The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Central Prefectures Elixir Store

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“Senior brother, may I ask why you came to our auction house?” A shrewd twenty-year-old attendant revealed an amiable smile after he realized from Su Yu’s outfit that Su Yu was from the Red Blood Palace.

The reason why he had called Su Yu “senior brother” was because of his aged appearance. He was oblivious to that fact that Su Yu’s true age was even younger than his own!

Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he said, “I want to auction something in my sanctum’s auction house. So, I will trouble you with showing me the way.”

“Okay, senior brother, please come here.” The attendant didn’t neglect him because they were both members of the Red Blood Palace, and since they were now outside, he figured that they all needed to take care of each other.

They went to the auction house’s backroom, which was similar to the Tianya Auction House’s backroom. Several strict guards were present here, along with groups of martial artists, all of whom were lining up to sell their goods.

They were all waiting patiently in order for the appraisers inside to appraise their goods. However, the number of people lining up didn’t even reach half of the amount usually present at the Tianya Auction House.

The more famous an auction house, the more capable it would be of auctioning goods for a high price. All of the martial artists understood this principle, so they knew what types of things they should choose.

Many of them had already tried to auction their goods at the Tianya Auction House, but were rejected. Thus, they could only take these same goods and try their luck at the Blood Red Palace’s auction house.

This was the reason why the Blood Red Palace’s auction house rarely had good products, as most of what they received were substandard products. Regardless, the Blood Red Palace’s auction house didn’t have a choice or a better alternative because if they refused such a group of people, they would be short of enough goods to choose among at the auction.

Su Yu waited calmly at the end of the line, and it was only an hour had passed that it was his turn. When he entered the private room, it was immediately engulfed by a powerful seal, which would prevent anyone outside from peeping in and seeing what was going on inside of the room.

Su Yu was immediately surprised to discover that they were two appraisers in the room, not just a single one as he had expected. The pair were of similar ages and were both elderly men. They had steady and calm temperaments and weren’t fretful like the Tianya Auction House’s appraisers.

When Su Yu entered the room, he found the pair chatting with each other…

“Ah! I wonder whether the other appraisal rooms got any good products today. Our appraisal room only got a meager harvest! I hope that it won’t affect the auction, which will be held in three days!”

“Let’s hope it won’t! In three days, the Deputy General Manager will come to make an investigation, and he will participate personally in that auction. If we don’t have excellent goods, we will surely be reprimanded by him!”

“I wouldn’t mind if it was just this matter, as auction houses aren’t capable of auctioning precious treasures at all times and the Deputy General Manager shouldn’t take out his anger on us because of it. But, the real issue is that the Central Prefecture’s factions greatest demonic beasts’ material store, restaurant, and elixir store sold three fine treasures here…”

“They all belonged to the Central Prefecture and were antagonistic to us, yet they still chose to come here and didn’t auction their things off at the Tianya Auction House. They surely didn’t harbor any good intentions in doing this, and this is actually the reason why the Deputy General Manager decided to attend the auction that will be held in three days!”

“That’s right, those three Central Prefecture’s factions suppressed most of our industries recently, yet they still came to auction off their goods here. It’s obvious that they wanted to show off their power. I heard that those three products’ qualities and prices greatly surpassed all of our Red Blood Palace’s similar products. So, it’s obvious that they wanted to use them to shame us! They will use us to spread the name of their newly developed products before continuing to occupy more of the market!”

“It’s really hateful of them! Our Red Blood Palace’s resources are limited, and we can’t compete with the Central Prefecture, which has a vast territory that is filled with abundant resources. We can’t fight them, so we can only hope to quickly get an equally impressive similar product, which we can use to lessen their advantage over us!”

“But, we have just three days before our time is up! So, how will it be possible? Our Red Blood Palace’s three industries’ Great Shopkeepers are disappointing and haven’t lived up to our expectations! Thank goodness our restaurants and demonic beast material stores are still in good states because they are all trying to find new goods to remedy our situation.”

“As for the elixir stores’ Great Shopkeeper Fei, I heard that he started a meeting just after he was reprimanded by the Deputy General Manager, where he tried to rip off all of the middle-grade and low-grade elixir stores. He didn’t try to fight against the Central Prefecture’s elixir stores, but just bullied the people on our side. Sadly, because of this, I feel like our Red Blood Palace’s elixir stores will be the ones that collapse first.”

“News of this matter already has already spread among all of the Red Blood Palace’s elixir stores. Great Shopkeeper Fei’s actions aren’t any different from drinking poison to quench one’s thirst, and in the end, he will harm our whole elixir industry because of them!”

Those two old men let out long sighs simultaneously and finished their discussion with that. It was only then that they looked at Su Yu, who had just come in. The three of them then sat down altogether.

When they noticed Su Yu’s long robe adorned with blue patterns, which was the Red Blood Palace’s official outfit, their expressions eased slightly. They revealed faint smiles, while one of them asked in surprise, “Are you a Red Blood Palace disciple?”

Su Yu cupped his fists at them, took out his identity badge, and said, “That’s right. I’m an outer sanctum’s disciple. My name is Su Yuxian, and I have some products that I want to auction.”

They glanced at Su Yu’s identity badge, and after they confirmed that it wasn’t fake, they became more cordial, with one of them saying, “Well, since you are our sanctum’s disciple, we will properly appraise them for you, but don’t count on us to go easy on you.”

Su Yu smiled. “I wouldn’t dare to ask this of you. So, please appraise them for me fairly.” As Su Yu spoke, he took out a jade box, which was filled with the defective Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

“A new kind of liquid elixir?” one of the men asked, while both of their gazes lit up slightly.

The current Red Blood Palace’s auction house was shouldering a heavy responsibility, so it required good elixirs. So, they surely valued such type of goods! If they couldn’t find any new excellent elixirs, the Red Blood Palace would surely be shamed in the auction that was going to be held in three days.

“That’s right.” Su Yu revealed a faint smile.

He was confident that as long as they weren’t as arrogant as Thousand Hands Old Xian, they would surely manage to discover how amazing the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid truly was. Those two men were clearly interested in it.

At that moment, the appraiser on the left side raised his head and revealed a faint smile as he asked, “Lad, did you hear any particular rumors, which would explain why you took out a new kind of liquid elixir?”

After all, he knew that many shrewd Red Blood Palace’s members would try everything to get new kinds of liquid elixirs to face the Central Prefecture’s elixir stores’ newly developed elixir in three days. Once someone succeeded in doing this, he would surely be rewarded generously by the Red Blood Palace.

Su Yu shook his head in confusion. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The pair was still skeptical, but they didn’t press him further on the matter. Instead, the appraiser on the left side said, “We will both separately appraise your items, as it’s only through two appraisals that we can ensure recognizing good products and be sure that we don’t end up missing anything because of a mistake from one appraiser. If you are sure about leaving these appraisals to us, we will start now.”

Su Yu nodded, while thinking… The Red Blood Palace’s auction house is much more responsible than Tianya Auction House!

“You can start now.” Su Yu revealed a faint smile.

They both looked at him, while the appraiser on the left side opened the jade box. An invigorating fragrance immediately fluttered out of it, assaulting their nostrils

The appraiser was slightly surprised. “An invigorating effect?”

After he mulled it over for a moment, he decided to take a drop of the liquid elixir out in order to examine it more carefully. After a long while, he uttered in surprise, “Huh? Its main effect seems to be increasing one’s cultivation. It has a good effect regarding this aspect, and it rivals the finest middle-grade spirit elixirs on the market! Not bad! It’s an excellent product.”

Although he evaluated it favorably, a glint of disappointment still flickered in his pupils for a moment. He was thinking that if Su Yu had brought this object before, they might have even displayed it in the auction because it was quite appealing. However, it still wasn’t capable of rivaling the Central Prefecture’s elixir store’s new elixir, which would be displayed in the auction in three days.

The appraiser on the left side spoke with regret, “The appraisal’s results are as follows… It’s a middle-grade liquid elixir, and its medicinal energy is capable of increasing one’s cultivation level. Its effects are at the top of the middle grade, and it still only has a secondary invigorating effect.”

After he said this, he pushed the jade box to the appraiser on the right side and urged him, “Old Yu, you appraise it now!”

As a matter of fact, his experience was higher than Old Yu’s, and usually, once he appraised something, Old Yu would get the same results. Old Yu also usually appraised goods casually, so he wasn’t really used to doing it on a routine basis. One could say that he was a little rusty!

However, this time was an exception, and Old Yu got lost in his thoughts while staring at the jade box. Because of this, he didn’t start appraising it for a long while.

After he hesitated for a long while, Old Yu asked in an uncertain tone, “Old Sun, do you remember that you mentioned a month ago a type of ancient elixir’s recipe? It seems like that elixir’s color and effects are slightly similar to this one.”

Old Sun was taken aback by this, and he revealed a pensive look. He then peered at the jade box once again, his pupils contracting as he did so.

He then asked, “Are you implying that it’s the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid that went extinct?”

Old Yu shook his head. “I’m not sure exactly, but it’s similar to it. After all, it’s an ancient product that went extinct, and even though its recipe didn’t disappear completely, one of its ingredients, the Heartbroken Zither Grass, is now an extinct plant. So, how would it be possible for someone to make it in this era?”

Old Sun grabbed the jade box once again after he mulled it over, then said, “Let’s appraise it once again. We mustn’t ignore any possibility. This is a basic rule for all appraisers.”

As an appraiser, he must be always strict and careful. So, he started examining it once again, not focusing on its cultivation strengthening effect this time, but focusing solely on its invigorating fragrance.

This time, he took a daring action. He actually swallowed a drop of it! It was extraordinary that he dared to take such an action, even though he was oblivious to whether or not it contained any poisonous substances! This showed just how dedicated he was to his work!

Once he swallowed the drop of the liquid elixir, its pure energy pervaded his limbs and bones, and it even made his Dantian’s Vital Energy become more pure. However, its effects weren’t limited to this alone.

At the same time, his soul became slightly hot and horror appeared on his face. This was because the influx of heat had caused him to quickly assume that it was a harmful substance!

However, just after that, delight appeared on his face. This was because he clearly felt that after the medical energy had dissipated, his soul became more spirited and slightly stronger than before!

His body started shivering, and ecstasy filled his face. He stared at the jade box with his bright eyes, which were filled with shock, as he exclaimed, “We weren’t mistaken! It’s really the ancient liquid elixir, the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid! It has a purple color and is in a liquid state. It’s also capable of strengthening one’s cultivation! What’s more important is that after consumption for a long period, it will greatly strengthen one’s soul. This truly is the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid!”

Shock appeared on Old Yu’s face. “Is this really true?”

At that moment, he also took a drop of it and swallowed it. After a short while, he opened his eyes, which were filled with delight and shock, and said, “My soul power has been strengthened! It’s really the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid!”

These appraisers had both seem countless treasures during their lives. In fact, they had seen even more treasures than most Divine Master experts, and they also had broad experience in such matters. This was why they would rarely get this excited and stirred.

They only arrived at such a state because of this ancient elixir, which should have already disappeared from the world. It was a fine spirit elixir, capable of strengthening one’s soul power!

Even though it was just a middle-grade spirit elixir and was only effective for Fairy Realm experts, if news about it spread, even Divine Master experts would go crazy over it! Even if it was capable of only slightly increasing a Divine Master expert’s soul power, they still wouldn’t hesitate to pay any price for it!

The two appraisers couldn’t get over their shock, even after a long while, and they couldn’t help but look at Su Yu with their shining gazes as one of them asked for confirmation, “What is this liquid elixir’s name?”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “It’s the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.”

They couldn’t help but take in deep breaths after they confirmed this matter. They exchanged a glance with each other and both saw the delight in each other’s eyes. They were both thinking that they would surely get to watch a good show at this upcoming auction!

“Su Yuxian, may I ask you something… Did you make this liquid elixir by yourself?” Old Sun stared at Su Yu with his ardent gaze.

If the Red Blood Palace’s elixir stores could get the chance to sell such a heaven-defying elixir, they would finally be able to put an end to the Central Prefecture’s elixir stores dominance over them!