The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 848

Chapter 848 The Great Appraiser

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The price of even a defective Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was still quite high, and Thousand Hands Old Xian’s behavior was really quite infuriating, so after Su Yu grabbed the jade box, he took just a single look at him before turning around and leaving, without saying a single word!

He wasn’t worried that the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid would end up unknown, as any person who had any experience and examined it patiently would discover its true effect, which was the tempering of the soul! It was a spirit elixir, which would make people go crazy over it!

However, since Tianya Auction’s people didn’t have discerning eyes, then Su Yu would just give it to the other three auction houses, as it really didn’t matter to him which place he put it up for sale in. All he cared about was getting its name spread throughout the whole region!

Su Yu wore a calm expression as he left the room. When Shaer, who was waiting for him outside, saw him, her eyes lit up. She then asked, “Old mister, did your spirit elixir get through the appraisal?”

Her voice was filled with hope, as no other martial artist had left Thousand Hands Old Xian’s room with such a calm and composed look on his face! But, Su Yu shook his head and said, “Thousand Hands Old Xian’s has high standards, and he didn’t approve the spirit liquid.”

Upon hearing him, Shaer’s pretty face fell. However, she quickly forced herself to smile as she comforted Su Yu, “It’s my fault. If I had taken you to get it appraised by another appraiser, then it would probably have yielded better results.”

Su Yu had a good impression of this young girl, and he threw a pouch at her casually as he said, “You did you best. I will go to take a look at the other auction houses.”

Shaer caught the pouch, and when she opened it, she found that it had 10 gleaming crystals in it!

“Ahh! Old mister, this is…” Shaer was astonished, and her lovely body trembled with excitement.

“It’s a reward for all of your hard work.” Su Yu waved his hand at her as he strode forward and left the auction house.

She was quite delighted, as she knew that she had run into a very generous rich person, so she immediately chased after him. “Old mister, many thanks for your reward! I will never forget your kindness.” Shaer’s eyes were filled with gratitude.

Su Yu wore a smile as he nodded at her. “Crystals are just mere worldly possessions, so you shouldn’t care too much about them. Oh, by the way, is one of the other three auction houses owned by the Red Blood Palace?”

He was, after all, a disciple of the Red Blood Palace, and if he went to one of their own auction houses, then he wouldn’t be pushed around.

Shaer replied hurriedly, “Yes! The Red Blood Auction House… It isn’t far from here! I will lead you to it.”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he pointed at the flyers in her hands, which she still hadn’t finished distributing. “You should just complete your task. I hope to see you again!”

After he said that, he joined the boundless sea of people that were bustling about, soon disappearing among them.

At the rear palace of Tianya Auction House.

It was now noon, and all of appraisers were taking a rest, having momentarily stopped appraising objects. However, the appraisers were incapable of relaxing at such a time, as the great appraiser would soon come and examine their work.

The great appraiser would enter their rooms and question each of them personally. For this reason, they became extremely nervous around this time. After all, if the great appraiser was dissatisfied, then he had enough authority to fire any appraisers he deemed as unqualified.

The great appraiser had a good reputation, so the appraisers he fired would rarely be employed by any other auction houses. In fact, it could be said that just a single word from him could destroy an ordinary appraiser’s entire livelihood!

The appraisers were awaiting his arrival nervously, acting as if they were about to face a great enemy. That was even the case for Thousand Hands Old Xian too, and he was now sitting upright and completely still, while striving hard to put an earnest and devoted look on his face.


Thousand Hands Old Xian’s heart shuddered when the room’s door opened and the patrolling great appraiser entered. “Thousand Hands Old Xian, did you discover any valuable goods to auction?” An old man, with white hair and a ruddy face, who wore a long robe that had a moon and stars depicted on it, asked.

Thousand Hands Old Xian stood up straightly and answered solemnly, “Great appraiser, I didn’t find any valuable products. I’m really incompetent and useless.”

The old man shook his head. “I know that you have high standards and don’t care much about ordinary objects, however, if they are good objects, then you must still approve them, as our auction house has recently been in a slump and we are short of good products.”

Thousand Hands Old Xian replied firmly, “Great appraiser, I still feel like ordinary products aren’t qualified to be displayed in our auction house, as it’s a great disgrace to all of us. So, I feel like it’s better to have nothing than to accept shoddy goods. Moreover, I believe that it’s impossible for truly valuable objects to fool my eyes!”

The old man nodded faintly as he stared at Thousand Hands ld Xian. He seemed to approve of his viewpoint. Although he was haughty and arrogant, he still had real expertise. However, he was really too obstinate!

The old man didn’t feel like trying to persuade him any longer, so he nodded at him before he clasped his hands behind his back and left. The door was now open, and a light breeze passed by it, sweeping the room’s odors towards the door.

The great appraiser, who was just about to leave from the gate, came to a stop suddenly and twitched his nose, while surprise flickered in his eyes. He then stared at Thousand Hands Old Xian as he revealed a faint smile and asked, “Thousand Hands Old XIan, did you want to wait until the evening’s patrol before informing me of such good news?”

Thousand Hands Old Xian was startled, and he asked in confusion, “Great appraiser, what do you mean?”

The great appraiser couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “Did you assume that you could conceal from me that there is a strange elixir fragrance in the room? Moreover, it’s a completely new elixir’s fragrance, which I have never smelled before! I have just sense that it has a weak strengthening effect on souls.”

He then added, “Take it out quickly, as I appraised elixirs for dozens of years, and it isn’t like I never saw elixirs that could strengthen souls, but I saw them no more than two times, and they were both extremely precious top-notch elixirs, which even All Creation Old Monster would covet!”

As the great appraiser’s eyes shone in a resplendent glow, Thousand Hands Old Xian jumped in fright. After all, soul strengthening elixirs were elixirs that he had only read about in ancient books. So, he had to wonder… How could they appear in my room?

“Great appraiser, are you cracking a joke? If I really discovered such an elixir, then I would have already presented it to you!” Thousand Hands Old Xian was baffled.

The great appraiser’s smile stiffened as he looked at Thousand Hands Old Xian and asked, “Did you embezzle this elixir?”

It wasn’t like similar matters hadn’t occurred in the past, as when appraisers discovered that a martial artist’s treasure was extremely precious, they would often get greedy and take it for themselves. When such a matter was discovered, the appraiser would end up being executed by Tianya Auction House!

Thinking of this, Thousand Hands Old Xian jumped in fright, then knelt down on one knee and replied, “I wouldn’t dare! Great appraiser, I’m willing to even let you search my body!”

His actions startled the great appraiser, and it didn’t seem like Thousand Hands Old Xian was putting on an act. He suddenly looked at the junk that was piled on the table, then quickly strode towards it, as if he had just noticed something. His gaze immediately fell on two drops of dried purple liquid, which were covered up by other objects.

His gaze lit up as he exclaimed, “It’s this!”

Thousand Hands Old Xian followed his gaze. As he looked at it, he was confused, shocked, then bewildered.

The great appraiser took a dried drop with his finger, then placed it before his nose and sniffed it. As he did so, he felt a refreshing feeling from the deepest part of his soul, and his soul became even more stable.

“It’s the ancient times’ elixir, the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid! It strengthens one’s soul and increases one’s cultivation!” The great appraiser’s shining eyes were filled with shock, and he was clearly moved.

He looked as if he had just discovered some peerless treasure! Although he didn’t have such an elixir’s recipe, he still had knowledge about it and could recognize it easily.

“The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid!” Thousand Hands Old Xian also knew about it, and he was overwhelmed with shock.

The great appraiser wore a cold look as he turned his head and said, “Speak! Where is the medicinal liquid? If you don’t hand it over, then I will immediately send you to the punishment division!”


Thousand Hands Old Xian was so scared that his knees went soft and his face became deathly pale, while beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead. He knelt on the ground and entreated him hurriedly, “Great appraiser, spare me! I really didn’t hide the medicinal liquid!”

He then added, “I already returned it because I felt like the medicinal liquid wasn’t eligible, so the guest already took his medicinal liquid and left!”

“What?” The great appraiser was shocked, and he started suspecting that Thousand Hands Old Xian was lying to him.

Thousand Hands Old Xian spoke hurriedly, “I’m telling the truth! He was brought here by a female servant, and after he failed in auctioning it, he left with it. Ask the female servant, as she could testify to it!”

The great appraiser was both astonished and angered. “You misjudged an elixir from ancient times? Your skill must once again be put to the test!”

Thousand Hands Old Xian was haughty and proud, and he had become overly confident in his appraisal skills. It was because of this that he had become careless while appraising products.

He couldn’t believe that he had misjudged an elixir from the ancient times! As he thought of such a fact, he greatly regretted it. Now, a black spot would be left upon his record in Tianya Auction House. Although Tianya Auction House wouldn’t fire an appraiser just because of a single mistake, he would be still left with a very bad reputation.

“When did that person leave?” Since the great appraiser already knew that it was the astonishing Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, then he would surely not give up on finding it!

Thousand Hands Old Xian’s eyes lit up as he replied hurriedly, “Just an hour ago!”

“Where did he go?” The great appraiser wore a threatening gaze.

Thousand Hands Old Xian wore a bitter expression, as he had no idea! However, just after that, he thought of something, and said, “Oh right… The female servant who brought him here must know!”

The great appraiser’s eyes lit up, “Which female servant? Do you remember?”

Thousand Hands Old Xian nodded repeatedly. “I remember, as that female servant was quite diligent, and she constantly brought people here. I think her name was Shaer!”

Anxiety appeared on the great appraiser’s face as he gave the order, “Quick! Immediately call Shaer to come here!”

While they were looking for Su Yu, he had already reached the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House.