The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Great Master Yuxian

Chapter 886: Great Master Yuxian
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“What’s going on?” It was only after a long while that the Deputy General Manager spoke awkwardly. He couldn’t understand how Su Yu had managed to become Master Gao’s teacher. Even if Su Yu had learned the Wood Clan’s Language since childhood, he wouldn’t have reached a great level of attainment in it.

Su Yu just smiled and didn’t explain anything. He just started walking quietly toward the altar.

The Deputy General Manager and the others were confused, Qin Lin’s two heads were solemn as if they were about to face a great enemy. The student taught by him was amazing, so how skilled would be the teacher?

“Sir, may I ask for your name?” Qin Lin asked, cupping his hands at him.

“I’m just a nobody,” Su Yu replied calmly. “Start the sacrificial ritual.”

Qin Lin’s two heads took a deep look at Su Yu and were immediately on guard. They felt great pressure at this moment.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The sacrificial ritual was started once again, and the altar started revolving, while some of the dense characters beneath their feet starting shining and forming several sentences.

Qin Lin’s two heads managed to quickly glance at all the shining characters and quickly organized them into a complete sentence. They had reached a high level of attainment in the Wood Clan’s Language, and they would need just five seconds to finish deciphering it.

“Fine, I already finished interpreting it.” The two heads’ minds were interlinked, and they quickly took a scroll and started recording their interpretation of the words on the altar.

“Take it!” Suddenly, a voice reached their ears.

When they raised their eyes and looked over, their pupils couldn’t help but contract. They were still recording the words, while Su Yu had already finished recording them. He threw a jade ornament to the person in charge, and it was delivered to the front line.

“Hiss!” Qin Lin’s two heads sucked in a breath of cold air. They found this matter unbelievable!

The crowd in the vicinity watching this event went into an uproar.

“Did you witness it? How did he manage to decipher it?” A million pairs of eyes were flickering with surprise.

“I saw it! In the first second after the Wood Clan’s characters started shining, he cast just a single glance at them, before he started recording them,” someone said in surprise.

“He managed to interpret them quickly, as if he was looking at just a Human Clan’s language, and not the strange and rare Wood Clan’s Language.”

The crowd started discussing this matter spiritedly, while Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager looked baffled. They both felt like they were dreaming, and that nothing happening was real. In all past sacrificial rituals, it was Qin Lin who would finish recording first, while their people would be dillydallying.

Now, everything had changed, and they couldn’t get used to it at all.

Su Yu’s interpretation speed was faster than Qin Lin by a whole fold. What did this demonstrate? It demonstrated than Su Yu knew the Wood Clan’s Language well, and his skill and knowledge reached a high level.

“Old Monster Wu, you really hid him well. You found such an apex expert, yet you didn’t inform anyone.” After Monk Zhou got over the shock and delight, irritation appeared on his face.

Even though all of their factions allied together to face the Heavenly Knife Region, they weren’t a single faction and entity. They still had another agreement between them, and the factions who made the highest loss in the ritual would offer more of its stores as compensation.

After the previous challenge, Junior Brother Qian made a great contribution to their score, hence why among the hundred stores offered to the Heavenly Knife Region, the Purple Cloud Palace offered just ten, while the Red Blood Place, who hadn’t contributed much, had to offer them thirty ones.

“I was quite baffled why you agreed to drive them out of the seal. It turned out that it was because you were afraid that our members would learn his knowledge.” Monk Zhou was quite jealous of them, hence why he couldn’t help but ramble about this matter.

The Deputy General Manager couldn’t state his troubles now. How could he know that the Wood Clan’s Language’s expert, whom he found by chance, was such a great expert?

However, upon hearing Monk Zhou’s increasingly unreasonable words, he couldn’t help but get angry. He sneered coldly, and said, “You still have the nerve to mention this matter? It was your Junior Brother Qian, who was insufferably arrogant, who drove out Su Yuxian. Did you try to stop him at the time? If you had tried to keep Junior Brother Qian under control, Su Yuxian would have taught them that night, and they wouldn’t have ended up suffering such miserable defeats. Now, you are instead blaming me for hiding him?”

Monk Zhou already regretted his previous words. He had really spoken irresponsibly.

Upon hearing the Deputy General Manager’s rebuke, Monk Zhou’s aged face couldn’t help but become slightly flushed. “I forget myself for a moment. My old friend, please don’t take offense.”

As Monk Zhou looked at the composed Su Yu on the stage. He had an air of transcendence. Monk Zhou sighed and said, “It was my mistake, and I ended up harming everyone by allowing Junior Brother Qian to act arrogantly.”

Master Gao had merely an average skill, yet after being taught by Su Yu for a single night, he made a meteoric rise and astounded a million people.

If Monk Zhou had rebuked Junior Brother Qian on that day, most people would have managed to slightly raise their skill.

“It’s only now that I learned that he had such high skill, and after a while, we will surely get to know this affair’s inside story after questioning him.” The Deputy General Manager’s mind was at ease now, and his eyes shone with amazement as he looked at Su Yu, who was on the stage.

How had Su Yu managed to get his current great attainment?

“In the first round, Su Yuxian got a point, and Qin Lin got a point.”

The second round had started, and as expected, Su Yu just cast a glance at the characters before he started interpreting them. It was as easy for him as drinking water, and he didn’t give it much thought. As for Qin Lin, he would need to stare at the characters for four or five seconds before he could manage to use them to form a meaningful sentence.

“In the second round, Su Yuxian got a point, and Qin Lin got a point.”

“In the third round, Su Yuxian got a point, and Qin Lin got a point.”

“In the fifteenth round, Su Yuxian got a point, and Qin Lin got a point.”

Qin Lin’s two heads didn’t dare to relax at all now. They were both solemn as they looked at Su Yu, like they were facing a mortal enemy.

“It’s the intermediate stage. We will ask you once again your distinguished name,” Qin Lin’s spoke solemnly.

They had lost in the primary stage, and they had lost thoroughly, hence when they inquired about Su Yu’s name, they used ‘your distinguished name’ instead of just ‘your name’. It was because they had started giving Su Yu more considerations, and esteemed him more.

“I already stated that I’m just a nobody.” Su Yu gestured with his hand. “Continue on!”

The altar started revolving faster than before by a whole fold, and more complex and strange characters started appearing, and they would stay for just a brief moment before disappearing.

Qin Lin’s two heads would need eight seconds to interpret them. As for Su Yu, he still easily dealt with them before a million dumbfounded spectators. He recorded the sentences and handed a piece of paper over to the person in the front line in charge of offering sacrifices.
It was like Su Yu was still in the primary stage, and he wasn’t affected by this stage’s greater difficulty at all. It was contrary to Qin Lin, who would need to spend eight seconds on the characters before he would start to record the answer.

If one observed Qin Lin carefully, he would notice that both his heads’ foreheads were filled with beads of sweat. They were both nervous and tense. It wasn’t because of the intermediate stage’s difficulty, but because their opponent was too skilled. Su Yu’s skill reached an unimaginable level, and he brought them great pressure.

A wave of dense and pure energy was imbued into Su Yu’s body, and it slowly and steadily nourished his Dantians.

It was a success!

Upon witnessing this, the million spectators examined in alarm once again. “What the hell! Who’s this old man? Did our Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands have such a peerless language’s expert?”

“You don’t know him?” Someone spoke in disdain.

“I have never seen him before because I just came here. Is he a renowned person?” the person replied and shook his head blankly.

“Do you know Tonglin Elixir Store’s Shopkeeper Su?”

“What? It’s him? Is he Shopkeeper Su, who sells the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid?” Upon hearing him, all people oblivious to the truth were startled.

Now, in the whole of Tianya City, who didn’t know the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid? And who didn’t know that its owner was a shopkeeper called Su Yuxian?

All Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ members felt more proud of themselves. After so many years had passed, a Wood Clan’s Language’s great expert had finally appeared, and he had managed to crush even the Great Master Qin Lin.

The Wood Clan’s Language’s great expert, who claimed in the past that he was the best in Jiuzhou, was now like a lowly student in front of Su Yuxian.

They felt comfortable all over at this moment, and it was really an indescribable feeling.

Lu Chuyi’s pretty eyes flickered, and many waves rose in her heart as she looked at Su Yu. She didn’t know why the more she looked at Su Yu, the more she felt like she knew him. His every movement, word, and even his aura were overlapping with a certain person hidden in the deepest part of her mind.

Su Yu had an outstanding bearing, just like him, and was also cultured, refined, composed, and carefree. He was also as dazzling as that person and was able to astound everyone with his skills.

Wasn’t everything occurring before her eyes the same than what had happened in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and what the silver-haired youth named Yin Yu had done?

However, one of them was a youth, while the other one was a white-haired old man.

“Who is he?” As Lu Chuyi stared at Su Yu, many doubts rose in her mind.

Killing intent appeared on Hu Wangui’s face. It was Su Yuxian once again! It was still Su Yuxian!

Su Yuxian had thrown out the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid and wrecked his plan of suppressing the Red Blood Palace. Now, he appeared halfway through the ritual, and ruined his great plan about that too!. He had ruined all of his plans, one after the other, that Hu Wangui had set with meticulous care. Was he doing it on purpose?

This affair was heading toward the worst possible outcome, and this was a matter which had never happened before.

Among the crowd, a delicate and small girl was nestling against a beautiful middle-aged woman. She was crossing her hands before her chest while staring at Su Yu coldly. “I really didn’t notice it. He had hidden it deeply, and even in the Demon Mountain, he didn’t reveal at all that he had any talent in the Wood Clan’s Language.”

“That’s right. We have really misjudged him. He’s a pretty good genius, and we can probably recruit him into the Cliff Mountain, and have him work for us,” Fairy Ling said coldly.

Bright Moon Householder and Mistress Qin were also among the crowd.

“Hehe, I really didn’t expect that he was this amazing.” Bright Moon Householder’s eyes, which shone in a cold glint, were filled with hatred.

A cold look appeared on Mistress Qin’s face. “Snort, it’s him, who had caused trouble in my Shizhen Bookyard, isn’t he? Even though he’s now enjoying the limelight, I will not forgive him.”

The altar’s sacrificial ritual still continued.

“In the second round, Su Yuxian got two points, and Qin Lin got two points.”

“In the third round…”

“In the eighth round, Su Yuxian got two points, and Qin Lin got two points.”

Su Yu still gave the same impression to people as before. He was still carefree and relaxed and handled everything with ease. However, Qin Lin had obviously reached his limit and was drenched with sweat. It seemed like his mind was tired.

“Great Master, I will ask you once again your distinguished name!” Qin Lin already started addressing Su Yu as a ‘Great Master’.

It could be seen from this that respect for Su Yu welled up in his heart.

“I’m just a nobody,” Su Yu replied simply.

In the next round, Su Yu succeeded, while Qin Lin didn’t manage to solve it in time because he was under great pressure. His interpretation failed and he was eliminated.

“In the tenth round, Su Yuxian succeeded, and got two points.”

“In the eleventh round, Su Yuxian succeeded, and got two points.”

He already reached the eleventh round, which was Qin Lin’s highest recorded achievement, but the million people present here weren’t baffled by it and felt like it was a matter of course. It could be seen from Su Yu’s previous performance that his skill wasn’t limited to just this alone.

In the twelfth round, he succeeded, and in the thirteenth round, he also succeeded.

In the thirtieth round, Su Yu succeeded.

“Start the last stage of the sacrificial ritual,” the master of ceremonies announced loudly with a shivering voice. Since the sacrificial rituals had started until now, this was the first time someone managed to reach the last stage.

The altar started revolving faster, and its speed was already three times higher than in the primary stage. The Wood Clan’s Language’s words which were appearing were extremely strange and rarely seen.

Qin Lin was standing among the audience and was observing the altar nervously and excitedly. This was the first time they got to see the last stage’s Wood Clan’s characters.


The Wood Clan’s characters flickered for just three seconds before they disappeared.