The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 875

Chapter 875 They Were Sold Completely

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Gongsun Wuxie shook her head, then her expression became ice-cold. “There is no need for this.”

“I can just renege on my deal with him,” Fairy Ling said reluctantly.

“Aunt, you have set a contract with him, and if you break it, you will surely suffer the consequences. You are on the brink of making a breakthrough, so you shouldn’t let such a trivial matter affect your future. I just got angry because I was surprised, so don’t worry yourself about it,” Gongsun Wuxie said, while shaking her head. She didn’t seem like a naughty little girl at this moment, but like a mature woman.

Fairy Ling was taken aback by this, and she let out a faint sigh. “You are still too kind hearted. No one else in the world matches your noble status besides the Nine Prefectures’ princes, yet today, that old man came at you!”

Upon hearing her, Gongsun Wuxie laughed self-deprecatingly. “Noble status? Even if I have a noble status, don’t I still need to obey father’s orders and marry someone I don’t even know?”

Fairy Ling was quiet for a long while before she let out a soft sigh. “The Severed Fairy Cliff has always been like this, and you can only break free of such a fate if you reach the All Creation Realm.”

Gongsun Wuxie nodded and clenched her fists.

Palace Master Xiao Yao heaved a sigh of relief as he thought… If we really start fighting, I might not necessarily be able to match Fairy Ling!

As his gaze fell upon Su Yu, doubts welled up in his heart… Is this person really Su Yu?

Regardless of how he observed him, he didn’t seem like the wise man described by his subordinates, and he wondered… Why does he seem like an innocent and pure child now?

While he was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly looked up at the sky in surprise. Many Divine Master experts also turned their heads around and looked to a distant place. They all saw a Vital Energy Arrow flying through the sky, shooting straight toward Su Yu.

A spatial ring was hung on the arrow. Many martial artists were tempted by it, so they started flying toward it.

Palace Master Xiao Yao’s eyes flickered, and he snorted coldly. “Who dares to move?”

Upon hearing him, most of these martial artists stopped in their tracks, and it was only a person clad in black clothes who turned a deaf ear to his cry.

This person was, of course, Hu Wangui, and he actually laughed in a mocking manner, then said, “It’s an ownerless object, and anyone can get it! How can you order us to leave it for you?”

A cold look appeared in Palace Master Xiao Yao’s eyes, and he quickly turned around and started chasing him. However, he was still slightly slower than Hu Wangui, and the latter was just about to grab the spatial ring on the arrow!

But, a pink fog suddenly appeared around the arrow. Then, a hand stretched out from the pink fog and grabbed the ring!

Hu Wangui was startled by this, and he shouted, “Spatial teleportation!” This was a magical ability that had been mastered by only All Creation experts.

“Hehe!” A soft chuckle echoed out from the pink fog, while a person walked out of it. It was none other than Su Yu!

Hu Wangui’s pupils contracted. “It’s you!”

His heart couldn’t help but shiver, as a moment ago, Su Yu was still on the ground, yet he had instantly teleported here! A cold glint flickered in Hu Wangui’s eyes for a moment. He was upset because he hadn’t had the opportunity to avenge his old grievances, and although he couldn’t kill Su Yu now, he was thinking of ways that he could still injure him heavily!

“If you want to attack him, you still must consider whether I will allow it or not.” This deadlock had left Palace Master Xiao Yao enough time to overtake them, and he stood between them now.

Hu Wangui furrowed his brow, while his eyes flickered. He then snorted coldly and put more distance between them as a precautionary measure to defend himself against any possible attack from Palace Master Xiao Yao. After all, Palace Master Xiao Yao and Hu Wangui were both Level Five Divine Masters, and it would be difficult for any of them to block a sneak-attack from the other.

The martial artists who chased after them found this a great pity. If those two people started fighting, they could take advantage of the chaos in order to steal the spatial ring. However, they knew that they mustn’t take any rash action for now.

The Red Blood Palace’s several Divine Masters rushed over, encircled Su Yu, and protected him. Palace Master Xiao Yao cast an ice-cold glance at Hu Wangui before he turned his head around and looked at the spatial ring in Su Yu’s palm and asked, “Was it sent by that senior?”

Su Yu nodded, then casually took out a bottle of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid from the ring. It shone in a bright blue light and had a mysterious luster. It was the renowned ancient liquid that could change the Jiuzhou Continent’s fate!

Palace Master Xiao Yao’s heart was in his throat for a long while before he finally calmed down. It appeared that Su Yu didn’t lie to them, and a certain senior would really provide them with the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid! This meant that the Red Blood Palace’s elixir industry could be saved, and they could even progress forward in the future!

The martial artists had mixed feelings about this. They were delighted by the fact that the elixir would be available for sale as Su Yuxian had stated, but they were dispirited by the fact that they couldn’t steal it and could only use crystals to purchase it.

However, after many martial artists realized that they couldn’t steal it, they suddenly got another idea,and rushed toward the place where the arrow was shot. Hu Wangui was ahead of them because what he most looked forward to was getting to have a conversation with that senior and drawing him into the Central Prefecture’s camp.

Surprise appeared on Palace Master Xiao Yao’s face, and he immediately ordered them all to go there. However, when they reached that place, they didn’t find anything besides a faint remnant aura. That person had already left long ago!

Su Yu was then escorted back into the Tonglin Elixir Store, where he immediately started cultivating in seclusion. Since the surroundings were protected by the Red Blood Palace’s Divine Masters, no one dared to cause any trouble. At this point, they all could only wait for Su Yu to start selling the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid openly.

After Su Yu entered the room, a pink fog appeared around his body, and he turned from Su Yu’s appearance into a small and cute kylin. Its mouth was holding a spatial ring, and it jumped into the embrace of a man in the room. That man was the true Su Yu!

“Thank you for your hard work,” Su Yu said as he took the spatial ring and stroked the kylin’s head. It was only thanks to the help of the small kylin, which had attracted everyone’s attention, that Su Yu had managed to avoid exposing his true identity.

“Those two women are… Terrible!” The small kylin still hadn’t forgotten Fairy Ling’s and Gongsun Wuxie’s angered looks.

Su Yu was confused by this, and he just assumed that the small kylin had suffered many troubles there. So, he consoled it for a while. It then returned to the Nine Jade Spiritual Peal with a smile and continued melting the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo.

“Ying Luan, Qing Liu, come here,” Su Yu instructed them.

The two people who were awaiting his instructions sought permission from the two Divine Master guards carefully before they entered the room. They were both trembling with fear.

They didn’t know when the Tonglin Elixir Store had started being encircled by powerful martial artists, so each time they went out, they would be scared by the Red Blood Palace’s experts who were protecting them. It was only later that they learned that their shopkeeper had received a heaven-defying ancient spiritual liquid and that his fame now resounded throughout the whole city.

The current Tonglin Elixir Store had already become the focus of the whole city, and even employees like them had become targets of scheming people. Now, they both always had a restless feeling plaguing their hearts.

After they got permission, they entered the room and met the shopkeeper, who they hadn’t seen for a long time. “Shopkeeper Su, you don’t need us any longer, do you?” Ying Luan asked.

Su Yu shook his head and revealed a soothing smile. “You didn’t leave the Tonglin Elixir Store when it was in dire straits, so what reason would I have to drive you out now?”

Even when no one was willing to supply goods to the Tonglin Elixir Store, they still hadn’t left it. So, Su Yu would surely not let them down now.

“I was just looking for you regarding two affairs…” Su Yu said as he took out a spatial ring and threw it at Ying Luan.

He then said, “The first item of business is that there are nineteen bottles of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid in the ring, and I want you to put them on display in the store and sell them. If many people compete for them, they will be sold to the highest bidders. You don’t need me to help you with this, do you?”

The two people shook their heads, as they still could certainly complete such a simple task as selling elixirs. Besides, even though their powers were low, the store was protected by the Red Blood Palace’s Divine Masters, so no one would dare to try to steal anything.

Su Yu then said, “The second matter is regarding the elixir dealers who took risks and provided supplies for me when our Tonglin Elixir Store was being blacklisted by others. Did you record them all in our records?”

Ying Luan nodded as she took a complete account book from her pocket and passed it to Su Yu shyly.

Su Yu flipped through it to find all of the elixir dealers’ names. He then nodded and said, “Go and invite the elixir dealers according to their order here. I have something to announce to them in five days.”

They both bowed at him and went immediately to do as he had said.

The sale of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid gave rise to a crazy fight. Ying Luan and Qing Liu, who were just low-level martial artists at the Dragon Realm, were both scared and pleased with themselves as they faced the Fairy experts who competed crazily over the goods.

This was especially the case since they witnessed those martial artists, who wouldn’t even spare them a glance in the past, fawning over them and entreating them to sell the elixirs to them. Such an indescribable feeling of success made them feel like they had reached their lives’ ultimate peaks.

However, they still followed Su Yu’s instructions strictly and sold the nineteen bottles of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid only to the highest bidders. Even though some martial artists were offended by this, it still won them the influential martial artists’ favor.

In less than five minutes, all nineteen bottles of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid had been sold. When Ying Luan and Qing Liu announced that they had sold the whole stock, many regretful and resentful voices echoed out from among the crowd.

Many experts present started believing the rumors that were spreading, so they started making inquiries as to whether there was still more for sale. As such, even though Qing Liu and Ying Luan had spent just five minutes selling out of the elixirs, they ended up wasting half a day just to reply to all of the Fairy experts’ questions.

It was only after sunset that they were able to leave and go back to report this matter to Su Yu excitedly. They had sold nineteen elixirs, the lowest priced one being sold for three thousand crystals, and the highest one reaching an impressive price of eight thousand crystals! In total, they had made a hundred thousand crystals!

Upon hearing this, many competitors rushed over from all places. However, they were disheartened to discover that Su Yu had stayed in secluded cultivation.

Su Yu just said leisurely, “Leave behind eighty thousand crystals, which I will give back to that senior. As for the other twenty thousand, leave them for the elixir store.” As the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid belonged to that senior, it made sense as to why he would take most of it.

The eyes of the Almighty Divine Masters protecting them in secret almost went green from envy at that time. They couldn’t believe that they had managed to get a hundred thousand crystals this easily! This was quicker than even looting!

As for Su Yu’s distribution of profits, they could only watch helplessly as he decided what to do. After all, Su Yu was the shopkeeper of the Tonglin Elixir Store, and it was up to him to decide all matters related to it.

After he had collected eighty thousand crystals, Su Yu continued his secluded cultivation. He consumed a bottle of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, and as its purple liquid went down into his belly, he felt a scalding pain transmitting from his throat. It felt like a fire was burning throughout his whole body!

Such pain might be excruciating to other people, but it was nothing to Su Yu because he was used to pain. Plus, he knew that it wasn’t his body that was actually burning, but his soul. This was because the powerful spiritual liquid affected one’s soul and nourished it.

It was only after a whole day had passed that Su Yu was freed from this burning pain. By this time, his soul power had become much more powerful than before.

In just one day, it had gone from being at the Level Four Fairy Realm to the Level Five Fairy Realm! This was quite impressive!

The growth of his soul power also caused Su Yu’s senses to become sharper, and his brain even became brighter. This kind of feeling wasn’t new to Su Yu, as it was a feeling quite akin to rebirth.

“Its effects are quite impressive, and I didn’t even need to waste much effort to get this spiritual liquid!” Su Yu was clearly satisfied, and it seemed like making his soul power reach the Divine Master Realm was no longer a pipe dream!