The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Alliance Vice Master Liu

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“Regret it? Nah! You’re the one who should regret it. You talked back to Great Shopkeeper Fei out of ignorance, yet you still want to stay in Tianya City? Attack him and entertain our Great Shopkeeper Su!” Bright Moon Householder hid his hands in his sleeves, while calming observing everything from the side.

Upon hearing his command, the guards didn’t hesitate any longer, and they all attacked Su Yu. As he watched them coming towards him, Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold.

He felt like he had shown enough tolerance up until this point, and since Bright Moon Householder clearly wanted to harm him, he didn’t have any reason to go easy on him. So, Su Yu revolved the Vital Energy inside his body, causing the air around him to start revolving at a high speed, while also compressing his surroundings.

The air was compressed into several black ribbons under such intense pressure, and they all emitted a powerful might.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters… User!” Su Yu waved his hand casually, and the black ribbons started twitching, then swept through the surroundings.

The guards surrounding him were all just Fairy Realm experts between the Level Five Fairy Realm and the Level Seven Fairy Realm. Although they were powerful, they were still weaker than the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Technique.

Thus, when the ribbons whipped them, they shattered their Vital Energy defenses, and they were all sent flying away like ping pong balls. They fell everywhere, and many pained cries echoed through the air.

Bright Moon Householder, who was observing this good show from the side, raised his brows and asked, “Mastery over the first level of a middle-grade legendary technique? Impressive.”

He was slightly amazed. He had already made inquiries about Su Yu’s status, and it seemed like he was just an ordinary Red Blood Palace’s outer sanctum disciple. However, he had to wonder… How could just an ordinary outer sanctum disciple manage to get a middle-grade legendary technique without a supporter?

He was caught off guard by this, and when he looked up again, all of his subordinates had already been beaten down to the ground!

His expression became unsightly. Regardless of everything, he was still one of Tianya City’ prestigious characters, and even the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ greatest beauty, Lu Chuyi, had once sought after him, even asking him to handle an affair for her. Thus, he knew that he mustn’t allow anyone to smear his name, and he surely couldn’t tolerate the fact that his guards were pummeled right in front of his residence’s gate!

“Snort! You dare to behave this atrociously on my doorstep?” Bright Moon Householder snorted coldly, and a shocking spiritual pressure surged out of him as he spoke.

The injured guards nearby were all tormented by this aura, while Su Yu’s body just flickered unceasingly as he flew back to a safe distance. His gaze became slightly grave as he asked, “An almighty Divine Master?”

He really didn’t expect that Bright Moon Householder was a hidden almighty Divine Master expert. However, after Su Yu mulled over it, he found it reasonable.

Since he could become one of the Elixir Alliance’s three great partners, he surely wasn’t an ordinary martial artist. Otherwise, he would have already been swallowed alive in Tianya City, which had many hidden experts lurking within it.

At that moment, Su Yu wondered… Should I deal with a Divine Master in front of everyone?

As Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, he furrowed his brows. This house was in the prosperous Inner City, and many people were going back and forth in front of its entrance at the moment.

Thus, their short confrontation a moment ago had caught many people’s attention, and there were still people rushing over to get a front row seat. Su Yu knew that if he fought against Ying Luan in such a public venue, he might end up exposing his true power, and this is something that he simply could not do.

“Humph!” Bright Moon Householder’s whole body emitted a powerful aura, and his gaze became sharp, signaling that he was about to attack.

However, it was at this moment that two people suddenly came out from a dark corner, like ghosts. They each moved to one side of Su Yu, protecting Su Yu in the middle.

“Who’s that old man? Why does it seem like he’s being escorted by those two Divine Master experts?” an onlooker asked.

The crowd started discussing this matter spiritedly. They were all amazed and astonished.

Bright Moon Householder was also surprised, and this was especially the case when he caught sight of those two people’s outfits. “The Red Blood Palace’s Auction House?” he wondered aloud. Their outfits had the insignia of the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House on the chest area!

The pair consisted of a woman and a man, who were both middle-aged. The woman was cold and callous, while the man was calm and composed.

“Since you are aware of it, then step down!” The man who stood in front of Su Yu berated Bright Moon Householder.

The woman then said, “I won’t mind exchanging several blows with you, should you try to attack him!”

Bright Moon Householder’s heart sank, and he quite was startled by their hostility. Great Shopkeeper Fei had informed him in a message that Su Yu was just an insignificant small shopkeeper, so he had to wonder… Why are two Divine Masters of the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House protecting him?

He could deal with one of them, but he wouldn’t be capable of fighting both at the same time! He shook his head, then asked, “Do you really want to oppose my Bright Moon House?”

After all, the Elixir Alliance was behind him, and since he was acquainted with many alchemists in the Elixir Alliance, he didn’t fear the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House.

The man’s eyes shone with a cold glint. “If you are determined to give it a try, we will be obliged to test Bright Moon House’s might before Su Yu…”

His words were meant to mock Bright Moon Householder, who dared to only focus his attack on a junior like Su Yu. Bright Moon Householder was infuriated, but since matters had already developed up to such a heightened degree, he was obliged to just drop it.

He then directed his gaze at Su Yu and said coldly, “You really have good luck. However, you won’t be this lucky next time.”

He didn’t believe that those two Almighty Divine Masters would always be around to protect Su Yu, and there was surely an unknown reason behind this. He figured that he would go look for Great Shopkeeper Fei and consult him about this later.

“I’m really looking forward to the next time I run into you,” Su Yu replied calmly.

It seemed that Bright Moon Householder had a stroke of good luck today. Otherwise, the Evil God would have gotten another supplement!

Bright Moon Householder was unaware of the terrifying fate that he escaped because of the arrival of those two Divine Masters. Moreover, upon witnessing Su Yu depending upon two Divine Masters to threaten him and scare him away, Bright Moon Householder couldn’t help but mock him.

He said, “You are just boasting, while hiding behind other people’s backs. Hehe, you don’t amount to a hill of beans on your own! Lad, don’t get excited too soon, asI can assure you that all of my partners in the Elixir Alliance won’t dare sell you any elixirs. So… You can either purchase elixirs at a sky-high price or get lost!”

As Su Yu heard his thinly veiled threat, he wasn’t really worried about this, as even if no one sold him elixirs, he figured that he would just make them by himself. After all, Su Yu was an intermediate alchemist, so he could easily produce third-grade spirit elixirs!

Even though elixir production was a troublesome process, if he couldn’t find a supply of goods, he could only make them by himself. Besides, if worse came to worst, he would just ask the small kylin to help him.

With their combined skills in alchemy, they could easily produce a large number of mortal body elixirs, which were a level below spirit elixirs. The only problem with this was that it was a waste of their precious time.

This was the reason why it would be better for Su Yu to find a supplier for the goods. But, even if he didn’t find one, it would only bring him a slight amount of annoyance and trouble, but wouldn’t prevent him from having a footing in Tianya City.

“You can do as you wish.” Su Yu was still unmoved. He then turned his head back and revealed a faint smile to the two Divine Masters as he said, “Seniors, many thanks for helping me.”

Su Yu was aware of their aims, so he knew that they were mostly just sent here by the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House to protect him. After all, Su Yu was their only way of keeping in contact with the mysterious expert, who was capable of producing Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. Hence, if Su Yu died, everything that they had worked for would come to an end.

Although it was good for him that he had their protection, it also brought him many troubles. For instance, with them here, Su Yu couldn’t openly go to Purple Flame Mountain to make elixirs.

Otherwise, they might suspect him. Hence, it seemed like he must alter his way of making elixirs.

“Humph! I will see how long can you continue acting this arrogantly without anyone to sell elixirs to you! At that time, don’t bother coming here to entreat me to help you.” Bright Moon Householder snorted coldly, then turned around and went back into his house.

Su Yu and the others were just about to leave, when a white-robed old man flew in from the horizon. The skin on his whole body was bright red, and he seemed quite peculiar.

It was only when he approached Su Yu that Su Yu discovered with surprise that this person’s whole body was emitting a blazing heat. It was like a furnace was hidden inside this old man’s body!

Bright Moon Householder, who was just about to step inside his house, couldn’t help but turn his head around and look at the old man. As he did so, shock appeared on his face, and his gloomy look disappeared.

Now, he wore a delighted and respectful look on his face. He then took his hands out of his sleeves. He then took several steps forward and stood before his house’s gate, cupped his hands in greeting, and stooped down.

“Greetings, Alliance Vice-Master Liu!” he said.

The blazing old man before them was the Elixir Alliance’s Vice-Master. As he was one of its most skilled late-stage alchemists, he could produce sixth-grade spirit elixirs. The grade of the elixirs someone could make demonstrated that person’s attainment in alchemy.

In the whole Tianya City, only the two Alliance Masters and the two Alliance Vice-Masters were capable of making sixth-grade spirit elixirs. This showed that their alchemy skills were the best in Tianya City.

Alliance Vice-Master Liu landed before the house’s entrance. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows after surveying the surroundings. “Why are so many people here observing this place. What happened?”

Bright Moon Householder wore an amiable look as he said, “Some silly little shopkeeper caused a disturbance in front of my house, but this matter has already been settled.”

He then invited him inside, “Alliance Vice-Master Liu, I’m honored by your presence here. Please come inside and sit down.”

The Alliance Vice-Master had an outrageously high status in the Elixir Alliance, and it was only by depending on this man that Bright Moon Householder had managed to become one of the Elixir Alliance’s three great partners. In his eyes, Alliance Vice-Master Liu was his greatest supporter and was practically his lifeblood. So, he naturally dared not neglect him!

“Just forget it, as I still need to make an important elixir. I’m simply too busy at the moment,” Alliance Vice-Master Liu replied, while shaking his head.

Bright Moon Householder was surprised and confused by this. “Alliance Vice-Master Liu, may I ask whether you came here to tell me about anything in particular?”

Alliance Vice-Master Liu nodded. “Oh… Yes! I must explain some matters to you, and as its Alliance Master Zhou’s wish, you must earnestly carry it out. If you end up infuriating Alliance Master Zhou, another merchant will take your position, and even I can’t save you then…”

Upon hearing how grave this matter’s consequences were, Bright Moon Householder became solemn. “Alliance Vice-Master Liu, please instruct me about this matter. I don’t mind walking through fire for him!”

Alliance Vice-Master Liu nodded. “You don’t need to be so nervous, as it’s just a matter that you can carry out in passing. This matter is as follows… Yesterday, Alliance Master Zhou’s granddaughters were found.”

Upon hearing this, Bright Moon Householder got a relieved look on his face and said, “That’s news that is worthy of celebration! We were all worried about Alliance Master Zhou’s granddaughters after they went missing, so it is good to hear that they were found!”

Three days ago, Alliance Master Zhou’s three granddaughters had snuck out of the Elixir Alliance’s base, and they had been missing ever since then. Only a few people were aware of this because the Elixir Alliance had kept it a secret for security purposes.

Although they didn’t announce their disappearances, they did ask the elixir dealers to make inquiries in secret, hoping to verify whether the kidnapping had been done by the Outer City’s Three Murders Gang.

Then, just one day later, news had spread that it was really done by the Three Murders Gang, and the gang had even sent a ransom letter to the Elixir Alliance! They had asked for thirty Incredible Elixirs that were capable of increasing one’s cultivation, or else they would harm Alliance Master Zhou’s granddaughters, maybe even kill them!

However, when they were negotiating this matter, the granddaughters were saved unexpectedly! Bright Moon Householder couldn’t help but click his tongue when he heard the whole story.

He then said, “The Elixir Alliance is really powerful, as it could even rescue people who were being held in the Three Murders Gang’s base. They must have hired many experts to help them with this, right?”

“No. They were actually just saved by a passerby! Alliance Master Zhou has been very busy recently, and hasn’t had the time to go and thank him personally. So, he wanted you to take care of it in his place!” Alliance Vice-Master Liu said.

Bright Moon Householder was confused by this. “Alliance Vice-Master Liu, may I ask why he wants me to be the one to thank him?”

“It’s because the martial artist who saved Alliance Master Zhou’s granddaughters is managing an elixir store in the Outer City. The elixir store is situated in an area under your jurisdiction. That is why he wanted me to ask you to take care of it. Later, when the Alliance Master has some free time, he will surely go to thank him personally,” he explained.

Upon hearing this, Bright Moon Householder was overjoyed. This was obviously a good opportunity for him to curry favor with Alliance Master Zhou.

As long as that elixir store’s owner was satisfied, he might praise him in front of Alliance Master Zhou, and that would be highly beneficial for his future success. This was obviously a great opportunity for Bright Moon Householder!

“Alliance Vice-Master Liu, many thanks for your care. I will surely remember it as long as I live.” Bright Moon Householder was quite grateful to him.

It was obvious that Alliance Vice-Master Liu wanted to help him. Otherwise, he could have just handed this mission to any of the other elixir dealers in the vicinity.

Alliance Vice-Master Liu revealed a meaningful smile as he said, “It’s fine, as long as you understand my stake in the matter. I came here to notify you in person because I wanted to handle it before the other Alliance Vice-Master! You are a shrewd guy, and I believe that you won’t disappoint me.”

Bright Moon Householder was quite excited, so he asked enthusiastically, “Alliance Vice-Master Liu, may I ask which elixir store it is? And… Who is the shopkeeper?”