The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Golden Sand

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Su Yu shrugged, then asked, “Haven’t I already told you? I’m done reading.”

Zhao Chuan laughed. “You’re still stubborn, even when you’re in trouble!”

Zhao Chuan then activated the seal, and a bright beam of light exploded from the ancient book. He then sneered and said, “Open your godda*n eyes and take a look at what light this is…”

His words ended abruptly, and the other servants around him all looked as if they had just seen a ghost. All of them were petrified and were frozen motionless in their spots.

This was because the light that was exploding from the ancient book was not a white light, but was a red light! Itn fact, it was a blood-red light of the darkest shade! This showed that the book had been thoroughly read by Su Yu, and not a single word was missed!

“Ha! As you see… It’s a blood-red light! So, it seems like it’s your godda*n eyes that aren’t opened wide enough,” Su Yu said leisurely.

Zhao Chuan was shocked, and disbelief was written all over his face as he asked, “How could this happen? It’s impossible!”

Still skeptical, Zhao Chuan grabbed another book and activated its seal, and a blood-red light exploded once again! Utterly shocked, he continued to grab a few more books, yet the same blood-red light was displayed every single time that he checked each of them!

He was extremely stunned, surprised, and confused as he uttered in amazement, “It’s not possible! How did this happen? Theoretically, it’s nearly impossible for someone to finish reading all of the contents in these books in such a short time!”

Su Yu shrugged, then asked indifferently, “Well… Since it’s clearly settled, may I go now?”

Zhao Chuan struggled to pull himself together, while looks of awkwardness and embarrassment flickered over his face. Ashamed, he asked, “You want to go? Ha! I suspect that you have somehow used some shady tricks to change the seals in secret. So, you can’t leave Shizhen Bookyard before a thorough investigation is carried out!”

Su Yu refocused his gaze, slowly squinting his eyes at Zhao Chuan as he asked, “What if I insist on leaving before then?”

Zhao Chuan’s face was glum as he replied, “Well… You don’t get to decide! Seize him!”

Immediately, a group of people pounced on Su Yu in an attempt to capture him. A gold gleam shone in Su Yu’s eyes as he sneered at them and said, “I’ve had enough of you! You’re playing with fire, so don’t blame me for the repercussions that may befall you!”

Those who besieged Su Yu were only a group of servants of the fourth-grade fairies. So, it went without saying what kind of poor fates awaited them.

Su Yu reached out and struck them with the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, instantly sweeping all of them off of their feet. At the same time, nearly every wall of bookshelves in the entire bookyard were sent flying. The entire bookyard had been turned into a scene of complete chaos all of a sudden!

Zhao Chuan was taken aback, and he exclaimed, “The middle-level cultivation technique! Oh no! He’s got a powerful hidden ability! Inform the bookyard’s master of this right away!”

He then scampered toward the backyard, while shrieking in panic and terror. As he watched him run away, Su Yu’s eyes were cold as he yelled after him, “You’re the main culprit!”

After a few breaths, Su Yu flit over to stop him in his tracks with ease, then gave him a blow to his abdomen, causing him to vomit blood and fly backwards, crashing into the wall. This blow instantly destroyed Zhao Chuan’s Dantian!

One whose Dantian was destroyed was equivalent to a cripple in the world of martial artists, and if this cripple had been overly obnoxious in his last life and had offended too many people, his consequences would be dire indeed!

Su Yu had dealt with all of the servants in the blink of an eye, while wreaking havoc in the bookyard. This horrified the servants, who were lying on the ground, and as they were very afraid of him now, they dared not step forward to stand in his way.

They could have never have predicted that Su Yu would be so mighty and intimidating! If only they had known, they would never have been foolish enough to follow Zhao Chuan in bullying him!

Su Yu withdrew his palms and cast a cold glance at Zhao Chuan, whose Dantian was now completely destroyed. He then said, “Let this be a lesson to you!”

Su Yu then left the bookyard with wide strides. Not long after he left, two strong men walked out from the inner hall of the bookyard. They were both entities of the Almighty level.

Su Yu would have recognized them if he was there. One was a middle-aged scholar, who was none other than the Bright Moon Householder, who had been deprived of his right to collaborate with the Elixir Alliance!

Standing beside him was a dark-skinned female, who was wearing a black robe. She had an aura of pride and arrogance about her.

“What happened?” asked the black-robed female in a deep voice, while she scanned the surroundings.

The servants dared not to hold back anything as they recounted the matters that had just taken place in great detail. Upon learning that a student from the Red Blood Palace was responsible for all of this, the black-robed female was enraged.

“This is intolerable! Does the Red Blood Palace still think that Tianya City belongs to the Blessed and Heavenly Lands?” she asked in a rage.

Then, she fixed her cold gaze on Zhao Chuan and said, “But… You were the one who started this whole conflict! So, don’t think that you can run away from a death sentence! You must die!”

Then, with a flick of her fingers, a whiff of Vital Energy shot through Zhao Chuan’s skull! He was killed before he even got to beg for her pardon.

The Bright Moon Householder frowned, then asked, “Master Qin, do you want me to catch up with the student from the Red Blood Palace and capture him?”

Shockingly, the dark-skinned woman was the master of the Shizhen Bookyard.

“You don’t have to, as now is not the time to openly confront the Red Blood Palace. When the right time arrives, the Red Blood Palace will suffer its due consequences!” Master Qin replied. She then waved her hands and immediately commanded the remaining servants to clean up the store.

Suddenly, anticipation appeared on her face as she added, “Remember to keep the things that we discussed just now among ourselves, as they affect our relations with the relics of Yaomu Daoren, which mustn’t be taken lightly!”

The Bright Moon Householder’s eyes glinted with a sharp light as he nodded and said, “I understand. Thanks for your willingness to grant me such an opportunity.”

“There’s no need to say that, as the Central Prefecture is clear about your circumstances. Since the Elixir Alliance doesn’t value any rapport, you don’t have to show any mercy…” she replied.

After the Bright Moon Householder had been openly deprived of his qualification, he was noticed by people with certain intentions within the Central Prefecture, who then recruited him. He was, after all, a strong figure of the second-grade Almighty level, and as such, he possessed remarkable capabilities.

“I will definitely give you my best efforts,” the Bright Moon Householder said, while flashing a small smile. As he spoke, he silently pledged to himself that he would make Shopkeeper Su of the Tonglin Elixir Store regret his past actions!

As for Su Yu, once he returned to the Tonglin Elixir Store, he went into seclusion. His eyes contained a shrewd light as he slowly opened up his right palm. At that moment, a portion of the Milky Way’s starlight receded, leaving behind more than 200 grains of golden sand on Su Yu’s palm! These were the golden sand grains that he had obtained from Yaomu Daoren’s handbook.

“What on earth are these things?” Su Yu wondered aloud. He was very curious as he tried to gather them.