The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Malicious Intentions

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After some contemplation, Su Yu fixed his gaze on the Supreme Growing Soil. Under normal circumstances, spiritual creatures of the universe would grow until a certain age, then shrivel, wither away, and eventually die.

The lifespan of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was around a thousand years. Influences from the growing environment, such as insufficient Spiritual Energy, the absorption of excessive impurities, or destruction by various demonic beasts or humans all led to an incomplete growing environment.

Consequently, the plant generally died around the age of a thousand years, when its lifespan would naturally have exceeded a thousand years if not affected by such negative growing environment factors as were just listed above.

However, the special space that was provided by the Supreme Growing Soil and the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl allowed the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo to grow in an unrestrained manner, fully exploring its natural lifespan. Thus, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo plant that was in front of him could very likely have exceeded a thousand years of life, thus nearing the natural limit of its lifespan.

This meant that it could develop extraordinary elements. This similar situation happened to the Thunder Herb, which possessed the thunder-resistant element.

Now, once a Thunder Herb plant was older than 80 years old, it developed the element of absorbing thunderbolts! So, now, a Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo plant that developed thunderbolt energy was a completely reasonable thing to fathom.

The only pity was that the thunder element was extremely weak, and it was not strong enough to generate adequate power. However, if it continued being nourished till the end of its lifespan, perhaps a strong thunderbolt energy could come into existence. That was the only unfortunate aspect.

“Fine. Time waits for no man,” Su Yu said.

After all, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland would come in half a year’s time, and it would be an apex that affected the entire Jiuzhou Continent. However, much progress had to be made to the Nine Suns Swords Formation before this could happen.

“Let’s start with crafting the leaves,” Su Yu said.

The small kylin nodded and held the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo with both its hooves. Then, with a blink of its eyes, it spat out a violet flame.

Su Yu had seen such a flame during his refinement of elixirs. He did not notice the difference until that moment, but the temperature of the flame was shockingly high! It was no longer as simple as surpassing the original flame, as it was surpassed by a large margin, reaching a terrifying level!

Even from a long distance away, Su Yu felt his skin being severely scalded. Startled, he stepped back to keep as far away from the violet flame as he could.

“This flame has the power of burning a second-grade Almighty alive!” Su Yu exclaimed.

He was stunned. He only knew the small kylin was excellent in its transformation skills. He had never thought that it carried the powers of such a powerful flame! Moreover, the small kylin was still in its infant phase, so he couldn’t imagine how more powerful it would be when it entered the mature phase!

Su Yu waited in silence, while staring as the violet flame that had just scorched the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. At first, it was just as he expected… The Bamboo did not change in the slightest bit.

No matter how much the violet flame scorched it, the color remained unchanged, frenziedly dissolving upon contact. The small kylin was neither proud nor rash, and he ceaselessly kept moving both its hooves as if it was weaving signs!

Along with the transformation of the signs, the temperature of the flame kept rising. In the end, Su Yu could not estimate the exact temperature of the flame, but he was sure that it could directly destroy any being in the middle-stage Almighty level!

Finally, half an hour later, a silver bamboo leaf trembled slightly, its veins showing signs of dissolving! Surprise flickered in Su Yu’s eyes. The leaf was beginning to dissolve at last!

Moreover, the flame that had been spat out by the small kylin increased in intensity, becoming even more terrifying! Even the dormant disastrous flames in Su Yu’s body started to leap as though they had just been summoned by the small kylin’s flame!

“It’s close to the disastrous flames!” Su Yu exclaimed, clearly shocked.

He wondered… What kind of dreadful flame could be sealed in this small kylin’s body?

He was equally shocked that only the leaf veins of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had dissolved under the disastrous flames! This implied that not even the All Creation Old Monster could refine the plant!

Another half an hour passed, and by that time, the flame spat out by the small kylin had turned into a darker shade of violet and was emitting whiffs of terrifying energy. At the same time, the entire Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl was impregnated with an omnipresent high temperature.

Su Yu could no longer estimate the flame at that moment! The leaves of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had been completely dissolved, instantly becoming a drop of silver-colored liquid!

In that moment, a mass split off from the violet flame and enclosed the drop of liquid within it. Under the effects of the powerful violet flame, the silver drop maintained its liquid state, not solidifying.

Another hour passed. During that time, the small kylin succeeded in dissolving another leaf and obtaining a silver liquid drop that was then secured by the split-off mass of violet flame.

After it had refined two leaves, the flame from the small kylin’s mouth was gradually extinguished. The small kylin’s pink appearance immediately dulled, and its big watery eyes were full of mist as its small hooves stomped on the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. The creature had an annoyed look on its face, and it seemed to be saying, “This bamboo is really detestable!”

As he was looking at its aggrieved face, Su Yu laughed. He then said, “This is the number one divine bamboo in all of Jiuzhou. It’s impregnable, and its hardness is unimaginable. If you could melt it, it’d be nature-defying! It’s going to shock a lot of All Creation Old Monsters when they see this!”

This wasn’t an exaggeration. If the All Creation Old Monsters knew that there was a small kylin that could spit out disastrous fire, Su Yu would be hunted down by the entire continent, no matter where he went.

The small kylin’s eyes sparkled when he heard Su Yu’s words. Soon, its facial expression turned from being aggrieved to being joyous. Once again, it looked over at the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo with tenacity in its eyes, as if it was saying, “I won’t stop until I melt this bamboo!”

“Haha, take a rest! The Silver Bamboo won’t be refined overnight,” Su Yu reminded the small kylin before he exited the space of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Then, with a flicker of the light on his palm, a blood-red stone that was full of streaks appeared on Su Yu’s palm. When he saw it, he exclaimed, “The Saint Blood Soul Nourishing Stone!”

At that moment, a shrewd light shone in Su Yu’s eyes. He finally understood the real usage and origin of the stone from the auction!

This was the soul crystal of Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, the past king of Jiuzhou! It was the same soul that contained her memories from her lifetime, split into countless fragments that had been transformed into divine crystals!

In the auction, such a divine crystal that was the size of a grain of sand was sold for 500,000 crystals. So, one that was the size of a palm would certainly be worth a shockingly enormous price, comparable to the price of a fairy artifact!

However, Su Yu did not plan to sell it. After all, crystals were easily obtainable, but the memory crystal of a Jiuzhou king was hard to come by!

He only needed to figure out a way to activate the divine crystal in order to retrieve the memory of Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy hidden within it. Perhaps it contained the Fairy’s memories regarding a specific moment of training. It would be priceless if he could gain an insight into the Fairy’s enlightenment!

It required a vast amount of Vital Energy to activate the divine crystal. Even with Fairy Ling’s cultivation as a fifth-grade Almighty, it would take nearly half of her Vital Energy to activate a divine crystal the size of a sand grain! Thus, it would be extremely gruelling to fully activate one that was the size of a palm!

Su Yu thought to himself… It looks like I’ll have to seek help from several hardcore Almighty Divine Masters for this!

After tucking the divine crystal safely away, Su Yu began training with the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art, while comprehending the other cultivation techniques in the meantime. He did this to keep busy as he was quietly awaiting the ripening of the Heartbroken Zither Grass in three days’ time.

Outside Tonglin Elixir Store, many unknown experts ranging from half-fairies to fairies had gathered. They were all lying in wait nearby, intending to launch an ambush at the right time…

There were many ill-intentioned people among them, but none of them dared to enter the store by force. The reason for this hesitancy was that two first-grade Almighty Divine Masters were guarding it at the moment, so no one dared to go near it.

In a secret spot inside the store, a male and a female Almighty Divine Master exchanged bitter smiles.

“For the sake of Su Yuxian’s safety, I’m afraid that we’ll have to stay put, not moving an inch,” the woman said.

They had both witnessed what had happened at the auction and clearly understood that Su Yuxian had become the center of attention in the city. Countless people were coveting his secret, and the slightest amount of negligence on his part, or theirs, leave the path open for Hu Wangui’s people to murder him!

If that happened, both of them would be deemed responsible. As such, Su Yu’s life appeared to matter much more than the two Almighty Divine Masters’ lives now! Thus, the massive amount of pressure that they felt was unimaginable!


All of a sudden, the man’s jade pendant sounded softly. Upon hearing it, the man tensed.

When he looked at it, he exclaimed, “It’s a message from Cabinet Master Xiaoyao!”

Su Yu had left too abruptly, so the Cabinet Master had not had a chance to talk to him. Hence, he could only communicate with the guards who were protecting Su Yu.

The man pressed the jade pendant to his forehead, and a moment later, he opened his eyes, looking delighted. He then said, “Junior sister, the Deputy General Manager dispatched several Almighty Divine Masters from the headquarters to come and help us protect Su Yuxian.”

The woman patted her chest and smiled upon hearing this. She then said, “Finally, we can have some relief! If it was really only going to be the two of us, I really had no confidence in succeeding in our mission of keeping him safe.”

After all, many people had bad intentions toward Su Yuxian, including Hu Wangui. He was a strong opponent, and if he was to try to assassinate Su Yu, they would certainly not be able to stop him.

“But, Cabinet Master Xiaoyao had also given another order.” The man glanced at Su Yu’s house, caution flashing in his eyes as he lowered his voice.

Junior sister got a serious look on her face, then asked, “What makes you so cautious all of a sudden?”

“Cabinet Master Xiaoyao asked us to observe Su Yuxian and find out if there’s really a mysterious master coming to look for him,” the man said.

The woman’s eyes darted to and fro as she asked, “Is the cabinet master suspecting that Su Yuxian was the one who refined the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid? Or… That he could have fabricated the existence of the mysterious master as an excuse for himself?”

The man quietly nodded his head, then replied, “Indeed. The appearance of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was quite unexpected! And… It was after Su Yuxian came to Tianya City. Even more coincidentally, the mysterious master didn’t choose to collaborate with the largest Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store, but instead chose an unknown small elixir store. All of this is too bizarre, so there must be a problem.”

The woman nodded, her eyes flashing. “Great. In fact, I’ve wanted to secretly investigate him for a long time. Now that the cabinet master has given the order in person, I have the right to watch over him. From now on, I won’t leave his side. If no one comes to look for him in three days and he finds the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, it proves that something’s wrong with him!”

Right at the moment, a strong gust of energy descended upon Tonglin Elixir Store. Many martial artists who were surrounding the place instantly recoiled in shock.

The two Almighty Divine Masters who were having this conversation immediately ceased talking and fixed their gazes upon the clouds.

“Your Excellency, why hide when you’re here?” the man asked, while remaining calm and composed. After all, this was Tianya City, and he did not fear much of anyone daring to recklessly assault the Almighty of the Red Blood Palace here.


Suddenly, a sky-splitting stringent sound answered him. In the center of the backyard, where several shadows flickered, a beautiful woman was standing. She was clad in a long, ink-black gown.

As the two guards noticed her presence, they both looked over and shouted in unison, “Fairy Ling!”

The person who had appeared was none other than Fairy Ling from the Tianya Auction House!