The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Half Ghost And Half Buddha

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The Red Blood Palace stipulated that if a Red Blood Palace’s disciple could kill the Ghost Buddha that was ranked thirteenth, he would get three hundred thousand merit points. The reason for this was that this buddha had once killed three of the Red Blood Palace’s new Divine Masters, causing a great sensation.

However, it went into hiding afterwards! Until now, no one knew where it had gone.

No one would have ever expected that it was hiding in Tianya City’s Three Murders Gang. In fact, even the gang members themselves weren’t aware of the fact that their gang’s master was one of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ most wanted criminals!

As Su Yu was observing all of this with his Soul Eyes from a distance, he was also startled by it. He had also heard about the most wanted criminals list. It was a list that had been created by the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ eighteen great factions.

All of the people whose names appeared on the list were vile criminals, and they all had committed serious crimes. Thus, they posed a threat to all of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, which was why all of the eighteen great factions had issued an order for all of their arrests.

Altogether, there was a total of a hundred people on the list, and the Ghost Buddha was ranked thirteenth, which was quite close to the top! The merit points reward for his capture was also very high at three hundred thousand merit points!

Su Yu couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement, as it turned out that there was still a way for him to quickly earn some merit points. However, it was a pity that he must first take the mission before killing the Ghost Buddha if he wanted to get a reward from the sanctum. If he killed the Ghost Buddha without taking the mission, he wouldn’t get any reward.

Su Yu stared at the little demoness curiously. As the Ghost Buddha had been on the list for several years, there should have been more than several hundred disciples from the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ eighteen great factions who had taken the mission of attempting to hunt it down.

But, none of them had managed to find any traces of him. It was like he had disappeared completely.

However, the little demoness, who was in the Red Blood Palace, managed to get some information about Tianya City, which was far away. She even managed to learn the Three Murders Gang’s Boss true identity. As such, Su Yu’s intuition was informing him that this two-faced young girl wasn’t ordinary.

In the secret room, the little demoness took a short black sword and played with it in her hand, while grinning widely.

The Gang Master asked in a deep voice, “Do you want to kill me now?”

The little demoness revealed a sweet smile. “Nah! I don’t want to be soiled by your blood.”

The Gang Master’s eyes lit up slightly, then he said, “If you want crystals, I can give you some. How much do you want? As far as I know, you can also exchange crystals for merit points in the Red Blood Palace. Since my head is worth three hundred thousand merit points, I can just give you six hundred thousand crystals, and it will be enough for you to exchange for three hundred thousand merit points. If you want more, we can discuss it further.”

The little demoness replied with disdain, “I don’t care about your crystals! Moreover, if I exchange a large number of crystals in the sanctum, they will investigate their origin, and if they end up discovering that I got them by letting you off, I will be done for!”

The heart of Su Yu, who was paying close attention to them, shuddered. He had considered exchanging crystals for merit points many times, but it seemed like it wouldn’t work, as the sanctum would surely investigate the source of those crystals.

The Gang Master’s expression became gloomy. “What do you want to do, then?”

The little demoness smiled and revealed her pearly white teeth as she said, “I want to cripple your cultivation and take you back alive to the sanctum. That way, I can get even more merit points.”

As she spoke, the little demoness’s gaze became ice-cold. She then turned into a blur and flew toward the black light, where she decisively thrust her dagger toward his belly!

Since the Gang Master had been poisoned by the little demoness’s strange poison, and his whole body couldn’t budge even an inch, there was no way that he could dodge this strike. However, an unexpected incident occurred at that moment…

The black radiance that was covering the Gang Master’s body started disappearing. Then, a dazzling golden radiance shot out from his body!

When most of the black radiance disappeared, a strange human appeared before their eyes. His left half was pitch-black, like ink, and an eerie ghost energy was emanating out from it. It seemed hideous and evil.

As for his right half, it shone in a golden light and emitted an auspicious Buddhist-like aura. It gave one a serene feeling. These two extremely opposite auras appeared on the body of a single person, which was quite strange!

When the little demoness’ black dagger struck his belly, it didn’t manage to penetrate it like she had expected. Instead, a metallic collision sound echoed out, and the little demoness’ dagger was deflected.

Such a strange transformation occurred quickly, and the little demoness was caught off guard by it. But, she still reacted quickly and immediately drew back. At the same time, she placed a shield that had been formed from white bones in front of her body.

Just as she had raised the shield to defend herself, a powerful attack struck the shield. Alarm appeared on the little demoness’ face, and as she drew back, she slammed against the stone door. When she looked at the half-black and half-golden Gang Master, she saw that he had already stood up and was about to lower his fist!

“Weren’t you poisoned? This is impossible, as that poison was invented by brother Shanliang, and even a middle-stage Divine Master can’t withstand it!” the little exclaimed in surprise.

The Gang Master sneered coldly and said, “I was indeed poisoned by it! But, did you forget my title? I am the Ghost Buddha!”

He smiled, then said, “I’m half a ghost, and half a Buddha, and my Buddhist body is capable of purifying even an acute poison. It just so happened that it’s capable of purifying the poison you used!”

The Ghost Buddha was mocking her. He knew that as long as he revealed his hidden half-Buddha body, he could use its Buddhist Light to purify all of the poisonous substances inside his body.

Even though the little demoness was clever, she had still treated him too lightly and had clearly underestimated the Ghost Buddha. After all, he was a person who managed to kill three Divine Masters of the Red Blood Palace, yet he still had not been captured!

Hence, he was surely a thorny character! Yet, the little demoness had rashly made a move against him, without investigating him sufficiently beforehand!

The Ghost Buddha’s cultivation was at the Level One Divine Master Realm, while the little demoness was just a Level Nine Fairy. Moreover, the Ghost Buddha still hadn’t used his powerful Divine Seal.

The little demoness didn’t give this matter a single thought as she turned around and rushed out of the secret room. As she ran away, she still managed to take out a yellow sphere and throw it back at him.


A loud explosion sound echoed. The golden sphere burst on the spot, raging flames erupting out from it immediately. The flames possessed a terrifying power, and even a Level One Divine Master wouldn’t dare to rashly face them head-on.

Since the middle-aged man was lying on the ground and wasn’t capable of even budging an inch, he was swept over by the flames and burnt into nothingness by them before he even managed to scream. The whole secret room was being melted by the flames. The powerful flames didn’t just burn this room, but they also spread to the rooms that were connected to it, melting them all.

Just like that, several dozens of rooms were transformed into a sea of flames. Many miserable screams echoed out unceasingly. The scene soon became a hell on earth.

Just a sphere alone had ended up burning to death more than a hundred members of the Three Murders Gang. Many experts were among them, and even the Three Murders Gang’s vice-master died in that group. He was a Level Nine Fairy, yet he had only managed to rush out from the room before he was swallowed by the dragons that were formed by the flames.

Such a disastrous sight alarmed the whole Three Murders Gang, causing it to alert all of its members. Regardless of whether its members were on the fighting plaza on the ground or in the countless underground tunnels, they were all alerted about what was going on.

Su Yu clicked his tongue. He knew about that sphere. It was a single-use magical treasure called the Fiery Diamond Sphere.

Its price was high, as just a single piece cost more than three hundred thousand crystals! If he added to this the fact that the little demoness hung around her neck a Fire Essence Jade that was worth a million crystals, he could deduce that she possessed an astronomical wealth!

Since the Three Murders Gang had already descended into chaos, Su Yu couldn’t delay any longer, and he immediately infiltrated the prison. Since the Three Murders Gang was so distracted, it wouldn’t be difficult to save Ying Luan and the others.

After five minutes had passed, a group of people walked out from a dark alley in a street far away from the Three Murders Gang’s base. These people were Ying Luan and the other hostages.

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings to ascertain their safety before he spoke to the people behind him, “Okay, you should be safe here. You should all scatter though. If your homes are in the vicinity, you should go there quickly, but if they are far away, you should first hide here, then transmit a message for your family’s elders to come and get you when it’s safe. Understood?”

The hostages were all young men and women. They had just gone through a nerve-racking experience while they were being rescued, and they still hadn’t gotten over their panic. They all nodded repeatedly, like chicks pecking at rice.

Ying Luan was just behind Su Yu, and she was looking at his back with a gaze that was filled with adoration. She never imagined that Shopkeeper Su would charge into the Three Murders Gang to save her! After all, she was just an insignificant servant girl.

“Ying Luan, you shouldn’t go back to the elixir store yet. You should just hide here with them. Wait until tomorrow before coming back to the store,” Su Yu instructed her before he flew into the sky and left.

The group of young men and women then quickly looked for a good hiding place. As they searched, all of the young women’s faces, including Ying Luan’s, were filled with longing.

One of the young women asked, “Sister Ying Luan, who is he to you?” Although they had only been imprisoned for a short time, since they had all gone through the same ordeal, they had a joint topic for discussion.

“He’s our Tonglin Elixir Store’s Shopkeeper Su.” Ying Luan was timid and shy, so she bit her lip nervously as she replied. She felt proud of being a part of the store for the first time proud at that moment.

The Tonglin Elixir Store? Those young women all blinked their pretty eyes and bore this name in mind.

After Su Yu left, he immediately went back to the vicinity of the Three Murders Gang’s base and observed its current state. After an hour had passed, most of the fire had been extinguished, but a whole underground cave had already been burnt by it and had been turned into a ruin.

Many charred corpses were being dug out. Several dozen corpses had already been dug out, but most of them had just turned into igneous rocks after they cooled. There weren’t any real corpses left behind to speak of in reality.

As Su Yu swept his gaze over them, he stopped to stare at the Ghost Buddha’s secret room. His pupils couldn’t help but contract, as flames were still burning in the secret room, while a person shining in black and golden light was standing in the room.

His golden and black light isolated him from the terrifying flames. They couldn’t injure him at all.

Su Yu became apprehensive upon witnessing this, and he thought in awe… What a powerful fleshly body! Most Level One Divine Masters wouldn’t have been able to survive such an explosion, yet the Ghost Buddha came out from it unscathed! Since this person was listed thirteenth in the wanted criminals’ list, his power is surely great!

It was only after all of the remaining flames in the secret room had dispersed completely that the Buddhist Ghost Light that was covering his body vanished. His ice-cold eyes shone with a cold glint as he said, “What a good Red Blood Palace’s disciple! She unexpectedly dared to come to my door!” He couldn’t help but admit that the little demoness was brave and cunning.

She first pretended to have been lured here, then she pretended that she was a core member of the Tianya Auction House, luring the middle-aged man into showing the way for her! Even when her crafty scheme was countered, she still managed to escape because she was already prepared! She didn’t suffer any harm at all!

However, it was a pity that had she still underestimated the Ghost Buddha’s power. Even the Fiery Diamond Sphere couldn’t deal with him!

“Let’s see how far you can get underground!” the Ghost Buddha exclaimed. He then turned into a ghost blur and disappeared from the secret room.

Everything occurring was still under Su Yu’s control, and he decided to follow the Ghost Buddha in secret. After the little demoness had fled, she traveled a long way in the underground tunnels.

However, those tunnels were all complex and tangled together, so even she was confused by them. She felt like a groggy lab rat, as many times, she was just moving around in circles, always returning to the same places! Thus, she didn’t manage to find a way out.