The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Wanted Criminals List

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After several hours had passed, many of the Three Murders Gang members entered the secret room. They then asked the new hostages to write a letter to their families.

When it was Gongsun Wuxie’s turn, it seemed like she had only been here for a short while. “Uncle, please let me off!” Gongsun Wuxie pleaded with tearful eyes. She then revealed a pitiful look, like a helpless little lamb.

The person in front of her was a forty-year-old middle-aged man. He was sizing her up with an evil look. He saw that Gongsun Wuxie was beautiful, lovely, and young. Moreover, as she wore such a pitiful look on her face, it only made her even more lovable in his eyes.

“Little beauty, if you kiss me, I will let you off! How about that?” The middle-aged man stretched out his hand and wanted to stroke Gongsun Wuxie’s fair and smooth cheeks with it.

Gongsun Wuxie shrank back and spoke amid sobs, “Uncle, no! My family is wealthy, and they can offer you any amount that you want!”

The middle-aged man chuckled and said, “Lassie, even if your family was the wealthiest family of all of the families that you know, it still couldn’t rival our Three Murders Gang! You just need to obey me, then I will let you go when I am ready.”

Many people in the gang desired this sweet and lovely lassie. Half a day ago, she had gotten lost in the Outer City and was discovered by one of the gang members.

He had deceived her and led her to the Three Murders Gang, where he imprisoned her. He was currently planning to sell her for a good sum. After all, such a pure and lovely young girl would surely be worth a great price!

Gongsun Wuxie wore a tearful look as she said, “My family has an auction house, and it is extremely prosperous!”

An auction house? The middle-aged man was startled to hear this, and he quickly retracted his hand. He then licked his lips and his eyes shone with excitement as he asked, “Which auction house?”

“The Tianya Auction House, waah..” Gongsun Wuxie started crying even louder.

Shock appeared on the middle-aged man’s face as he repeated the name, “The Tianya Auction House? Are you lying to me?”

At that moment, Gongsun Wuxie felt a glimmer of hope rise in her heart. She quickly took off the pendant around her neck and handed it to him, saying, “This is my token, and as long as you bring it to the Tianya Auction House, they will recognize my status. As long as you don’t harm me, the Tianya Auction House will offer you any sum you desire.”

The middle-aged man grabbed the pendant. The pendant was red, and it seemed almost like a Firebird, as it had a faint flames’ power within it.

“Fire Essence Jade?” The middle-aged man sucked in a breath of cold air upon recognizing it.

This pendant was unexpectedly made from the extremely precious Fire Essence Jade! The Fire Essence Jade was a jade that was born among the flames that only existed at extremely high temperatures.

Those flames weren’t ordinary mortal flames, as they were a kind of terrifying fire, which could continue burning for hundreds of years! Even All Creation Realm experts wouldn’t usually dare to rashly approach such flames!

As for the Fire Essence Jade, it was a peerless piece of jade, which was formed through hundreds of years of refining among such terrifying flames. The Fire Essence that was contained within it was in a liquid state. It was the quintessence of flames, and just a single drop of it was extremely precious, being worth more than a million crystals!

The Fire Essence Jade before him clearly had a drop of Fire Essence rolling inside it, which was visible to the naked eye. So, he could clearly tell that this pendant alone was worth a million crystals!

The middle-aged man found it hard to believe that the lassie before him could possess such an outrageous treasure. When he looked at Gongsun Wuxie again, he felt like he was looking at a crystal mine, and his eyes shone with a bright glint. He knew what kind of a reward he would get if he handed over this object to the Gang Master!

Although he wanted to keep this Fire Essence Jade for himself, he clearly knew that if he did that, he wouldn’t manage to survive the Three Murders Gang’s punishment if they caught him. So, he chose wisely to hand it over to the Gang Master.

This way, at least he could gain his trust and get a tangible reward. Moreover, he might even be promoted! With this in mind, the excited middle-aged man immediately left the prison, passed through the complicated tunnels, and quickly rushed toward the Gang Master.

As for the pitiful-looking Gongsun Wuxie, she stopped crying and revealed a complacent and crafty smile. “Humph! Humph! He took the bait quite easily! That wasn’t challenging at all.”

Before many startled gazes in the prison, Gongsun Wuxie wiped away her alligator tears, tossed her pigtails behind her, then clasped her tiny hands behind her back and raised her head proudly as she kicked open the prison’s gate. The people behind her were amazed, and delight soon appeared on their faces as they all quickly tried to rush out as well.

However, after Gongsun Wuxie left, she closed the gate once again and simply rolled her eyes at them. “Don’t be so anxious! After I take the Gang Master’s head and finish the mission, I will free you all. If you come now, you will just alert the enemy.”

After she spoke, she quickly followed the middle-aged man as he traveled among the complicated tunnels. It was only after five minutes had passed that the vigilant middle-aged man paused before an ordinary-looking cave.

This cave wasn’t any different than ordinary members’ caves, but the middle-aged man was still standing respectfully before it. After a moment, he said, “Gang Master, I’m seeking you out to discuss an important matter…”

After he waited for a moment, the stone gate opened quietly and the sound of a cold snort drifted out from inside. “I already ordered you to not call me Gang Master casually.”

The middle-aged man nodded and complied. Then, he just stood there, not daring to move rashly.

But, in fact, he was just being nonchalant. Their Gang Master was too cautious, and even in his own domain, he was overly careful and prudent.

“Come in,” the person inside finally said after a long silence.

The middle-aged man went inside, and the stone gate was closed tightly thereafter. No one was aware that the Three Murders Gang’s prestigious Gang Master was living in such an ordinary private room. If one wasn’t led here by someone, no one could have even imagined such a crazy thing!

After a short while, a petite person appeared stealthily in the vicinity. She was wearing a crafty smile at the corners of her mouth, and she exclaimed, “Humph! Humph! Humph! So, you were hiding here all along! You really troubled me with looking for you for a long while!”

Inside the room, a man, whose whole body was shrouded by black light, was sitting on a stone bed. It seemed like he was cultivating a certain powerful demonic technique.

“What did you seek me out for?” The man shrouded by black light was the Three Murders Gang’s Master. He was a mysterious expert.

In the past, when a Red Blood Palace’s Divine Master led people here to eliminate him, the Three Murders Gang’s Master managed to kill that Divine Master expert. So, this man’s power was surely profound and immeasurable.

The middle-aged man spoke, while trembling with fear, “Gang Master, we discovered Tianya Auction House’s member among the hostages. After I learned of it, I quickly came here to report it to you.”

“Tianya Auction House’s member? Why did you bring their member here?” The Gang Master furrowed his brows. “This faction has a mysterious origin, and I’d be much more willing to provoke the Red Blood Palace or the Purple Cloud Palace than them. What’s the status of the person you captured? If it’s just an ordinary member, just free him, as we shouldn’t provoke the colossal faction behind the Tianya Auction House for just a small sum of money.”

They wouldn’t manage to extort a large sum for just an ordinary member, and they might easily end up offending that mysterious faction. Hence, such a thing wasn’t a profitable deal.

Cold sweat seeped out of the middle-aged man’s forehead. It was obvious that the Gang Master wasn’t willing to make an enemy out of the Tianya Auction House. The middle-aged now realized that he had probably overreached!

After the middle-aged man hesitated for a moment, he took the Fire Essence Jade’s pendant and said gravely, “Gang Master, please make a decision. This is a keepsake that I got from that member. She claimed that her family owns the Tianya Auction House.”

The Gang Master waved his sleeves and held the Fire Essence Jade’s pendant in his palm. As he observed it carefully, his expression became grave and his pupils contracted. “It’s really true, this is a keepsake from the Tianya Auction House’s Fairy Ling.”

The Gang Master then demanded to know, “Which person did you capture?”

Anger and killing intent appeared in the Gang Master’s eyes as he said, “You are really just a bunch of fools! You’ve made a grave mistake!”

Fear and dread could be heard in his voice. He seemed quite afraid of the Tianya Auction House.

The middle-aged man knelt on the ground. “I wasn’t aware of this! A gang member lured her here!”

The Gang Master was infuriated. “You are just a bunch of good-for-nothings, who don’t accomplish anything and just ruin things! If it was an ordinary member, we might avoid all troubles just by freeing him, as the Tianya Auction House would surely not cause trouble over just an ordinary member. However, someone, who had Fairy Ling’s keepsake must be an extremely important member, and even if we release her now, the Tianya Auction House will surely not take this lying down!”

Killing intent appeared on his face as he asked, “Where is she now?”

Since matters had already reached such a juncture, they must surely not let her go back! The only way to put an end to all of these troubles was killing that person! As long as the Tianya Auction House didn’t find out that she was killed by the Three Murders Gang, they wouldn’t suffer any troubles.

When his voice had just echoed out, the middle-aged man suddenly felt weak and collapsed on the ground. His eyes were wide-open, while his limbs were splayed weakly on the ground, incapable of budging an it.

It was only his tongue that could still move, and he entreated him in fright, “Gang Master, please save me! I can’t move suddenly…”

The black light shrouding the Gang Master’s body fluctuated, and shock appeared on his face as he asked, “Have you been poisoned?”

All of a sudden, the Gang Master realized something, and he shouted in a low voice, “It’s awful! The pendant surely has something strange about it!”

As he shouted, he tried to quickly throw off the Fire Essence Jade that was in his palm. However, by the time he did this, it was already too late.

The Vital Energy inside his body had coagulated, and his whole body became weak and powerless. He fell weakly to the ground, and his limbs immediately stiffened.

He couldn’t budge an inch, and he could only exclaim in alarm, “What poison is this? Even an Almighty Divine Master can’t withstand it!”


At this moment, the sound of the stone gate being opened drifted to their ears. A delicate and small, young girl, who had her hands clasped behind her back, entered the room.

She was wearing a smile as she said, “You really had a quick reaction!”

Gongsun Wuxie then picked up the pendant, swept it with her Vital Energy, and caused a layer of pink fog to sweep out from it. This was the substance that had infected the Gang Master!

“Who are you?” the Gang Master’s pupils contracted as he shouted in a deep voice.

The little demoness walked over and revealed a sweet and lovely smile as she said, “I’m obviously someone who wants to take your life. Don’t you know how precious your head is within the Red Blood Palace? It’s worth three hundred thousand merit points! Regardless of everything, you are still a wanted Ghost Buddha, ranked thirteenth in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! You are indeed quite valuable, hehe!”

Shock appeared on the Gang Master’s face as he asked, “How did you learn of my status?”

The middle-aged man laying on the ground was also shocked and exclaimed, “What? Are you stating that our Gang Master is a renowned and wanted Ghost Buddha?”

There was a list of wanted major criminals in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. They were all ruthless men, who would kill people without batting an eye. They were indeed ferocious and vile criminals.

However, the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ experts didn’t manage to capture them in time because of their high cultivations. Hence, they put an order of arrest out for them.

This is why they had formed a wanted criminal list, ranking the criminals according to how dangerous they were. The higher one was on the list, the more dangerous he was, and the higher the reward one could get by killing him or bringing him in to face the proper authorities!