The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Return of Su Yu

Xia Jingyu remained unfazed as she also exhibited her Saint Grade Holy Decree.

"The Flowery Finger!"

As she pointed her jade-like finger, all liquid heeded her call.

Long Xiaoyue merely snorted, as her blood refused Xia Jingyu's call.

As both were using Saint Grade Holy Decrees, Xia Jingyu could not do much to Long Xiaoyue.

As Long Xiaoyue closed in with her overwhelming advantage, Xia Jingyu felt danger lurking all around her.


The two slim figures could only be glimpsed briefly as they battled.

One was an absolute beauty and the other one displayed grace. Everyone who viewed their battle was filled with admiration.

Xia Jingyu was at a slight disadvantage, but it was still a close fight.

"For sparring in the arena ring, should there be no clear victor after a hundred moves, the one who holds the advantage will be crowned the victor," Qiu Changjian announced.

Regardless of status, all in attendance were highly impressed. Xia Jingyu was merely a newbie, and yet she could engage in a battle with the surely future King of Prospective Holy Disciples, Long Xiaoyue, for so long. Her vast improvement in skill had shocked the people present.

Hearing Qiu Changjian's announcement, Long Xiaoyue turned cold. "Sorry Jingyu, I have to challenge the Holy Disciples," she said.

Prior to this, she had held backhoping she wouldn't have to hurt Xia Jingyu. Now, to secure her victory, she would have to go all-out.

Xia Jingyu glared as she took a few steps backward. "I have my reasons for having to win at all costs! Sorry, Senior Long."


At that moment, with the help of the spirit elixirs' powers, Xia Jingyu achieved her breakthrough to level Seven Peak Tier.

For a moment, Long Xiaoyue felt a strong pressure. Gritting her teeth, she unleashed her full powers.

"Seven Star Steps!"


Long Xiaoyue extended her jade-like foot and moved her feet in a soft rhythm. Every step corresponded to the Big Dipper constellation. Every step she took created a dazzling melody.

It was an extremely rare sound attack!

"Saint level cultivation technique, top class!" The crowd gasped.

Qiu Changjian was impressed. Be it a Holy Decree or a cultivation technique, Long Xiaoyue had achieved the standards of the ten Holy Disciples. Only her cultivation level was not on par.

Long Xiaoyue, having gone all-out, drastically increased her fighting prowess!

Xia Jingyu remained calm and stood still.

"Reverie of Dewdrops!" Whispering in a hoarse voice, Xia Jingyu raised her jade-like hands and lightly gestured in Long Xiaoyue's direction.


Long Xiaoyue's facial expression suddenly changed, revealing immense pain.

The people turned and saw, to their surprise, the snowflakes and moisture in the air surrounding Long Xiaoyue had enveloped her in a dense fog.

A visible layer of water appeared all around Long Xiaoyue's body.

In an instant, as though she had been plunged into deep water, Long Xiaoyue could not breathe!

No matter how much Long Xiaoyue tried to use her vital energy, she was unable to dispel the water around her.

As time passed, it became harder to bear. Her face slowly flushed red as she gradually lost the strength to resist.

With a slight gesture, the ball of water bubbles which enveloped Long Xiaoyue threw her from the arena!

The audience was dead silent!

"Deity level cultivation technique, upper class!" A shuddering voice emerged from within the masses.

The masses looked up at Xia Jingyu; all of them felt a slight tingling in their scalp.

Among the three Deity level cultivation techniques inside the Sanctuary Divine Vault, Xia Jingyu had actually comprehended Reverie of Dewdrops to the Upper Realm.

The Holy King's indifferent eyes lit up, which was a rare occurrence.

Within the Sanctuary, there was only one person who actually comprehended a Deity level cultivation technique, and that was the eldest disciple, Zhao Guang!

However, Xia Jingyu had also comprehended it!

Long Xiaoyue was deeply shocked. The whole time they were in the Evil Forest, she had never seen Xia Jingyu in action.

She had always felt that Xia Jingyu over-relied on Su Yu's puppets. But in actuality, Xia Jingyu's strength was far beyond the level Eight Lower Tier puppets!

The amazing battle had shocked the entire audience! Xia Jingyu was unquestionably the King of Prospective Holy Disciples!

It was time for the ten Holy Disciples' ranking matches; this was the portion that the Holy King valued the most.

The ranking battles of the ten Holy Disciples were interesting and brilliant. Every Holy Disciple had a minimum Level Nine cultivation base. The splendid sparring matches were eye-opening for the prospective Holy Disciples, who were filled with admiration for their seniors.

At last, the final ranked battle ended.

Zhao Guang obtained the glorious title of the King of the Holy Disciples!

No opponent could withstand any more than ten of his moves.

Zhao Guang, who guaranteed victory with ten moves, was the head genius of the entire Sanctuary!

Many people looked up to his unparalleled presence.

The remaining rankings had slightly changed, especially the lower ranks. Qiu Changjian had performed outstandingly and rose from rank ten to rank seven. Liu Qing once ranked eighth, dropped to rank ten.

With the imminent dissolution of the Sanctuary, the apprehensive disciples had pushed themselves to different degrees of improvement throughout the month.

With that, another segment of the Storm Competition had ended.

Only one segment remained; the challenge match!

The King of the Prospective Holy Disciples had a chance to challenge the Holy Disciples.

According to the rules, as long as he or she defeated the lowest ranking Holy Disciple, he or she may replace that particular Holy Disciple.

Xia Jingyu would have to defeat Liu Qing to become a Holy Disciple and earn the chance to accompany the Holy King to Fenghuang Valley.

Qiu Changjian secretly sighed. Xia Jingyu's cultivation base was overwhelmingly outclassed, her chances of winning were slim.

"The challenge match, begin!" Qiu Changjian announced.


Xia Jingyu flew onto the arena stage and stood silently.

Beside Liu Qing was the pale-faced Zhang Qian. Staring at Xia Jingyu, her eyes harbored deep anger, "Brother Qing, teach this vixen a lesson on my behalf!"

Liu Qing raised his head and saw a celestial figure. Standing in the snow, she charmed all those who chanced upon her.

A warm feeling filled his mind. As he slowly nodded, Liu Qing flew onto the arena stage.

With a grin on his face, Liu Qing consoled Xia Jingyu, "Junior Xia, the dead cannot be revived, please restrain your grief."

Xia Jingyu's eyes remained cold, she pretended as if she had not heard him.

"Senior knows that Junior Xia and Junior Su had deep ties, but I hope that Junior Xia can get over it. If you have any matters of the heart, you may approach me. What Junior Su could do, I can also do," Liu Qing continued.

The audience was shocked. Liu Qing was a famous playboy, but nobody expected him to target Xia Jingyu, making use of her grief from losing Su Yu. Still, his attempt was in vain.

Zhang Qian's face turned green with jealousy.

Xia Jingyu remained cold, though her eyes revealed deep disgust. "Don't compare yourself with Su Yu, you will only taint his name!"

"You!" Liu Qing always thought highly of his own looks, with his tall figure and exceptional strengthhe always had his way with the ladies. Teenage girls like Xia Jingyu especially loved himespecially when they were emotionally distraught. Seducing Xia Jingyu should have been very easy for him.

He had not expected Xia Jingyu would ridicule him publically!

"Hehe, I apologize if I crossed any lines. Let us begin the sparring match," Liu Qing's expression appeared apologetic, but deep in his eyes, there was a cold hatred.

He had hesitated in starting the matchand now, he had enraged his opponent!

He originally had a tender heart for the opposite sex and had been willing to start off easy on her. He had not expected Xia Jingyu to reject him! He, therefore, could not be blamed for his harsh actions!

"East Coming Great River!" Liu Qing attacked!

It was an impressive saint level cultivation technique, top realm!

His palm's force was equal to a raging river!

Xia Jingyu's pure eyes turned serious, she knew his attack would be hard to match. However, her eyes still maintained a dignified gaze.

"Reverie of Dewdrops!"

A dense water bubble surrounded Liu Qing, suffocating him. Liu Qing's face turned red and pained.

But, he managed!

With his East Coming Great River, an endless forth of water gushed forward, forcefully destroying the water bubble!


Xia Jingyu was pushed back. Blood spewed from her mouth as she took a massive strike to her torso. But, she did not retreat.

"East Coming Great River!"

"Reverie of Dewdrops!"


At a great disadvantage in terms of cultivation base, it was difficult for Xia Jingyu to come out ahead. After ten moves, her chest was stained red.

The snow gathered onto her body, soaking her clothes and contrasting with her bloodstains.

She had sustained heavy damage!

Qiu Changjian could not bear to see anymore, "Junior Xia, just admit defeat. You... cannot win."

"I cannot lose I cannot lose!" Xia Jingyu's beautiful eyes welled up with tears.

She had to fulfill Su Yu's dying wishhe had trusted her alone!

She had to fulfill it! Even if she died trying!

The audience was deeply touched.

Despite knowing that she had no chance of success, she remained persistent!

Liu Qing had long since passed his ridiculing phase; he was awe-struck. He was frightened by Xia Jingyu's fearless determination.

Seeing Xia Jingyu's fearless attack, Liu Qing reacted instantly!

"East Coming Great River!" Liu Qing put everything he had into this attack.



Xia Jingyu was struck midair. Blood spewed out of her mouth and injuries as she flew backward, off the arena.

The crowd was silent.

Though she had no chance, they still could not believe she had lost.

As she laid on the ground, Xia Jingyu's heart shattered.

She had failed to fulfill Su Yu's dying wish!

Laughing pathetically, the spirit in Xia Jingyu's eyes was extinguished.

Qiu Changjian felt a deep pity for her. He was about to extend his hand to hold Xia Jingyu up when the crowd gasped.

"Quick! What is that in the sky?" Someone shouted in astonishment.

The crowd fixated their eyes on the unknown object.

The only sight that they could make out was a ball of purple fire.

Shockingly, the purple fire had traveled at incredible speeds! It was approaching at a mile a minuteas if it were teleporting through space and time!

The fire quickly came into focus; it was no fire at all, but a purple clothed figure.

With his hands clasped behind his back, the figure appeared as if he had been present in the distance all along, unmoving.

But, with every blink of an eye, he mysteriously moved a considerable distance closer, leaving behind a chain of blurred purple afterimages.

"Is that... a person, or a ghost?" The audience was shocked. For someone to move so fast They couldn't comprehend it.

The Holy King raised his head, slightly bewildered, "It's him?"

"Not good! He's heading towards us!" The audience was shocked as they shifted defensively.

Qiu Changjian stood as a vanguard, blocking the forefront upon seeing the purple figure approach at an inhuman speeds

"Hold it there..."

Right as Qiu Changjian issued his warning, as everyone prepared themselves for a battle, a bleak sigh came from behind them, "Jingyu..."

Qiu Changjian's whole body shuddered, the people present felt a chill down their spines. Turning around, they discovered,, to their astonishment, that the figure had appeared behind them and had intercepted Xia Jingyu before retreating back.

The purple figure before them was actually just an illusion! The real purple robed figure had long since arrived behind them!

Who could have displayed such an inhuman movement?

Everyone looked over at the purple-robed youth.

He had a lean figure and good looks, but his eyes remained closed.

That face was definitely Su Yu!

However, the Su Yu before them had a silvery white hair to his waist, unlike the black hair he used to have.

Exuding an aura of gentleness and grace, accompanied with his purple clothes, he gave off a mysterious, yet noble aura.

It was as though Su Yu had come from a palace of the gods.

The difference in his appearance was so great that he appeared to be another person entirely, especially with that head full of silver hair.