The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 893

Chapter 893 The Remnant Soul Of The Tree God

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“The seals were indeed set up to protect the Tree God from me before he became dormant. It’s true that I can’t enter the sealed area, but extricating you from it isn’t entirely impossible. I’d only have to waste a breath of the Mu Refined Spirit!” Whiffs of evil black air gradually appeared on Yinmu’s silver face as he spoke.

His entire body was suffused with silver light, gradually inflating and increasing in thickness and height. Ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet… Inflating right up to a hundred thousand feet!

The space above the Glaze Ocean of Fire was concealed by a colossal silver tree that blocked the sky and the sun. Silver light occupied the whole sky.

Su Yu was like a speck of dust in front of the silver tree. The powerful pressure of mad winds and stormy rains assaulted him, while the Glaze Ocean of Fire below him started to boil, raising endless gigantic waves in the sea of fire.

“This is the original form of Yinmu?” Su Yu was shocked.

Judging from the atmosphere displayed, any of the five Golden Light Guards were no match for this silver tree! This was all was much more terrifying than Su Yu had imagined.


As the air rushed around, the chains around the Tree God radiated a gentle golden light, protecting itself. Su Yu, who was amid the chains, also received this same protection.Not a bit of the powerful pressure could penetrate the chains.


A light sound was heard all of a sudden. Yinmu’s trunk had cracked, and a silver-colored eyeball had popped out from it! Su Yu noticed that half of the eyeball was pitch-black and looked extremely vicious.

“After capturing you, I have a hundred ways to make you surrender.” Yinmu’s black-silver eyeball stared coldly at Su Yu, sending chills down his body.


All of a sudden, a branch shot out from Yinmu’s gigantic tree, pummeling the seals like a silver thunderbolt. This blow sent tremors across the entire underground world, while emitting a frightening power that could destroy a vast city wall like the Blue Mountain Range. However, the power simply ricocheted off when it hit the seals.

Meanwhile, a shaft of golden light fell on the branch, making the branch burn with golden flames.

“Ah! The godda*n seals!” Yinmu inhaled a cold breath, while pain and frustration appeared in his black-silver eye.

Su Yu stared at the branch and was stunned. “Your branch…”

The branch had entirely wilted and turned yellow. It seemed no different from the branches of the evil trees on the outer circumference!

Looking at the evil black mist in the depths of Yinmu’s eyes again, Su Yu began to understand… Could Yinmu’s body have been invaded by evil spirits?

“Get in!” Yinmu bellowed in a low voice, unconcerned with the burning branch as he touched the seals by force. The closer he got, the more turbulent the golden flames became, burning the branch to ashes a little at a time.

Bearing with the excruciating pain and braving the danger of his whole body being ignited, Yinmu forcefully touched the seals with the branch and ventured inside, tangling them around Su Yu with the speed of lightning.

Back then, Yinmu had pulled out all the stops in order to capture Yaomu Daoren. Today would be no different!

“It’s over!” Yinmu laughed viciously, and before the golden flames spread to their original form, he instantly whipped the branch and dragged Su Yu out of the seals.

With his All Creations mighty strength, a mere fairy brat could be easily dragged out in the blink of an eye. However, he only realized once he was applying force that Su Yu would not budge!

“What have you done?” Yinmu’s eyes flickered with shock and uncertainty, and he wondered… Could there be some mechanisms in the seals that I do not know about?

Then, as Su Yu shook his sleeves, a round pearl that was about the size of a fist fell from them. It was half-blue and half-yellow, and it had a vague hint of ghost energy about it.

He held the round pearl in one hand, and regardless of how the branch tugged at him, he did not budge. The weight of the Underworld Pearl could kill even the All Creation Old Monster, so Su Yu felt secure in his current position.

At that moment, the golden flames intensified drastically, spreading to Yinmu’s original form. Yinmu’s face fell, and he was forced to break off the whole branch.


The broken branch was reduced to ashes by the golden flames, while the part that wound around Su Yu perished alongside it. Yinmu was extremely frustrated by this, and he had a wild viciousness in his eyes as he asked, “Human brat, do you really want to go against me?”

“I just want to live,” Su Yu answered.

Yinmu said coldly, “I can promise to let you live, and I can also release those two spouses of yours. As for the rest of the living creatures in the Jiuzhou Continent, why do they concern you?”

“What if I don’t agree?” Su Yu held the Underworld Pearl, calm and composed.

Yinmu’s eyes were filled with cruelty. “Then I’ll let both of your spouses die first!”

“Do as you wish, as even if I lose those two spouses, I can find new ones,” Su Yu answered nonchalantly.

In the tree men’s eyes, humans were the same as animals. In this way, he assumed that all they knew was breeding. As an animal, whose lower part controlled the body, it was reasonable that Su Yu did not fear the threat.

On the contrary, the more Su Yu cared about Fairy Ling’s and Gongsun Wuxie’s lives, he knew that it would only make them more valuable bargaining chips. Hence, the faster they would die!

Yinmu’s black-silver eyes were filled with rage. Initially, he intended to find a brat who could decipher the seals during the Tree God’s dormancy, thus fulfilling his wish to become the new Tree God.

He never could have predicted that this brat would be so truly cunning and have such mysterious tricks! He had no clue about how to deal with him!

The seal was specifically set up to defend against him and the remaining tree men. The other living creatures could approach it unharmed, but if the tree men went near it, they would be reduced to ashes in a fleeting moment.

Right when both parties were caught up in the conflict, Yinmu’s eyes turned suddenly, as if he had received some kind of message. Soon after, a ruthlessness appeared in his eyes as he laughed and said, “Haha, don’t think that I can’t do anything to you!”


Yinmu then transformed into a silver-faced elder once again. With a sneer on his face, he dashed out of the Glaze Ocean of Fire.

Su Yu had an ominous feeling as he wondered… Could Yinmu have found something? Regardless, I can’t just sit and wait for my death. The fire essence in the Fire Essence Jade has limits, after all, which means that it can’t keep resisting the high temperature of the Glaze Ocean of Fire forever.

Once the fire essence was consumed, Su Yu knew that he would be dead and buried in the ocean of fire. Glancing around the vicinity, Su Yu finally fixed his gaze on the golden tree that was behind him.

Slightly squinting his eyes, Su Yu stared at the golden tree and said calmly, “Tree God, do you still want to keep pretending to be asleep at this point? You missed Yaomu Daoren, and if you miss again this time, you’ll perish from the world for real!” The strange thing was that Su Yu was talking to the sleeping Tree God. However, the golden tree was motionless, as if it was sinking into an eternal silence.

“Yaomu Daoren told me everything. Back in the past, you were the one who reminded him to be on his guard with Yinmu,” Su Yu said. Yaomu Daoren was completely manipulated by Yinmu, so how could he have known Yinmu’s ulterior motives?”

The Tree God had secretly told Yaomu Daoren about these things when he was imprinting the ancient words on the seal.

“I think you’re still awake, even now, and you’re working hard at making Yinmu behave carelessly,” Su Yu said.

The golden tree still kept silent. As Su Yu had the patience, he simply waited quietly.


Finally, ten breaths later, a crack appeared on the trunk of the golden tree and a golden eyeball popped out from it. A deep, dull, ancient voice was heard from the inside the golden tree, “Human, I can’t save you.”

Then, there was a long sigh, filled with remorse and helplessness. “My dominant soul fell dormant when I was severely injured. I have only this wift of soul left that has consciousness, which is always defending me against Yinmu. So, I’m helpless to save you,” the Tree God said.

Su Yu said indifferently, “My summoning you wasn’t to make you save me. I’m going to save you!”

Su Yu knew all about this situation, as the message that Yaomu Daoren had left behind, the injuries sustained by the Tree God were recorded in detail.

“You?” The Tree God was doubtful. “Back then, I promoted Yaomu Daoren to the mortal fairy level, yet he was helpless regarding my injuries. So, how could you help me?”

Su Yu replied, “That was him, but this is me. There is only one opportunity, and whether or not your injuries can be treated depends on whether or not your remnant soul has enough strength.”

In Yaomu Daoren’s records, the Tree God was indeed plotted against by an old friend, but its injuries weren’t caused by the seals, but rather the Evil Fatal Godly Force that infiltrated its body.

Su Yu found this strange, and he had to wonder… Why were so many dead ancient bronze tree men in the Desolate Evil Jungle invaded by evil spirits? Where did the evil spirits come from?

In fact, they had broken out from the Evil Fatal Godly Force. Under normal circumstances, the tree men were actually a very kind-hearted and peace-loving race, not prone to simply killing for killing’s sake.

Nonetheless, the tree men in the Desolate Evil Jungle turned into evil trees after death, and the living ones were gradually becoming brutal, breeding their offspring with the flesh and blood of humans. Even Yinmu was infiltrated with this evil without realizing it, the viciousness now raging throughout his whole body, causing him to eventually plot against the Tree God. All of this happened because of the residual Evil Fatal Godly Force in the Tree God’s body!

After a long time spent pondering, the Tree God’s remnant soul sighed. “There’s barely any strength left. But, I must give a try…”


An ancient word appeared on the golden tree. It had the shape of a heart, with a dot at its center. This ancient word had been mentioned by Junior Brother Qian before. They had thought that the word meant “intention,” but only Su Yu knew that it really meant “passageway.”

The Tree God’s remnant soul said, “Come inside. Hopefully there really is still a cure like you said.”

Su Yu nodded as his finger touched the word. All of a sudden, his surroundings plunged into darkness and his body entered a dark passageway.

After he moved a few steps forward, a gloomy sky appeared before his eyes. Dark clouds rolled across the sky. But, they weren’t really clouds, but were actually turbulent evil energies!

Beneath the dark clouds, a youthful lady was lying against a wooden throne. Her eyes were closed and she had a delicate and gentle appearance. Her beauty wasn’t stunning, but it was very natural and pleasing.

Clad in a dress that had been woven out of green leaves, her dark hair was adorned with colorful flowers, and her sleeping face looked very peaceful. As he looked at her, Su Yu felt peaceful inside, all of his chaotic thoughts vanishing immediately.

It was as if he was blending into the world’s nature, and he felt relaxed and light-spirited. After just one glance at her, Su Yu put down his guard and felt an urge to step forward and worship her.


But, the tremendous tremor of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in his mind pulled Su Yu back to reality. Su Yu inhaled a breath of cold air, immediately shaking his head and not daring to look at the lady again.

He was utterly shocked at this power that she seemed to have over him, and he murmured, “How could this be? Looking at her once made me completely lose myself?

Su Yu could not understand. Even if mortal fairies like the Jiuzhou King were before him now, he would not lose the slightest bit of composure. However, even though the lady before him was asleep, thus not applying any cultivation, Su Yu had still lost all rationality before her! If she was awake, she just might be able to make Su Yu surrender with a single thought!

“I see that you’ve seen my godly form, yet you still maintain your composure!” The remnant soul was stunned. “No one without the mortal fairy strength could resist the godly force in front of the godly form. You must have some extraordinary talents or possess an inherent godly form!”

Su Yu replied in a deep voice, “Now is not the time to talk about that, as we’d better treat those injuries as soon as we can.”

The remnant soul nodded. It was uncertain what it had done, but the hidden black evil air gradually came out from the abdomen of the lady on the throne, condensing into a long halberd that then penetrated the lady’s abdomen.