The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Collision From A Thousand Miles

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As Su Yu was being dragged below the Desolate Evil Jungle, his saw that his surroundings were a dark yellow shade, and his eyesight did not exceed a hundred meters.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous branches and vines smacked into and entangled Su Yu, coming at him from all directions, like famished cobras. The branches and vines that entangled him wound around him tightly, starting to feed on the spiritual energy in Su Yu’s body.

Su Yu was shocked, as the spiritual energy in his Dantian had been drained by one-tenth in a fleeting moment, just like water breaking free from a dam. Without further hesitation, Su Yu’s pinched the silk with his thumb and index finger, rapidly wrapping the silk around the vines that wound around him, with both of his fingers applying great force.


A mournful, enraged roar sounded from the depths of the jungle, and the branches and vines that not even the fifth-grade Almighty could handle were cut off abruptly. Su Yu was freed, and he immediately rolled on the ground to avoid being entangled by more vines. Then, using his bodily strength, he sprinted away.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Wind howled in his ears as the branches and vines assaulted him from all directions. Luckily, Su Yu was able to avoid them with nimble movements.

He was running toward the outside of the Desolate Evil Jungle. However, after some time, he accidentally caught a glimpse of a broken vine that was lying quietly on the ground.

Su Yu’s heart sank as he saw this. He had returned to the starting point!

Su Yu couldn’t believe this, and he thought… This should not be! My sense of direction is never wrong! How could I have taken a detour unknowingly? Was it because of the mysterious yellow mist?

Su Yu’s brows creased, and as he checked the inside of his body, he discovered that the purple light had diminished a great deal, but the Vital Energy had regained some of its flow. Su Yu then smacked the air with his hand, levitated, and dashed toward the skyline, trying to escape the Desolate Evil Jungle.

However, even though he was going straight up, the mysterious yellow mist was boundless, and its ending point was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, the branches and vines assaulted him with full force from behind.

Su Yu was helpless, and he could only continue running for his life. As he ran, more branches and vines joined the chase. Behind him, the thick, dense tentacles had condensed into a wall and were quickly pressing down on Su Yu.

Su Yu’s scalp felt numb. Even if he touched this monstrous collection of branches and vines once, his Vital Energy would all be absorbed and he would surely die!

This seems to be an isolated space, and when one enters it without a route map, it seems totally impossible to get out! One will be hunted down by the branches and vines, thus expending all of their Vital Energy and strength until their spiritual energy is finally devoured!

Su Yu’s heart sank as he thought of this. He finally understood the reason why not even the All Creation strong men could escape this place after entering it.

Su Yu was running in the jungle at this moment, and it was unknown what kind of secret method Hu Wangui had used to escape the branches and vines amid the Desolate Evil Jungle. This kind of motion aroused numerous enraged roars from within the silent Desolate Evil Jungle.

On the other side of the jungle, two beautiful figures, one big and one small, were each holding a compass and slowly advancing in the direction that it was pointing. The strangest thing was that while they were walking in the Desolate Evil Jungle, they had neither been lost nor attacked by the vines.


Suddenly, a roaring sound was heard from afar, gradually approaching them.

“Aunt, what’s happening? Hasn’t the sacrificial offering fed all of these evil trees already? Why have they awakened?” Gongsun Wuxie’s face was filled with fright.

Fairy Ling’s pretty face froze. “The sacrificial demonic beasts that were tossed inside here must have broken free and are being hunted by the branches and vines. Da*n! They’re coming for us! Let’s go!”

The two of them had broken into the Desolate Evil Jungle when the sacrificial offering was drawing to an end. As everyone was paying close attention to the ceremony, they did not know that Su Yu was being hunted and dragged into the jungle.

“Godda*n demonic beasts! They should’ve just stayed obedient and been the sacrificial items. We’ve paid a huge price to obtain the compasses that were used by Yaomu Daoren to freely navigate the Desolate Evil Jungle,” the little devil said hatefully.

She felt really unlucky, as ever since she was molested by Su Yuxian, nothing good had happened to her.

“Stop talking, we’ll change our route and find our way back to this road later,” after she said this, the two pretty figures disappeared in a flash.

A moment later, Su Yu flew past. His brows were creased, and he knew that continuing to run in circles like this was not the answer.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s heart raced as he saw a crystal bottle floating in the space ring. It was filled with 200 grains of golden sand! The sands were leaping around in the bottle, as if they were coming to life.

Earlier, at the sacrificial altar, the sands had showed signs of unusual movement. Now that he was in the jungle, this unusual movement had increased, and now, the grains of sand were almost bursting out from the crystal bottle!

Su Yu’s heart beat faster as he took out a handful of the golden sand and sprinkled it in the air, while thinking… I have only this golden sand that was left behind by Yaomu Daoren to depend on now.

All of a sudden, the golden grains of sand dashed into the depths of the Desolate Evil Jungle like shooting stars. Su Yu hesitated for a moment, then finally chose to follow. Since he had failed to escape, he figured that he might as well take a look at the depths of the jungle.

Not long after this, Su Yu discovered that wherever the golden sand passed, not a single branch or vine appeared. It was as if the golden sand knew a safe route! Apart from the dwindling branches and vines on his heel, there were no new ones along the way!

Su Yu secretly heaved a sigh of relief, while moving a few steps forward to follow the golden sand. After a whole day of moving forward in this way, Su Yu did not know where the golden sands had brought him to. All he knew was that this place was filled with an even denser mist, and his eyesight could not exceed two or three meters.

Moreover, the golden sand had picked up speed, making him unable to slow down. Otherwise, the golden sand would disappear in the mist and he would be completely lost!


“Ahh!” Su Yu was chasing the golden sand when a black shadow flashed before his eyes. Out of nowhere, a human figure had appeared!

As he was moving so quickly, Su Yu could not dodge the figure in time, so he collided with the other person. Su Yu’s body was strong, and that, combined with the high speed, made the collision worse than being hit by a few mountains!

The figure flew away after colliding with Su Yu. With a horrible scream, the person crashed into a huge tree. Su Yu’s body also surged forward, crashing into the figure and giving rise to a second collision!

Although he was unable to see, Su Yu heard the sound of someone vomiting blood. Su Yu then stepped on the tree trunk and kicked both his legs in order to leap over and grab the person’s arm with a firm grip. The arm was slender and soft, as though it belonged to a girl.

Su Yu laid the girl down on the ground, but did not stay close to her. Instead, he moved back a step and put on the Eternal Stone Armor. After all, he assumed that any humans that he encountered in such a dangerous and harsh place like the Desolate Evil Jungle would not be kind!

After gearing up, Su Yu lifted his eyes to stare at the girl. In that moment, he almost screamed in shock.

“How dare you bump into me? Oh! My hip… ” a childish, crisp, and angered voice came out from the girl’s small and bloody mouth.

She lifted her eyes to glower at Su Yu, who stood before her. This fierce look almost made Gongsun Wuxie bite off her tongue as she exclaimed, “Su Yuxian! It’s you!”

She was very surprised to see him, and she thought… Hey! Wasn’t Su Yuxian participating in the sacrificial offering on the outside? Why did he run into the Desolate Evil Jungle?

Most importantly, what mattered most to her at this moment was why he had come such a long way and collided with her? She had always held a grudge against Su Yu, and now that she had almost crashed to her death because of him, her volcanic temper in her erupted.

“What kind of animosity do you have for me? Why are you always picking on me?” she yelled.

In the past, Su Yu had destroyed the virtual shadow that she left at the fiftieth layer and robbed her of her privileges. Later, he had molested her in public. Now, he came all this way and almost killed her in a collision!

Her rage erupted completely. “I’m going to kill you, jerk!”

Gongsun Wuxie was enraged to the point of eruption, and she couldn’t believe that she had survived the Desolate Evil Jungle, but had almost died at the hands of Su Yuxian! At that moment, Gongsun Wuxie raised her small palm and raised it toward Su Yu’s face with a firm smack.

But, the collision had injured her, so charging at him forcefully only worsened the injury. Gongsun Wuxie let out a painful groan, her palm dropping limply to her side.

At that moment, Su Yu’s heart was pounding. He quickly took out the wound-healing elixir that he had brought from the Tonglin Elixir Store and crammed some of it into her mouth as he scanned the surroundings cautiously.

He then said, “I’ll explain everything to you later, but for now, please keep quiet. This place is full of demonic trees, which are easily attracted by sounds.”

“I… Don’t want, your… Da*n elixir…” Gongsun Wuxie said with slurred words, as the elixir in her mouth was gradually taking effect and flowing into her body, healing the injuries in her internal organs.

Gongsun Wuxie was ashamed and angry, and her eyes were glaring fiercely at Su Yu. If it was not for her severe injury, she would have pounced on him with ferocity by then.

All of a sudden, Su Yu’s singlet shone, cautioning him of danger nearby! Without hesitation, he embraced Gongsun Wuxie and rolled on the ground.


The spot where he had just been squatting was immediately dented by a strong, intimidating force, forming a deep pit that was about the size of a palm. If Su Yu had not avoided it in time, he could have been killed!

Looking back, he saw a blurry figure standing in front of the tree trunk behind him. It was a quite familiar figure.


As the gorgeous figure charged forward, a cold face appeared.

“Fairy Ling! It’s you!” Su Yu was extremely surprised to see her, and he wondered… How did she enter this place, too?

Fairy Ling stared at Su Yu, her whole body shivering with anger. She then asked Gongsun Wuxie to stay right where she was as she snacthed away an encroaching vine.

She could have predicted that, when she came back, she would find a male figure having forced Gongsun Wuxie against a tree trunk. From her perspective, the way Su Yu was covering her mouth indicated that he had evil intentions!

“Su Yuxian! It’s you!!” When Fairy Ling saw Su Yu’s face clearly, she was utterly shocked.

When the realization struck her, her pretty face froze. “You… You’re a shameless, old pervert… And a thief! You actually ran into the Desolate Evil Jungle, chasing after Gongsun Wuxie to defile her! I’m going to kill you!”

Su Yu felt falsely accused, and he rushed to explain, “It’s a misunderstanding! Please, calm down.”

“Misunderstanding? How could this be a misunderstanding?” Fairy Ling continued to berate him.

Su Yu lowered his gaze to find himself holding Gongsun Wuxie’s waist with one hand, while the other hand was accidentally pressing on her flat chest. Looking at Gongsun Wuxie’s tears of shame that were welling up in her eyes, Su Yu finally saw how bad the situation looked.

Su Yu’s old face reddened, while he angrily withdrew his palm and said, “It was an emergency! I thought it was an attack! I didn’t do it on purpose!”

As he tried to explain, he could not help but mutter in his heart… She doesn’t even have two soft womanly mounds, so how could I have known which part I was pressing on?

Letting go of Gongsun Wuxie, Su Yu kept a distance of five meters from them both, ensuring that he could disappear into the thick mist at anytime. From the conversation just now, Su Yu realized that they knew each other, which made him suspicious.

Gongsun Wuxie was a student at the Red Blood Palace, while Fairy Ling was the owner of the Tianya Auction House. So, Su Yu had to wonder… Is their relationship intimate?

Su Yu recalled the Fire Essence Jade that Gongsun Wuxie had given him. The Ghost Buddha had once said that it was a token from the high-level administration of the Tianya Auction House.

Su Yu wondered… Could Gongsun Wuxie be a member of the Tianya Auction House? This Gongsun Wuxie is really mysterious!