The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Two Moves To Defeat The Enemy


The figure drew close at an alarming speed.

They were around the age of twenty years old, with a handsome face and graceful features; his looks were extraordinary. He was also Level Nine Upper Tier, which made everyone nervous.

He flew onto the arena stage gracefully and looked at the Holy King in the distance. He cupped his hands respectfully, "Fenghuang Valley's Zhan Feiyun has come to pay a visit to the Holy King, under the orders of the Valley Master."

The Holy King remained indifferent, "What business do you have with me, speak."

Neither humble nor haughty, Zhan Feiyun calmly replied, "On behalf of the Valley Master, she has instructed for you to move quickly, as she will not wait for you if you are late."

What a message!

Such rudeness toward the Holy King! The Master of Fenghuang Valley was too arrogant!

The Holy King's eyes were cold as he shot a piercing gaze at Zhan Feiyun, "Go back and tell her I won't leave the fight of the century up to chance!"

"Yes! I will definitely let her know," Zhan Feiyun said respectfully, as he slowly turned his back and was about to leave.

"Stop it right there!" Liu Kun shot him a cold look.

Zhan Feiyun's footsteps faltered before he turned around. "What matters do you have with me?" he asked condescendingly.

Liu Kun's face turned ice cold, "You just casually waltz in and out of our Sanctuary? Do you think this is your Fenghuang Valley?"

"What do you want to do then?" Zhan Feiyun asked. He looked slightly bored, his hands clasped behind his back.

Liu Kun's eyes burned with fury, "I want to see if Fenghuang Valley people's skills match up to the size of their arrogance!"

All the ten Holy Disciples observed in silence.

Fenghuang Valley had gone too far!

They had traveled a long distance just to tell the Holy King that they would not wait for him, should he be late. That was blatant disrespect toward the Holy King!

Zhan Feiyun's and his arrogant attitude needed to be taught a lesson!

"With your skills? You are no match for me," Zhan Feiyun shook his head lightly as he replied in disdain.

"Whether I am a match for you or not, we will know after we fight! Here I come!" Liu Kun shouted.

"Rise and Fall of Mountains and Seas!" Liu Kun shouted as he was enveloped in an aura of saint grade Holy Decree.


Everyone heard the sound of the raging ocean waves, powerful enough to flood the mountains. The attack's scale was so big and its strength was so great that it shook everyone to the core.


The prospective Holy Disciples close to the edge of the arena stage flew backward as blood spewed from their mouths.

Liu Qing was horrified, his face pale.

Liu Kun's Holy Decree was so strong, he was unmatched among the Holy Disciples.

Only the top three Holy Disciples could even compete with Liu Kun's Holy Decree.


A force, strong enough to destroy mountains and seas, charged towards Zhan Feiyun.

However, even when faced with such a terrifying force, Zhan Feiyun remained calm as ever. "Merely, like this," he taunted.

"Dense Willows Bright Flowers!"


Zhan Feiyun's figure blurred into the shadows, flickering and difficult to catch.

The immense force, as if it had been pressurized in midair, could not make Zhan Feiyun budge a single inch!

The people present were flabbergasted.

"This... this is saint grade Holy Decree?"

"No, this is something stronger than a saint grade Holy Decree!"

"Merely a saint grade Holy Decree and you dare to be so arrogant? You are merely making a fool out of yourself!" Zhan Feiyun said darkly.

Liu Kun was extremely shocked. What type of Holy Decree did his opponent possess? It was as if he was bombarded by the shadows!

Without giving Liu Kun time to recover from his shock, Zhan Feiyun strode over casuallyas if he were strolling through a park. Yet, his speed was extremely fast! In the blink of an eye, he managed to close in!

"Mountain Rivers Burying Fists!" Zhan Feiyun shot out a fist.

His fist was so mighty it seemed as though it could reverse the current of a raging river and level mountains. It was as if thousands of miles of mountain rivers were consolidated into that one fist.

Liu Kun took a direct hithe felt there was no hiding place on Earth that could shield one from that attack.

"Earth Obliterating Palm!" Liu Kun bit his teeth and attacked daringly.

As his palm extended, the air shifted and the earth trembled. It was as though that palm could obliterate heaven and earth, causing the earth to crack in four directions.

One fist and one palm collided!



Thud, thud, thud

Liu Kun took a few steps backward as he spewed out a mouth of blood. He looked shocked! He had actually been defeated in only two moves!

Both were Level Nine Upper Tier, yet the difference in combat power was astonishing!

Everyone gasped in astonishment!

The Holy King's aged eyes were serious.

Upon using only two moves to defeat his enemy, Zhan Feiyun laughed mockingly, "Utterly fragile."

Liu Kun's face flushed with rage, and he shouted with blood in his mouth, "Frog living under a well. Such arrogance! My Sanctuary also has a Level Nine Upper Tier Holy Disciples that can defeat me in two moves. She is the ranked third, Senior Wang Jing. For Fenghuang Valley's people to be so arrogant, aren't you afraid of being a laughingstock?"

Zhan Feiyun's strength likely put him in the top rankings of Fenghuang Valley. To be so willfully arrogant, it was difficult for anyone to believe he was a good person.

Unexpectedly, Zhan Feiyun laughed mockingly, "Oh? A frog living under a well? Do you know what my ranking is in Fenghuang Valley?"

Liu Kun's face turned stiff. Faced with Zhan Feiyun's mocking, Liu Kun could not help but become serious. Perhaps, Fenghuang Valley's strength was a notch stronger than the Sanctuary's. However, both were nurtured by Holy Kings. Admittedly, differences in strengths were inevitable, but they should not be too great.

"Hehe, unless you mean to tell me in Fenghuang Valley you are not even in the top five percent of warriors!" Liu Kun laughed coldly.

Zhan Feiyun's ability was so strong, it was likely he was ranked fourth or fifth. Had he been in the Sanctuary's, he could have contended for the top three spots!

Zhan Feiyun snickered, "Top five? You Sanctuary disciples are the true frogs living under the well! I am merely ranked tenth in Fenghuang Valley!"

What? Ranked tenth?

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Strength like that would have placed him in the Sanctuary's top three only ranked tenth in Fenghuang Valley? If Zhan Feiyun was not lying, how terrifying was Fenghuang Valley's ability?

Sanctuary disciples were all shaken to the core. To be so strong at rank ten, what kind of gifted genius was ranked first?

The Holy King's eyes remained calm.

After a short moment of silence, The Holy King announced lightly, "I will only bring the top five Holy Disciples with me to Fenghuang Valley, the rest would serve no purpose in going."

The ten Holy Disciples were shocked!

Zhan Feiyun's appearance had actually made the Holy King change his mind!

The Holy Disciples were greatly shaken, especially those ranked sixth to tenth. Their expressions changed immensely. If they were to be unable to follow the Holy King, then they would be dismissed along with the prospective Holy Disciples!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh

In a split second, all five Holy Disciples all looked toward Liu Kun, who was ranked fifth!

According to the rules of the Holy Disciples' challenge, one may advance in rank by taking the spot of the person he defeats. Seeing it was their only chance to follow the Holy King, they were not afraid to display their slight inadequacies at the moment.

"Senior Liu, I challenge you!" The Holy Disciples who dared not challenge Liu Kun in the past now all wanted to challenge him.

The Holy King silently acknowledged their challenges.

However, an indifferent voice was heard from the arena stage.

"Seniors, have you all forgotten I am still on the arena stage?"

The five Holy Disciples then realized that Liu Kun and Su Yu's battle had yet to begin.

After being interrupted midway by Zhan Feiyunaccording to traditionit was Su Yu's right to challenge him first.

Liu Kun wiped away the traces of blood on his lips and re-entered the arena stage. His gaze was piercing, "Su Yu! After seeing my battle, you still have the courage to challenge me. I am impressed."

Although he had lost, nobody questioned Liu Kun's immense strength.

Su Yu's closed eyes still had yet to see Liu Kun.

"Senior Liu, you are mistaken. The person I wish to challenge is not you... but him." Su Yu stood with his hands clasped behind his back as he casually took a step to face... Zhan Feiyun!

What? Su Yu's target was actually Zhan Feiyun!

He was strong enough to rank second or third at the Sanctuary.

Zhan Feiyun shot Su Yu a cold look and forced out a smile, "Oh? You are Xianer's fianc, Su Yu?

Along the way, he had been gathering information and had easily found out that the famous Su Yu had entered the Sanctuary. As a disciple of Sanctuary, Zhan Feiyun did not dare to openly kill Su Yu. This matter would require Fenghuang Valley's Master to settle.

Hearing Xianer's name, Su Yu was shaken to the core.

As expected, Xianer was indeed in Fenghuang Valley. Was she doing well? Had they taken good care of her, or had she been bullied?

In an instant, his mind was filled with Xianer's petite figure.

He wished he could immediately head towards Fenghuang Valley and meet Xianer.

"You want to battle me?" Su Yu felt a dense animosity from Zhan Feiyun.

Zhan Feiyun snorted, "I hoped you would. A blind person has no rights to be Xianer's partner!"


Zhan Feiyun took a step forward, "Out of respect for Xianer, how about I allow you to have a handicap of three moves? Seeing that Xianer and I have an unusually close relationship."

His words contained blatant insult, insinuating Su Yu needed Xianer to protect him.

"No need. You may use your full strength, while you still have the chance to attack at all," Su Yu said calmly, as placid as a winter lake.

Still, this sentence caused a huge uproar! Everyone was extremely shocked.

Su Yu's words meant that Zhan Feiyun would not even have the chance to use his moves! Even the Holy King's aged eyes seemed bewildered.

Long Xiaoyue guessed that Su Yu was planning to make use of traps and outwit his opponent. Having seen Su Yu's method of killing the Slayer King, Long Xiaoyue did not underestimate Su Yu's ability to plot and think ahead.

Zhan Feiyun was shocked. He had not expected that Su Yu would utter such preposterous words.

Zhan Feiyun regained his senses and chuckled while shaking his head, "I originally thought Xianer's fianc, despite being of common birth, would still be a man of talent.

"But I didn't expect that, besides your eyes, your heart too would be blind. How pitiful, to actually say such foolish words!" Zhan Feiyun's expression gradually turned cold as he shook his head, "I feel unjust on behalf of Xianerto be engaged to such an ignorant person! Should she follow you in the future, she will definitely be implicated and suffer!"

Su Yu stood calmly without any sadness or anger. He lightly shook his head, "I gave you a chance to use your moves, yet you wasted it on idle talk. Are all Fenghuang Valley's people so detestable?"

Zhan Feiyun's words had been treated like thin airignored by Su Yu.

Zhan Feiyun was angry at Su Yu's complete disregard, his cheeks turned ice-cold. "Hmph! Who do you think you are! On behalf of Fenghuang Valley, let me teach an ignorant fellow like you a lesson!"


Zhan Feiyun suddenly attacked Su Yu.

Su Yu did not move a single inch. "Your chance to use your moves had already been used up. In front of me, you don't even have the rights to use your moves," he said with an ethereal, indifferent voice.

Su Yu finally moved, for the first time since entering the arena!

He merely lifted a finger, pointing toward Zhan Feiyun.