The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 877

Chapter 877 The Fire Essence Jades Attribute

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The water and fire fused together perfectly, and the product just laid on Su Yu’s palm, emitting a cool breeze. The Fire Essence inside it didn’t burn or injure Su Yu at all.

This was the balanced state that the ancient book’s instructions required. One had to immerse it within a Water Path’s Supreme Treasure, without losing even a single part of the Fire Essence. It was only in such a state that he could safely fuse it with his body.

What would come afterward was the final step in the process. Su Yu swallowed this teardrop, which was now alternating between a blue and scarlet color. Then, he immediately felt a refreshing feeling wash over his whole body.

The teardrop infiltrated Su Yu’s veins, traveled through his blood, and reached his heart. It had just stopped within his heart when Su Yu immediately started revolving his Vital Energy. Then, according to the ancient book’s instructions, he started refining the teardrop slowly, eventually turning it into a part of his body.

This process was slow and lengthy, and it was only the next day morning that Su Yu finally opened his eyes. At that moment, a blaze was flickering in his pupils, while faintly discernible fire wings flickered behind his back for a moment.

Meanwhile, a shocking heatwave emanated from him, then immediately shot out from the room. The several Level One Divine Masters outside, who were protecting the room, were all frightened and drew back in a hurry.

“What’s going on with that heatwave? Why does it have such a high temperature? What is Su Yuxian doing in there?” one of the several Almighty Divine Masters asked.

They were all stunned. Moreover, their intuitions were informing them that Su Yu was fiddling inside with a dangerous flame that was capable of killing them all!

Among all of those Almighty Divine Masters, only the Level Two Divine Masters were still in good states. But, even they were still bewildered and confused.

Inside the room where he was cultivating, Su Yu revealed a faint smile. After he had passed a whole day and night in refiningthe teardrop, he had finally managed to refine it completely.

The teardrop was still in Su Yu’s heart, but he could control it, and with just a mere thought, the teardrop would release a part of its flames’ energy, which would pass through Su Yu’s fleshly body and then exit it. Moreover, Su Yu was greatly satisfied by the fact that this Fire Essence’s attribute was flight, and the pair of fire wings that had appeared behind Su Yu’s back was proof of that very fact.

Moreover, these weren’t just ordinary flying wings, as it could be seen from the heatwave that they emitted a moment ago that the speed they could erupt with far surpassed middle-stage Divine Masters and rivaled even the late-stage Divine Masters. In other words, as long as Su Yu wasn’t hunted down by a late-stage Divine Master, he could easily escape any being at any time.

In Su Yu’s mind, he was clear. When it came to what was most important for martial artists, it wasn’t one’s cultivation techniques, treasures, or even one’s cultivation itself. It was one’s life that was the most important.

The higher one’s cultivation, the more he understood this principle, and now that Su Yu had a life-saving card that he could use until the Fire Essence was completely exhausted, there was nothing that could be more beneficial to him than this.

“I really must thank Gongsun Wuxie and Fairy Ling for this. For a long time, I haven’t felt any advantages in speed. This is a welcome change!” Su Yu revealed a faint smile.

He hadn’t cultivated any movement techniques for a long time, yet he had now managed to get such a special power from the Fire Essence Jade. He was really happy about this.

“Shopkeeper Su, we already invited all of the elixir dealers on the list, just as you asked,” Ying Luan, who was outside the room, reported.

Five days had already passed, and Ying Luan had invited all of the elixir dealers, who took risks and supplied Su Yu with elixirs when his Tonglin Elixir Store had been blacklisted. These dealers were headed by the famous Huang family, which was ranked fourth among all of the elixir dealers in the city, just beneath Bright Moon House.

At that moment, two people from the Huang family came over. One of them was the Huang Mamily’s Old Master, while the other was the current master of the Huang family, who also happened to be Old Huang’s son.

At that time, when Old Huang was at the Tonglin Elixir Store, he opposed his family’s opinion and decided to offer the Tonglin Elixir Store a supply of elixirs worth fifty thousand crystals, which had helped Su Yu avoid expulsion. Thus, it could be said that he was generous and bold.

At the moment, the Tonglin Elixir Store was at the peak of its power and the focal point of the whole city. Many Fairy experts and early-stage Divine Master experts wanted to meet Su Yu, yet even they couldn’t get the chance to do so. Now that they had been invited to an event by Su Yu himself, it was a great honor to them.

At present, Old Huang, as well as the other people who were invited along with him, were all waiting outside of the courtyard.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. He then waved his hand and dispersed all of the fire attribute aura in the room.

He then said, “Sirs, please come in.”

This was the first time they had ever met Su Yu, as Su Yu didn’t give them a chance to see him last time.

“Hehehe, greetings Shopkeeper Su.” Old Huang’s gaze was radiant, and he couldn’t help but giggle with nervous glee.

Su Yu waved his hand at him, while wearing a faint smile. He then said, “Don’t be reserved. Just take a seat. I invited you all here today because I wanted to ask you to lend me a hand.”

Upon hearing this, the elixir dealers couldn’t help but prick up their ears. They were always open to help Su Yu because he had Alliance Master Zhou’s favor and because they wanted to get some benefits from the Elixir Alliance.

They had also heard that the Tonlin Elixir Store’s daily elixir sales had reached an astronomical number. Thus, while it seemed to ordinary people that the martial artists standing before the gate had come here just for the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, they all knew clearly that Tonglin Elixir Store’s sales of ordinary elixirs were also great.

And, since people flow was tantamount to money flow, which was a principle that had never changed since ancient times, the fact that many people were present here obviously meant that business was booming.

Every day, many martial artists would gather in at the door of Su Yu’s elixir store. Moreover, they were all prosperous martial artists, who were more than capable of purchasing the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

Also, since they were staying there for a long time due to having to wait in line, they would naturally pay attention to the other elixirs in the elixir store. Then, even if only a few among them purchased said elixirs, it would still account for a nice profit. This was why the store’s daily sales were so prosperous. It was actually quite a cunning sales tactic!

People had heard that the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was sold for a hundred thousand crystals in a single day, and only a few knew that the ordinary elixirs were sold for eighty thousand crystals within the past five days. Such sale figures were more impressive than even the high-grade elixir stores’. Thus, everyone felt that if they could become the Tonglin Elixir Store’s suppliers, it wouldn’t be any different than having a meat pie fall upon them from the sky!

“Shopkeeper Su, please state what you need our help with clearly. We will all do our best,” Old Huang said.

Su Yu nodded, then said, “Well… My elixir store doesn’t have any more elixirs and didn’t get any new supply of goods, which is why I wanted to ask you to lend me a hand by providing some useful elixirs for me to sell.”

“Well… We will all do our utmost to help you in this. So, please tell us exactly how many of the elixirs you want, how we should supply you with them, and what price you are willing to pay for them.” Old Huang heaved a long sigh of relief. It seemed like he had finally gained something for taking risks on that day and paying fifty thousand crystals!

Su Yu handed each one of them a bill that he had already prepared in advance, anticipating this very moment. “It’s quite simple… Your five families will all get an even share, and each family will provide the same amount of elixirs. The elixirs you must provide, as well as their prices, are written on the bill. I will take them all for their market price so that you won’t suffer any losses. You should take a look at the bill after leaving today.”

Old Huang’s expression stiffened, but he quickly forced himself to display a calm look and accept the bill with a smile.

However, even though he could accept this easily, his son couldn’t, and he asked Su Yu indignantly “Shopkeeper Su, may I ask you… On what basis did you set such a division of profits and such?”

Su Yu replied calmly, “It’s obviously based on how you helped me before.”

“Oh. Well… Since that’s the case, then why is our Huang family, which helped you with fifty thousand crystals worth of elixirs gotten similar treatment similar to the others? According to what I know, the value of the elixirs that they offered didn’t surpass five thousand crystals. So, you must understand that it’s difficult for our Huang family to accept such a seemingly unequal division,” his son replied.

Su Yu looked at him calmly. “If you can’t accept the terms, you can just refuse to provide me with goods and let them take charge of providing me with all of the goods.”

“You!” The son was infuriated, and just as he was about to retort, Old Huang glared at him. Thus, he could only shut his mouth unwillingly.

“Since it seems like we don’t have anything else to discuss, I won’t entertain you any longer,” Su Yu closed his eyes slowly as he spoke in a dismissive tone.

The group of elixir dealers left excitedly. They knew that they had all just been given a great opportunity.

Even if the store had just monthly sales figures of eighty thousand, a fifth of that would be sixteen thousand crystals each month, which would be more than two hundred thousand crystals in a year! This was a great business deal for all of them!

Among the entire crowd, it was only the Huang family’s people whose expressions were less than enthusiastic. Upon seeing this, one of the elixir dealers onsite turned and said to Old Huang, “Hehe, Old Huang, we all must thank you, as it’s only because you offered the Tonglin Elixir Store a large number of elixirs so generously that it managed to get through such a crisis. So, it’s really only thanks to you all that we have received such a great opportunity this day!”

His words’ mockery and sarcasm were obvious. The Huang family had offered Su Yu such a great gift, yet they had only gotten a treatment equal to the others in return. Although, just as the dealer had said, it was a good opportunity, they deserved more than most.

However, Old Huang kept calm and simply chuckled in response. As for his child, he couldn’t keep his calm, and he felt more frustrated and indignant than ever as he asked, “Father, why should our Huang family just swallow our anger? If new of how we have been treated this day was to spread, we would become the laughing stock of the entire realm. It seems to me that Su Yuxian isn’t a good person! In fact, he seems to be quite an ungrateful guy!”

Old Huang’s gaze became sharp as he snapped at his son, “Shut up!”

He then said, “Our Huang family sent him elixirs worth fifty thousand crystals, while we will get by supplying him goods worth sixteen thousand each month. Our family’s monthly earnings will become greater by one fold, and we will just need three or four months to gain back our capital. So, why aren’t you content with this?”

Old Huang clearly had a much more open-minded view of this matter than his son. He then added, “Where else could we get such a cheap deal? You should behave with integrity and accept your lot in life.”

Although he knew that what his father had just stated was reasonable, it was still difficult for the son to accept it, despite his father’s rebuke. “Can’t he just let our Huang family’s take several more tenths of the profit shares? Humph!”

The son grumbled inwardly several times. He was aware that after they went back home, similar complaints would rise.

Old Huang remained quite for quite some time, then sighed softly. “One must only look at the bright side of this matter. With such a business deal, our Huang family can finally take a breather, and we won’t end up being thrown out of Tianya City by those Elixir Alliance’s alchemists!”

If he had said that he wasn’t disappointed when he had first heard Su Yu’s allocation to his family, that would be a lie. But, as he couldn’t do anything about it, he could only resign himself to his fate.

While sighing, Old Huang opened the bill that Su Yu had given to him. He had expected that several ordinary elixirs would be listed on it. However, it was unexpectedly just a single elixir that he saw on it!

Old Huang was taken aback by this, and his heart couldn’t help but sink as he wondered… Is my Huang family being allowed to provide just a single type of elixir?

However, when he observed the words written on the bill, he couldn’t help but squint his eyes, while his pupils shone brightly. It was obvious from this how excited he was.

When the son noticed his father’s odd expression, he looked over his shoulder in surprise and asked, “Father, what is on the list? Ah! Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid…”

The moment the son cried out in alarm, the bodies of the elixir dealers, who still hadn’t left yet, shivered, and they all looked back at the father and son pair. They were trying to see what all the commotion was about.

“Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid? What are you talking about?” one of the elixir dealers nearby asked curiously.

Those several elixir dealers were all shrewd guys, so naturally they noticed that something was amiss. So, they all went over to them and wanted to have a look at the bill. So, Old Huang quickly folded the paper and put in his sleeves before they had a chance to do so.

He then chuckled and said, “Oh… It’s nothing! My silly son is just speaking nonsense and drivelling on again!”

After he spoke, this father and son quickly left the Outer City and went back to their residence in the Inner City. They immediately closed its great gate and asked the guards to protect the courtyard, thus preventing anyone from taking a single step inside it.

“Fa… Father, I didn’t mistake it for something else, did I? Is it really the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid? What does Shopkeeper Su mean by this? Does he want us to provide the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid to him?” the son asked.

His mouth was shivering, while the words that he had just seen on the list plagued his mind. His normal address of Su Yu had also changed from Su Yuxian to Shopkeeper Su.

Old Huang had a solemn look on his face as he replied, “You almost brought a great disaster upon us a moment ago. You are already this old, yet you still can’t control yourself!”