The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Three Leaves

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Evil energy emanated unceasingly from the spear and invaded the woman’s body. The rest of the evil energy dispersed and formed devilish black clouds in the sky.

“In the past, I was injured by this spear, and if I hadn’t quickly sealed my body in a Divine Realm, the evil aura emanating from it would have been enough to turn the whole Jiuzhou Continent into an Evil Domain. Then, the evil energy would have assaulted all living beings, and turned them into Evil Spirits,” the remnant soul said.

Su Yu raised his head and looked at the black clouds in the sky. He hadn’t at all suspected that what the remnant soul had just said could have happened. How powerful and terrifying was the evil energy if it was capable of nailing a Goddess against her throne?

“If you can pull out this spear, my main body will awaken. But if you can’t achieve it, everything will be just a futile effort,” the remnant soul said. “However, I must still warn you. If you aren’t confident, please don’t touch the spear because it contains great evil energy, and you will surely die upon coming in touch with it.”

Su Yu nodded. The devilish Yinmu was outside, and it was only through awakening the Tree Goddess that could he save himself.

As Su Yu strode forward, he discovered that with every step he took his body would shiver and he would get an intense impulse to prostrate himself in worship.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in his mind was also unceasingly shivering intensely. It had never been in such a state before.

Moreover, the body before him was still asleep. So, if she woke up, he wouldn’t be even capable of approaching her.

However, Su Yu clenched his teeth and proceeded forward. There was just a short distance of thirty meters between them, but Su Yu was making very little progress with great difficulty. It was only after he had spent a whole hour moving that he managed to approach the spear.

Su Yu extended his right hand, and a silvery milk-white light emanated from his palm. He took a deep breath before grasping the spear with his right hand.

When Su Yu touched it, devastating evil energy surged into his body. His vision went black, and he felt like his soul would be torn apart. Everything in his consciousness was pitch-black, and he felt like he had just stepped into a death abyss.


All of a sudden, three sonorous dragon roars echoed among the boundless darkness. They expelled the darkness, and let his word regain light once again.

Su Yu’s hand was still holding onto the spear, yet he clearly felt like he had just visited the gates of hell.

When Su Yu looked once again at his palm, he witnessed that the Milky Way Star Sand was revolving quickly, and was expelling the evil energy trying to invade his body. A large amount of blood-red liquid was also flowing out of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, and helping Su Yu to keep his sobriety.

It was only thanks to those two divine objects that Su Yu had managed to avert such a disaster. If he didn’t have them, Su Yu would have already died.

“Hiss! It seems like you have an extraordinary object,” the remnant soul exclaimed in surprise. It had clearly seen that Su Yu’s body was invaded by that evil energy, and his soul was devoured thoroughly by it.

However, just when it assumed that Su Yu would surely die, and was beginning its lament, he came back to life.

Su Yu’s gaze became grave, and he didn’t reply. He just shouted in a low voice and exerted his power on his five fingers to pull out the spear.

However, the spear didn’t budge by even an inch, and it was still the case even after he tried it several times.

The remnant soul couldn’t help but say, “Sure enough! This spear has a mysterious origin, and it’s difficult for you to deal with it with your current power.”

Disappointment appeared on Su Yu’s face. Even though he had used the Milky Way Star Sand, and risked his life to give it a try, he had still failed. Hadn’t he?

He wasn’t willing to accept defeat, and he tried to use the Milky Way Star Sand to absorb the evil energy. However, he quickly discovered that it wasn’t capable of absorbing it.

He had gotten the Milky Way Star Sand long ago, yet this was the first time he had run into an object it wasn’t capable of disintegrating.

“Don’t waste your energy in vain,” the remnant soul sighed. “Your imperial saint artifact has just its body left, and it doesn’t have an Artifact Spirit. It can’t display even a tenth of its true power, and it could at most just absorb fairy power. As for divine power? It can’t deal with it, and this evil energy is even more powerful than divine power. You can’t deal with it.”

It didn’t have an Artifact Spirit? This was the first time Su Yu heard that the Milky Way Star Sand had lost its Artifact Spirit.

“I don’t believe it.” Su Yu wasn’t willing to accept such an outcome, and he continued trying. However, regardless of how he used the Milky Way Star Sand, he still couldn’t deal with even a tiny part of the evil energy.

The remnant soul said, “I’m sorry, human. You can’t save me, and I also can’t save you… Even if the Tree Goddess managed to regain just a little of her sobriety, it would have still been enough to save the Ancient Bronze Tree Men, but it’s a pity that…” The remnant soul sighed again, and a tunnel-shaped character appeared before Su Yu.

“Leave. Allowing you to enter the divine realm had already consumed a large amount of my soul power…”

Su Yu was disappointed. This affair had developed toward the worst possible outcome. It seemed like he could only use the spatial vortex and large-scale teleportation to leave this land.

However, it was unknown where he would end up if he teleported, and the whole foundation he had laid for himself in the Red Blood Palace would be wasted. He would have to start anew.

“Wait!” Just as Su Yu stretched out his hand toward the character in front of him, the remnant soul spoke in surprise.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. He suddenly felt an extremely powerful consciousness awakening from within the sleeping woman’s body.


The devilish black clouds were churned up, while the spear in the woman’s belly was shaken, and it was pulled out by an inch.

“Young… Man…” A grand, archaic, and faintly discernible voice, which seemed like it echoed from the end of time, reverberated through the Divine Realm.

Su Yu’s body couldn’t help but shiver, while dragon roars echoed unceasingly from the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron inside his body. It seemed like everything indicated that a certain mysterious existence would appear here.

The remnant soul became excited. “My main body woke up!”

Su Yu looked at the woman. She still sat there motionlessly, and it didn’t seem like she had woken up at all.

“Young man, I’m the Tree Goddess.” A voice transmitted from the sleeping woman’s body. “When that evil energy just invaded your body, I detected that an Evil God in the deepest part of your soul had absorbed a part of the evil energy, hence why my suppressed consciousness managed to wake up for a short while.”

It was the Evil God in the Soul Space! That cunning b*stard must have taken avail of the fact that my soul was assaulted, and that I was unable to quell him, to stealthily come out, and absorb a large amount of evil energy.

That guy was a remnant drop of the Evil God’s blood essence. Evil energy must be important to him.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. If the Evil God became strong enough to tear open his soul space and escape, what should he do then? He didn’t have any way to imprison that old b*stard once again.

Su Yu ignored such worries for the moment. He bowed and paid his respects. “Greeting, Tree Goddess. I’m really powerless and incapable of pulling out the spear.”

“You don’t need to blame yourself. Even I am incapable of pulling out, let alone you.” The Tree Goddess’s voice became softer and wasn’t as archaic-sounding as before. “I can stay awake for just a short period. Young man, do you have any wishes?”

A Goddess wanted to grant Su Yu’s wish!

Su Yu hesitated for a moment, before he spoke, “May I ask what’s the price for it?”

“When you are powerful enough, you must pull out the spear,” the Tree Goddess said.

Su Yu nodded after he mulled it over for a moment, and he agreed. “I can accept it, but I can’t guarantee that I can manage to achieve it in this life.”

Even this woman wasn’t capable of achieving it. Would Su Yu ever be?

“It’s fine as long as you promise it. State your wish,” the Tree Goddess said.

Su Yu said, “The summit of the martial path.”

Su Yu had gone through countless trials and hardships and was aware that it was power which determined everything. It was only when he was powerful enough to trample upon the whole world that he could protect his beloved people and objects.

“You want to become a god? I’m not able to help you become a new god, but I can provide you protection in your path to godhood,” the Tree Goddess said.

Su Yu nodded. “Tree Goddess, many thanks for your help.”

How could a goddess on the brink of death help him reach the summit of the martial path? Su Yu was already lucky to just get her protection.


The long dress made from green leaves worn by the woman started fluttering, and three fresh green leaves broke free of the dress and fell on Su Yu’s palm.

“These are the leaves which I had when I reached godhood. They are my vital leaves. Even though they don’t contain any divine power, they can still help you avert many disasters, and none below the Mortal Fairy Realm can block them. They can disintegrate all enemies into their former state, and they are beneficial to you.”

“However, they still have a flaw. They will consume a large amount of your Vital Energy, and cause you to lose all fighting prowess. In severe cases, they may even damage your Dantian, and cause your cultivation level to drop. You must remember to use one of them only when your life is in danger.”

Su Yu nodded. He was greatly overjoyed! Since she stated that it was effective against anyone below the Mortal Fairy Realm, didn’t this mean that even All Creation Old Monsters couldn’t black the leaves’ strike?

Those three leaves were enough for Su Yu to kill three All Creation Old Monsters.

“Tree Goddess, many thanks for your gift,” Su Yu said. He was extremely grateful to her.

The Tree Goddess said, “When you advance into the Mortal Fairy Realm, I will offer you another gift if you can manage to help me awaken completely.

Su Yu was really grateful to her!


A blue ray shot out of the Tree Goddess’s forehead and went through Su Yu’s forehead.

“This is our contract. It won’t affect you, but it will let me know whether you are still alive,” the Tree Goddess said.

Su Yu didn’t resist it because he believed that a Tree Goddess didn’t need to deceive an insignificant mortal.

“I already formed the contract, so you can leave now. I will use all the divine power remaining in the Divine Realm, and will once again refine all my clansmen while I’m still alive. If you stay in this Divine Realm, you will be affected by the divine power,” the Tree Goddess said.

The divine power was an extremely terrifying power, and if it touched Su Yu, he would be instantly annihilated by it.

Su Yu touched the tunnel-shaped character and teleported back once again. The three leaves were already hidden carefully by Su Yu inside the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.


When Su Yu reached the outside world, Yinmu’s terrifying aura quickly approached him. Moreover, he didn’t come back here alone. There were still two human captives next to him, and it just happened that Su Yu knew one of them.

“Bright Moon Householder!” Su Yu was surprised by this. He had unexpectedly ended up meeting Bright Moon Householder here.

There was a middle-aged woman next to Bright Moon Householder, whom Su Yu didn’t know, but both their faces were filled with panic and fright. It was obvious that they were greatly frightened.

However, why had they also entered the Desolate Evil Jungle?

“Su Yuxian? You are still alive?” Bright Moon Householder was surprised to see Su Yuxian here. He had obviously witnessed Su Yu and Hu Wangui being dragged by the branches, yet Su Yuxian was unexpectedly still alive.

Yinmu was taken aback by this, and he sneered coldly while looking at Su Yu. “Well, it’s really a coincidence. You all know each other.”

Mistress Qin rolled her eyes, and shouted in a sharp voice, “Su Yuxian, you have destroyed my Shizhen Bookyard, and I still haven’t made you pay for it.”

Su Yu cast a glance at her and thought back to Shizhen Bookyard. It was in Shizhen Bookyard that he found the letter and golden sand left by Venerable Yaomo.

“Hehe, interesting! It turns out that you have a feud between you. Handling this matter will be easier then.” Yinmu curled the corners of his mouth.

After Bright Moon Householder and Mistress Qin were captured, the Ancient Bronze Tree Men had wanted to use them as a container for cultivating seeds. However, they were taken away by this Silver-Faced Tree Man before they received such a punishment.

They were both nervous throughout the whole journey because they assumed that he would bring them to a more dangerous land.

However, after they witnessed what was before them, they understood Yinmu’s aims.

“Sir, I have an irreconcilable enmity with this guy, and I’m willing to help you, and kill him for you,” Bright Moon Householder volunteered.

Cutting his livelihood wasn’t any different to Bright Moon Householder than murdering his parents. This was an irreconcilable enmity