The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 850

Chapter 850 The Dispute Over The Elixir

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Su Yu shook his head and asked, “Elder, are you cracking a joke? How could an outer sanctum’s disciple like me manage to make such a liquid elixir?”

Upon hearing him, the appraisers exchanged a glance. They were both disappointed to hear this, and they did have to admit as they thought to themselves… If an outer sanctum’s disciple possessed such a skill, would he still be in the outer sanctum? He would have already been invited to the inner sanctum, where he would be fostered and protected.

“Elders, I recently accepted a mission of taking charge of one of the Red Blood Palace’s elixir’s stores. A mysterious old man came to my store yesterday and asked me to auction this item. If this object can be auctioned for the price that he desires and get enough attention, he will be willing to provide more Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid and sell it in my store.”

What? The disappointment in their eyes disappeared and was replaced by delight upon hearing this. “Is that really true?” the appraisers asked in unison.

Su Yu cupped his fists at them and said, “It’s indeed true!”

“Haha, good! Heaven is surely helping our Red Blood Palace’s elixir stores! I will report this matter to the upper members, and you should also come with me to meet them. They will surely be interested in meeting you!” Old Sun said.

He and Old Yu were very excited. They couldn’t believe that they had managed to get such a liquid elixir at the last minute before the auction! They could surely use it to put the Central Prefecture’s elixirs stores to shame at the upcoming auction!

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “It will be better for me to abstain from such a meeting. I don’t know much about that mysterious old man, and even if I did meet the upper members, I couldn’t explain anything to them. As long as the Red Blood Palace’s auction can make this product famous, I believe then that the old man will surely fulfill his promise.”

Su Yu then took the other complete Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid and said, “I still have another one. This is a complete Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. The one that I just handed you is considered a defective product. But, you can still auction them both in the auction.”

The two old men’s eyes lit up as they both thought… Is there still another greater complete product? Even a defective product was quite amazing, so won’t a complete product be much better?

They were both pleasantly surprised to hear this, and they accepted the second liquid elixir with glee. Old Sun then asked, “Since you aren’t willing to meet the upper members, we won’t try to force you to do so. This is our auction house’s VIP Card… You should hand it to that old man when you see him. He can use it to watch the auction in our VIP lounge in three days. I hope that the old man can honor us with his presence.”

After they handed the VIP Card to Su Yu, they quickly left the private room, carrying the two boxes of Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid with them as they went. They then hurried away to meet the auction house’s manager.

They went directly to a plain-looking hall in the deepest part of the auction house. There were two groups of people outside the hall, one of which was the Red Blood Palace’s guards. As for the other group, Old Sun and Old Yu were quite shocked when they caught sight of them.

“Old Yu, what happened today? I am told that even the Tianya Auction House’s Great Appraiser came here. The person next to him seems to be the renowned Thousand Hands Old Xian!” Old Sun was quite startled.

This was because, all around them, they saw their foes, and this was quite strange, as they didn’t usually have any dealings with each other. And… Even if such dealings happened, they would usually just occur between low-ranking members, and the Great Appraiser was anything but a low-ranking member!

The leader of the guards’ team, who before the hall’s gate, asked the appraisers upon seeing them arrive, “Sirs, did you come here to meet Palace Master Xiao?”

Old Sun averted his gaze from the other group and nodded. He then said, “That’s right. Please notify the Palace Master that we have an urgent matter to report to him.”

They were both aware that the Palace Master was hard-pressed at the moment, so they knew that he would surely be delighted to hear that they had gotten ahold of such a treasure.

The team leader spoke after hesitating for a moment, “Okay, just wait for a while here. I will go and notify him. However, don’t hold out much hope for gaining an audience with him today, as the Palace Master is now having a meeting with the Tianya Auction House’s Owner.”

The owner? Old Sun’s and Old Yu’s bodies shivered and shock appeared in their gazes upon hearing this. The Tianya Auction House’s Owner was a very prestigious person, who one would rarely get to see. Both his status and origin were unsolvable riddles to everyone.

He rarely showed himself, and even the Tianya Auction House’s core members didn’t get to see him regularly. However, all of the people were completely aware that he was the person in control of the Tianya Auction House. The two old men were both shocked that he had come here personally.

The guard team’s leader went inside the hall, where a woman and a man were sitting opposite each other, discussing something. They were both middle-aged.

The man had sword-like sharp brows, star-like bright eyes, and handsome features. He also had a quite profound gaze. He was the Red Blood Palace Auction House’s Palace Master, Xiao Yao.

The pretty middle-aged woman, who sat opposite to him, wore a long, black dress and a gentle expression on her face. She seemed graceful and well-mannered.

“Palace Master Xiao, we have already spoken for quite a long time now, so please give us back the auctioned product.” The woman spoke leisurely and calmly, but her words still seemed like a firm command.

Ordinary people wouldn’t even dare to gasp for breath loudly in front of her, but Xiao Yao replied calmly, while wearing a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, “Fairy Ling, are you cracking a joke? We didn’t get any Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid this time around, and even if we had we would have no reason for handing it over to your Tianya Auction House. Aren’t you afraid of disgracing your auction house by dropping in to demand goods from us in this way?”

Fairy Ling didn’t get angry upon hearing this, but simply replied calmly, “That product first appeared in our auction house, so it ought to be managed by our Tianya Auction House! Doesn’t this make sense?”

Xiao Yao had been oblivious to this matter until now, so he couldn’t help but furrow his brows and ask, “Why would such a product leave your auction house? Regardless, I’m still sure that it isn’t in my Red Blood Palace’s Auction House!”

After she chatted with him for a while and ascertained that Red Blood Palace’s Auction House didn’t get Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. Fairy Ling furrowed her brows and wondered… Did that maid named Shaer lie about this? Or… Did the old man she mentioned go to the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House with his product, or some other auction house?

It was at this moment that the guard team’s leader came over and transmitted his voice to Palace Master Xiao, “Palace Master, the appraisers Old Sun and Old Yu want to meet with you.”

Xiao Yao’s eyes flickered. “They must have noticed that I’m having a meeting with a distinguished guest, yet they still want to meet me? What for?” Xiao Yao knew his subordinates well, and so he knew that they weren’t dense.

The guard team’s leader said, “They stated that they wanted to report an urgent matter to you.”

An urgent matter? Xiao Yao nodded. “Okay, bring them to the side palace hall. I will go and meet them there after a while…”

“Palace Master Xiao, if you have anything to discuss with them, why don’t you just do it here?” Fairy Ling’s pretty eyes flickered as she asked. After all, it really seemed like the two appraisers had to discuss an urgent matter.

Xiao Yao replied calmly, “Last time I checked, it wasn’t up to your Tianya Auction House to meddle in our Red Blood Palace’s Auction House’s internal affairs!”

Upon hearing him, Fairy Ling revealed a faint smile. “I don’t care about your Red Blood Palace’s Auction House’s internal affairs! I just care about whether my Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid is in your hands or not! If the matter mentioned by the two appraisers isn’t related to this, I will step back and be quiet!”

Xiao Yao furrowed his brows. He was quite baffled by this woman. After all, she had dropped in here just because of a Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, which he didn’t know anything about!

“Okay. Ask them to come in here.” Xiao Yao gestured an invitation with his hands, and the two people were quickly invited inside.

Old Sun and Old Yu glanced at Fairy Ling out of the corners of their eyes. They were shocked to learn that she was the Tianya Auction House’s Owner. They didn’t expect that its owner would be a woman!

“What did you come here for?” Xiao Yao asked.

The two old men exchanged a glance with each other before Old Sun looked hesitatingly at Fairy Ling. Then, he said carefully, “Palace Master, we just received two products. Please, have a look at them.”

Xiao Yao was startled by this and his eyes lit up. “Huh? What are they?”

“The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid,” Old Sun replied slowly, speaking in a clear tone.


After he spoke, he felt like two pairs of eyes penetrated his whole body. Both Fairy Ling and Xiao Yao were staring at him with their sharp gazes!

Fairy Ling squinted her eyes and wore a smile as she said, “It seems like your Red Blood Palace’s Auction House really does have that object that I was asking about!”

Xiao Yao was also surprised by this, and his eyes shone brightly. He still didn’t know what this Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was, or why the Tianya Auction House’s Owner had dropped in personally just to ask for it.

“Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid? What is it? Can you please describe it to me?” Xiao Yao looked at Fairy Ling out of the corner of his eye as he asked the two men to elaborate.

Old Sun described it to him in detail, not omitting anything. After he finished listening to him, Xiao Yao’s pupils contracted. He was really shocked by this ancient elixir, which was capable of strengthening one’s soul power!

He finally understood why Fairy Ling had come here personally. If they could get the elixir recipe and find the person capable of making it, it would be tantamount to opening a road of boundless wealth for them!

If a faction managed to get an extinct elixir, as well as the recipe of an ancient elixir that was capable of strengthening one’s soul power, everyone would go crazy over it. Then, the astronomical wealth that they could earn would be unfathomable! Even if they sold each piece for a sky-high price, people would still fight over it crazily!

At this moment, even Xiao Yao was tempted by it! But he restrained himself as he asked, “Can you share with me in detail how this object appeared in our auction house?”

The two old men were bewildered by this question, and Old Sun said, “It was an outer sanctum’s disciple named Su Yuxian. He consigned it for sale here. Palace Master, is there some issue with this?”

Palace Master Xiao wore a pensive look as he glanced at Fairy Ling, then asked, “Fairy Ling, can you please tell me how your Tianya Auction House lost it?”

Fairy Ling’s expression became awkward for a moment, but she quickly recovered, then said, “Nothing serious occurred. It’s just that my subordinates neglected that guest, which caused him to leave…”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Yao was both infuriated and amused. “So, it’s just your Tianya Auction House’s appraiser who’s useless and missed a great opportunity! Fairy Ling, It’s really laughable that you had the nerve to come here to demand it from us!”

If that product was stolen by someone from the Tianya Auction House and sent to the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House, he would surely have given it back to them. However, the fact of the matter was that they had just misjudged the product and missed an opportunity to get it for themselves! Yet, they still had the gall to come here to demand it, while claiming that it is rightfully theirs!

Xiao Yao would surely not accept this, as if he did, it would be tantamount to lowering his head to the Tianya Auction House, which would make him seem cowardly. Their opponent obviously came here to bully them and take the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid by force. So, anyone who had at least an ounce of dignity wouldn’t accept this treatment.

Moreover, the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House was now facing the central prefecture’s factions show of power, and they were just looking for an appropriate treasure to face them with. The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid could play a crucial role in this affair! So, of course they would be unwilling to give it up!

After Xiao Yao made a firm decision, he felt more at ease. The Tianya Auction House had Tianya City’s best appraisers, and in the past, it was only after a product was rejected by them that their smaller auction house could get a chance at having said object.

But, no one would have expected that they would make such a horrendous error of judgment one day, thus missing out on an extinct ancient elixir! If news of this matter spread, they would surely become a laughingstock! Palace Master Xiao, who had been suppressed by them for a long time, felt elated at this moment.

Fairy Ling then asked calmly, “Palace Master Xiao, does this mean that you won’t give it back to us?”

Xiao Yao chuckled. “Fairy Ling, if you really want that product, it isn’t like we can’t give back to you…”

Fairy Ling’s eyes lit up slightly. “Palace Master Xiao, please continue your line of thinking. If you need any compensation for it, we will surely consider it.” Her unspoken implication was that she might just consider compensating the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House for the item.

“Fairy Ling, are you cracking a joke? We are both living in the same city, so I will still do you a favor…” Xiao Yao shook his head. “I don’t want any compensation right now.”

Fairy Ling revealed a faint smile. “Palace Master Xiao, many thanks for helping us!”

Palace Master Xiao chuckled, took a black card from his pocket, then slapped it against the table. “Fairy Ling, there will be an auction held here in three days. You can just use this VIP Card and buy back the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid during the auction!”

Fairy Ling’s expression stiffened, while anger appeared in her previously apathetic gaze. “What do you mean by this?” she demanded to know.