The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Entering The Desolate Jungle

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Regardless of how many Wood Clan’s Language’s experts the Heavenly Knife Region had, it wouldn’t manage to turn the tide as long as Su Yu was present. Their agreement would be tantamount to nothing, and the Heavenly Knife Region wouldn’t manage to get any profits.

“Hehe, ten years ago, you had Master Qin Lin, and his current status was the same as the current Su Yuxian. But did we ever state that it wasn’t fair?” the Deputy General Manager sneered coldly. When the situation was advantageous to them, they just turned a blind eye to it, but when it was them in a disadvantageous position, they immediately stated that it was unfair.

Stars Plucker Old Monster just muttered to himself as if he didn’t hear him, “Hence why, for fairness, I have decided to…”

“To kill him!” Raging killing intent emanated from Stars Plucker Old Monster’s eyes. He immediately started moving and charged toward Su Yu.

However, Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager had already realized that the current turn of events was anything but reassuring, and they quickly responded. “The state of affairs has changed. Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ members, obey orders and protect Su Yuxian. Kill mercilessly anyone who dares to approach him.”

Su Yuxian was extremely important to them. So, how could they allow any harm to befall him?

Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager joined hands and tried to disturb Stars Plucker Old Monster.

“Stars Plucking Hand!” Stars Plucker Old Monster’s ice-cold eyes were flickering like lightning. He reached out with his aged hand quickly as if he was about to pluck a star.

Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager were struck by him, and they were both sent flying away. There was a great disparity between their power. Two Level Seven Divine Masters wouldn’t manage to face a Level Eight Divine Master even if they joined hands.

“You are a hindrance, and you must die!” Stars Plucker Old Monster was clearly aware that as long as Su Yu was alive, the Heavenly Knife Region wouldn’t manage to possess anything in Tianya City.


As Stars Plucker Old Monster was about to attack Su Yu, a person clad in a green robe flew over to him. She was holding a blue long sword, which made a beautiful arc in the air.

Stars Plucker Old Monster’s gaze became grave. “Lu Chuyi!”

Lu Chuyi was titled the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ greatest female genius, and Stars Plucker Old Monster had already heard about her fighting prowess. It was rumored that she had once fought against a Level Eight Divine Master, and her power just slightly weaker than his.

Lu Chuyi looked intensely at Su Yu, before she calmly said, “You mustn’t kill him.”


Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager, who had been sent flying away, rushed back and stood alongside Lu Chuyi. They were three Level Seven Divine Masters, while Lu Chuyi possessed great fighting prowess. They should be able to hold Stars Plucker Old Monster back for a while.

Stars Plucker Old Monster’s expression became gloomy, and he shouted, “Hu Wangui, what are you still standing in a daze? If you don’t want to offer your head to the Region Master, quickly take Su Yuxian’s head.”


Hu Wangui’s cultivation was at the Level Five Divine Master Realm, and the other ordinary Divine Masters wouldn’t be able to protect Su Yuxian.

Hu Wangui had already hidden among the chaotic crowd, and when Stars Plucker Old Monster started attacking, he had already started targeting Su Yu.

“Humph! Humph! Su Yuxian, you ruined my plans many times, and I will take your life this time.” Hu Wangui took a step forward. He was a Level Five Divine Master and possessed a powerful aura, which forced back all the early-stage Divine Masters protecting Su Yu.

Even though it seemed like Su Yu was protected by a large number of Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ experts, when faced with Hu Wangui, it was as if he were defenseless.

Su Yu had no intention of resigning himself to fate and waiting for death. However, even if he exposed his identity as ‘Su Yu’, his power was still not enough to face a Level Five Divine Master. There was still a great disparity between them.

However, even though he couldn’t face Hu Wangui head-on, he still could dodge, and evade him.


Scarlet flames of a strangely high temperature surged out of Su Yu’s back. Surprise appeared on the faces of the early stage Divine Masters around him, and they all evaded the flames in fear. Those flames possessed a might great enough to kill them.

The flames were surging unceasingly, and in the end, they formed a pair of three-meter-long scarlet wings.

“You want to escape?” Hu Wangui wore an ice-cold smile. Regardless of how strong Su Yu’s secret technique was, he still wouldn’t be able to rival a Level Five Divine Master in speed.


As the flames flickered, Su Yu tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and soared into the sky. He managed to cross several ten thousand miles in just an instant, leaving his former place behind. He stopped in the sky above the Desolate Evil Jungle.

It was at that moment that Wangui appeared just where Su Yu had been standing.

“What kind of secret technique is this?” Hu Wangui was surprised and looked at the sky. Su Yu’s speed wasn’t any lower than a Level Five Divine Master like him.

Su Yu had unexpectedly fled from him! Hu Wangui’s killing intent became more intense. He mustn’t leave this person alive.

“Let me see how long you can flee for.” Hu Wangui took a step forward, and in just a moment appeared ten thousand miles away, near Su Yu

However, Su Yu flapped his scarlet wings and continued flying across the sky. Su Yu didn’t leave the Desolate Evil Jungle’s vicinity and was just waiting here because the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ reinforcements and experts would quickly come over.

If Su Yu flew far away, then even if reinforcements came over, they wouldn’t manage to help him in time.

Su Yu had such an idea in mind as he flew around in the sky. Hu Wangui chased after him ceaselessly but he still couldn’t overtake Su Yu even after a long while. They ended up deadlocked in such a situation and time passed slowly.

Stars Plucker Old Monster’s expression became more anxious. “What are you still waiting for? Their experts will quickly rush over.”

Upon hearing him, Hu Wangui clenched his teeth, bearing the pain of such a loss. He opened his mouth and took a purple bead out of it.

When Lu Chuyi saw the bead, her pupils contracted. “It’s a Divine Gift Bead! Su Yuxian, be careful, and quickly fly down!”

Upon hearing Lu Chuyi’s shout, Su Yu became apprehensive and started flying toward the ground without another thought.

Su Yu felt like he had once felt when faced with an aura similar to the one emitted by the bead. It seemed like Gu Taixu had once used it against him. It was similar to Gu Taixu’s bloodline power, and the spiritual energy of all living beings engulfed by its radiance would be confined.

If Su Yu lost his Vital Energy while flying in the sky, he wouldn’t manage to continue using the Fire Essence Wings, and even if he wasn’t killed by Hu Wangui, he would still fell to his death.

“What a talkative woman!” Hu Wangui snorted coldly and quickly crushed the purple bead.


A soft sound echoed as the bead integrated, and boundless purple light emanated from it.

Su Yu was swept up by the purple light and all the Vital Energy flowing in his body stagnated as if it had been frozen. It couldn’t continue moving.

The Fire Essence Wings started shrinking gradually. They had lost all their Spiritual Energy and they were becoming smaller.

Awful! There was still a large distance between him and the ground, and it would be impossible for him to survive such a fall.

Moreover, his whole body’s Vital Energy was confined, and he couldn’t even open his spatial ring and take out a treasure to assist him.

Su Yu became apprehensive and anxious. However, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the distant Desolate Evil Jungle.

The Desolate Evil Jungle had extremely high trees, which were usually several hundred meters tall, and there were even several thousand-meter tall giant trees. If he could approach that region, he could use those trees as a cushion to lower his falling speed.

However, the Desolate Evil Jungle.was dangerous, and he was quite afraid of it. Even an All Creation expert wouldn’t manage to come back alive after entering it. Would he be able to survive?

But, did he still have a choice in such a situation? It would be better for him to fall into the Desolate Evil Jungle than to fall to his death.

Su Yu hardened his heart and took advantage of the fact that the wings still hadn’t disappeared completely to adjust his position in the sky, and he flew toward the Desolate Evil Jungle.

Hu Wangui realized what Su Yu was planning to do and he sneered coldly and mockingly. “You still want to keep your life even now?”

He had spent several million crystals to buy the Divine Gift Bead from the black market, and it was rumored that it was made by Gu Taixu personally. It could deliver the enemy an unimaginable blow at a precarious moment.

He had made such a great sacrifice, so if Su Yu still managed to flee from him, wouldn’t he became just a laughing stock?”

“Sky Dominator Ice!” Hu Wangui took out a long whip from his pocket. As he waved the whip, an extremely ice-cold white mist surged out of it.

As he waved the whip, a chilly air swept the sky, and it froze even the spiritual energy in the sky. Su Yu, who was falling down, suffered the assault of such a powerful cold air, and the Fire Essence Wings on his back started quickly cooling. Their flames were extinguished when they came in contact with the chilly air.

After just three seconds had passed, the Fire Essence Wing became pocket-sized. After Su Yu lost his wings, he became like a heavy boulder which was falling straight downward. The Desolate Evil Jungle was still far below him, and there were several hundred meters between him and the trees.

Su Yu’s heart sank.

“Hehe, you will die, and you will be buried here.”


A strong wind blew over as Hu Wangui chased after him, wearing a cruel smile. He waved the long whip in his hand and lashed at Su Yu with it.

Just the whip’s chilly air alone was enough to take Su Yu’s life, let alone the Divine Master’s power contained there.

When the Deputy General Manager, Monk Zhou, and Lu Chuyi, witnessed such a sight from a distant place, they all became anxious. However, Stars Plucker Old Monster took advantage of the opportunity to attack them unceasingly with his Stars Plucking Hand, stopping them from helping.

Su Yu would surely die!

At such a precarious moment, a red-purple light shone in Su Yu’s left eye. A formless purple dragon flew out of and entwined itself around Hu Wangui.

Hu Wangui’s body couldn’t move, but he still could think. He was overwhelmed with shock. “My body is confined. This, this… This is time power!”

The other object which was confined along with Hu Wangui was his long whip.

Su Yu wasn’t willing to expose his time power unless he was in a precious situation. He was obliged to use it now.

It was fortunate that they were quite distant from the others, and the people there could only see faintly that Hu Wangui’s body stopped for three seconds. They weren’t fully aware of what had happened.


Su Yu waved his sleeves, and threads of silk, which couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, intertwined around the long whip. This allowed him to slightly lower his falling speed. Moreover, he used the whip as support to throw himself once again toward the Desolate Evil Jungle, and he still brought with him Hu Wangui whose body was still confined.

In the first second, Su Yu managed to fly over a hundred meters.

In the next second, Su Yu managed to fly over two hundred meters.

In the third second, Su Yu managed to fly over three hundred meters.

After three seconds had passed, Hu Wangui got back control of his confined body. He was both startled and frightened. “Time power! Lad, you…”

Su Yu turned his head to look and said, “Let’s charge into the Desolate Evil Jungle together.”

Since Hu Wangui had cornered him up here, Su Yu would surely take him there. Before Hu Wangui managed to let go of the whip, he was brought by Su Yu into the sky above the Desolate Evil Jungle, and they both fell toward the hazy yellow mist here.

Hu Wangui was frightened, and he quickly let go of the whip. He struck the air with both palms and tried to quickly soar up, aiming to flee in panic. He wanted to quickly distance himself from the Desolate Evil Jungle.


However, it was at that moment that two dried branches streaked across the air, and quickly intertwined around Hu Wangui and Su Yu, pulling toward the forest.

“Ah! No!” Hu Wangui screamed miserably. He tried to tear apart the dried yellow branch with his palm.


However, even though he possessed the Level Five Divine Master Realm’s power, when he struck the dried branch, just a tingling sound echoed as if he had just struck a metallic object.

Hu Wangui was unwilling to resign himself to such a fate, but he was still pulled toward the forest. Su Yu was also in danger, but what he was worried about was suffering heavy injuries upon falling into the forest.

However, a branch was intertwining around him, and it would prevent him from ramming against the ground so his current situation was better than before. However, those branches were still extremely dangerous.

If he remembered correctly, the Deputy General Manager had once said that every year, a large number of the Desolate Evil Jungle’s branches would stretch out and devour all living beings in order to steal their spiritual power. Those branches must be the legendary branches which had caused a great disaster in the past.