The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Large Disparity

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“Did you see those characters? How many have you recognized?” the left head asked.

“Among those nine Wood Clan’s Language’s characters, I managed to recognize fewer than three.”

Upon hearing him, the left head said, “I managed to recognize just two.”

They weren’t able to even recognize those characters, let alone form a sentence with them, and interpret them. The last stage was outside their abilities and was an area they couldn’t touch upon.

The two heads looked at Su Yu at the same time. “Did he interpret them successfully?”

Su Yu on the altar wasn’t as relaxed as before, and he wasn’t able to interpret the characters with just a single glance any longer. After he looked at them, he fell silent for two seconds before he started recording the interpretation.

Before the crowd’s nervous gazes, a jade ornament was sent to the personnel in the front line, and they all threw offerings according to the interpretation.

A milky white and pure energy immediately sprinkled atop Su Yu’s head. That energy was denser than the primary stage’s energy by three times.

“He succeeded!” the crowd exclaimed in admiration. “He spent just two seconds on it. Master Qin Lin would need four seconds to interpret even the primary stage’s characters. Is it easy for him to deal even with the last stage?”

“What kind of great man did the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands invite? Are you sure that he isn’t a true member of the Wood Clan?”

While they were exclaiming in alarm, Su Yu continued on, and interpreted the characters unceasingly, and accurately. He didn’t make even a single mistake.

“In the first round, Su Yuxian succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the second round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the third round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the thirtieth round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

Su Yu had already reached the thirtieth round, and he had passed half of the last stage. However, the crowd still noticed that Su Yu’s interpretation speed was becoming slower because the more he progressed forward, the stranger the Wood Clan’s Language’s characters would be.

Once Su Yu reached the fifteenth round, Qin Lin’s two heads weren’t capable of recognizing even a single Wood Clan’s Language’s character.

“In the thirty-first round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the thirty-eighth round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the fortieth round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

At this moment, Su Yu would need more than ten seconds to interpret the words, and he found them quite difficult. Su Yu was the only person aware of why it was becoming more difficult. Since he had reached the thirtieth round, the characters appearing weren’t any longer ordinary Wood Clan’s Language’s characters and were a part of the Ancient Wood Clan’s Language. It was a language that most Wood Clan members didn’t know.

It was only after Yun Yazi spent his whole life researching them that he learned many of those characters.

After Su Yu had reached the fortieth round, he started feeling that he was incapable of continuing on.

“In the forty-first round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the forty-second round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the forty-third round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

“In the forty-fourth round, he succeeded, and got three points.”

When he passed this round, Su Yu had already reached his limit, and couldn’t persist any longer. He didn’t have any assurance of interpreting the last round’s characters. Moreover, an hour had almost passed, and just several seconds were left for him, and he didn’t have enough time to mull it over.

Moreover, when several characters appeared beneath his feet, Su Yu discovered in surprise that the last group of characters was shining in a golden color, and were completely different than the previous characters.

“What is going on?” Su Yu was surprised by this. However, he didn’t have enough time to mull this over, and he just quickly recorded the characters which had appeared. It was then that the time left for him was exhausted.

“In the forty-fifth round, he failed.”

The palm of the master of ceremonies was shivering. He still hadn’t got over the shock brought to him by such an astounding sacrificial ritual, which had never occurred before.

It was only after a long while that he spoke. “Qin Lin got thirty-one points. Su Yuxian got two hundred and seven points.”

The difference between both camps’ points had reached more than four hundred, but just Su Yu alone was able to gain two hundred points in a single match. He hadn’t just saved them from a desperate crisis: he had done much more.

Su Yu didn’t leave the stage because he was the winner, and was qualified to continue standing on the stage and challenge their opponent’s other contestants.

“Come over one by one,” Su Yu said calmly. He really wanted to verify whether the golden characters, which would appear once again in the last stage’s forty-fifth round, would be the same as before.

Hu Wangui’s heart was shivering. If this affair progressed like this, Su Yuxian would manage to gain two hundred points in each match. So wouldn’t he be able to gain around three thousand points in fourteen matches? Even if their camp’s four hundred points were deducted from it, more than two thousand and five hundred points would still be left.

Their opponent would get a store for each point, while the numbers of stores stolen from the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ camp by the Heavenly Knife Region in the past years reached just two thousand if they counted even the low-grade elixir stores.

Wouldn’t this mean that their opponents would manage to get back all stores stolen by them in the past years?

At this moment, Hu Wangui felt like the sky was collapsing upon him. Moreover, this affair was still progressing toward the worst direction possible.

The next Wood Clan’s Language’s experts were all incapable of passing the primary stage, and they would be eliminated in just several rounds, while Su Yu would always manage to reach the forty-fourth round.

One match, and then two matches passed. It continued on until all fourteen matches passed, and the sacrificial ritual came to an end.

Hu Wangui’s heart was then filled with despair. It was done for! Everything was done for!

Contrary to Hu Wangui, the faces of Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager were radiant with happiness. They were both delighted, and their ecstasy could be seen even in their gazes.

Moreover, one could still notice that their bodies were shivering from excitement.

It could be said that Tianya City’s history was altered on this day. They managed to get back all stores stolen from them in the past years, and didn’t leave even a single one for the Heavenly Knife Region’s factions, and it could be said that they managed to drive them all out of Tianya City.

Tianya City would finally belong wholly to the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands!

Su Yu left the stage, while he still pondered about the golden Wood Clan’s Language’s characters. He still couldn’t interpret them because he didn’t know many of them.

However, he still discovered that each time he came in contact with the golden characters, the two hundred golden grains of sand in his spatial ring would jump around in a lively fashion, and their movement was becoming more intense each time.

If Su Yu took them out, they would probably immediately fly away. Moreover, Su Yu could discern that they would all fly toward the Desolate Evil Jungle.

It was like two hundred golden grains of sand had been awakened by the golden characters, and it seemed like they were all being summoned and called over by something.

“It’s in the Desolate Evil Jungle that Venerable Yaomu died while in meditation…” Su Yu muttered to himself. Should he follow the grains of sand, and take such a risk? Those golden grains of sand would probably go back to the land where Venerable Yaomu had died.

Venerable Yaomu was a peerless expert above the All Creation Realm, and he would surely have left behind unimaginable treasures.

“Hahaha, Su Yuxian. You have really made a great contribution to our Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands and for our Red Blood Palace. Your contribution is immense, and I will report it to the sanctum. They will reward you with a hundred thousand merit points, as well as the chance to pick any treasure of your choice from the sanctum’s treasury.” The Deputy General Manager laughed heartily. He was delighted, and he found Su Yu more pleasing to the eye, and become more fond of him.

Su Yu replied calmly, “Deputy General Manager, thank you for your favor.”

A hundred thousand merit points was really an unexpected great reward. It must be known that even though he spent a whole month bustling in Tonglin Elixir Store, he managed to gain just two hundred thousand merit points. He had now gotten a hundred thousand merit points for nothing, and it was really a great reward.

As for choosing a treasure in the sanctum’s treasury, Su Yu was also interested in this. He had already exhausted the energy of the thread of a Devil’s hair and was just in need of a demonic treasure. He could remedy such an emergency by picking a treasure from the sanctum.

“Hehe, you deserve it.” he deputy General Manager patted Su Yu’s shoulder, before he contained his smile. When he approached Su Yu, he had noticed something odd. “What’s going on with your cultivation base? Why are you still in the Level Five Fairy Realm even though you absorbed such a large amount of that pure energy? Even if you were a Level Seven Fairy, you would still have made a breakthrough after absorbing such a large amount.”

How could he know that Su Yu had two Dantians? That energy was enough to just fill a third of Su Yu’s Dantians, and he was still far from achieving a breakthrough.

The amount of Vital Energy in his Dantians was higher than even a Level Eight Fairy, and that pure energy wasn’t enough to fill his Dantians.

“I ran into some issues while cultivating, but I will quickly solve them. You don’t need to worry about it,” Su Yu said.

The Deputy General Manager found it a pity. “You ended up missing such a good chance. If you were in your ordinary state, you might have advanced into the Level Seven Fairy Realm.”

Su Yu just smiled and didn’t reply.

“I still have something else I must ask you. However, if you don’t want to reply, I won’t force you.” The Deputy General Manager had pondered over this for a long while and had finally decided to choose a mild way for inquiring about this affair. He didn’t want to incur Su Yu’s hatred by questioning him intensely.

As long as they had a Wood Clan’s Language’s expert like Su Yu, the Heavenly Knife Region wouldn’t manage to affect them at all. So, how could he dare to offend Su Yu?

Su Yu said, “Deputy General Manager, please feel free to ask.”

“Can you tell me how you reached such a level of attainment in the Wood Clan’s Language? Did you really learn it just from an ancient book in the Wood Clan’s Language?” The Deputy General Manager tried to speak in a gentle tone so that he wouldn’t end up incurring Su Yu’s hate.

Monk Zhou’s pricked up his ears and listened to their conversation. Qin Lin, Lu Chuyi, and the others, also looked over. They were all curious about this matter.

“It isn’t from an ancient book. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t divulge the truth to you before, and kept you in the dark,” Su Yu said. “In fact, it’s all due to the teachings of that senior, who provided me with the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. He was proficient in the Wood Clan’s Language, while I have a talent in such an aspect, and he had taught me that language so that his knowledge didn’t get lost.”

The Deputy General Manager finally realized everything. The old senior, who had provided the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid which had caused a sensation in Tianya City, had caused many people to make up guesses about him. They had also many doubts about that affair. Why had that old senior provided an ancient spiritual liquid to the ordinary and mediocre Su Yuxian?

It seemed now like it was just because Su Yuxian had a talent for learning languages, and had gotten that senior’s recognition. It was only because of that that he asked Su Yuxian to take care of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s matter.

After all, Su Yuxian hadn’t reached even twenty years, yet he managed to master the Wood Clan’s Language. It was obvious that he had peerless talent in such an aspect.

After both his doubts were dispelled, the Deputy General Manager didn’t continue looking into the matter and just looked at Stars Plucker Old Monster with a smile.

“Hehe, Stars Plucker Old Monster, I’m really sorry. It’s rare for you to be present for a sacrificial ritual, yet you got to witness just such an outcome. Our Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands really didn’t treat a guest like you well.” The Deputy General Manager was high-spirited, and he laughed loudly. He was so delighted that he almost felt like he would start ascending.

Monk Zhou’s face was also flushed. “Huh, although you have lost all your stores this time, don’t be dejected. We still have the same agreement between us, and you just need to look for a more amazing Wood Clan’s Language’s master. Hehe.”

The faces of all Heavenly Knife Region’s people stiffened. Their expressions became unsightly, and they just stood there quietly. It was like their parents had just died.

Hu Wangui’s expression was gloomy, and his eyes were filled with despair. He was unceasingly considering whether he could survive the punishment of the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master.

Stars Plucker Old Monster’s white robe fluttered in the wind as he stood up slowly. His aged face didn’t have its previous relaxed and carefree expression.

Upon noticing Stars Plucker Old Monster’s odd state, Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager became nervous. They both moved silently and stood shoulder to shoulder.

“What is it? Stars Plucker Old Monster, do you plan to go back on our deal, and violate it?” the Deputy General Manager asked coldly.

Stars Plucker Old Monster shook his head. “I’m just a nobody, so how can I dare to violate a deal made between two great regions? If I did, the first person to fail to forgive me would be our region’s master. You can set your mind at ease. We will give all your stores in compensation according to the point disparity, and we won’t leave behind even a single one.”

If they had really done it according to the points, even if the Heavenly Knife Region gave them all its stores in compensation, it still wouldn’t be enough.

“However, I still feel like such a situation isn’t fair. Since you have such a peerless expert of the Wood Clan’s Language, how can we continue our contests in the future?” Stars Plucked Old Monster said calmly.