The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Peerless strength

Xia Jingyu felt a familiar chest pressed against her cheek, and her ears heard a familiar voice. Her body shuddered slightly as she opened her eyes, seeing a familiar face.

"Su... Yu" Xia Jingyu could not believe her eyes, she was in shock. She wondered wildly if he was a hallucination, conjured by blood loss.

Su Yu was alive!

"Jingyu, sorry for being late." A soft, bleak sigh pulled Xia Jingyu back to reality!

"Su Yu!" A sad cry could be heard throughout the entire Sanctuary.

Xia Jingyu shed tears of happiness as she extended her pale arm, hugging the purple-robed man tightly.

She squeezed him so tightly that her own lungs were crushed. But, she refused to loosen her gripinstead holding him tighter, afraid he may disappear.

At that moment, Xia Jingyu forgot heaven and earth. She forgot about space and time, about the arena stage, and she forgot herself.

Her heart was filled with Su Yu, whom she had once lost.

Xia Jingyu tilted back her head and looked at Su Yu. She shed tears of joy, choking as she cried. The joy in her heart was indescribable.

Any and all words would pale in comparison.

Finally, the audience came to their senses.

The silver-haired, purple-clothed person was actually Su Yu, who should have been buried underneath several feet of gravel!

Did he survive the catastrophe, or had he come back from death?

It was no wonder that those present would have such a preposterous thought as resurrection; this Su Yu seemed worlds apart from the Su Yu they had once known.

Xia Jingyu shrugged, smiling as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her pair of soulless eyes had been reinvigorated.

After Xia Jingyu's heart had completely settled down, she inspected Su Yu.

His cheeks had slimmed down considerably. She could imagine the amount of pain and suffering Su Yu had endured, buried under gravel for half a month.

The greatest change was, however, Su Yu's long hair.

The one silky black hair was now a pure silver-white.

With his purple clothes and silver hair, he gave off a noble aura.

"Brother Yu, your hair... and your eyes." Xia Jingyu realized Su Yu had yet to open his eyes!

His pair of vast and starry eyes were, at that moment, tightly shut!

Were his eyes destroyed when the mountain collapsed? Although Su Yu's eyes were closed, he still reacted to his surroundings as if he could see.

With his eyes shut, Su Yu smiled, "It is inconvenient for me to open my eyes. There is no problem with them. As for my hair"

With a faded smile and sense of relief, Su Yu explained his hair's change, "A trace of toxin remained inside my body. Although I purged it, its side effects were unavoidable. It would be hard to revert my hair back."

That day, the Slayer King had grabbed ahold of Su Yu's ankles with his hands, which were tainted with immense toxins. A trace of those toxins remained in Su Yu and had turned his hair silvery-white over the course of half a month.

Caressing Su Yu's silver hair, Xia Jingyu sighed apologetically, "Sorry, Brother Yu... I was unable to rescue you earlier."

Su Yu smiled gratefully, "No Jingyu, you saved my life."

That day, when the gigantic boulders had crashed down, the mountains collapsed and the earth quaked. The catastrophe had been imminent.

Right as Su Yu was about to be buried, he discovered the trap pit which he had set up previously. Desperate, Su Yu utilized his Entwined Dragon Silk and escaped into the pit. A gigantic boulder had then dropped on top of the pit, blocking the opening of the hole and trapping Su Yu. But, the boulder also sealed the pit from any gravelsaving Su Yu from being buried alive.

But there was still too much gravel on top of the boulder to escape.

Had Su Yu recklessly moved that gigantic boulder, it would have caused the gravel on top to slide down, burying him alive.

It was Xia Jingyu who had moved away most of the gravel over the course of five days and five nights, without a single wink of rest.

Su Yu then had the chance to climb out, bit by bit.

If not for Xia Jingyu's determination, Su Yu would have been buried alive.

During the two weeks, Su Yu had relied on drinking melted snow to quench his thirst, living off the moss growing on the stones.

"Brother Yu!" Xia Jingyu's head was buried deep in Su Yu's chest, pained as she heard how much Su Yu had suffered. Under those harsh conditions, Su Yu had somehow managed to survive.

Everyone present gasped in shock; although Su Yu was extremely lucky it was Xia Jingyu's persistence which saved him.

Qiu Changjian was extremely happy but suddenly remembered his purpose. As he looked at Liu Qing, he announced reluctantly, "Xia Jingyu has lost the challenge match. The match has ended"

"Ended?" Su Yu's purple clothes blurred as he disappeared.

Everyone was shocked to discover that, on the arena stage, a purple-clothed silver-haired person had appeared out of nowhere.

His inhumane figure shocked everyone.

Liu Qing, who was about to make his way off the arena stage, raised his eyebrows, "What? Do you wish to challenge me?"

The people present were shocked. Su Yu had just returned, and now he wanted to challenge a Holy Disciple?

A look of anticipation appeared on everyone's faces. They were curious to see how much had Su Yu's strength had improved...

Su Yu slightly shook his head and replied, "No."

The audience was shocked.

"Then what do you want?" Liu Qing secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Su Yu was an unorthodox and mysterious opponent who he would rather not cross fists with. In addition, he had just bullied and insulted Xia Jingyu, and could not help but feel guilty.

Su Yu's eyes remained closed. Su Yu's purple clothes and silver hair, amidst the heavy snow, made him look like a handsome deity. "I'm here not to challenge you, but to teach you a lesson in human nature."

The audience was dumbfounded!

When teaching a Level Nine Lower Tier, even a Level Nine Upper Tier would not be so brazen and arrogant as to say that. It was unlike Su Yu... unless his personality had undergone a big change as result of the catastrophe.

Xia Jingyu's eyes were filled with bewilderment. The Su Yu from her memories was not a proud person. Why then did he say such things?

Liu Qing laughed mockingly, "Teach me the basics of humanity? With your qualifications?"

"I've suffered enough to earn my right to teach you. Go on, you may have the first move," Su Yu said indifferently, his hands clasped behind his back.

"Alright! You brought this upon yourself!" Liu Qing flew into a fury after being challenged by Su Yu. If Liu Qing had backed off, how would he ever be able to face anyone again?

"East Coming Great River!"

It was like a river had gushed forward, destroying everything that stood in its way. The thunderous sound was alarming, the attack's power was unparalleled!

A gust of strong wind blew past Su Yu's purple clothes. His silver hair also danced along with the gust of wind.

With his eyes shut, Su Yu stood still with his hands clasped behind his back.


Liu Qing's immensely strong blow had stopped three inches before Su Yu's body, frozen in place!

A thick ice wall suddenly appeared, forcefully blocking Liu Qing's fists!

"You... How is it possible!" Liu Qing was shocked beyond words.

From the start, Su Yu had not lifted a single fingeryet, he had blocked such a strong attack!

"I don't believe it!" Liu Qing was furious as he continued to attack consecutively.

Whenever his fists struck, a wall of cold ice would appear with a flash of a white light, blocking both of his fists.

Su Yu had not moved a single inch!

The audience was dead silent!

In their eyes, Liu Qing had done everything he could. He could do nothing to Su Yu, who merely stood there! Su Yu had not made any moves at all!

Liu Qing had dished out over ten attacks, and Su Yu remained completely unscathed.

His head was filled with shock. With his heart thumping madly, he asked, "You... Are you a human or a ghost?"

"Since you seem done attacking, it's my turn." Su Yu said lightly, with his eyes shut.

Liu Qing's facial expression instantly changed.


Liu Qing turned around and was about to walk off the arena stage, as he no longer wished to fight.

"I admit..." he started, intending to forfeit.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Suddenly, a purple light instantly appeared in front of him. Liu Qing only managed to catch a glimpse of the silver-haired figure, before he was slapped three times.

The clear and crisp sound of three consecutive slaps echoed throughout the entire arena.

"These three slaps are to educate you, to teach you to not over-estimate yourselfunderstand your place, you insignificant being," Su Yu said indifferently.

Liu Qing's cheeks turned bright red and burned. He could not believe he had just been slapped!

"Su Yu! You, you insult me"

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Unable to even see Su Yu clearly, Liu Qing took another three slaps to his cheeks.

"These three slaps are meant to educate you, to teach you to not take advantage of your status and bully the weak. When you insult other people, be prepared for others to insult you back."

Hearing Su Yu's words, Liu Qing was furious. However, he knew that he was no match for Su Yu. "I admit..." Liu Qing started again hurriedly.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Su Yu did not give him a chance to finish his sentence. Instead, he gave him another three slaps.

"The last three slaps are to teach you how to have a discerning eye; so you can separate who can you bully, and who you cannot.

"I have finished my lessons. You may leave." With the flick of a finger, Liu Qing rolled off the arena stage.

Everyone looked up at Su Yu, who stood on the arena stage, with shock!

The ranked tenth Holy Disciple, a Level Nine Lower Tier, was merely a punching bag against Su Yu. Liu Qing had no chance to retaliate.

Liu Qing's cheeks were swollen red, his flesh and blood indistinguishable. His eyes contained deep-rooted hatred for Su Yu.

The pain was a small issue, but to be slapped and educated in front of the masses... the loss of face was Liu Qing's biggest issue!

"Brother Kun!" Covering his embarrassed face, Liu Qing escaped to another Holy Disciple and pleaded, "You have to avenge me! Su Yu has gone overboard!"

The Brother Kun he referred to was the ranked fifth Holy Disciple, Liu Kun! His strength was Level Nine Upper Tier!

With a lean figure and sharp expression, paired with his short hair and a strong expression, he exuded a cold aura.

Liu Kun's eyes revealed disdain as he coldly reprimanded, "He who insults others will be insulted by others. You were the one who insulted his female partner first. Not only that, but your skills were beneath him. What right do you have to complain about being insulted by Su Yu? If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being useless!"

Liu Qing's bright red cheeks paled. He and Liu Kun had come from the same country, their relationship had always been relatively good. He did not expect Liu Kun would insult him as well!

"However, for a newbie to attempt to lecture a Holy Disciple Such arrogance cannot be tolerated!" Liu Kun coldly grunted as he flew onto the arena stage.


As he stood firmly on the arena stage, Liu Kun grunted with a pair of cold eyes, "Before you educate others, you have to be prepared to be educated yourself! One should not overestimate his own abilities. This time, it is my turn to teach you!"

Even though Liu Kun had a Level Nine Upper Tier cultivation base, Su Yu merely nodded his head calmly. " You are no match for me, step down," he said indifferently.

"Preposterous! Open up your eyes and let me see how arrogant you can get!" Liu Kun shouted, enraged.

"You are not even significant enough to justify opening my eyes." Su Yu calmly replied.

"Haha! Su Yu! I must teach you a lessonhow to be humble!" Liu Kun was extremely angryto actually be told he was not even worthy of Su Yu opening his eyes!

Su Yu could not help but shake his head. He had his own reasons for not opening his eyes.

After surviving such a perilous situation, many changes had occurred in his body, some had affected his eyes. He could no longer open them without good cause.

"Kneel down and accept your punishment!" Liu Kun roared.


Liu Kun quickly moved his feet, his figure quick as lightning as he launched an attack toward Su Yu.

At the peripheral of the Sanctuary, a person's figure flew along quickly. The fiery jade pendant in his hands gave off a red light as he traveled, like a fire phoenix from the sky.

"A messenger from Fenghuang Valley?" Liu Kun squinted in surprise, his body froze mid-attack.

On the Shenyue continent, Fenghuang Empire's Fenghuang Valley and the Alliance of the Nine Empires' Sanctuary were both exceptional places.

Rumors were that the Master of Fenghuang Valley was a Holy King.

Alongside with the Sanctuary's Holy King, she was one out of only two Holy Kings in the entire continent.

The Holy King's old eyes lit up as he slowly rose from his cross-legged sitting position and walked out of the Holy King's Great Hall.

Staring at the fire phoenix and its figure in the distance, the Holy King lightly sighed, "This day has finally come! I have waited for far too long..."