The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 874

Chapter 874 An Accident Arising From Many Causes

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After Su Yu left the Tonglin Elixir Store, the Almighty Divine Masters who were protecting him in secret followed him closely. It was almost like they were his shadows.

The covetous martial artists outside the Tonglin Elixir Store also followed him immediately, not daring to tarry for even a moment. Su Yu’s movement attracted the attention of a large group of martial artists, and they were all confused by his actions.

After Su Yu had left Tonglin Elixir Store, it didn’t seem like he was in a hurry to meet any experts to get the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, as he was just looking around the street like a curious and mischievous child. Many people were dumbfounded by such a sight.

Of course, they didn’t know that, just after they left, a shadow had jumped out from Su Yu’s room. It was Su Yu himself!

If he wanted to drive him away to get a chance to go to the Purple Flame Mountain, and make elixirs, he could only depend on the small kylin. He would ask it to lead away the Divine Masters!

Only a few Fairy experts were left behind, so Su Yu could easily evade their eyes. He covered all of his tracks along the way and continued on until he had reached the Purple Flame Mountain. He immediately went into it and prepared to start making the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

After only three days had passed, the Heartbroken Zither Grass was fully matured! He now had more than thirty-one pieces of it!

Fifty seeds were on each piece, which meant that if he waited five more days, he could get five hundred and fifty-one pieces of the Heartbroken Zither Grass! From this moment onward, as long as it was within the nursery’s capacity, Su Yu could get as many pieces of Heartbroken Zither Grass as he wanted!

As he thought about the fact that he would just take a hundred pieces of Heartbroken Zither Grass to get a water path’s supreme treasure worth a million crystals, as well as a hundred Level Five Divine Master’s Vital Energy, Su Yu couldn’t help but smile. The Supreme Growing Soil was really a gold mine, and he was really blessed with luck since he had managed to get such an inheritance!

Su Yu then took thirty pieces, leaving just ten behind to continue cultivating them. He had done this because he wanted to test whether the Heartbroken Zither Grass’s effects were related to its age.

Usually, the older a plant was the bette its effects would be. He assumed that the effects of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid made from it would also be vastly improved in that case.

To test this, Su Yu took ten pieces of each of the other eight ingredients and continued cultivating them. He would obviously sell ordinary Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid to the public, while he would leave this better version for himself!

After he collected the ingredients, Su Yu started making the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid in the cave. Since he was already familiar with the process, he managed to easily make the first batch. It was a third-grade Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

While making it, Su Yu felt like his control over the flames was improving, and it seemed like his perception of the flames had also gradually changed. This was certainly because of study of the Five Elements Mysteries Art.

He could clearly feel all of the slight changes in the temperature of the flames, and these changes would appear clearly in his mind. Such a transformation caused him to become even more skilled in the elixir production process.

After he tried it several times, Su Yu discovered that he could detect the temperature of the flames without even having to focus too hard. He could even predict how the flames would change in temperature within the next moment. It was like he had fused with the flames!

In the Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing Technique, such a state that allowed one to predict the next change of the flames was called the “Elixir Fire Fusion State,” and it was only an Alchemist Master, who had already made an Incredible Elixir, who could master such a state.

Although Su Yu was just a trifling intermediate alchemist, he still managed to occasionally use it. This was extraordinary, and as such, many high-grade alchemists would envy him greatly if they learned of this.

Moreover, it was likely that if Su Yu continued studying the Five Elements Mysteries Art, he would be able to reach the perfect Elixir Fire Fusion State. At that time, it would be possible for him to make Incredible Elixirs!

The elixir production continued on like this, with Su Yu remaining quite relaxed throughout the whole process. In the past, he would have needed to have spent four hours to make the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, but now, he needed just an hour.

After twenty hours had passed, he had managed to make twenty bottles of Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. The liquid in each bottle was shining and had a bright blue color that was mesmerizing.

Even Su Yu himself was amazed by his efficiency. His advancement and progress in the alchemy path was clearly evident!

A gratified smile blossomed on Su Yu’s face as he collected all twenty batches of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. Then, his gaze flickered slightly as he disappeared from the Purple Flame Mountain like a ghost.

Beside a lake just outside Tianya City, Su Yu took off his clothes and entered the lake. He then began swimming in it leisurely, without giving any regard to others. All kinds of people of all ages were nearby, and they were all looking in shock at Su Yu, who was swimming joyfully in the lake.

“Is this a reflection of Shopkeeper Su’s true character, or does he simply not have any sense of shame?” A middle-aged woman’s face was flushed red as she watched Su Yu splash about in the lake, completely naked! She couldn’t help but cast a glance from time to time at Su Yu’s private region.

The crowd looked at each other in dismay and couldn’t help but start discussing this. Su Yu’s performance was too ridiculous, and they all felt like he was behaving like a child. It was like they weren’t facing an old man with an air of transcendence, but an ignorant toddler!

Gongsun Wuxie, who was brought here by force, was among the crowd. She crossed her hands before her flat chest, puffed her cheeks, and she rolled her eyes. “He’s so old yet he’s still shameless. He has really disgraced our Demon Mountain!”

Fairy Ling, who was next to her, blinked her pretty eyes. “It’s really strange! This doesn’t seem to ring true to his previous character…”

Her intuition was informing her that this version of Su Yu before her wasn’t the same composed and scheming old man who had chatted with her previously. There was a great difference between the two.

“Aren’t they the same person? Hmm…” Fairy Ling knew clearly that the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s maker was Su Yu himself, and knew that he would surely try to use some tricks. She couldn’t help but suspect the identity of this ‘Su Yu’ before her.

However, regardless of how meticulously she observed him, she couldn’t spot any differences. Still, doubts and suspicions couldn’t help but well up in her heart. “Is it really? It can’t be possible? Hmm…”

Another person present wore an embarrassed look. It was Palace Master Xiao Yao, who come here personally.

He was dumbfounded by this sight, and he waved his hand at them and asked, “Why don’t you all quickly go and drag him out?”

The Divine Masters protecting Su Yu, who had come here with him, couldn’t bear looking at this, so two people among them dashed out and dragged him out. However, Su Yu was still shilly-shallying the whole way, and after he fell on the ground, he didn’t immediately put on his clothes, but just looked at the martial artists with his bright eyes, while wearing a huge smile.

Many female martial artists couldn’t help but turn away with flushed faces, many of them exclaiming as they did so…

“Pah! How vulgar and obscene!”

“You’re shameless! Why don’t you put on your clothes?”

Su Yu remained unmoved, and he clasped his hands behind his back, while facing all of the people calmly. Then, all of a sudden, he spotted Gongsun Wuxie among the crowd. His eyes lit up, and as he ran toward her, it seemed like the two were acquainted.

Gongsun Wuxie was scared by the sight of Su Yu’s naked body, so she had already turned around a while ago. Hence, she didn’t notice that Su Yu was walking toward her.

She just realized that something was amiss when she felt a cold wind at her back. Just after that, a powerful body pressed her down.

She was caught off guard and ended up stumbling. She cried out softly as she was pushed down on the ground.

Gongsun Wuxie was infuriated. “Who is the blind fool…”

Just as she turned around to scold her assailant, she was left dumbfounded by the sight of a naked man appearing before her eyes! Before she could even regain her composure, Su Yu had pounced at her and started to rub his head against her chest intimately.

If it had been a lovely little pet, this moment would really have seemed intimate and cute, but since it was a naked old man, it was nothing short of appalling! He was taking liberties with an innocent young girl in broad daylight!

Gongsun Wuxie’s whole body stiffened, and she was filled with disbelief. Her small face became flushed red from shame, and then she started to cry.

It was only when Fairy Ling heard her cry that she returned to her senses. She couldn’t help but fly into a rage at that moment. “You lascivious old b*stard! I will kill you!” She was infuriated to see that her niece was assaulted by an old man right in front of her and everybody else!

Su Yu reacted quickly, and after he rubbed his head against Gongsun Wuxie’s chest one last time, he dodged Fairy Ling’s attack. He then stood up, wearing an aggrieved look, and grumbled something unintelligible. It seemed like he was asking her why she was bullying him.

Upon witnessing that not only did Su Yu not appear regret his actions, but that he dared to look at her angrily, Fairy Ling almost went crazy from rage. She glared at him ferociously as she said, “You’re a shameless, old b*stard! I will kill you, even if I need to break our agreement to do so!”

Meanwhile, the frightened Gongsun Wuxie stood up. She still hadn’t recovered from such a scary experience.

Her small face was dark and stiff, and her whole body was shivering. She was both angry and scared.

She had never once run into such a crazy situation! Even though she seemed like an inexperienced and pure ten-year-old girl, her true age had already surpassed eighteen, and this was an age where a woman was quite sensitive to such matters especially!

Such an accident, as well as that man’s smell, which was still lingering on her bosom, caused her mind to become confused. She was dazed and felt very strange. It was obvious that she had been frightened and truly shocked.

“They’re not soft at all, but they’re not too hard either…” As Su Yu didn’t notice Fairy Ling’s infuriated expression, nor did he notice that Gongsun Wuxie was on the brink of going crazy due to rage, he took this inopportune moment to point at Gongsun Wuxie’s chest and utter such words!

The crowd couldn’t help but burst out laughing upon hearing him. Gongsun Wuxie did still have a little girl’s body, and her chest was as flat as a prairie!

Upon hearing him, Fairy Ling flew into a rage, while Gongsun Wuxie cried even harder.

“Ah! You’re dead! How dare dare to talk about my chest? I will surely tear you to shreds!” Gongsun Wuxie shouted through tears. Her small chest had always been a sore spot for her, so she naturally felt very sensitive about it.

Although she was naughty and was fond of toying with people, she had always treated people well. Even though Su Yu had caused troubles for her two times before, she still had helped him in secret.

The first time was in the sanctum’s seasonal exam, when Shao Qingfeng had pointed out Su Yu’s body issue and was about to be examined by the outer sanctum’s Great Palace Master. She had asked Elder Lan to stop it, thus helping Su Yu get through such a crisis. The second time was when Fairy Ling had visited him. Gongsun Wuxie asked her to not cause trouble for him because they were both from the Demon Mountain.

They didn’t have a close friendship, and Su Yu still extinguished her phantom image on the 50th floor and wrecked her plan of holding a post. But, she just ignored it because they were both from the Demon Mountain.

Because of this, she never wanted to bicker with him. Instead, she even helped him two times! So, it could be said that she was kind and benevolent far beyond what he had deserved thus far.

This is why she was so surprised that he would repay her kindness with evil and treat her like that in front of everyone! At this moment, Gongsun Wuxie felt disgust and hatred for Su Yu for the first time.

Su Yu just raised his head proudly, and it seemed like he didn’t care at all about any of the people’s reproachful gazes. This only infuriated them even more.

As Palace Master Xiao Yao realized that Su Yu’s situation was anything but reassuring, he gave the others a meaningful glance, meaning for them to quickly go over there and protect Su Yu.

Gongsun Wuxie clenched her first and revealed a serious expression, which rarely appeared on her face, while the anger on it gradually disappeared. As she slowly calmed down, she simply said, “How unreasonable…”

After she spoke, she turned around and made her way through the crowd.

“Won’t you take revenge? Even if Palace Master Xiao Yao tries to obstruct us, I’m still confident about making him pay for it,” Fairy Ling asked coldly.