The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Transcending Time

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Despite having some doubts, Hu Wangui did not take them to heart. Since the matter was already over and done with, the time had come to figure out a way to excuse himself.

A female servant with slender hands held a jade vessel as she walked up to the auction stage gracefully. She had a lovely smile on her face, and her beauty outshone all of the previous female servants.

Anyone who had ever been to an auction before would know that the exquisiteness of the auction increased as the auction progressed, finally culminating in the highlight at the end. The female servants were a part of all of this build-up.

“So… Is this the grand finale?” someone in the crowd asked, while all of the people hesitated before sitting down once again.

Master Gao wore a bright smile on his face. He did not seem to be in a rush to introduce the next item as he said laughingly, “Ladies and gentlemen, I suppose that you have noticed that the auction items from the ancient times have appeared several times in this auction…”

Hu Wangui and the other two had consecutively displayed the Spiritual Wine Eight Treasure Brew from the ancient times and the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, which was also widespread in the ancient era. Similar recovered ancient items were usually rarely seen in previous auctions, but they had appeared two consecutive times today! This made people here wonder just how much effort Hu Wangui and the others had put in to bring this about!

The people present who had particularly bright minds detected the overtone in Master Gao’s speech and were surprised. Many of them wondered… Is it possible that the last few items are related to the ancient times as well?

In fact, many ancient items were considered weak to the modern martial artists. However, due to the temptation of their belonging to a vanished civilization, anyone would stop by and pay attention to the items.

After capturing everyone’s attention again, Master Gao finally said, “Next up is also an ancient item. It is an elixir that had disappeared from history, but has once again been recovered before the world’s eyes! The efficacy and value of this elixir far surpasses those of the previous auction items. I swear on my life that this elixir is unprecedented! Everyone, seize this opportunity, don’t miss out on such greatness!”

His speech made everyone quite curious, as Master Gao rarely exaggerated the goodness of the auction items. So, his using words like “unprecedented” made everyone take notice. Everyone focused their attention on the jade vessel.

Master Gao received the jade vessel with a smile and proclaimed in a clear voice, “I am here to witness alongside all of you the emergence of a spiritual elixir that has been extinct for centuries!”

However, Hu Wangui was not impressed. “What’s so terrific about ancient items, aside from some special species?”

After recovering the Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Elixir, Hu Wangui understood that most of the so-called “ancient items” were nothing special. In fact, most of the time, they were not even as good as modern items!

After all, the times were advancing. Far too many people indulged themselves in the glory of the past, regarding items from the ancient times as mythical existences, thus blindly following suit in believing that they were nearly priceless instead of considering the value of the so-called ancient items through concrete evaluation.

As Hu Wangui pondered these things, he had to admit that he did not exactly believe that there was coincidentally one ancient item left tonight…

“This elixir was an extremely renowned spiritual item from the ancient times. So, it will hardly be obtainable, even if one has a ton of money!” Master Gao could not hide his excitement.

He then said, “I’ve been appraising treasures all my life, so it remains in my memory forever if I come across a significant treasure with a meaning that transcends time. If this recovered elixir can be publicized and produced on a grand scale, it’ll have a time-transcending impact on Tianya City, on the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, on Jiuzhou, and even on the entire human race! In my opinion, it can be ranked among the top five of all time!”

The stipulation for sale was that this item must be publicized on a major scale. This was because a mere bit of it would only be like a small ripple of a wave in a vast ocean to the human race. It would simply be incapable of causing any real impact.

But, Master Gao had described this as possibly posing results that would transcend time! Upon hearing this, the audience was visibly shaken, and even Hu Wangui refrained his disdainful look and began pondering what Master Gao had just claimed.

He wondered… If even Master Gao called it a treasure that could transcend time, its significance must be truly great!

The people’s exhilaration then reached a climax, as they were all yearning for the disclosure of the item’s true appearance. Master Gao had definitely achieved his goal of influencing their moods.

He laughed for a moment, then finally announced, “This item will be familiar to those who study elixirs. It is the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid!”

Then, with Vital Energy, Master Gao transformed the five words, “Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid,” into sound waves, causing them to reverberate in an overlapping manner as they spread throughout the huge auction hall, quivering everyone’s eardrums. Most were unfamiliar with it, but the few who knew about it were so stunned. They felt as if they had just been struck by lightning!

Hu Wangui’s facial expression changed from its previous calm to one that was utterly shocked. He then looked dumbfounded before his face twisted into an expression that revealed his strong suspicions.

At that moment, he could hear his heart thumping wildly. As he was heavily involved in the elixir industry, he already knew a lot about the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, which was widely renowned in the ancient times and had made the present generation regret its ever being lost!

This was because it was the only kind of elixir that could enhance Soul Energy among all of the spiritual elixirs! Soul Energy was defined as a privilege that belonged to those few with spiritual talents.

These few had much stronger Soul Energies, which allowed them to train with the Secret Book of Soul and advance into elixir-refining masters. Some of them were even able to train to the point where they possessed souls of the Almighty level, and they did so far earlier than normal people, thus breaking through the level of the Almighty Divine Masters… All because of their strong souls.

As such, Vital Energy was no longer the deciding factor for breaking through the Almighty level. Instead, it was Soul Energy!

If Soul Energy did not fulfill the requirements for breaking through the Almighty level, one will be perpetually trapped in the bottleneck. Countless martial artists were trapped among the ninth-grade fairy level, while trying to find every way to enhance their souls.

They bore the agony of blazing flames, squandering their souls in the severance of feelings and relationships, and experienced all kinds of unimaginable worldly pains just to stimulate their soul enhancement. Those with a strong backing could perhaps find extraordinary treasures of the universe, such as the Yellow Springs Root, and advance with ease, but most had to experience misery. It was as though they were undergoing an excruciatingly painful metamorphosis.

It could be said that the discontinuity of the human race’s Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid had resulted in the stagnation of the progress of human martial artists. Martial artists in the ancient times could train to become ninth-grade fairies, and the breakthrough into Almighty would happen naturally.

However, the present generation had to experience unbearable pains to make this possible. If this elixir had really re-emerged as Master Gao had promised, it would bring about a great change! The best part was that everyone present would witness this miracle!

“What?” the mysterious and graceful lady from the Purple Cloud Palace stood up out of the blue and exclaimed in shock.

Fairy Ling’s eyes shone with a shrewd light and were scanning the area for important guests.

Lin Ming, Yu Linglong, Fei Hang, Hu Wangui and the other two had spoken and had already brought forth their elixirs. This meant that they could not be the owner of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

There were only two rooms left in the end. One of them was the number one guest room, which belonged to the Deputy General Manager and Palace Master Xiaoyao. The last room had been silent this whole time, and the person inside it had not revealed himself even once. Fairy Ling’s gaze was eventually fixed upon this secret room.

Then, with the minority of the onlookers feeling shocked and the majority of them feeling bewildered, Master Gao tried to contain his excitement as he laughed and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome Fairy Ling to make an introduction about the amazing usages of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.”

Fairy Ling frowned all of a sudden, and her unusual behavior made the auction party of the Red Blood Palace raise their guards up. They were reluctant to let such a strong opponent in the industry find out about the owner of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. Although, with her background, she would find out sooner or later, they could only do their best to delay such a thing.

Everyone looked toward the beautiful middle-aged lady who was so mysterious and elegant. Despite her reluctance, Fairy Ling could only introduce the item to the public with some resentment.

“It has two usages. The first is to improve cultivation, and the second is to improve the Soul Energy of fairy martial artists!” she announced uncaringly.

She was already a fifth-grade Almighty Divine Master, so the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid did not appeal to her. Thus, she managed to speak lightly of it.

Nonetheless, it was of great concern and importance to all of the fairy strong men present!