The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Who Is In Desperate Straits?

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Gongsun Wuxie was trying to open the roof of the cave in order to get back to the surface. However, every time she tried to find the surface, she ended up entering a new cave.

Moreover, she discovered that the more she drilled upward, the more hard and firm would the soil became. When she finally reached the top of the cave, she discovered that her low-grade spiritual artifact wasn’t capable of dislodging the hardened soil. Then, when she tried to hack it with her sword, a shallow dent was left in her spiritual artifact, while the cave’s roof was entirely undamaged!

“A formation is set on the uppermost cave!” The little demoness quickly discovered the reason behind this, and she was infuriated by it. “It’s really hateful! Who would have expected that the Ghost Buddha would be this careful? It’s no wonder that no one can break through the Three Murders Gang’s base!”

If destroying the cave in the uppermost layer was easy, the past factions who attacked them wouldn’t have suffered any trouble. They would have only needed to just open the underground layer.

The Ghost Buddha carefully set a formation on the ground’s surface around the Three Murders Gang’s base, and people outside on the surface couldn’t open the cave. It was in this way that he could ensure the safety of the underground caves.

It could be said that the little demoness was like a mouse that was trapped in a cage. She was trapped in this underground world, completely incapable of escaping.

The little demoness was annoyed by this. “Humph! I don’t believe that I can’t get out.”

After two hours had passed, the little demoness was gasping for breath in front of a wall at the end of a certain cave, her eyes filled with anxiety. “What’s going on? Why have I ended up at a dead end once again, even though I have traveled for so long?”

She had already walked through ten caves, and they had all led her to a dead end, just like the one that was before her.

“Hehe, that’s because among the hundred caves here, only two lead to the outside. Lassie, you don’t have a way out!” An ice-cold sneering sound suddenly transmitted from behind her.

The little demoness was startled, and as she turned her head back, her pupils contracted slightly. The half-ghost and half-Buddha was standing three hundred meters away from her!

“How did you manage to track me down?” the little demoness asked in surprise.

The Ghost Buddha sneered coldly and said, “This underground region is my world. So, of course it was easy for me to find you!”

The little demoness gritted her silver teeth and said, “Humph! I don’t fear you!” As she spoke, she grabbed the black dagger and her shield, holding them tightly.

The Ghost Buddha just chuckled coldly in response. “Do you have just those things alone?”


The Ghost Buddha turned into a blur and attacked the little demoness’ shield before she had prepared herself wholly.


The little demoness, as well as her shield, were slammed against the wall. Such an intense jolt shocked her internal organs, and she couldn’t help but spout out a mouthful of blood. She was clearly no match for the Ghost Buddha!

The little demoness rolled her eyes and took out a large number of talismans. If one counted them roughly, he would say that she took out a little more than a hundred.

They were all powerful talismans, and the price of any of them would surpass several tens of thousands of crystals on the market. Anyone of them could also pose a threat to a Divine Master’s life.

The Ghost Buddha couldn’t help but jump in fright upon witnessing this many talismans at once. He had planned to continue attacking her, but he stopped in his tracks and quickly drew back.

He then shouted anxiously, “Who are you really? Even a core member of the Tianya Auction House wouldn’t possess this many talismans!”

“Humph, old b*stard, I will attack you until you die!” The little demoness waved her hands, and a large number of talismans shot toward the Ghost Buddha.

The Ghost Buddha didn’t dare face such a large number of talismans, so he drew back immediately. At the same time, he condensed his two Ghost and Buddha divine lights, which engulfed his whole body within them.

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, several earth-shattering explosions occurred, and even though the Ghost Buddha possessed a great magical ability, he was still forced to draw back as he was bombarded by them. Even the divine light on his body fluctuated unceasingly at this moment.

It couldn’t be denied that the Ghost Buddha was outrageously powerful, and regardless of how many talismans bombarded him and exploded on him, he still didn’t suffer any injuries. When the last explosion died down, the Ghost Buddha’s gaze became ice-cold, and his eyes were filled with shame and anger.

But, after the smoke and dust that had been caused by the explosion dissipated, he didn’t see anyone in the cave. The Ghost Buddha squinted his eyes and suddenly attacked. The two Ghost and Buddha divine lights on his body turned into two arrows, which shot toward an empty place that was about ten meters away from him.

“Ah!” A pained cry echoed out and the void fluctuated as a petite person carrying a shield was sent flying away. At the same time, a talisman that was on her chest was torn apart by the divine light.

“A concealment talisman? Humph!” The Ghost Buddha sneered coldly, and he didn’t leave little demoness any opportunity to respond before he turned into a blur, charged at her, and grabbed a hold of her neck.

The little demoness suffered the two divine light’s attacks, causing her chest to become drenched in blood. It seemed like she had suffered some grave internal injuries! Those two divine light clearly possessed a powerful might!

“Lassie, rest in peace:” The Ghost Buddha snorted coldly, while Vital Energy surged into his palm.

At that moment, he was about to penetrate her neck and throttle her. However, the Ghost Buddha suddenly felt a chill run down his spine and sensed great danger.

This was something that he didn’t feel even when the little demoness threw more than a hundred talismans at him! He felt his hair standing on end, and he quickly left the little demoness and drew back.


Just when he had moved out of the way, an ice-cold thread of silk penetrated his rib. If hadn’t reacted in time, it would have been his heart that was penetrated by it!

Afterward, the silk thread that penetrated his body started moving inside him. It then cut off his entire rib before it started moving toward his heart! All of the internal organs in the way were torn to shreds by it!

His extremely powerful fleshly body, which he took great pride in, was as soft as tofu in front of this silk thread! Sensing this, the Ghost Buddha turned pale from fright. Needless to say, he was frightened and alarmed!

The thread of silk was about to cut off his chest, as his fleshly body wasn’t capable of resisting it at all. A decisive look appeared in the Ghost Buddha’s eyes, and he immediately took action by penetrating his own chest with his right hand, then reaching out toward the silk thread and grabbing it!

However, he still could only manage to slow down the silk thread slightly, as even his hand was cut apart by it! But, in the short pause during the time that he did manage to grab the silk thread, his body moved forward, which caused the silk thread to come out from his body completely.

He rushed toward the end of the cave before he turned his head back and asked with a grave gaze, “Who are you?”

At another corner of the cave, a person clad in a raincoat, whose facial features weren’t distinct, was walking toward him. This person was Su Yu in his youthful state.

He didn’t want to expose himself in front of the little demoness, which is why he had worn a raincoat. But, this disguise really hadn’t been necessary, as even if the coat was torn apart, it would reveal the youthful Su Yu, who was related to ‘Su Yuxian’ at all in the little demoness’ brain.

“I’m obviously someone who came for you,” Su Yu replied calmly, while he extended his arm and took the little demoness into his embrace.

Since they were both members of the Demon Mountain, Su Yu would surely not let her die without at least trying to save her. Moreover, he came here to destroy the Three Murders Gang so that they wouldn’t bring him further trouble in the future.

The little demoness was heavily injured, and her senses were dull and weak. She could only hear a youthful and manly voice, as well as feel a wide, powerful, and scalding hot chest against her.

It was the first time that she had ever been embraced by a young man, and she couldn’t help but start struggling. This was because she felt ashamed of her current distressed state.

“If you don’t want to die, just obediently hold into me!” Su Yu reprimanded her. He didn’t dare let himself be distracted by anything as he was facing the infamous Ghost Buddha.

The little demoness was startled by his rebuke. It was the first time in her whole life that someone had dared to reprimand her.

She was both angered and irritated by it, but she still couldn’t help but calm down, even though she grumbled inwardly. Then, as she looked at his hidden face, she couldn’t help but start pondering about who he was and why he wanted to save her. This was the first time she had even been interested in a man, much less a youthful and mysterious man!

The Ghost Buddha’s expression became grave as he asked in a cold voice, “Are you from the Tianya Auction House or the Red Blood Palace?” As this person appeared here at this specific time, he assumed that Su Yu must surely be the lassie’s companion, so he had narrowed it down to one of the two possibilities mentioned above.

Su Yu replied calmly, “Neither of them. I was just coming to settle something with you to avoid future trouble.”

When he finished speaking, Su Yu’s shook his sleeves, causing an invisible silk thread to shoot out toward the Ghost Buddha. Although the Ghost Buddha couldn’t see the silk thread, he could still feel a great danger approaching him. So, he quickly jumped and moved away from it.

Right as he jumped, a faint crack appeared on the wall behind him, as well as on the roof of the cave. The Ghost Buddha’s expression became grave, as a formation was set on the cave, and even a Divine Master like him wasn’t capable of breaking the formation and damaging the cave’s roof!

He couldn’t help but wonder… What object is this, and why is it so terrifying?

He didn’t have time to ponder this, as he was now cornered at a dead end. At this moment, he could only try to rush out from the cave and seek reinforcement from the Three Murders Gang!


The two Ghost and Buddha divine lights on his body turned into two sharp arrows, which shot toward Su Yu. He followed the divine light closely because he wanted to take advantage of the moment when Su Yu would avoid them to rush out of here.

However, Su Yu unexpectedly didn’t try to evade it. Instead, he turned his hand over, and a jade seal that was shining with a dazzling light appeared on his palm.

The jade seal was emitting an appalling pressure. It seemed like it was this world’s spiritual god. One couldn’t help but have an impulse to bow down to it upon seeing it!

The Ghost Buddha was overwhelmed with shock. “A prototype fairy artifact!”

His flying body quickly stopped in its tracks, while he drew back in fright. He drew back once again as he reached the end of the cave and said in alarm, “Sir, if you need something, we can talk it over! I’m willing to give you anything you want as compensation.”

Since he was on the brink of death, the Ghost Buddha could only beg for forgiveness.

Su Yu replied calmly, “Do you still want to use the same tricks again? Are you trying to stall for time in order to use your Divine Seal? It’s a pity that I’m not like this lassie… I see through your trickery!”

Before, the little demoness was too careless and had wasted too much time. This had left the Ghost Buddha with enough time to use his special Ghost Buddha Body’s power.

It was only because of this that she had ended up being hunted down by him, and was almost killed! Su Yu had been through countless battles, so he understood that one must quickly dispose of his enemies.

“Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal!” Su Yu shouted as he poured his Vital Energy into the seal.

A sharp roar echoed from the divine seal, and a ferocious beast, whose whole body flickered with lightning, came out of it, roaring loudly. After it came out, it looked ferociously at Su Yu.

Its killing intent was intense, and it looked like it might betray him at any time. However, it still obeyed his orders and directed its gaze at the Ghost Buddha. It was a gaze that was filled with contempt.

The lightning beast shouted in a low voice, while its whole body turned into lighting and it instantly teleported to right near the Ghost Buddha’s chest. Its speed was so quick that the Ghost Buddha couldn’t even react before his body was penetrated by it!

At that moment, the Ghost Buddha’s palm was still weaving hand signs. Those were the hand signs for summoning his Divine Seal!

If Su Yu had been slightly later, the Divine Seal would have appeared. Just the Ghost Buddha’s magical abilities alone were amazing, and his Divine Seal would be probably even more extraordinary!

The Ghost Buddha screamed miserably as his whole body was engulfed by lightning. Many cracks that were filled with lighting started appearing on his body, filling it completely. In this way, a solemn Ghost Buddha, who had killed an unknown number of Divine Masters, ended up killed by a mysterious man on this day.

Resentment and anger welled up in the Ghost Buddha’s heart. When his heart was filled completely with rancor and bitter resentment, and just when he was about to be devoured completely by the lightning, he shouted in a sharp voice, “If I die today, don’t you dare dream about living!”