The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 864

Chapter 864 A Tit For Tat

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Since Lin Ming just suffered a stroke of bad luck, Yu Linglong wouldn’t directly go to berate Su Yu. Instead, she just cast a disdainful glance at him. In her eyes, they all had noble statuses, and a low-grade elixir store’s shopkeeper wasn’t on an equal footing with them.

When the place had just calmed down, a mocking voice drifted in from outside, “The Red Blood Palace’s people are really interesting, as even before we arrived here, they already started a dogfight. Hehe…”

Upon hearing this, all three of the Great shopkeepers looked over angrily. They were all infuriated!

However, when the person outside came in, shock appeared on their faces. The people who had just entered were three middle-aged men. They all had outstanding bearings and didn’t seem like common martial artists at all.

A fair middle-aged man was walking in their midst. He had a thin body and seemed just like a pile of bones. He also had quite narrow eyes and wore a mocking smile.

He seemed to be quite vile and mean. He was the one who had just mocked them, and he was also the leader of those three people.

“Hall of Celestial Spirits’ Hu Wangui?” Fei Hang uttered his name slowly. It could be discerned from his voice how apprehensive he was about this man.

The Hall of Celestial Spirits was an elixir store that had been on the rise within the past ten years, and it was also the vanguard of the Central Prefecture’s elixir stores faction. Ten years ago, the Hall of Celestial Spirits was just an ordinary middle-grade store, but this year, its sales had already surpassed the number one Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store’s, thus making it the most popular elixir store.

It was at the peak of its power and its fame was getting greater, while the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store’s situation was just getting worse. This was the reason why Fei Hang was reprimanded by the Deputy General Manager, and it also explained why how Fei Hang now hated and resented him!

Hu Wangui cast a glance at Fei Hang with his narrow eyes, while he emitted a peal of queer and sharp laughter. “Well, it’s our Great Shopkeeper Fei! If I had known earlier that it was you who was fighting with your colleges, I wouldn’t have described it as a dogfight.”

He emphasized the word ‘dogfight’ on purpose, and it was obvious that he was trying to humiliate him. Fei Hang was fond of looking good in the eyes of others, so it was hard for him to take such humiliation in front of the crowd.

But, he gritted his teeth and asked in a deep voice, “Hu Wangui, what are you so proud of? You just became the owner of the greatest elixir store several months ago, yet you have already presented yourself as being some great person!”

Hu Wangui revealed a playful smile. “I’m not really anything great, but I’m still better than a fallen dog, am I not?”

The two middle-aged men next to him started laughing with him upon hearing this.

“You really went overboard with your insults!” Fei Hang’s face became flushed with anger.

Lin Ming and Yu Linglong were also infuriated, but they were able to remain more composed than Fei Hang.

“Shopkeeper Fei, don’t waste your breath on him. Let’s just go participate in the auction. They all want to embarrass us in the auction, so let’s just make them go back with their tails between their legs!” Yu Linglong said coldly.

Hu Wangui examined Yu Linglong with his eyes and sneered. “You are quite confident. Shopkeeper Yu, if you become your restaurant’s dancer, you will probably manage to defeat us, but then, we will also visit it to cheer for you!”

His gaze was brazenly sweeping Yu Linglong’s curvaceous body. Although she was already middle-aged, she was still attractive and could be considered a beauty. This was good, as the prosperity of a restaurant business didn’t depend as much upon its food and drink as it did on its entertainment programs!

After all, martial artists didn’t usually care much about the quality of their food and wine. In fact, they wouldn’t mind eating basically anything! Hence, it was really just the entertainment programs that attracted them, and if the restaurant had a beautiful dancer with a noble status, its business would surely boom!

Upon hearing his insulting words, Yu Linglong was so infuriated that her whole body shivered, but she still couldn’t lash out at him. So, she simply had to bear it.

She then said coldly, “You will understand everything at the auction.”

Hu Wangui chuckled, then directed his gaze at Lin Ming and revealed a mysterious smile. “As for you, Shopkeeper Lin, I heard that your demonic beast material store was monopolizing Tianya City’s whole business in the past. But now, most of your territory has been occupied. I really don’t understand this. Doesn’t your Red Blood Palace have any competent people? Why have they left trash like you in charge of it until now?”

Lin Ming was infuriated. “You! Hu Wangui, don’t get too complacent, as didn’t you just get ahead of us for a while? What’s so amazing about this meager accomplishment?”

Hu Wangui sneered. “We are obviously amazing! You just aren’t willing to accept it!”

Even though Lin Ming was infuriated by him, they were still helpless, as the Central Prefecture’s industry’s current state had already demonstrated that they were better than them!

This was the reason why he, Fei Hang, and Yu Linglong didn’t continue arguing with them. It was because they were really inferior to them, and if they continued arguing, they would just shame themselves even more!

Hu Wangui felt quite glib at the moment, as he saw that all three of the Great Shopkeepers were left at a loss for words. He wore a mocking smile and looked at Su Yu, who was sitting between them.

Even though he didn’t know who Su Yu was, he still didn’t plan to let him off. “Well? Since you were reprimanded by two out of the three Great Shopkeepers, you surely aren’t an ordinary person. The previous dogfight was really spectacular! Hehe.”

Su Yu’s eyes were closed all this while, and he seemed like a serene and calm old man. He just turned a deaf ear to this mockery.

Hu Wangui sneered. “Hey! Why don’t you say anything?”

Even though it seemed like he was mocking him, he was actually trying to make an inquiry about Su Yu’s status. It was like he had just stated, since he could defy the three Great Shopkeepers, he surely had some cards up his sleeve.

Su Yu opened his eyes and looked at Hu Wangui with an apathetic gaze. He then asked calmly, “Do you really want me to speak?”

Hu Wangui chuckled and wore a mocking smile. “Just speak, or are you afraid? It’s not surprising, as even the three Great Shopkeepers by your side can’t utter a word!”

Su Yu chuckled and swept away the dust on his sleeves. He then said, “Fine. It’s you who wanted me to speak. I was just wondering whether you ing who taught you to speak like that, as you seem quite skilled in it. But, it makes you sound like a sissy! You must have been taught by a famous teacher and practiced it diligently for many years!”

Upon hearing this, killing intent appeared in Hu Wangui’s eyes. At the same time, the two people beside him were both startled and looked at Su Yu angrily.

Hu Wangui squinted his narrow eyes and revealed a faint smile. “You are really daring! Fine… I will remember you.”

Su Yu waved his hand at him. “I didn’t want to speak, but it was you who insisted on it. Yet, when I spoke, you got angry!”

Yu Linglong almost burst out laughing at this moment, and she had to quickly cover her rosy lips to stifle a giggle. She felt most of her pent-up frustration disappearing at this moment.

Su Yu was just sitting calmly at the side with his eyes closed. He was not provoking anyone, yet Hu Wangui still went out of his way to provoke him! It seemed like Hu Wangui was addicted to mocking people, and always wanted to look for his next victim in order to get his fix!

However, Su Yu was daring, and he didn’t have qualms about anything. So, he immediately poked Hu Wangui’s sore spot and infuriated him. No matter how one observed this, it would just seem like Hu Wangui had finally reaped what he sowed.

As she looked at Su Yu at this moment, Yu Linglong felt like his venomous tongue wasn’t always harmful to them, and it was even beneficial to them if they stood on the same side.

Hu Wangui’s expression was unsightly. He had cultivated a feminine cultivation technique in his early years, which had caused his voice to become sharp. He was always ridiculed because of it, but none of those who laughed at him ever survived.

As this matter wasn’t a secret in Tianya City, all of the people who were aware of it didn’t dare ridicule his sharp voice. Even people from factions that were hostile to them restrained themselves from commenting on it.

However, a reckless old man dared to mock him in front of the crowd. He felt like his sorest spot had just been just poked!

“You are really sharp-tongued! Just have a look at what will befall you after the end of the auction,” Hu Wangui said angrily.

Su Yu chuckled. “Since you are always mocking people, I assumed that you were quite immune to mockery! Yet, you give in so easily! If you are this sensitive, you should stop mocking people.”

Hu Wangui was already infuriated and so upset that he was shaking, yet Su Yu still didn’t let him off. This caused him to fly into a rage, while a cold glint flickered in his eyes. “You are courting death!” he screamed.


He then started moving, and it seemed like Hu Wangui unexpectedly wanted to attack Su Yu right here! Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he wondered… Is he really going to try and attack me? Hehe! Does he not see that my two bodyguards are both keeping an eye on me?

“Brother Hu, don’t fall into their trap! We are in the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House, and if we break its rules, they will use it as an excuse to deprive us of our rights to participate in the auction! Just bear it for now, as you must look at the bigger picture!” One of the two middle-aged men next to him tried to persuade him to be prudent.

Upon hearing this, Hu Wangui returned to his senses, curbed his killing intent, and suppressed his revolving Vital Energy. He then stared at Su Yu coldly and said, “Fine! Just consider yourself lucky this time.”

Su Yu chuckled. “Just continue on doing what you were doing. Weren’t you just barking loudly a moment ago? Why aren’t you uttering a word now?”

Killing intent raged in Hu Wangui’s heart, but he reminded himself that he must curb his anger. So, he just closed his eyes, sat still, and turned a deaf ear to him.

“Well? So… Are you sleeping now? Why don’t you show us your mocking tongue’s skills? Why did you stop? Aren’t you too incompetent? How can trash like you become your group’s leader?”

He then turned to the pair behind Hu Wangui and asked, “As for you two, are you really willing to be led by such a fake person? Are you still men or not…” Su Yu continued chattering, and he even targeted the other two middle-aged men from the Central Prefecture.

Those two men were infuriated by Su Yu, while Hu Wangui was so angry that his whole body was shivering. He really wanted to just slap Su Yu to death, and he felt like he had just poked an annoying hornets’ nest!

In this way, a strange scene appeared in the lounge. A Level Three Fairy Realm old man was unceasingly mocking three experts with great statuses, yet they just bore it, shut their eyes, and turned deaf ears to it!

If one observed them carefully, he would discover that the blue veins in their foreheads were throbbing, and it was obvious that they were on the brink of going crazy. Even though the three Great Shopkeepers were hostile toward Su Yu, they still didn’t try to stop him.

Meanwhile, Yu Linglong wore a faint smile as she examined Su Yu with her pretty eyes. Her impression of Su Yu had changed greatly.

It seemed like, as long as no one provoked him, he wouldn’t feel like provoking anyone. But, once he was provoked, he would surely not spare any who crossed him!

Now that she had mulled this over, she realized that his conflict with Fei Hang must have been caused by Fei Hang because the latter tries to push him around. As for Lin Ming, it was only because he didn’t find Su Yu pleasing to the eye that he had provoked him.

This guy seemed quite interesting. As Yu Linglong’s impression of him turned for the better, she wore a smile and turned to observe Hu Wangui and the other two men, who just quieted like cowardly turtles while they were being cursed.

Upon seeing this, she couldn’t help but burst with joy, and all of her anger because of Hu Wangui’s mockery faded away. It was only after five minutes had passed that several pretty maids came and greeted them gracefully.

“Auctioned products’ owners, the auction will start shortly, so please follow us there,” one of the pretty maids announced.

Hu Wangui opened his eyes and looked at Su Yu with his intense gaze, which was brimming with killing intent. The two people next to him all felt like they had just been relieved of a heavy burden, and they couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief after they got to enjoy a moment of peace after such a long period of tension. After all, that old man was really unreasonable and thorny!

The three Great Shopkeepers also stood up at that moment. As for Su Yu, he sipped a mouthful of tea, cleared his throat, then left the lounge along with them.

The maids showed them the way to the auction site. The auction still hadn’t started yet, and it was only auctioned products’ owners, like them, who were present.

However, there were also some auctioned products’ owners, who mustn’t expose themselves, who would just wait and come here later, along with the guests. So, the auctioned products’ owners weren’t just limited to these seven people.

At the moment, they all stood in front of a flight of steps that were leading to the second story of the building. The second story contained a VIP Lounge, and only people with great statuses could get into it. There were only nine VIP Lounges in the whole complex, so it was a swanky place.

Hu Wangui looked at Su Yu coldly. “It seems like we will need to separate here for the time being, but you should still not forget that this affair between us has still not been settled!”

Su Yu revealed an odd look as he asked, “Why will we need to separate temporarily?”

Upon hearing him, Hu Wangui sneered coldly, then replied, “What does it feel like to you? Do you think that your status allows you to get into the VIP Lounge? You should obediently just go and sit in the ordinary seats!”