The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Yellow Spring Tree Root

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Su Yu stroked his chin and gave a hollow laugh, but didn’t say anything else. Yu Linglong rolled her pretty eyes, smiled at Su Yu, and revealed her white teeth.

She then said, “If you don’t mind it, you can just share my VIP Lounge with me. You can watch the auction clearly in it, and it’s also peaceful and cozy. It can also help you avoid being exposed in front of everyone, as no one will be able to see you, even if you auctioned off an extremely precious product.”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “Shopkeeper Yu, thank you for your concern. I appreciate your kindness.”

Hu Wangui started mocking him at this time, “Just let him leave! He shouldn’t get to enjoy such fortune!”

After he spoke, he glared at the maids and asked, “What are you still standing here for? Quickly, take us to the VIP Lounges!”

This group of maids didn’t dare offend him, and their leader rushed to do as she was told. “Understood, sir! Please show us your VIP cards, and we will bring you there according to your card ranking.”

Even VIP Lounges here were varied. Some were better than others. The closer the lounge was to the front, the better and more luxurious its services would be. This meant that not all people capable of getting into a VIP Lounge were on equal footing, and one could see the disparity between their status just through their order of the line at that moment.

Hu Wangui threw his VIP Card at her and looked around in disdain at the other people here. “Do you still need to take a look at it? It’s obvious that I am the most important, so you will have to lead me there first!”

The maid quietly nodded an acknowledgment to him before still continuing to check everyone else’s cards carefully. But, she didn’t even look at Su Yu. This was probably because she knew that he didn’t have a VIP Card.

Upon witnessing this, Hu Wangui sneered at him. “Even a little maid knows what you amount to! Hehe.”

However, when his voice had just echoed through the space, they witnessed that maid reveal a faint smile. She then walked up to Su Yu and asked, “You are old Mister Su, aren’t you? Please follow me. The Second VIP Lounge has already been prepared for you. It is waiting for you to honor it with your presence.”

Everyone at the scene was astounded when they heard this, especially Hu Wangui, whose expression became gloomy. “What do you mean by this? Why would a martial artist, who doesn’t even have a VIP Card, be able to get a better lounge than me?”

His VIP card has the number seven marked on it, which represented the Seventh VIP Lounge, and there was a great disparity between it and Su Yu’s Second VIP Lounge.

Hu Wangui’s face stiffened as he then asked, “Are you trying to make a fool out of me? Are your Red Blood Palace’s Auction House’s VIP Lounges so cheap that anyone can get into them?”

The maid wore a faint smile as she replied respectfully, “Sir, please calm down. You may be unaware of this, but Mister Su is our Red Blood Palace’s Auction House’s distinguished guest today, and the Pavilion Master has already instructed us to take such measures in welcoming him. Hence, the reason why he doesn’t need a VIP card.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was startled. The auction house’s distinguished guest? A small elixir store’s shopkeeper? They couldn’t understand this at all, and this was especially the case for Fei Hang.

Fei Hang was the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store’s shopkeeper, and his store was ahead of all the elixir stores in sales and profits. Yet, in the end, a small elixir store’s shopkeeper surpassed him! He found this matter to be utterly unbelievable!

Hu Wangui couldn’t understand it either, and wondered… What ability does this Level Three Fairy Realm old man have that enabled him to become the auction house’s distinguished guest? Moreover, I am still a great and distinguished guest! What about me?

On this day, the Deputy General Manager would come here personally, which explained why the empty First VIP Lounge had been left for him. If he hadn’t been one of the guests, even the absolute best First VIP Lounge would have been taken by the old man in front of them! It was absolutely unfathomable!

Su Yu smiled leisurely, then cupped his hands at Yu Linglong before taking the lead in the line. He then followed the maids upstairs before the crowd’s dumbfounded gazes.

Once he got to the VIP Lounge, he found several pretty maids already waiting inside, all of them awaiting his arrival and ready to comply with Su Yu’s every command. The room was decorated luxuriously, and all its furnishings and accoutrements were made from precious materials.

A giant crystalline glass window was at the front of the room, and one could see through it into all corners of the auction site below. Moreover, people outside couldn’t see into the room, which ensured that the distinguished guests’ identities wouldn’t be exposed.

This satisfied Su Yu greatly, and he smiled as he casually grabbed a precious spirit fruit from a nearby tray and waited patiently for the auction to begin. After an hour had passed, the auction site was finally opened to the public and a large number of guests entered.

The several thousand seats were all filled completely in just five minutes. Most people had come here just for Hu Wangui’s and his two companions’ goods. After all, the shrewdest people here were all aware that this was a contest between the Red BLood Palace and the Central Prefecture, and the one who could get the last laugh would be the ultimate winner.

However, what they really hoped to see was what was so amazing about the three products that would cause the Central Prefecture’s faction to dare to arrogantly choose the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House on purpose. Time passed slowly, and just when the site had become packed with people, an auctioneer showed up on stage.

“Sirs, I will be in charge of this auction.” The old man wore an amiable expression, and the moment he appeared, a discussion arose among the crowd…

“What? It’s unexpectedly Master Gao! I thought that he had already retired and had since been placed in charge of only inspecting treasures? Why has he appeared on stage once again?”

“That’s right, Master Gao is one of Tianya City’s few great appraisers, and he’s also the only person from the Red Blood Palace that ever surpassed the Tianya Auction House. In fact, the Tianya Auction House’s great appraiser was a disciple Master Gao taught himself, and the Tianya Auction House tried many times to snatch Master Gao from them, but he rejected them every time!”

“Wow! I really didn’t expect that I would get to see Master Gao on stage ever again. It’s really a nice surprise!”

“Hehe, since he’s here, we won’t need to worry about this auction’s products’ authenticities.”

“Since Master Gao is here, it appears that I didn’t end up making a trip here in vain!”

Master Gao? Su Yu was surprised to hear the crowd’s reaction, and he asked the maids behind him, “Who is this Master Gao?” It seemed like he was a respected character in Tianya City.

The maid closest to him looked at Master Gao and revealed a respectful expression. “Master Gao is a person with broad knowledge and experience. His cultivation level isn’t high and he’s just in the Half Fairy Realm, but everyone in Tianya City still respects him. Even Almighty Divine Masters will frequently seek him out and consult him. There was once even an All Creation Old Monster, who traveled a long distance to Tianya City just to consult with him.”

Even an All Creation Old Monster consulted him? Su Yu was flabbergasted to hear this. So, there is still such a character here?

“Master Gao has studied many fields, having reached a high level in each, and he’s highly respected due to this. Moreover, he’s a just and fair person, which is why he is popular among the crowd.”

Upon hearing that he was a person proficient in many fields, Su Yu revealed a pensive look.

Then, Master Gao spoke from the stage once again, “Sirs, I thank you on behalf of the auction house for traveling here, and I welcome you all here on its behalf.” His welcoming words received thunderous cheers in response.

“Now, I won’t continue wasting your precious time. We will start the auction now,” Master Gao announced.

Su Yu’s gaze became grave upon hearing that the auction was finally starting.

“Please bring the first product,” Master Gao requested with a smile.

A pretty young lady immediately walked out on the stage. She was wearing a smile and carrying a red tray. The tray was covered with a red cloth, so no one could see what was on it.

“This product was obtained by our auction house three months ago, and even I wanted to keep it for myself! But, it’s a pity that its owner wanted to sell it here in the auction. Sirs, if you have any interest in it, please don’t miss this chance,” Master Gao urged in a mystifying tone.

The crowd immediately went into an uproar…

“What object is so amazing that even Master Gao desired to keep it for himself?”

“Since Master Gao took a liking to it, it must be extraordinary!”

Su Yu observed everything that was occurring from above, and he couldn’t help but sigh in admiration of Master Gao’s skills. He had expertly managed to arouse the crowd’s excitement with just a few words. At this moment, Even Su Yu couldn’t help but become very curious about the object on the tray.

“Hehe, I won’t keep you all in suspense any longer,” Master Gao said as he lifted the red cloth, revealing a white rhizome.

It was as big as a pinkie and seemed just like a tree root, but it was as pure and translucent as jade and shone with a bright luster. Many eyes among the audience widened up as the people observed this plant, but no one managed to recognize what it was exactly.

“Sirs, may I ask whether anyone can recognize this plant’s origin and function?” Master Gao asked in the same mystifying tone.

Everyone just looked at each other in dismay. They couldn’t recognize it. Even though they were all martial artists, who had made great accomplishments in their cultivations, strangely enough, none of them knew what it was at all!

When the crowd was just wagging their tongues excitedly about this rhizome, a sweet voice echoed out from among the crowd, “If I can answer your question correctly, can you gift it to me?”

The crowd followed the direction that the voice came from, and as they looked over, they were mesmerized by what they saw. They just witnessed a lovely young girl, who seemed like a porcelain doll, sitting at the front with her chin supported by her hands.

She was waving her snow-white leg in the air, while wearing a lovely smile on her face. It was rare to see such a lovely young girl here!

When Su Yu looked over at her, black lines appeared on his forehead. Gongsun Wuxie? Why is she present everywhere I go?

Master Gao wore an amiable smile as he replied, “It isn’t up to me to decide this, but if you can reply correctly, I can certainly ask the Pavilion Master to give you a discounted fee.”

Gongsun Wuxie rolled her eyes at him, then muttered in a soft voice, “What a stingy old miser!”

She then jumped out of her seat and moved closer to stare at the jade-like rhizome, while licking her lips. She then said with a smile, “If I am guessing correctly, it should be the Yellow Spring Tree Root! This plant grows in the Extreme Yin Lands and relies upon absorbing the soul power that is drifting through the world in order to grow.”

She paused to glance around at the audience for a brief moment, then continued, “This explains why it contains a large amount of essence. If one consumes it, it will cleanse his soul, and increase his soul power by a hundredth! It’s a rare and valuable treasure, which has appeared just two times in Tianya City in the past!”

An amazed looked appeared in Master Gao’s eyes, and he clicked his tongue in wonder. “Little girl, who is your teacher? How do you know so much about it?”

Gongsun Wuxie raised her head proudly. It seemed like she wanted everyone to notice that she was as confident as a peacock.

She then said, “I’m a peerless genius, and I learned everything without a teacher. I don’t need anyone to teach me!”

Master Gao didn’t get angry at her bold assertion, but just wore a more amiable look on his face as he chuckled, then said, “Hehe, continue studying on your own then, and your future achievements will surely be great.”

After he spoke, Master Gao looked at the shocked crowd and said with a smile, “That’s right, it’s really the Yellow Spring Tree Root from the rumors! It grows only in the Ghost Prison, and it’s difficult to find it in the human world. It can increase its consumer’s soul power by a hundredth, and I can guarantee this matter to you all personally!”

The crowd went into an uproar once again…

“What? It’s unexpectedly a spiritual object that is capable of increasing one’ soul power?”

The crowd became impassioned. No one expected that the first product would be this amazing!

It must be known that the rarest goods were treasures capable of nourishing one’s soul, and one could usually only run into them by pure luck. However, such a product was now just before all of their eyes! It was like a fire, which ignited their emotions and caused them to boil over!

Gongsun Wuxie licked her lips and said with a smile. “I really didn’t make a trip here in vain, as this object is rare indeed!”

Upon witnessing that the crowd was already stirred up enough, Master Gao announced in a loud voice, “The Yellow Spring Tree Root’s bidding price will start at thirty thousand crystals. You may begin bidding for it now…”

Such an inflated price didn’t deter the frantic crowd because a worldly treasure that was capable of increasing one’s soul power was surely a peerless treasure, which couldn’t be described with just mere words! As the crowd started competing over it, it seemed like they had all lost their minds!

As they frantically scrambled to outbid one another, its thirty thousand crystals price rose quickly to fifty thousand in just several seconds!

It continued rising until a prideful voice echoed through the whole place, “One hundred thousand crystals! Don’t anyone dare try snatching it from me!” Gongsun Wuxie crossed her hands before her chest and uttered the outrageously high number, which caused people to almost faint on the spot from shock.

After all, one hundred thousand crystals was a sum that would tempt even an Almighty Divine Master! Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s thought… Does this wealthy girl wish to be robbed?

This price already surpassed the Yellow Spring Tree Root’s true value by a great deal, which explained why the sounds of people fighting over it had all but disappeared. In the end, Master Gao nailed down the deal and announced with a smile who won the bid for the Yellow Spring Tree Root.

Su Yu clicked his tongue and thought… If even a product that can increase one’s soul power just by a hundredth percent is this expensive, wouldn’t my Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s price be worth an even more ridiculous price?

Upon witnessing this, Su Yu calmed down and felt much more assured. The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s effects were far greater than the Yellow Spring Tree Root’s, and since even the former could be sold for a hundred thousand crystals, his Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s price certainly wouldn’t any lower than that.

While people were sighing in regret for losing out on a chance to win the first product, there was still an air of excitement in the crowd, as all of their emotions had been properly stirred! Upon seeing this, Master Gao wore a smile as he said, “I believe that you will be all the more interested in the second product up for auction…”

A maid carried over a jade box at that moment. It was as big as a palm and was bright red. It was a precious Fire Jade, and such a big chunk of it was worth more than ten thousand crystals!

“It isn’t easy to find such a big chunk of Fire Jade. As expected, since Master Gao is in charge, there won’t be any substandard products here! They will all most certainly be very fine products!” someone in the crowd exclaimed.

The crowd stared at the Fire Jade, all mulling over it inwardly. This object was useful in nourishing fire attribute magical treasures, and it also had outstanding effects. Moreover, it was quite difficult to find! Thus, many people were tempted by the object

Master Gao swept the crowd with his gaze and revealed a mysterious smile as he said, “Sirs, you should have already noticed that this is a jade box made by Fire Jade, and its price is high, but I still want to say that it isn’t the actual product that is up for auction. The actual product is just a grain of a crystal that is inside the jade box!”

What he meant by a grain of crystal was a small piece of crystal that was the size of a grain of sand. The crowd was stunned by this, and they all wondered… The Fire Jade is just an affiliated material that contains the real treasure?

When the crowd observed it carefully, they discovered that the Fire Jade Box really had a shining grain of crystal within it, which was a bright red color. It was unknown what kind of object it was exactly.

The expression of Su Yu, who was observing the site from the VIP Lounge, changed gradually and became grave. Then, in the end, surprise appeared on his face.

He stroked his spatial ring subconsciously with his finger, while his gaze remained locked onto the scarlet grain of crystal. He then murmured in surprise, “The Saint Blood Soul Nourishing Stone!”

The grain of crystal in the box was none other than the Saint Blood Soul Nourishing Stone! Even until this moment, Su Yu still hadn’t managed to discover this mysterious object’s origin, even though he had flipped through many ancient books and records.