The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Thousand Hands Old Xian

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Even though Shaer didn’t think too highly of Su Yu, she still kept an amicable attitude towards him. She held quite a low position in Tianya Auction House, so she was only qualified to distribute flyers in the street and to invite martial artists to consign their treasures for sale.

As it was the greatest auction house in the city, many martial artists had come here to consign their goods for sale. As such a large crowd saturated the market, all of these treasures were rarely approved by Tianya Auction House.

As such, it was rare that Shaer would get a commission from the auction house, and even when she did, it was no more than a single crystal. However, Shaer still didn’t give up, as even a single crystal was considered a great deal of wealth to poor people like her.

“Old mister, it’s ideal that you are confident, but even if your items don’t manage to satisfy the appraiser, you shouldn’t lose heart, as there are three other auction smaller houses in the city, where you could try your luck.” Shaer revealed a faint smile.

As Tianya city was vast, it made sense that it would not have just a single auction house. Su Yu was glad to know that there were three other ones, which were owned by the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the central prefecture. Moreover, they were all first-class auction houses.

As for Tianya Auction House’s backer? He was quite mysterious, and there wasn’t anyone who clearly knew his identity. However, he must be someone very powerful and important!

“Hehe.” Su Yu chuckled, as he had great confidence in his Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid and believed that it wouldn’t disappoint him.

After an hour passed, Shaer led Su Yu to the rear of the palace, where there was a row of stone rooms. There was a long line of people before each room, each of whom had personnel like Shaer. As the line inched along, they entered the rooms one by one.

“Each room has an appraiser, who has appraised countless treasures in their lives and will rarely misjudge objects. After the martial artists enter, they state the reasons behind their visit before giving the appraisers their goods that they want to sell, so that they can be appraised by them,” Shaer explained.

She then added, “As long the items are approved, then the items will then be passed to the great appraiser, and if the great appraiser also approves, then the items will be sold in the auction.”

Shaer chose a room that had just a few people in line in front of it and waited calmly, while speaking to him in a low voice, “We will now let this appraiser appraise your items, but as most appraisers have bad tempers, after entering, you shouldn’t anger him! Otherwise, you will bring troubles upon yourself.”

Appraisers were usually arrogant and haughty because they had knowledge that was far above ordinary people’s reach. Hence, they felt like they were a cut above all others. Moreover, their positions in Tianya Auction House gave them more prestige, which caused them to become quite proud and conceited.

“Understood.” Su Yu expressed his understanding.

They waited in line for another hour. Although this room’s appraisal was going fairly quickly, Su Yu noticed that there weren’t any martial artists who, as they left the room, didn’t have an unsightly expression on their faces. There was even anger on many of their faces, as if they had been infuriated by the appraisal process.

“It seems like this appraiser gets along with people well…” Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he cracked a joke.

Shaer furrowed her brows and said, “Such quick appraisal skills! Did we run into Thousand Hands Old Xian?”

Su Yu looked at Shaer and noticed that her expression was somewhat odd, so he couldn’t help but ask her, “Is there something wrong with this Thousand Hands Old Xian?”

Shaer shook her head, then said, “There isn’t anything wrong with him, but he is well-known for his high standards, and he rarely approves the treasures that he appraises. Because of this, many martial artists hate him. I don’t have a good feeling about him, so let’s switch to another one.” Shaer bit her lips nervously.

Even though she felt like Su Yu’s elixir-like treasure wouldn’t be chosen by any of the other appraisers, she still felt that their best shot would be to try another appraiser.

“Hehe, Miss Shaer, you are really considerate, but let’s take our chances.” Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he shook his head.

“Next…” As the door to the room was opened, a youth, whose face was filled with resentment and anger, came out of it in a huff.

Su Yu smiled at Shaer, then said, “Wait for me.”

After he spoke, he entered the room, and the room door closed by itself, while a layer of seals appeared on it. This prevented people on the outside from knowing what was happening inside the room, and it was done to maintain secrecy for the martial artists.

The room was brightly lit, making it even more resplendent than outside. A sharp-faced old man was sitting in front of a chair casually, looking at Su Yu coldly.

He then said in a mechanical voice, “Take out the goods, that you want to sell.”

He had an apathetic attitude. As Su Yu looked at the stone table, he saw several elixirs and ingredients, many of which were quite precious. Some of them appeared to have been thrown, as there were some broken bottles and spilled contents as well.

Su Yu nodded as he took a jade box from his pocket. This contained the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, which had failed in its manufacturing process. Hence, it could be considered a defective product, which didn’t possess even two-thirds of a proper one’s medicinal energy.

“This is what I want to sell. It’s a medicinal liquid, so please have a look at it.” Su Yu put it on the table lightly.

Thousand Hands Old Xian furrowed his brows before he even examined it. This was because he had heard that it was a medicinal liquid.

He rolled his eyes as he asked, “You dare to bring a medicinal liquid that isn’t precious or rare to Tianya Auction House? The people I most despise are those who just come to try their luck!”

Su Yu was angered by his condescending words, and he stood beside him calmly, but turned a deaf ear to his grumbling. Although Thousand Hands Old Xian grumbled such words, he still did his job and opened the jade box to examine its medicinal energy.

The moment he opened it, a refreshing fragrance assaulted his nostrils, and he couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly as he asked, “Is it a medicinal liquid, which calm one’s heart and refreshes one’s mind?”

Without waiting for a response, Thousand Hands Old Xian took a drop of the liquid expressionlessly and put it over a refined device to examine it. After a long while, he spoke once again, “It still is capable of increasing middle-stage Fairies’ cultivations! It’s a hybrid elixir, which could increase one’s cultivation, calm one’s heart, and refresh one’s mind.”

He managed to discern two of its effects in just a short moment, which showed that his skill was really not mediocre. However, he had inspected it hastily and didn’t examine its fragrance carefully, which caused him to make a mistake…

“In summary, it’s just a middle-grade spirit elixir. It’s a spirit liquid, which could increase one’s cultivation, and it could be considered quite good among other elixirs of the same grade,” Thousand Hands Old Xian announced as he raised his head.

He then added, “However, it’s still a defective product, which was the fruit of a failed manufacturing process. So, I can’t believe that you still dared to bring it here for me to appraise it! Take your object and get lost!”

Thousand Hands Old Xian snorted disdainfully as he waved his sleeves, then swept the jade box off of the table! Anger flickered in Su Yu’s eyes as he went to catch the falling jade box, and even though he managed to catch it, two drops still sprayed out of it and dripped on some of the items on the table.

Su Yu understood now why there were all kinds of precious materials and elixirs sprinkled around the table, and he also understood why so many people had left the room in fits of anger. It was because Thousand Hands Old Xian didn’t have just an arrogant temper, but he was obviously an overbearing bully, who treated people very poorly!