The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 858

Chapter 858 Flipping Through Antique Books

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Alliance Vice-Master Liu said, “According to what Alliance Master Zhou’s granddaughters said, they all asked that elixir store’s salesgirl, and it seems like he’s the shopkeeper of a store called the Tonglin Elixir Store. I don’t know the shopkeeper’s full name. I just remember that his surname is Su, and he’s called ‘Shopkeeper Su.’”

“You should make inquiries about him when you go there, and you should remember to treat him politely. In the future, Alliance Master Zhou will go there personally to thank him. So, if you leave him with a bad impression, it will be awful once Alliance Master Zhou gets there and inquires about it. You should be aware that the Elixir Alliance doesn’t lack elixir dealers, so many people can replace you,” Alliance Vice-Master Liu warned him.

All of a sudden, Alliance Vice-Master Liu noticed that Bright Moon Householder had an odd look on his face. It seemed like he was weeping, yet it also seemed like he was smiling. His face was green one moment, then pale the other. It was quite strange.

“What? You aren’t willing? You feel pained by losing profits?” Alliance Vice-Master Liu’s expression became gloomy as he interrogated him regarded his strange behavior.

He was both annoyed and confused by this. Bright Moon Householder should have been a shrewd and capable guy, so he wondered why it seemed like he couldn’t even part with such a small profit!

At this moment, Bright Moon Householder unexpectedly revealed a smile, which was more unsightly than his crying face before. “Alliance Vice-Master Liu, why didn’t you come earlier?”

In the Outer City, there were no less than ten elixir store’s shopkeepers with the surname Su. However, there was only one Tonglin Elixir Store’s Shopkeeper Su, and that was Su Yuxian! He was even still among the crowd, as he hadn’t left yet.

“Humph! You aren’t willing to do it, are you?” Alliance Vice-Master Liu squinted his eyes.

At this moment, Bright Moon Householder felt like killing himself as he thought… Why does it have to be Su Yuxian? How could it be this coincidental?

“I… I…” Bright Moon Householder found it too difficult to explain this matter.

Alliance Vice-Master Liu pulled a long face. He assumed that this was just a trivial matter, which Bright Moon Householder should be able to complete easily after he instructed him about the details. Yet, he was unexpectedly being hesitant! He found this to be very disrespectful, especially in front of such a crowd!

“If you don’t want to do it, then just forget about it. I can just seek other people to help us.” Alliance Vice-Master Liu was infuriated.

It was difficult to find alchemists, but that was not necessarily the case for elixir dealers! The main reason why Bright Moon Householder could become one of the three great elixir dealers was just because he had a connection with Alliance Vice-Master Liu. This allowed him to get a large number of elixirs from the Elixir Alliance, and Alliance Vice-Master Liu could also get a share from that.

Hence, it would be easy for Alliance Vice-Master Liu to replace him with another person, and it was only because it was slightly troublesome that he didn’t feel like replacing people too frequently.

Since Bright Moon Householder was being this difficult and dared to provoke him, he assumed that he would probably need to visit the elixir dealer ranked fourth, then have him replace Bright Moon Householder. As such, he wouldn’t suffer any losses, but only be slightly inconvenienced.

After Alliance Vice-Master Liu spoke, he swung his sleeves and turned to leave.

But, Bright Moon Householder shouted after him hurriedly, “Wait! It isn’t that I don’t want to, but I can’t!”

He had said similar words to Su Yu, but at that time, he had spoken in a mystifying tone, while now, he wore a sullen face as he spoke.

Alliance Vice-Master Liu furrowed his brows. “Explain this to me clearly!” He felt that Bright Moon Householder’s actions were quite odd, and his instincts were telling him that there was something fishy about all of this.

Since matters developed up to this point, Bright Moon Householder felt like he could only tell him everything. Upon learning that he just drove Su Yu away moments ago, Alliance Vice-Master Liu was taken aback, and he wondered… How could such a coincidental matter occur?

Bright Moon Householder just narrated this matter briefly, and he obviously failed to mention his repulsive actions. Thus, according to his description, it seemed like Su Yu was the one making trouble for no reason.

However, Alliance Vice-Master Liu was old and experienced, so he immediately noticed the flaw in his story. “So… A low-grade elixir store’s shopkeeper dropped in and randomly started beating your guards for no reason? Humph, Bright Moon, do you think I’m a fool? It seems to me that you’re the one who caused troubles for him in order to curry favor with that guy surnamed Fei!”

He had hit the nail on the head and guessed most of this matter’s truth instantly! Upon realizing he was exposed, Bright Moon Householder was shocked and his face turned pale. He didn’t reply, but it was clear that he regretted this matter greatly.

If he really had just wanted to refrain from supplying Su Yu with goods like what Great Shopkeeper Fei had requested of him, he could have just used any excuse to reject Su Yu. But, he had gone too far and offended him repeatedly.

In the end, he had even gone so far as to try to teach him a lesson personally, which had caused Su Yu’s two Divine Masters guards to show up, and that is when the matter really got out of hand!

So, he had to wonder… How can I possibly remedy this messy situation?

“I don’t care about the grudges between you, but if you implicate me, don’t bother coming to the Elixir Alliance again to look for me,” Alliance Vice-Master Liu said coldly.

His unspoken implication was that Bright Moon Householder should take care of this matter himself. Then, if he could ease the tension between them, Alliance Vice-Master Liu wouldn’t look into this matter any further. But, if he was incapable of achieving this, he could only replace Bright Moon Householder in advance so that he wouldn’t be implicated once Su Yu defamed Bright Moon Householder in front of Alliance Master Zhou!

Upon hearing him, Bright Moon Householder’s whole body shivered. He didn’t dare to accuse or blame others any longer. “Understood, I will immediately go to apologize and make amends!” Bright Moon Householder quickly said.

An apathetic voice drifted over from the crowd at that moment, “Bright Moon, don’t bother with this! I won’t ask you to give me elixirs as alms, so you can just leave them for yourself.” It was Su Yu!

A moment ago, Bright Moon Householder had mocked Su Yu and asked him to never come to entreat him for elixirs again. But apparently, when Alliance Vice-Master Liu arrived, Su Yu had remained in the vicinity!

He had clearly heard their conversation and was quite surprised by it. It turns out that the several young girls he saved along with Ying Luan were unexpectedly the three granddaughters of Alliance Master Zhou!

As for Bright Moon Householder, Su Yu didn’t feel like paying any attention to him at the moment. If he just refused to supply goods to Su Yu because he was threatened and forced by Great Shopkeeper Fei, Su Yu could understand that and wouldn’t cause trouble for him.

But, Su Yu found it ridiculous that Bright Moon Householder wanted to show off and flaunt his loyalty by trying to teach Su Yu a lesson on behalf of Great Shopkeeper Fei. Such a fawning and vile guy didn’t deserve any attention, and even if he sent him elixirs for free, Su Yu wouldn’t accept them because he didn’t want to have any relationship with such a person!

Bright Moon Householder’s face turned pale. He then gave Su Yu an entreating look and cupped his hands at Su Yu in obeisance. “Shopkeeper Su, please be magnanimous. I was blind and didn’t recognize you, so please don’t take this matter to heart.”

It was obvious from his tone that he was entreating Su Yu to accept his elixirs. What Bright Moon Householder had stated a moment ago had really occurred, except the situation was flipped! It wasn’t Su Yu who entreated him, but it was him who entreated Su Yu to accept his elixirs!

“I don’t dare to claim connections with someone as great as you, so farewell.” Su Yu turned around and left, escorted by two Almighty Divine Masters.

Alliance Vice-Master Liu, who had witnessed everything, was startled by this. The shopkeeper who saved Alliance Master Zhou’s granddaughters had been standing just like a commoner among the crowd!

Upon witnessing that they still didn’t resolve their conflict, Alliance Vice-Master Liu wore an ice-cold look as he said, “Bright Moon Householder, don’t come to the Elixir Alliance ever again to look for me! Just look for someone else. Humph!”

After he spoke, Alliance Vice-Master Liu stormed off in a huff, leaving behind the disgraced Bright Moon Householder. This moment would become infamous, as everyone spread the news that, on this day, the famous elixir dealer, Bright Moon Householder, was deprived of his status.

Even if he was acquainted with alchemists in the Elixir Alliance, it wouldn’t be of any use to him now, as no one would dare to defy an Alliance Vice-Master and continue making deals with him! As such, his elixir dealer career should have come to an end at this very moment.

If he was capable of redoing this matter all over again, he would surely not take such actions. But, it was a pity that he couldn’t do it all over again.

After they went back to the Tonglin Elixir Store, Su Yu thanked the two Almighty Divine Masters behind him, “Seniors, many thanks for your help.”

They both just revealed a faint smile, then hid away once again. This was because it was only when Su Yu was in grave danger that they showed themselves.

Su Yu entered the elixir store with his brows still furrowed. He was glad to be alone again, as he could never make Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid while he was being supervised by two Almighty Divine Masters. After all, once they realized that he was capable of making the extinct ancient liquid elixir, he would be fraught with troubles.

After he went back to his room, Su Yu went into secluded cultivation and started studying the Five Elements Mysteries Art. He passed the whole night in seclusion and managed to learn three other demon clan’s characters.

So far, Su Yu had learned seven characters, he had a deeper understanding of the world’s five elements, and he could easily gather all five elements with just a mere thought. This was especially the case for fire, as he managed to get a greater comprehension of it.

It was unknown whether the reason behind this was the fact that he had a wisp of disastrous flames in his body. Now, if Su Yu started making elixirs, he could control fire much easier.

The Five Elements Mysteries Art’s cultivation went smoothly, but he still felt that his soul power became distinctly weaker while he was cultivating. Due to this, Su Yu’s expression turned gloomy. The evil spirit that was plaguing his body was obviously a hidden danger, and if he didn’t dispose of it quickly, it would affect his soul greatly.

He stood up at this moment. It was already dawn, but Ying Luan and Qing Liu were still sitting idle outside, as they had nothing to do. They were just anxiously keeping watch over the empty elixir store.

“Shopkeeper Su, why don’t you let me try to get some elixirs on the black market to make up the shortage? Otherwise, if it ends up being reported, you will be fired!” Ying Luan spoke after she mulled this over. After all, such a nice shopkeeper was hard to come by, and she didn’t want to lose him.

Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “You don’t need to trouble yourselves with this, as I already found a source for elixirs yesterday.”

Upon hearing this, Ying Luan and Qing Liu heaved a sigh of relief and exchanged a shared glance. Delight then appeared on both of their faces.

“I need to take a trip outside, so you should all wait in the store. Someone should come over today to deliver the elixirs,” Su Yu said.

He wanted to look for some antique books in Tianya City in order to get a deeper understanding of curses. He also thought that he could also check to see about the Fire Essence Jade’s true function.

However, what was most important was still the Saint Blood Soul Nourishing Stone. Since the Evil God was so concerned about it, it was surely a magical treasure, so Su Yu was determined to understand exactly what it was.

After hesitating for a moment, Qing Liu asked, “But, if you aren’t here, how should we pay them?”

“You don’t need to pay them, and even if you tried to pay them, they wouldn’t accept it.” Su Yu waved his hands at them, then swaggered away, leaving the two dumbfounded in his wake.

A whole night had already passed since the matter with Bright Moon Householder had occurred. Now, many people were aware of it, so they understood why Bright Moon Householder had fallen into such dire straits so quickly.

At this moment, all of the shrewd elixir dealers were aware that they must curry favor with Su Yu. This was because as long as Su Yu praised them in front of Alliance Master Zhou, they would get benefits and profits, which would greatly surpass what they would lose by offering him elixirs for free. As such, none of the astute elixir dealers would be silly enough to miss out on such a profitable deal.

After Su Yu left the elixir store, he went to Tianya City’s greatest antique books bookstore. This bookstore didn’t collect ancient cultivation technique books, but instead, they carried books that described the ancient era, which would help people gain a greater understanding of the ancient era’s civilization.

Most of the books had been transcribed, but some of them were originals left over from the ancient era. This was the reason why there was always a crowd of people here, as all of them were hoping to find a hidden ancient cultivation technique left over from the ancient era within the books.

But, it was a pity that they all returned empty-handed. This was because the ancient books were openly displayed in the store, which meant that they had all been examined countless times by the store owner before ever being showcased. So, if there were really any secrets hidden in them, it wouldn’t be the outsiders who discovered them.

At the moment, Su Yu specifically wanted to get information about the curse, Fire Essence Jade, and Saint Blood Soul Nourishing, and he knew that he could only find them here. However, before he went into the bookstore, he witnessed a delicate and petite girl bustling around inside it. It seemed like she was looking for something specific.

The little demoness? Upon seeing her, Su Yu couldn’t help but click his tongue and wonder… Why did I end up running into this two-faced girl again?

He found it surprising that she could calm down long enough to read some books, not just spend her whole time concocting plots to harm people! Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he wondered what this little demoness was up to now…