The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Selling Fairy Artifacts

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The moment he appeared, all of the shopkeepers in the yard were shocked, many of them doubting what they were seeing.

They were wondering in awe… Isn’t that plump old man the Deputy General Manager? Why would he be at a small, low-class elixir store? Although the Tonglin Elixir Store has gained some merit recently, it still wouldn’t have reached an extent that made the Deputy General Manager come here in person!

No one would have guessed that the guest that Su Yu was meeting today was the Deputy General Manager! Fei Hang’s anger froze on his face. Then, while still maintaining the posture of pushing off the guards, he was transfixed on his same spot, standing motionless. He looked petrified!

The Deputy General Manager stared at Fei Hang coldly. Then, glancing at the massive group of shopkeepers behind him, he said to Fei Hang, “This is ill-mannered behavior! You can return to the faction starting tomorrow, as Tianya City doesn’t need your services anymore!”

The Deputy General Manager had decided Fei Hang’s fate in those few words! The sales of the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store were shocking, and the great amount of merit points awarded by the faction was beyond imagination!

Fei Hang had gained his position of strength with the support of the Right Palace Master. Now that he had been sacked by the Deputy General Manager, the loss of merit points wasn’t exactly his biggest problem. The big deal was his receiving punishment from the Right Palace Master!

The nosy shopkeepers behind him looked grave, but in fact, they were excited that old Fei had finally been forced to step down!

“Haha, Shopkeeper Fei, it seems like Shopkeeper Su really is meeting with an important guest,” a shopkeeper from a middle-class elixir store remarked mockingly.

“Right, Shopkeeper Fei, please enlighten us on what to do next!” another shopkeeper taunted.

Fei Hang felt ashamed. In his downhearted mood, he left with his face covered behind his hands. As they watched him leave in disgrace, everyone burst out laughing. They felt like this moment was almost calling for a celebration!

The clever shopkeepers took this opportunity to form ties with Su Yu. Now that Fei Hang had been sacked, based on the current trend, the next grand shopkeeper would surely be Shopkeeper Su!

Alas, Su Yu stayed at home all that day, refusing to meet with any guests, as he was concentrating on his training. He took out the 200 grains of golden sand and continued studying the treasury of words that had been left behind for him by Yun Yazi. He was rigorously focused on learning the Mu words.

The next day, a pink mist flickered in Elder Huang’s house, and with a “ding” sound, a space ring appeared. It contained the 450 Heartbroken Zither Grass plants that had been promised by Su Yu.

Elder Huang was overjoyed when he saw this. He immediately gathered a batch of elixir makers and started refining the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid on a grand scale in the HUang family’s secret base.

The precious part about the elixir was its extinct ingredient. As for the difficulty level of refining it, that was not a problem for mature middle-stage elixir makers.

A few days later, the Huang family delivered 450 sets of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid as promised to the Tonglin Elixir Store to be sold. They also fulfilled their wish of receiving the reward of 500,000 crystals for their efforts.

Su Yu was indifferent to the happenings that were occuring outside, as he had entered the training state in time acceleration mode. Occasionally, when he awoke, he would consume a vessel of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, multitasking by conducting training and enlightenment at the same time.

After two weeks had passed, Tianya City was having a turbulent time. The exclusive sale of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid had become a hot trend, and its flourishing was arousing the jealousy of many powerful influences.

While the turmoil caused by the ancient spiritual medicine was still ongoing, Su Yu, the instigator behind it, had finally awoken from his meditative state. In the time-acceleration mode that he had been inside, half a month of rigorous training was equivalent to twenty years in the regular world!

During this time, his comprehension of the Mu words had reached a state of perfection. Apart from a small amount of uncommon, barely understandable words, Su Yu could read and write quite proficiently. As such, even a native Mu could hardly outshine Su Yu’s language skills!

When one considered these past 20 years of rigorous training, combined with Yun Yazi’s lifetime worth of study aids that he had access to, the level that Su Yu had attained was really not that surprising. But, it was still impressive nonetheless.

“Mu words are no challenge for me, as I’m unsure if the big matter mentioned by the Deputy General Manager has any relation to Mu words at all…” Su Yu shook off the dust that had settled on himself and blinked his dry eyes as he wondered aloud.

He had not only learned Mu words, but Su Yu had also gained achievements in other aspects during this time of meditation. Specifically, with the help of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, Su Yu had successfully trained his Soul Energy to the sixth-grade fairy level. Now, he was not far from reaching the Almighty level!

As a side effect, his cultivation had also reached the fifth-grade fairy level. His body had also been altered accordingly, meaning that it had reached the eighth-grade fairy level. This, combined with the First Dragon’s Body, meant that it would not be difficult for him to attain the Strength of Nine Elephants!

Su Yu was merely a third-grade fairy when he left the faction. Now, only a month had passed, yet he had achieved the cultivation of a fifth-grade fairy. This training speed was incredible!

Standing up to move his stiff body, a shrewd light shone in Su Yu’s eyes. He summoned Yingluan and Qingliu to inquire about the sales at the store.

He learned from the two of them that the 450 sets of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid had all been sold within an hour that day. Plus, many of the Divine Masters bought it in bulk, each offering a high price for the purchase!

When all was said and done, after deducting the cost that was paid to the Huang family, the Tonglin Elixir Store had gained a total sale profit of 4,500,000 crystals! This far surpassed the standard profit margins of even the high-class elixir stores and could almost be promoted to the equivalent of a super elixir store’s profits range!

Of course, 80 percent of such an enormous sale performance had to be paid to the grand senior. But, even so, the Tonglin Elixir Store would still gain a profit of 900,000! That, added with the 20,000 profit that had been gained in the last sale, plus the profit from the common elixirs, the sum was more than 1,000,000 crystals!

After deducting from that the 300,000 debt that was owed by the Tonglin Elixir Store before Su Yu came onboard, it could be seen that Su Yu had turned the great loss that originally existed into a net profit of over 800,000 crystals! Su Yu did some more calculations, and according to the faction’s standards, he could receive a big reward of more than 200,000 merit points for making his store a profit of 800,000 crystals!

Well… 200,000 is still a great distance away from 4,000,000 merit points… Su Yu thought.

However, he was not disappointed. After all, the mission at the Tonglin Elixir Store was only an ordinary one, and it was already super impressive of him to have earned 200,000 merit points. Moreover, the amount of attention that he would gain from people when he returned to the faction was practically priceless in itself.

Today happened to have reached the deadline of the month, and as Su Yu had completed his time as a shopkeeper, tt was time for him to leave. Yingluan and Qingliu were rather reluctant to part. They knew that it was the day for Su Yu to leave because the new shopkeeper who would replace him had arrived at the Tonglin Elixir Store five days ago.

“Here’s a handwritten letter. After I leave, you must pass this to the new shopkeeper. He’ll be kind to you.” Su Yu handed them a handwritten letter.

With Su Yu’s current reputation, he could go and work at a more glorious elixir store at anytime. If the new shopkeeper knew what was best for him, he would make an effort to be kind to Su Yu’s people in order to keep Su Yu happy. As long as the new shopkeeper kept Su Yu happy and towed the line, he could continue to enjoy the benefits of running such a successful store.

“Shopkeeper Su…” Yingluan felt heavy-hearted. Her fate had changed, completely skyrocketing in just a single month, all with Su Yu’s help.

Qingliu bit her lip. “Grand shopkeeper, please bring us with you. I’m willing to follow you anywhere.”

Su Yu patted them on the back, then said gently, “In life, there’ll be joyous gatherings and sorrowful partings. Ever since we met, we’ve known that our parting is inevitable. If it’s destiny that we shall meet again, we will.”

After waving his hand, Su Yu soared into the sky, leaving them and the entire yard of Almighty Divine Masters behind. The Huang family then received another space ring, along with a note, which read:

Here are 12,000 sets of materials. You have half a year to assimilate them. The rules have been slightly altered. Sell them to the Tonglin Elixir Store at 10,000 crystals per set. You’ll get 10 percent of the crystals obtained, and I’ll come and collect the remaining 90 percent later. I do hope that the Huang family won’t be short-sighted and disappoint me in this matter…

Elder Huang was utterly shocked when he received the letter. So many sets of materials was quite a shocking amount!

To be frank, even with his level of integrity, he immediately thought of embezzling all of the materials. Then, the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid that was manufactured would be fully owned by the Huang family! That would make them a striking profit indeed!

However, Su Yu’s warning in the last line made him rethink this and definitely sobered him! At that moment, he couldn’t help but wonder… If I thought of embezzling it, why would the senior not have also thought of it?

Although the senior had left, he had appointed the Tonglin Elixir Store of the Red Blood Palace to sell it, which showed that they apparently shared a very intimate relationship. Thinking of this made him wonder… Why would I take the risk of being demolished by the Red Blood Palace for a 100 million crystals?

After all, he figured that if he worked for the senior and did well, he could earn a massive wealth of 10,000,000 crystals in half a year’s time. In the future, the senior would also continue to transfer the orders to the Huang family. So, it made sense to stay in it for the long haul rather than be distracted by the crystals now.

Hence, after some serious mental struggling, he finally settled down and came to that wise conclusion to hold off. Besides, money could never outweigh the importance of the family’s peace and safety. And… With 10,000,000 crystals, the Huang family would be taken care of for life!

Upon leaving Huang’s house, Su Yu did not proceed to report his mission at the headquarters. Instead, he went straight to the Tianya Auction House.

In a deserted alley, Su Yu removed the Power of Time from his body. His senile appearance gradually changed into an elegant, fairy-like and handsome, white-haired young man’s appearance.

Su Yu’s attire changed as well. With this new appearance, no one would recognize him as the old shopkeeper from the Tonglin Elixir Store.

However, it was still inconvenient for Su Yu to show himself in this new dignified form. This was because the painting of him killing Xue Di with this very form had probably been spread all over the continent by now!

At that moment, a bright light shone in the ring, while a plaited bamboo hat appeared on his palm. “I’d like to consign an item for sale,” Su Yu said to a female servant when he arrived at the Tianya Auction House.

She flashed a sweet smile at him as she said, “Please come with me. I’ll bring you to the appraiser.”

“It’s pointless to see an appraiser. Just ask Fairy Ling to come and see me,” Su Yu replied indifferently.

The female servant’s face froze, but she still forced a smile as she replied with a question, “Senior, what are you talking about? I don’t understand…”

“Then find someone who does understand! You’ve lost the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid once, do you want to lose out on yet another big business opportunity?” Su Yu asked angrily.

She pondered for a moment, while biting her red lip. She then mumbled, “Please wait here…”

A while later, she came out with an appraiser. He was a reputable one, who could be considered as high-ranking within the auction house circle. “Dare I ask who Your Excellency is? What have you brought us today, as I’m in charge of the appraisals.” He had heard that someone mysterious with an arrogant demeanor was at the door, so he immediately came to check it out for himself.

Su Yu said indifferently, “Fairy Ling is the one I’m looking for. As for the thing that I want to sell… You have no say in the matter.”

The appraiser frowned. “I’ve not introduced myself. Pardon me, but I’m the grand appraiser of the Tianya Auction House. As such, all of the auctioned items have been processed by me alone, so there’s nothing that I can’t decide!”

“Oh, then that means that you can make the decision if I want to sell a fairy artifact?” Su Yu asked calmly.

The grand appraiser’s pupils constricted as he began to murmur, “Fairy…”

Luckily, he shut his mouth in time, while cautiously scanning the surroundings. His face relaxed a moment thereafter and he said solemnly, “Your Excellency, please come inside for a negotiation. I’ll go get my master.”

He had to request this because all fairy artifacts, regardless if they were even just fragments, prototypes, or semi-manufactured versions, exceeded the job scope of even the grand appraiser. Only an All Creation Old Monster could decide on such kind of objects!