The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Wuxies Identity

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“Divine Seal, Evil Spirits Affliction!” At the last juncture, the Ghost Buddha had used a secret technique to summon his Divine Seal in advance.

A magical seal that was shining in a golden light immediately appeared atop his head. A sinister-looking ghost face was depicted on the bottom of the magical seal.

Surprise appeared on Su Yu’s face, and he grumbled inwardly as he quickly drew back, still holding the little demoness in his arms. He waved his wrist at the same time, using the silk in his sleeves to quickly cut off his opponent’s head.

A large opening was left in the extremely hard cave’s room, and the outside world’s starlight shone upon this cave, illuminating it entirely. A fresh and clear air, which they hadn’t experienced for a long while, suddenly swept across their faces.

Su Yu stamped the ground with the tip of his foot, flew up into the sky along with the little demoness, then left the underground world. However, just after he left, an illusory ghost face charged out of the cave as well!

As it opened its giant mouth to bite them both, it looked terrifying! However, it didn’t bite their bodies, but their souls! Su Yu immediately felt an intense pain transmitting from his soul, and he felt like his soul was being devoured by a formless power!

Still in his embrace, the little demoness screamed miserably, while her whole body shivered. She was greatly pained, and she couldn’t help but hold onto her head with her trembling hands.

If nothing unexpected occurred, their souls would be exterminated in the next moment! Apparently, the Ghost Buddha’s Divine Seal possessed a soul attack! No one was aware of this matter before, as he had carefully hid it away in order to use it as a trump card for such a time as this!

It was only when he was on the brink of death that he finally released it. At this critical moment, Su Yu pushed the little demoness away from him.

The ghost face roared, then turned into two entities. One of these entities continued biting Su Yu, while the other chased after the little demoness.

Su Yu’s expression became grave, and he grumbled inwardly… Soul flames.

Su Yu’s eyes shone in an eerie white light, and formless soul flames instantly engulfed the ghost face that was chasing the little demoness. Black smoke rose from the ghost face, and as it turned around angrily, it gave up chasing the little demoness and pounced at Su Yu once again.

At this moment, the little demoness’ injuries had already recovered slightly, and her sight wasn’t as blurry as before. So, she witnessed everything clearly.

She felt like she was struck by an electric current, and her heart was greatly moved and stirred by it. Then, amid her confusion and doubt, a warm feeling that she had never felt before welled up in the deepest part of her heart.

Why does he want to save me? The little demoness mulled over it. This was the first time that she had ever been this confused and puzzled.

They were obviously total strangers, and she knew that he could easily throw her down and let her attract the ghost face’s attention, while he escaped away by himself. Such bewildering questions turned her mind into a mess, plaguing it because she simply had no answers at the moment.

Su Yu was currently facing the ghost faces’ attack. His expression was filled with pain, just as it had been before. Several pure scarlet drops flowed out from the Divine Nine Dragons Cauldron, which had apparently been disturbed by them. Those drops fused with Su Yu’s blood, immediately easing his soul’s pain and healing his injuries.

Now, regardless of how much the ghost faces tore at him with their teeth, they still couldn’t harm him. Finally, a miserable scream finally echoed out from the cave. The Ghost Buddha couldn’t hold on any longer, and he shouted sharply as he was turned into ashes by the Lightning Beast.

As for the ghost faces, they also started to disappear at that moment. However, they didn’t disappear completely. Instead, they turned into a seal that was about the size of a palm, which then flew at Su Yu. It caught him off guard and struck his chest.

Su Yu felt a scalding feeling transmitting from his chest, and when he lowered his head and looked at it, shock appeared on his face. The ghost faces had turned into an imprint, which was now branded on his chest. If one looked at it from afar, it would seem to him like a ghost face had been drilled out of Su Yu’s chest!

Su Yu immediately used his Vital Energy and tried to force the ghost face out, but it wasn’t affected by it at all. It seemed like it was embedded firmly in his chest. Su Yu tried using his soul power then, but it couldn’t deal with it either.

Su Yu tried many other ways, but he still couldn’t get rid of the ghost face. “Why it’s like this?” Su Yu wondered aloud.

The ghost face’s owner had already died, so Su Yu couldn’t understand why it would invade his body. Su Yu felt like this was tantamount to having danger hiding within him, which made him restless and uneasy.

At this moment, the little demoness spoke weakly, “It’s a curse! The power of the Ghost Buddha’s Divine Seal is like a curse, and the greater its owner’s resentment and rancor are, the more powerful the curse will be. It will invade the person that its owner resents, then start devouring its target’s soul power until it’s completely exhausted and the target is dead.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s expression became gloomy. When he carefully examined himself, he felt like his soul power was indeed slightly weakening. However, the Divine Nine Dragons Cauldron hadn’t emitted any response.

His heart couldn’t help but sink. He knew that if his soul suffered any violent attack, it would be protected by the Divine Nine Dragons Cauldron. But now, his soul was just slowly losing its power, and the Divine Nine Dragons Cauldron didn’t detect any danger from this matter, so it didn’t treat it like a threat! This was why it didn’t use its power to fight against it!

Upon figuring this out, Su Yu furrowed his brows. He really had ended up provoking a troublesome guy!

“Do you have some means for dealing with it?” Su Yu asked in a soft voice.

The little demoness shook her head, while an apologetic look appeared in her eyes. She felt like she should have shared the burden of half of the curse with him.

“Is it unbreakable?” Su Yu then asked.

“The curse will disappear by itself if you cultivate your soul power to a level greater than the Ghost Buddha,” the little demoness said, even though she knew that this was basically impossible.

After all, Su Yu’s trying to raise his soul power while the ghost face was constantly eating it was no different than a pipe dream. Su Yu’s previously tense facial expression eased a bit after hearing this, as if this was really the case, his situation wasn’t too bad.

After all, he still had the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, and as long as he produced a large amount of it, he should be able to make up for the lost soul power. Moreover, without checking by himself whether or not there was a way to get rid of it, he couldn’t be sure that the curse was really unbreakable!

Su Yu decided to go back to the underground room, as he wanted to verify whether the Ghost Buddha had really died. When he discovered that only his ashes were left behind, and even his soul didn’t survive, Su Yu finally relaxed. After all, Su Yu knew that if he had allowed such a dangerous enemy to travel freely in the world, he would sooner or later bring a great disaster upon him.

When the Lightning Beast caught sight of Su Yu, it roared at him several times before it went back to the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal unwillingly. Su Yu furrowed his brows upon seeing this.

He then thought… I refined the Lightning Beast for so long, yet I still didn’t manage to tame it completely. It seems like I must refine the Five Elements Strong Thunder Seal further, then turn it into a semi-completed fairy artifact.

Su Yu left the cave, while pondering how could he send the little demoness to the Red Blood Palace’s headquarters. He knew he had to be careful, as if he was discovered by someone in the headquarters and was tailed by him, Su Yu would be in trouble.

However, when he went back to the surface, he didn’t see the little demoness. He became slightly tense as he wondered… Was she taken away by the Three Murders Gang’s members?

However, as he had only left for a short moment, and he had still paid attention to all signs of activities on the surface while he was below, Su Yu couldn’t imagine how someone could fool him and take away the little demoness during that time. All of a sudden, Su Yu shot a glance at a scarlet pendant on the ground. It was the little demoness’ Fire Essence Jade.

Su Yu grabbed it and held it in his palm. It was only then that he discovered that a sound transmission jade ornament was beneath the pendant. As he looked at it, he wondered… Did the little demoness leave a message for me?

Su Yu immediately put it near his ear and listened gravely to what she had left inside it…”B*stard, you have embraced me and molested me. I will surely not forgive you. But… I will gift the Fire Essence Jade to you because I don’t want to owe you anything for saving my life. Humph!”

Su Yu smiled. It seemed like the little demoness wasn’t kidnapped after all. Then, just when he just assumed that the little demoness had finished her speech, she continued, “Moreover, I must still inform you that I’m not a little girl any longer! I’m already eighteen years old!”

Su Yu was startled by this, and he couldn’t help but wonder why she had suddenly added this info in the end. Su Yu was aware that the little demoness’ body stayed in its ten-year-old appearance because she had consumed e a strange spiritual substance in her childhood by mistake. Her true was the same as Su Yu’s!.

Su Yu was confused by this, and he could only shake his head as he looked in surprise at the Fire Essence Jade in his palm. This single piece of jade was worth a million crystals!

It was the first time he had ever gotten such a precious object. The little demoness’ wealth really surpassed all of his expectations! As Su Yu thought of this, he collected it properly, stood up, and proceeded back to his elixir store.

The little demoness was now laying on a bed within a luxurious palace in the Inner City. Many beautiful maids, who all wore the same style of uniform, were beside here. They were all at the Divine Master Realm.

They all wore respectful expressions and treated the little demoness’ injuries carefully. They didn’t dare slack off, and they treated the little demoness as if she possessed an elite status.

An old man was sitting calmly on a chair before the bed. As he wore a serene expression on his face, and one couldn’t quite discern how powerful his cultivation was.

“Elder Lan, why didn’t you intervene early on? Or, why didn’t you give me more powerful treasures, which would turn the Ghost Buddha into a defenseless nothing? I ended up suffering many injuries just because of you,” the little demoness mumbled, while her face became filled with bitterness.

Elder Lan revealed an amiable smile. “Those were the Cliff Master’s instructions. He asked me to intervene only when your life was in danger, and I also mustn’t offer you any powerful treasure so that you can temper yourself. This is the reasoning behind everything, see? It’s all so that you can grow stronger! Otherwise, how will you face powerful enemies in the future by yourself?”

The little demoness bared her teeth and replied, “I’m already quite powerful, and even though I’m just a Level Nine Fairy, I can still fight against a Divine Master!”

Elder Lan chuckled, then said, “The lad who saved you was just a Level Three Fairy, yet he managed to easily kill the Ghost Buddha.”

If she hadn’t heard it, she would still be at peace because she was oblivious to it, but after she heard it, she almost jumped out of the bed. “What? Is that guy just at the Level Three Fairy? Then… How’s it possible for him to be that powerful?”

“Hehe, Young Cliff Mistress, don’t you trust my judgment? That lad was hiding there from the beginning! He used a powerful technique to control the underground world’s situation. He was aware of all your actions.” Elder Lan’s gaze flickered as he spoke.

A crafty glint flickered in the little demoness’ eyes for a moment. She then squinted her eyes and asked, “Are you implying that b*stard was keeping a close watch over me from the beginning, and that he saved me while I was in danger on purpose, just to leave me with a favorable impression of him?”

Her status was quite special, and she couldn’t rule out that an opportunistic person would use such tricks to gain her favor. Elder Lan muttered to himself for a moment before he shook his head and said, “That isn’t the case. According to what I learned by observing him, he just wanted to save the trapped hostages, then just happened to save you in passing.”

He then added, “If he was really a scheming guy and was plotting against you, I would have already eliminated him for you in secret!” Just as he said that, killing intent appeared in Elder Lan’s eyes for a moment.

After hearing that, the doubts in the little demoness’ heart disappeared, and she couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh of relief. She then bit her lip and hesitated for a moment before she asked, “So, Elder Lan, do you know his true identity?”

Elder Lan looked at the little demoness in surprise. In his memory, his young mistress rarely cared about someone’s identity. However, such doubts flashed through his mind for just a moment, and he really didn’t take them seriously.

“I don’t know it. I was only concerned about whether he would pose a danger to you, so I didn’t bother to try seeing-through his clothes,” Elder Lan replied, while shaking his head.

Disappointment appeared in the little demoness’ eyes for a moment, then she threw back her head and said, “Fine. I will just forget it. I already compensated him, so I don’t owe him anything now.”

The next day, a piece of shocking news spread throughout the entire Tianya City. The Three Murders Gang’s Master was killed by a mysterious expert!

This news gave rise to a great commotion. The Three Murders Gang’s Master was the head of the Outer City’s greatest underworld faction, and as such, he was a malignant tumor! No one had been able to eliminate him until this fateful day.

This was obviously shocking news, and both the Outer and Inner Cities’ residents were astounded upon hearing it.