The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir

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There was a reason why the three elixirs became classic and the typical ones who didn’t lose their fame, even after a long time. Even if a new elixir was better in some aspects, it still might not necessarily manage to surpass them.

It couldn’t be denied that even though Fei Hang was plausible, he was constantly in contact with elixirs and was thus quite familiar with the market’s current situation.

At this moment, the crowd started discussing this spiritedly. The actions of Fei Hang, who seemed to be the most stupid out of all of them, actually seemed to contain hidden wisdom.

The greatest martial path was always the simplest, and this was also the case for elixirs. As such, elixirs with fancy effects weren’t as popular as practical ones.

Hu Wangui revealed an ice-cold look and spoke with pity in his voice, “The world is advancing forward, and an old man like you has already fallen behind in the ranks. My elixir will defeat the classic elixirs that you are so proud of.”

The crowd understood his implication and looked at the pretty black and white elixir. An interesting look appeared on the face of Fairy Ling, who wore a calm expression. “It seems like I have seen this elixir somewhere before…”

Just when the crowd had raised their heads and looked at it expectantly, Master Gao finally spoke, “Sirs, I don’t believe that there’s any need for me to introduce the three elixirs on the right side, as you are all already familiar with them. They are the Pure Blood Pill, the Spiritual Nourishment Pill, and the Exquisite Powder. They cost in the market eleven crystals for a piece of the first one, twelve for the second, and nine crystals for the last.”

He then said, “Now, I will talk about the black and white Dragon Phoenix Elixir on the left side first. I believe that it’s a type of elixir that first originated from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. This elixir was just an ordinary elixir in the ancient era and was suitable for Fairy Realm martial artists’ consumption. It has three great effects…”

He paused for a moment to take a breath, then continued, “The first effect is that it helps one to calm down, and swallowing it before cultivation will help one get rid of all distracting thoughts, thus allowing the person to cultivate during meditation peacefully.”

He then explained the next effect, “The second effect is derived from the powerful spiritual energy that is contained in the elixir, which is helpful to one’s cultivation, while the third effect is a healing effect. It has such an effect because of its special ingredients.”

He then scanned the audience with his gaze as he announced, “In summary, it can help one to calm down, increase his cultivation, and heal his injuries.”

Upon hearing this, Fei Hang’s calm expression became grave. This is because its three effects corresponded to the effects of the Pure Blood Pill, the Spiritual Nourishment Pill, and the Exquisite Powder, which meant that it was a single elixir that had the effects of all those three elixirs combined into one!

He had heard about the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir once before, and it was confirmed that it really had such effects, even in the past. But, its recipe had been lost.

After all, it was just a common elixir that was consumed by the ancient era’s martial artists alone, so it was easy for its recipe to get lost. Moreover, one of its ingredients, Dragon Whisker Grass, was already extinct, so there hadn’t been any way to make this elixir all this time. This is exactly the reason why he had never considered it to be a threat!

“How useful is just a single portion of the elixir?” Yu Linglong consoled himself by asking with doubt in his voice.

After all, the Dragon Whisker Grass was already extinct, so they surely wouldn’t be able to get enough of it for large scale production of Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixirs! Then, even if by some miracle they found a bit of it, the cost of the elixir’s production would be extremely high, which meant that they wouldn’t get any advantage at all over him!

Master Gao then spoke up again, “Hehe, I just want to inform you all of a piece of good news. After my Hall of Celestial Spirits’ alchemists worked hard for a dozen years, they finally managed to successfully plant a large number of Dragon Whisker Grass seedlings! This means that you can all have a chance to taste the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, just like the ancient era’s martial artists in the past!”

He then said, “After my Hall of Celestial Spirits’ high-ranking members discussed this matter, we decided to not depend upon this elixir to make profits, and we will just use them to repay you all for your support! This explains why it will be sold for ten crystalsper portion.”

Upon hearing him, the whole audience went into an uproar. Managing to recover the ancient era’s Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir ingredients was already an inspiring achievement, and as such, people would be even willing to pay a high price just to get to sample it. However, not only did the Hall of Celestial Spirits not sell it for a high-price like they all had expected, but they had even put it up for sale at an outrageously affordable low-price!

As it was an elixir that contained all of the same effects as the Pure Blood Pill, the Spiritual Nourishment Pill, and the Exquisite Powder combined, its price should be thirty crystals. Yet, they would need just ten crystals to get a portion of the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, which had the effects of three different elixirs in one!

So… It was cheaper by three times! Upon realizing this, all of the people became very emotional and were excited by such a tempting price. Moreover, it was still an object from the ancient era, so it gave them all a mysterious feeling.

So, as long as one wasn’t a fool, he wouldn’t spend his money on buying the Pure Blood Pill, the Spiritual Nourishment Pill, or the Exquisite Powder separately, but would purchase the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir instead! It was a no-brainer!

It could then be imagined that if they were capable of mass-producing the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, people would lose interest in the Pure Blood Pill, the Spiritual Nourishment Pill, and the Exquisite Powder altogether. Then, these items would be forgotten memories of the past.

Fei Hang felt his body turning ice-cold as he watched the scene unfolding before his eyes. After all, the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store was depending upon those three elixirs to maintain its status as a high-grade elixir store. So, once it lost them, it would immediately be reduced to just a middle-grade elixir store!

Everyone was excited, and it was only the Red Blood Palace’s people who felt their hearts gradually sinking. Such a blow was too powerful for them to withstand!

It started in the demonic beasts’ materials industry, then spread to the restaurants’ industry before it impacted the most important elixir industry! Each blow was more intense than the one before it!

It was undeniable that the appearance of the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir would deliver a destructive blow to the Red Blood Palace’s low-grade and middle-grade elixirs’ business. Although the business of the Red Blood Palace’s three great industries wasn’t absolutely decimated through this auction, it was still gravely affected.

Specifically, it could be imagined that those three great industries’ profits would fall by around thirty percent. Such a percentage would surely damage the Red Blood Palace’s bottom line greatly, and the Red Blood Palace’s sanctum would surely fly into a rage!

The Red Blood Palace’s members all felt like the sky had just collapsed upon them. They were all aware that the current situation was anything but reassuring.

Many gazes looked toward the First VIP Lounge. This was because a great person was within it. He was an influential man, who could control the fate of all of the industries’ members.

Palace Master Xiao Yao’s expression was gloomy. He had expected that the Central Prefecture would try to suppress them aggressively and was aware that they might lose, but he still didn’t expect that they would suffer such a tragic defeat!

Lin Ming had been toyed with and had become a laughing stock, and even Yu Linglong’s skill had proven to not be on par with them. As for Fei Hang, his foundation had been destroyed completely, along with his low-grade and middle-grade elixirs’ business!

This would affect them all greatly, and it could be said that everyone from the outer sanctum’s disciples to the Inner Palace’s Mo Tianxuan would be greatly alarmed upon hearing about this. Moreover, this grave affair occurred while they were in charge of all of Tianya City’s industries, and it was unknown whether they could survive the sanctum’s punishment, which would surely be severe.

Palace Master Xiao Yao’s expression remained calm as usual, while in fact, he was filled with killing intent as awaited the Deputy General Manager’s instructions. The Deputy General Manager’s expression was also calm, and neither anger nor delight could be seen on his face.

He was strangely composed. However, Palace Master Xiao Yao was aware that the Deputy General Manager was the most terrifying when he was in such a seemingly calm state!

“The Hall of Celestial Spirits… The Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir…” As the Deputy General Manager repeated the names, Palace Master Xiao Yao’s whole body shivered.

He could discern repressed killing intent from the Deputy General Manager’s calm tone. Even the Deputy General Manager’s killing intent was aroused by this, or, it would be more appropriate to say that the Deputy General Manager’s heart was perturbed by this. After all, this affair’s influence was too great, and as such, it surpassed the Deputy General Manager’s limit of forbearance.

After the crowd recovered from their initial excitement over the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, they gradually noticed the Red Blood Palace’s members’ moods, and they all couldn’t help but whisper commentary about it to each other secretly…

“How awful! We’d better withdraw…”

“This matter has gotten out of control, and it seems like the Red Blood Palace can’t bear it any longer! They probably won’t let Hu Wangui and his companions leave. You should all prepare to withdraw at any moment, as a great battle may occur here soon.”

The crowd noticed how biting cold the current ambiance was, and they all felt wisps of formless murderous aura welling up in some of the people’s hearts.

Hu Wangui squinted his eyes. “Hehe, So… You can’t accept such a defeat, and now you want to kill us? Your Red Blood Palace is really contemptible!”

He wasn’t worried at all and just sneered coldly. He would only feel more delighted the more desperate the Red Blood Palace’s members became. Since he had managed to corner the Red Blood Palace to such an extent, it could be inferred that their industries had been greatly damaged. It seemed that their plan had succeeded!

Only a few people here were still composed, and some of those were the ones aware of some secret facts. Master Gao was still composed, and it seemed like he didn’t detect the killing intent that was emanating from all sides. As such, he just continued auctioning off the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, the Pure Blood Pill, Spiritual the Nourishment Pill and the Exquisite Powder.

Many people were ready to leave this dangerous area, as they knew that after the auction came ended, this place would quickly turn into a killing ground. However, Master Gao still continued, seemingly unaware of all of this.

He announced, “Please bring out the next product.”

Huh? The guests were all startled, and they wondered… Is there still a product that is even more important than the others, which has been left until the end?

Fairy Ling pursed up her lips, while her eyes pretty eyes lit up. “Now that such a boring treasures contest has finally come to an end, it seems that spiritual liquid will be finally presented!”

Hu Wangui was also taken aback by this and wondered… Is there really still another product left to auction off?