The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Fight Of The Century

Suddenly, a snowstorm stirred.

As if it had been summoned by its master, the sky was filled with snowflakes which danced wildly. Waves after waves of a freezing cold aura swept across the vast skies and great earth.

Zhan Feiyun stiffened as he felt the mysterious changes.

"Stop trying to deceive me by mystifying yourself!" Zhan Feiyun grunted disdainfully as he decisively said, "Mountain Rivers Burying."

He was unable to display his fist technique, as the snowflakes suddenly became countless icicles! They were everywherethere was nothing the icicles could not penetrate.

Zhan Feiyun could not defend himself in time!


With a loud scream, Zhan Feiyun's body was pierced by countless icicles in an instant.

Fresh blood covered his entire body. The blood spurted in all directions and froze into blood red ice needles, which fell onto the arena stage.

"Dense Willows Bright Flowers..." faced with such a precarious situation, Zhan Feiyun decisively decided to showcase his Holy Decree, naively thinking that, with his light-filled body, he could escape the ice cold attacks.

However, he had no chance to display his Holy Decree.


The snowflakes which filled the skies cracked with a loud bang, turning into countless sparkling droplets, trickling onto Zhan Feiyun's body.

The cold drops pierced through his bones and into his soul!

Trickling onto Zhan Feiyun's body too fast for the naked eye to detect, the droplets started to freeze.

In a blink, Zhan Feiyun had been turned into an ice sculpture.

He was frozen in his spotprepared to launch his Holy Decree which he ultimately could not display it at all.

Slowly putting down his finger, Su Yu stood on his original spot; his feet had not moved a single inch since the beginning.

"I already gave you the chance to use your moves..." Su Yu sighed lightly with his hands clasped behind his back. His silver hair danced amidst the snowstorm. The charismatic purple-clothed figure looked like a deity with his silver hairhe contrasted brilliantly with the silent audience.

Zhan Feiyun had... no chance to use his moves!

Whether it was Mountain River Burying Fist or Dense Willows Bright Flowers, he had been defeated with a mere raise of one finger by Su Yuhe didn't even have a chance to use his Holy Decree!

The silence continued, before a gasp of astonishment could be heard.

Liu Kun's face was horrified and his heart thumped madly!

He had always thought of Su Yu as an arrogant person, but only upon seeing the battle with his own eyes did he realize Su Yu was merely stating a fact!

Zhan Feiyun, who had defeated him in two moves, had not even had the chance to retaliate against Su Yu! He was indeed not Su Yu's match!

At that moment, Liu Kun was thoroughly convinced. He held a new respect for Su Yu.

The remaining people also came to terms with what they had seen.

Su Yu was not arrogant, he had merely realized what they had refused to believe.

The top three ranking Holy Disciples stood shoulder to shoulder.

"Junior Wang Jing, based on your assessment, how does Su Yu's strength compare to you?" Chen Liang, ranked second, shot a glance at Su Yu.

Wang Jing's eyes were filled with composure as she thought seriously for a moment before she slowly shook her head, "He can only be stronger than me."

"Junior sister, you don't need to be so humble. His strength can only be considered passable, he cannot hold a candle to you," Chen Liang replied.

Was that true? Wang Jing silently shook her head. If Su Yu's ability was only what they had seen so far, she may have a chance against him. However, what if Su Yu was still concealing his strength?

Zhao Guang remained calm. Regardless of the time and place, he was always calm and collected, like a sturdy monolith. He lightly acknowledged Su Yu, "Passable."

Chen Liang was secretly shocked, though he was still unconvinced. To obtain an evaluation of "passable" from Zhao Guang, was an overestimation of Su Yu's strength.



The ice sculpture had broken into pieces, freeing Zhan Feiyun.

His entire body was frozen stiff from the cold, as if he had been thrown into an icy lake, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably. But his heart shook the most!

Su Yu's strength was terrifying!

Although it could be said Su Yu was merely borrowing the weather's power, who could guarantee that Su Yu did not have other tricks up his sleeves?

Thinking back on his arrogance towards Su Yueven announcing his intention to give Su Yu a handicap of three movesZhan Feiyun was extremely ashamed!

Zhan Feiyun covered his face while he retreated down the arena stage before he left in embarrassment.

Most of the Holy Disciples, for a moment, felt extremely proud!

No matter how strong you were, when faced with Su Yu, you wouldn't even have a chance to strike!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh

The five Holy Disciples shifted their gaze toward Su Yu.

Zhan Feiyun had defeated Liu Kun in an instant, yet Su Yu had obliterated Zhan Feiyun with a mere finger.

Undoubtedly, Su Yu had replaced Liu Kun and had become the fifth-ranking Holy Disciple! If they wanted to accompany the Holy King, they would have to defeat Su Yu!

The only thing was, upon seeing Su Yu's strength with their own eyes, the five Holy Disciples could not muster up enough courage to challenge him.

After struggling for a while, they eventually gave up.

For Liu Kun, they could muster up enough courage to challenge him. As for Su Yu... he was like a chasm in the sky, mysterious and terrifying.

The crowd sighed. Su Yu, who was once a Level Five Upper Tier, had actually become one of the top five strongest Holy Disciples.

"Holy King, according to your promise, if I became a Holy Disciple you would retrieve the holy powers within Jingyu's body." Su Yu turned towards the Holy King calmly.

That was indeed the Holy King's promise to Su Yu.

In a month's time, should Su Yu be unable to become a Holy Disciple, Xia Jingyu would die as a warning to the others.

Unexpectedly, the Holy King replied coldly, "No."

The audience fell into silence.

The Holy King had... actually gone back on his word!

Everyone was bewildered why the Holy King wanted to kill Xia Jingyu so badly!

A sliver of holy energy had persisted inside Xia Jingyu for a month, and was now on the verge of exploding!

Su Yu's face stiffened, "Holy King, are you forcing me to attack you?"

The Holy King's tired face was as calm as usual as he stepped forward, looking up at the sky full of snow. "The top five Holy Disciples, follow me. The Sanctuary... as of now, is dissolved."

He actually disregarded Su Yu's words.

It was at that moment, Xia Jingyu's bodyas if receiving some sort of shockbegan to show signs of an imminent explosion.


Xia Jingyu gasped and her slender body trembled as her face revealed immense pain.


Su Yu flew towards the arena stage, hugging Xia Jingyu into his arms as he shot a cold gaze at the Holy King, "Holy King, you are..."

"No!" Xia Jingyu extended her delicate jade-like hands, covering Su Yu's lips.

"You have mistaken the Holy King," Xia Jingyu looked at the Holy King and said gratefully, "This sliver of holy power actually aids the holder with achieving breakthroughs for their cultivation base. The Holy King is actually rewarding you."


Those within earshot were shocked!

Su Yu's words, 'there's someone I have to meet,' had moved the Holy King.

The Holy King had pretended to be angry when he inserted his holy powers into Xia Jingyu's body. However, in actuality, it was a form of motivating Su Yu, in hopes he would train hard during the final month of the Sanctuary's existence.

It was a reward for Su Yu's courage in standing up to him. This sliver of holy power, right from the start, was not meant to make Xia Jingyu's body explode. On the contrary, it was meant to remain inside her body; after one month's time, it would explode and greatly boost Xia Jingyu's cultivation base!

The Holy King's good intentions touched everyone's hearts.

Su Yu cupped his hands and bowed apologetically, "Thank you, Holy King, for giving your blessing."

The Holy King, who was walking in front, coldly snorted, "It won't happen again!"

After achieving the breakthrough, Xia Jingyu's body was stiff. Su Yu knelt down and gently comforted her, "I'll carry you."

Xia Jingyu's face blushed with embarrassment as she bit her lips lightlyconscious of the eyes locked on them.

However, after experiencing the grief of losing Su Yu and then regaining him again, Xia Jingyu's heart had become more honest about her inner feelings. She had no way to refute the fact that Su Yu had become an irreplaceable person in her heart.

With a flushed face, Xia Jingyu climbed onto Su Yu's back and buried her head against his shoulder before shutting her eyes in embarrassment, not daring to make eye contact with anyone.

Comparatively, Su Yu's mind was clear. Xia Jingyu was his benefactor, therefore he could harbor no ill thoughts towards her.

The Holy King frowned, "I can only bring the top five Holy Disciples. Xia Jingyu may not come along."

Xia Jingyu's face turned stiff as she whispered softly, "Brother Yu, let me down."

After this parting, they would be in different parts of the world; she might not see Su Yu again for the rest of her life.

Xia Jingyu's heart constricted as she felt unbearable pain in her chest.

"She may go." Su Yu took out a jade pendant shaped like a fire phoenix. It was what Senior Qin had passed him before they had parted. With this jade pendant in hand, one may enter Fenghuang Valley.

The Holy King was slightly shaken, but he begrudgingly agreed, "Okay, she may come along."

Xia Jingyu was extremely elated. She hugged Su Yu's neck and whispered in a soft voice, "Thank you, Brother Yu."

As he smelled the sweet aroma near his cheek, Su Yu smiled.

Long Xiaoyue gazed at Xia Jingyu's figure in the distance, "Jingyu, I wish you happiness."

Before they left, the Holy King made a trip to the Evil Forest. After half a day, there were more than one-hundred saint grade holy elixirs in his hand.

"Qiu Changjian, distribute these. Everyone gets one, and from now onward, the Sanctuary is dissolved." The Holy King made his final preparations.

All the slayers residing inside the Evil Forest, in merely half a day, had been slaughtered by him. Without the Holy King, leaving them behind would have resulted in more problems in the future.

Su Yu was shocked by the Holy King's strength. The Evil Forest was so huge, and many clever slayers were adept at hiding themselves. Yet, in merely half a day, they were all obliterated. His strength had reached a level akin to a deity, according to what the ancient records described.

"If you all wish to remain in the Sanctuary and train, I will not stop youbut you may not mention my name anymore," The Holy King announced coldly.

"Teacher!" The five Holy Disciples bowed simultaneously as they sent him off with tears in their eyes.

The Sanctuary was dissolved, just like that.

Before leaving the Sanctuary, the Holy King turned around and looked into the distance, at the Sanctuary he had created. His aged eyes revealed signs of reluctance.

Reluctance was soon replaced with resoluteness.

"Holy King, why are we heading towards Fenghuang Valley?" Su Yu asked, bewildered.

Zhao Guang coldly lashed out at him, "Junior Su! How could you doubt the Holy King's motives?" As a Holy Disciple, how could one question the Holy King's actions?

"You all have a need to know," The Holy King raised his hands and spoke bleakly.

"My reason for establishing the Sanctuary for a hundred years was to search for and gather talentsit's the same with Fenghuang Valley," the Holy King confessed this had been a secret to everyone.

"The two of us, the Holy Kings, made a pact that we would nurture and train our own batch of talents. After a century, we would then meet and fight," The Holy King continued, "After trying for a century, with countless batches of new talents coming and going, I have ultimately nurtured the strongest batchyou all.

"It is the same for Fenghuang Valley. After years of trying, they have nurtured the strongest batch of Fenghuang Valley talents."

Su Yu was in awe. Fenghuang Valley and the Sanctuary actually made a pact to hold the fight of the century?

It was no wonder that the Sanctuary had set up martial arts training institutes and held Holy Meets in the Alliance of the Nine Empires. It was actually done to filter through and select the finest talents in preparation for this fight of the century!

The only thing was, why did the Holy King and Fenghuang Valley's Master arrange for the fight of the century?

The Holy King did not mention why, and Su Yu dared not ask any more questions.

"This battle, all of you have to achieve the top place. This will be the only chance in your entire life to achieve a breakthrough into Holy King!"

What? Everyone was equally shocked!

The only chance to achieve a breakthrough into Holy King?

The entire Shenyue Continent was the size of ten Earths. For an entire century, the whole continent had not seen the birth of a third Holy King. Undoubtedly, the creation of a Holy King was extremely difficult and rare.

"Shenyue Continent's resources are limited. It is unable to produce Holy Kings. This fight of the century will determine your fates from now onward," The Holy King sighed, "To live on as a mortal and be treated like an ant, or to be a fish that leaps over the dragon's gateentering an entirely new world. All that will be decided in this fight of the century!"