute poison within it, which would pollute the medicine if Su Yu made just a slight mistake. Then, the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid would turn into a deadly poison, which even Divine Masters would die by consuming!

According to the elixir recipe’s instructions, Su Yu needed to get rid of just three-tenths of its poison in order to avoid such a catastrophe, no more and no less. If the grass had more poison left in it, then the liquid would become a deadly poison, and if it was overly purified and the poison that was left was quite low, then the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s refining attempt would fail.

It was because of such a matter that even the ancient times’ alchemists had needed to be extremely careful while handling the Heartbroken Zither Grass. After all, such a task was extremely difficult. However, it was a quite easy task to Su Yu!

As the Milky Way’s radiance shone in his right palm, the poison inside the Heartbroken Zither Grass started being absorbed, wisp by wisp. It was only when seven-tenths of the poison was left that Su Yu stopped.

At that time, the Heartbroken Zither Grass’s color turned from a deep purple into a light purple color. As he had already finished purifying it, taking care of the other ingredients was much easier. After the time that it would take to brew a half a cup of tea had passed, the two batches of ingredients were completely processed, which meant that Su Yu could now start to refine the elixir.

He took the furnace and put the ingredients in it, according to the instructions. He then covered the concoction with a lid and started to control the flames.

When Su Yu started controlling the flames, he was amazed to discover that he had a greater awareness of the flames’ intensity, and his senses became more keen and sharp than the last time he had made elixirs.

“What’s going on?” Su Yu was astonished.

It was only after he observed the fire element aura, which was revolving around him, that he understood what was happening. He wondered… Is it because I comprehended the five elements’ concept?

The fire was, after all, one of the fire elements, so that should surely be the case! Su Yu was really amazed by this, as he didn’t expect that cultivating the Five Elements Mysteries Arts would be of such a great help to him in alchemy!

The delighted Su Yu started making the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, which he had looked forward to for such a long time. The flames control process was quite easy for Su Yu, as he had a great affinity with the flames. In fact, he had almost reached the step of fusing with them, which caused his refining to go smoothly and without incident.

The flames control process was the one that had the greatest chance of mishaps, yet he had still managed to complete it effortlessly, thus reaching the last step of elixir fusion. Since Su Yu didn’t have much experience in this process, it caused the fusion process to come to end after he had completed just three fusions.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The furnace started shaking and trembling, as if it had some powerful spiritual object within it that wanted to break free from its constraints. Seeing this, Su Yu licked his lips and prepared a jade box, while he tapped the furnace’s lid with his hand.


A loud sound echoed out as the furnace was opened, and a powerful spiritual pressure surged out of it, as well as a mist, which permeated the surroundings. The elixir didn’t take a solid pill form, but turned into a mist that was close to a liquid-state instead.

Su Yu was caught off guard by it, and as he waved his sleeves, he drew the mist towards him, then swept it inside the jade box. However, he was slightly late, so a third of the mist sprayed onto the wall and was wasted. Moreover, because the rest of the mist was exposed to the air, six-tenths of its medicinal energy was lost!

He had refined the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid successfully, but had failed while collecting it! When he gazed at the jade box in his hand, he noticed that the mist within it was turning into a liquid and had taken on a beautiful light purple color.

A faint fragrance, which would refresh anyone, surged out of it. This object was clearly effective for souls, but it was a pity that he had made a mistake while collecting it. Now, it could be considered as just a defective product!

However, Su Yu wasn’t discouraged, and as he calmed his mind, he started refining the other batch of ingredients. Since he already had experience now, making it was much easier this time, and after just four hours had passed, he had reached the moment for collecting the elixir.

He had already gone through this once, so he knew that he could not make the same mistake again. When the furnace was opened, Su Yu revolved his whole body’s Vital Energy and enveloped the stream of air, as well as the mist, which surged out and prevented them from coming in contact with the air.

When the stream of air scattered, Su Yu used his Vital Energy to wrap the mist and lead all of it into the jade box. This time, the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was even more sparkling than the last batch, and as the sunlight shone on it, it emitted a mesmerizing purple radiance.

Wisps of a fragrance, which would stimulate anyone’s soul, passed through the small cracks in the jade box and assaulted his nostrils. Su Yu couldn’t help but groan with pleasure at such a time, as sheer delight appeared in his eyes.

He then exclaimed, “What strong medicinal energy! Just its fragrance alone is this beneficial! I can’t imagine what great benefits it would bring to one’s soul if it was consumed directly!”

Su Yu suppressed the impulse to consume it himself as he collected the jade boxes and the furnace. He then left the mountain. Before leaving, he cleaned away all of the traces of the elixir’s production, and he even scattered the sweet fragrance that was still lingering in the air in order to avoid being discovered by anyone.

After Su Yu left the Purple Flame Mountain, he didn’t return to the Tonglin Store, but went directly to the Auction House. After all, if he wanted to redeem the Tonglin Store’s losses and earn a large number of merit points, then the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid would be an indispensable treasure for achieving this!

After he reached the Tianya Auction House, Su Yu crushed Shaer’s stone, and after a short while, she came rushing towards him, wearing an apologetic look on her face. “Old mister, I’m sorry, but the great appraiser just came back, and all of the personnel had to go and listen to his lecture. That is why I am so late in coming to you! Please forgive me.”

Su Yu didn’t mind the wait, so he replied calmly, “It’s fine. Just take me inside, as I have two treasures that I want to sell.”

Shaer’s eyes lit up. “May I ask you what kind of treasures?”

“A type of spiritual liquid,” Su Yu replied.

Shaer furrowed her brows. “It’s an elixir, then? That might be troubling, as most of the objects that are received by Tianya Auction House are elixirs, and few of them can manage to catch the appraiser’s eye. However, since you have already come here, then you can still try it. Let’s hope that you succeed.”

Shaer smiled and encouraged him, despite feeling like it was hopeless for Su Yu, as Tianya City had an abundance of elixirs, and apart from extremely rare and precious ones, it would be difficult for another one to be chosen by the appraiser. This was especially true because the number of objects that the Auction House sold each auction was limited, and only a few objects were deemed as qualified.

Su Yu smiled mysteriously and said, “Rest at ease, as my items will surely satisfy your appraiser.”