The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Advancing Into The Level Four

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At that moment, the threat of the curse in Su Yu’s chest weakened a great deal. Now, as long as he could increase his soul power, he could easily make up for the soul power that had been devoured by the curse.

Hence, it appeared that he had managed to curb the danger for now. When Su Yu was just about to stand up, a vortex suddenly appeared on top of his head. A large amount of spiritual energy had converged there, which is what had caused this vortex.

Will I achieve a breakthrough? Su Yu wondered.

He was startled at first, but then he rejoiced. He had almost forgotten that the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid wasn’t just capable of strengthening his soul, but it was also helpful to his cultivation!

Su Yu sat down cross-legged once again and prepared to go through the spiritual energy’s baptism. A large amount of spiritual energy then entered his body and surged toward his Dantians. His Dantians’ spiritual energy was already at the Level Five Fairy Realm, and it soon filled both of his External and Internal Dantians completely.


When the amount of spiritual energy surpassed the Dantians’ highest bearing limit, they exploded. Their volume then became bigger by a whole fold.

A large amount of spiritual energy was liquefied and turned into Vital Energy, which then fused with his two Energy Seas. The intensity of Su Yu’s Vital Energy now rivaled a Level Six Fairy’s, while his fleshly body’s power remained relatively the same.

Before, his pure power was at six Elephants and a half level, but now, it had been raised by half an Elephant’s power, causing it to reach seven Elephants’ power. Then, if he used the power of his First Dragon’s Body, it would probably reach around eight Elephants’ power!

Su Yu could now fight against a Level Eight Fairy by depending upon his fleshly body alone! He was a Level Four Fairy, had Vital Energy’s reserves rivaling a Level Six Fairy’s, and had a fleshly body at the level of a Level Seven Fairy! It was really remarkable!

At that moment, Su Yu opened his eyes slowly. A searing pain that had been caused by the explosion of his Dantians was still transmitting from his belly, but he still wore a faint smile.

This was because, if he continued consuming the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, Su Yu was confident that he could raise his cultivation to the Level Five Fairy Realm, as well as increasing his Soul Power to the Level Six Fairy Realm before he left Tianya City.

Su Yu remained in secluded cultivation for the next few days. He also consolidated his cultivation, which just achieved a breakthrough, while he cultivated several techniques.

Su Yu had already cultivated Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Arts to two dragons level, and the thread of a devil’s hair still had thirty percent of its demonic energy left. This was enough for Su Yu to condense another demonic dragon.

Within the past five days, a great commotion had occurred in the outside world. The recovery of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was already verified, and many martial artists were excited upon learning that a large amount of it would be available for sale. In fact, many people had rushed here after they got this news, and they were all prepared to purchase a large amount of the precious commodity!

The Tianya City’s elixir stores’ owners also couldn’t remain calm in the face of such exciting news, and this was especially the case when they heard that the Tonglin Elixir Store had made a profit of a hundred thousand crystals on the first day of sales alone. Naturally, many people envied Su Yu and his store.

It must be known that even high-grade elixir stores’ daily sales figures were just around thirty thousand. So, if the Tonglin Elixir Store continued at this same pace, it seemed like it might even manage to become the number one elixir store!

It was a pity that the other elixirs stores seemed to be helpless against this and couldn’t deal with it. As they didn’t have any friendly relations with the Tonglin Elixir Store, they didn’t have much hope of convincing Su Yu to part with the elixirs and let them take charge of selling them.

However, there was still a restless person, who was obliged to take action. In the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store, Fei Hang clasped his hands behind his back as he paced back and forth in the elixir store.

His expression was gloomy. After all, it was a grave crisis!

He felt a sense of danger that he had never felt before. His elixir store’s business was going downhill, and it would be difficult for him to keep his monthly earnings up to the million mark. As the Tonglin Elixir Store had appeared at this exact moment, it seemed like it had a great chance of replacing his store!

So, naturally, Fei Hang became fretful and restless. He turned to one of his subordinates and said, “Come over here. Notify all of the elixir stores that I will hold an Elixir Meet in five days. You must remember to notify all of them!”

His subordinate in charge of conveying his orders, who was the same child as last time, understood clearly that this especially included the Tonglin Elixir Store’s owner, as he must surely be present!

When the child had notified them last time of the Elixir Meet, he didn’t feel like even entering their gates, so he just informed them casually. But this time, he discovered that he couldn’t enter the store, even if he had wanted to, as it was protected by the Red Blood Palace’s experts! Apparently, no one was allowed in without first getting Su Yu’s permission.

As he looked at the sea of people before the store’s entrance, the boy couldn’t help but click his tongue, while he squeezed with great difficulty through the store’s entrance. When he was just about to speak up and notify them of the invitation, he was pushed to the rear by the crowd!

He tried going back three or four times before he finally got an opportunity to speak, and he was really annoyed as he said, “Ask your shopkeeper to come out! I’m the Great Shopkeeper’s envoy, and I want to notify him of an important matter.”

As Ying Luan and Qing Liu looked at him, they both realized that they knew this boy. He was the prideful, low-grade employee from the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store.

Unlike the past, when they had trembled with fear while facing him, Ying Luan and Qing Liu had become used to having many Fairies’ respect and praises, and they had even started to feel that the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store didn’t amount to much!

So, Qing Liu wore a fake smile and pointed at the sea of people and said, “If you want to meet him, just line up and wait your turn.”

The boy was infuriated! It had only been several days that had passed since the last time, yet these two low-grade elixir store’s employees were daring to treat him so arrogantly! If it was in the past, he would surely have taught these jerks a lesson!

However, he was forced to just bear it and swallow his anger. “I must notify your shopkeeper of an important matter, and your shopkeeper mustn’t delay to address such an important request!”

“Well, what important matter is it? It must be another Elixir Meet that is being held by your great shopkeeper. Just wait here. Our shopkeeper is in secluded cultivation, so you will just have to wait until he has some free time.” Qing Liu just waved his hand in dismissal at him casually, rudely rejecting the boy’s request.

The boy felt humiliated by this, but he couldn’t barge inside by force. So, he could only bear such bullying and wait outside obediently.

However, what he didn’t expect was that he would end up waiting for three whole days! After those three days had passed, an influential figure from the Tianya Auction House arrived, and even the Red Blood Palace’s Almighty Divine Masters couldn’t block her.

This was because it was Fairy Ling! She wasn’t as composed and calm as she was last time. She wore an ice-cold look on her face as she went directly to Su Yu’s room and stood before its door.

She then announced, “I came to fulfill a part of our agreement!”

Su Yu, who was in secluded cultivation, was awoken by her voice. He didn’t manage to stop using his cultivation technique in time, so three resonant dragon roars echoed out from his chest. Their voices were deafening, and faint demonic energy surged out of them.

Fairy Ling was irritated by this, and she couldn’t help but raise her brows as she said, “What pure demonic energy! It doesn’t seem at all like a human’s demonic energy.”

After a short while, Su Yu went to open the door, while wearing an ice-cold look on his face. He snorted softly and said, “I was just wondering who it was. So, it’s you, Fairy Ling. You really have quite a temper!”

Su Yu was annoyed that she had disturbed his cultivation. As he opened the door, Fairy Ling examined Su Yu in surprise, her face filled with confusion. She was still puzzled by that strange demonic energy!

“Do I still need to treat you politely?” Fairy Ling asked with disdain, while looking at Su Yu coldly.

She then threw a blue branch at him casually. The branch was entirely blue, and it shone with a sparkling luster.

“Three days have already passed, and this is one of the objects that I promised you. It is a Water Path’s Supreme Treasure!” she exclaimed.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t believe that he had managed to get a Water Path’s Supreme Treasure this quickly. He had coveted this object for a long time!

After Fairy Ling threw the branch at Su Yu, she flew upward, while speaking coldly, “I will hand over a hundred Level Five Divine Masters’ Vital Energy to you after half a year has passed, and that will finally settle our deal. At that time, don’t even try to renege! Otherwise, don’t blame me for becoming ruthless!”

Su Yu was bewildered by the great change in Fairy Ling’s attitude, and he wondered… Did I somehow offend this women without knowing it?

However, since they hadn’t met each other since making their deal several days ago, he had no clue how he could have possibly offended her! The confused Su Yu was just about to go back into secluded cultivation, when he heard a small voice…

“Shopkeeper Su, I’m a boy working for Great Shopkeeper Fei’s Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store! I came here to notify you to go and participate in the Elixir Meet in two days!” The boy was standing before the store’s doors and managed to catch sight of Su Yu through the door’s crevice, so he took the opportunity to shout the invitation loudly.

An Elixir Meet? Su Yu took a casual look at the boy before he looked at Qing Liu. He then said, “Well… I don’t have time to go. Hence, Qing Liu, you must go on my behalf.”

The people who heard this descended into an uproar. Although they weren’t members of the elixir industry, they were still aware that the Red Blood Palace’s Great Shopkeeper possessed great authority, and as such, no one dared to be absent from an Elixir Meet that was being held by him!

However, Su Yu had unexpectedly just sent an employee there in his place! Everyone couldn’t help but shake their heads and wonder… How contemptuous can one man be?

However, as they thought more about it, they realized that Su Yu was now at the peak of his power, and even if he didn’t go to the Elixir Meet, the Great Shopkeeper still couldn’t do anything to him! In fact, it seemed like Fei Hang didn’t understand the current situation clearly, as he had still summoned Su Yu, thus overreaching and humiliating himself!

The boy was so infuriated by Su Yu’s response that his face turned pale instantly. He had worked hard to get here, then waited here patiently for several days until Su Yu finally showed himself at last. Yet, he had received such an unsatisfying answer!

After Su Yu spoke, he went to his private room and continued his secluded cultivation. During the previous days’ diligent cultivation, he had managed to refine the remaining demonic energy in the thread of the devil’s hair and condense the third demonic dragon. Now, the three demonic dragons possessed formidable power, and even if a Level Two Divine Master ran into them, he wouldn’t have any chance of surviving.

I must look for a way to find a spiritual object that is filled with demonic energy and continue cultivating my demonic cultivation technique… Su Yu thought.

Su Yu then took out the Fire Essence Jade and the Water Path’s Supreme Treasure, which he had just gotten. The greenish-blue branch seemed like a crystalline piece of jade, but if one observed it carefully, he would discover that it was really just a branch.

However, the inside of this branch was filled with dense water element energy. Su Yu had managed to discover it right away after he touched it with his palm. It had a great power that Su Yu had never experienced before.

The moment his hand touched it, Su Yu clearly felt the changes in the liquid inside his body, and he felt like it would be absorbed by this object soon. So, he immediately let go of it. It was obvious that even if this object wasn’t a Water Path’s Supreme Treasure, it was still a high-grade water element treasure.

At the moment, his left hand held the Fire Essence Jade, while his right hand held the branch. Expectation appeared in Su Yu’s eyes as he thought… I wonder which attribute of the Fire Essence Jade I will get after refining it and fusing it with my body?

Su Yu started refining the two objects in accordance with the instructions that he read in the ancient books. He knew that one must refine and fuse both of them with one’s body at the same time.

Otherwise, the terrifying flames inside of the Fire Essence Jade alone were enough to instantly exterminate both Su Yu’s body and soul! This was why a Water Path’s Supreme Treasure was necessary to neutralize the flames.

After an hour had passed, the Fire Essence and a greenish blue liquid were in each of Su Yu’s hands. Just after that, Su Yu started fusing the two objects on his palm.

He had to be extremely careful while carrying out such a process, as just a single mistake would cause those two extreme energies to explode. If that happened, not even Su Yu’s corpse would be left behind!

It was fortunate that Su Yu had experience with fusing Origins, which is the only reason why he was able to control those two extreme energies so skillfully. Thankfully, such a process wasn’t too difficult for him. However, even this seemingly simple task for Su Yu took him a whole day to accomplish.

At the moment, Su Yu’s forehead was filled with sweat and he seemed quite haggard. It was obvious that this task had taken a huge toll on him.

Fusing the Fire Essence Jade with the Water Path’s Supreme Treasure was far more difficult than he had imagined, and he had narrowly avoided an intense collision between the two’s energies many times. They would have both exploded if that had happened!

He was scared and extremely tense throughout the whole process. However, he still managed to fuse them successfully in the end.

Now, a greenish blue and heart-shaped pendant, which was as big as a teardrop, was laying in Su Yu’s palm. A small scarlet flame was burning inside the pendant.