The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 895

Chapter 895 The Tree Goddess's Attack

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“Sir, I’m willing to serve you,” Mistress Qin said.

Bright Moon Householder and Mistress Qin were both Level Two Divine Masters, and it would be easy for them to kill Su Yu.

“Just capture him, and don’t kill him. I want him alive, and if you can achieve it, I will consider sparing your lives. I can even offer you two drops of the Life Spring,” Yinmu promised.

Mistress Qin and Bright Moon Householder were overjoyed. Even though this Silver-Faced Tree Man wasn’t trustworthy, this was still their only hope for survival.

They both laughed nastily and joined hands. They flew toward the seal, and, bypassing it without suffering any obstruction, entered it.

A cold smile appeared on Yinmu’s face. The seal was effective against him, but it was useless against humans.

Bright Moon Householder stared at Su Yu and revealed a mocking smile. “Su Yuxian, Su Yuxian! You harmed me, and I lost everything because of you. If Lu Chuyi hadn’t obstructed me, I would have already killed you. Now, let see whether you can still hide behind a woman’s back.”

Mistress Qin sneered coldly. They all had a feud between them, and destroying her library was no small matter to her.

Moreover, the Heavenly Knife Region had lost all its stores in the sacrificial ritual, and her library was among them. It had been taken back by the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ camp. Such an enmity was anything but small.

Su Yu was still composed. “It seems like you are both confident that you can detain me here.”

There wasn’t anyone else on this land, and Su Yu could use all his techniques without holding anything back. Two Level Two Divine Masters might not be able to match Su Yu.

“Well? You are really arrogant,” Bright Moon Householder said while sneering coldly. “Mistress Qin, this lad must have one or two cards up his sleeve, so we mustn’t care about fairness. Let’s just charge at him together, and capture him.”

Mistress Qin nodded and walked toward Su Yu. When she was just ten steps from him, her body shot forward. She left a fuzzy afterimage behind her, and Su Yu didn’t even manage to react until Mistress Qin reached him. A wisp of vigorous Vital Energy surged out of her and flew toward Su Yu’s forehead.

Su Yu tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and flew into the sky. It seemed like he wanted to retreat.

A cold glint flickered in Bright Moon Householder’s eyes. Su Yu was now in the sky, and his body couldn’t perform flexible and agile moves. This was the best chance of attacking him.

“Lad, offer your life to me!” Bright Moon Householder’s hands turned into eagle claws and went after Su Yu’s back and shoulder. Flames surged out of the claws, and they would burn and harm Su Yu before the claws even reached him. They would also prevent him from retaliating.

In any case, the Silver-Faced Tree Man had asked them to capture Su Yu but hadn’t forbidden them from harming him.

When Su Yu faced the two attacks, he struck the air with both hands and soared up. A pair of scarlet wings appeared on his back, and he left just an afterimage behind. He disappeared before Bright Moon Householder’s hands reached him.

Bright Moon Householder ended up pouncing at thin air. His expression became gloomy as he looked at the scarlet wings on Su Yu’s back.

Bright Moon Householder had already seen the wings when Hu Wangui was chasing Su Yu. Those wings possessed a flying speed rivaling a Level Five Divine Master.

“You don’t need to worry. He doesn’t dare to leave the seal which is why his motions and movements are restricted. So, you can just attack him as you like,” Yinmu said calmly. Capturing Su Yu was already a foregone conclusion.

Bright Moon Householder and Mistress Qin exchanged a glance before they started attacking Su Yu once again from the left side.

This time, Su Yu didn’t try dodging. He simply looked in pity at those two people. “Fine, I will just use you to try my new technique out.”

Su Yu started weaving hand signs with both hands, and three angry dragons’ roars echoed from Su Yu’s chest. Three malevolent black dragons flew out of Su Yu’s chest, and they charged toward the two people, roaring angrily all the while.

Bright Moon Householder and Mistress Qin both felt threatened by them.

“Use your Divine Seal quickly!” Bright Moon Householder was startled. How could Su Yu possess such a terrifying cultivation technique?

Bright Moon Householder’s Divine Seal was a pill, and it provided him with boundless energy. It let Bright Moon Householder’s cultivation level raise up. It quickly increased and reached the peak of the Level Two Divine Master Realm.

Even such a type of Divine Seal existed? Su Yu was really surprised by such a sight.

As for Mistress Qin’s Divine Seal, it was ordinary and mediocre. It was a book, and many characters were shooting unceasingly out of it. The characters attacked the demonic dragons and tried to prevent them from closing in on them.

However, the demonic dragons’ speed didn’t decrease. Instead, it rose further. They all roared at the same time and shattered a large number of characters. They penetrated Mistress Qin’s body.

Mistress Qin’s eyes were filled with fright and disbelief, and her expressions stiffened. Her body began to split apart from the inside, turning into fragments.

Bright Moon Householder witnessed the scene and was deeply shocked.”Boruo Diamond!” he shouted loudly.

A blue armor appeared on his body, and his fists were shrouded by blue light.

After the demonic dragons bypassed Mistress Qin, they roared loudly and charged toward Bright Moon Householder. They began to exchange moves with his blue fists.


Bright Moon Householder’s eyes widened, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His body drew back unceasingly and fell outside of the seal.

“What demonic technique are you cultivating? Why is it so tyrannical?” Bright Moon Householder couldn’t believe what had just happened. A Level Five Fairy had managed to use a cultivation technique to kill a Level Two Divine Master and heavily injure another one.

Su Yu replied calmly, “You don’t need to know it, but if you want to die, you can come at me once again.”

Su Yu wondered whether the True Goddess had finished her preparations and whether he would manage to successfully control and use its divine power.

Black gas permeated out of Yinmu’s body surface, and a cruel glint appeared in his eyes. “Human, you are exhausting my patience, and if you continue to resist, it won’t end up with just capturing you. It’s difficult for me to capture you, but it’s easy for me to kill you, and even hiding in the seal won’t help you.”

Su Yu’s skin flickered, and a black armor appeared on him. It was the Eternal Stone King Armor.

Su Yu used his action to demonstrate his resolution. He would surely not compromise.

“Humph! You are stupid and stubborn! Did you really assume that I can’t deal with you?” Yinmu snorted coldly and glanced at Bright Moon Householder.

It seemed like Bright Moon Householder detected it, and he looked over his shoulder. Wearing a sincere and devoted look, he said, “Sir, please give me another opportunity. I will surely capture him alive.”

“Just let it be. You are no match for him. I will just deal with him personally.” Yinmu snorted coldly, while his whole body flickered in silver flight, and a small silver tree, which was engulfed by a black fog, came out from his forehead.

Half of the small tree’s leaves were pitch-black, and they emitted an evil aura.

“His soul has left his body!” Su Yu immediately noticed what had happened.

Bright Moon Householder immediately realized that the turn of events was anything but reassuring. He tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and flew toward the seal. He spoke anxiously. “Su Yuxian, let’s forget our differences temporarily. Can I hide inside for now?”

Someone as shrewd as Bright Moon Householder had already noticed that Yinmu couldn’t enter the seal, or else, he wouldn’t have needed to ask them to work for him.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment, but he still didn’t obstruct him.

“Humph!” When Bright Moon Householder was just thirty meters from the seal, the pocket-sized small silver tree snorted coldly.

Bright Moon Householder’s body stiffened, and couldn’t budge by even an inch. It was like he was controlled by someone. Just after that, dense spatial power appeared in his surrounding.

Controlling spatial power was a special ability possessed by just All Creation Old Monsters.

Bright Moon Householder’s face was filled with fright and panic, but he couldn’t budge. It continued until Yinmu’s soul, the small silver tree, flew over and entered Bright Moon Householder’s body through his forehead.

Su Yu observed this scene from afar, and he could witness it clearly with his Soul Eyes. Bright Moon Householder’s soul was now being crushed to pieces by the small silver tree, and just after that, his fleshly body was occupied by force by the small silver tree.

It was at that moment that Bright Moon Householder’s soul was extinguished, and was replaced by another one. The current Bright Moon Householder had an All Creation Realm soul.


‘Bright Moon Householder’ opened his eyes. Shocking energy waves emanated from his shining silver eyes, and such waves would astonish this whole underground dimension.

The current ‘Bright Moon Householder’ had an aura at the All Creation Realm, and even though he wasn’t as powerful as Yinmu’s main body, he was still vastly stronger than Su Yu.

“Body Possession!” Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air. He had already seen in ancient books records of such techniques of stealing fleshly bodies. It was rumored that once one cultivated to the All Creation Realm, his soul would be powerful enough to leave his own body, and occupy another body. This technique was called Body Possession.

However, using such a technique had a grave price, and according to the records, even if a late-stage All Creation Old Monster used it, his cultivation level would drop by a whole great realm. It seemed like Yinmu was doing his utmost to capture Su Yu.

However, if Yinmu succeeded, he would manage to kill the Tree Goddess, steal her Divine Essence, and become a new Tree God. What were his little sacrifices worth in comparison to this great achievement?

Yinmu’s silver eyes penetrated space and looked at Su Yu. The seal shook then slightly, and a wisp of Yinmu’s aura passed through it.

It seemed then like Su Yu had just suffered an electric shock. He groaned softly, while blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth. Just Yinmu’s gaze alone was this terrifying, and if they stood facing each other, just his gaze alone would be enough to kill Su Yu.

“I made such a great sacrifice just because of you, so you can be proud of it. Even Venerable Yaomu didn’t get to enjoy such a treatment,” ‘Bright Moon Householder’ said coldly. His silver eyes shone brightly, and he strode forward while clasping his hands behind his back.

He appeared in front of the seal and stretched out his hand toward it at the same time.

When he came in contact with it, Bright Moon Householder’s body shivered, and pain appeared in his silver eyes. Even though Yinmu’s soul was hidden in a human’s body, the seal still managed to detect him, and it burned his soul.

If he didn’t leave in time, his soul would be surely extinguished. However, with his current cultivation realm, he would surely manage to capture Su Yu in just three seconds.

His finger didn’t come to a stop. It continued and passed through the seal. The seal couldn’t obstruct his human body.

“Come out!” A sinister look appeared on the face of ‘Bright Moon Householder’, and he waved his hand, which he stretched into the inside of the seal, toward Su Yu.

A powerful spatial power immediately engulfed Su Yu’s surroundings and prevented his body from even budging. Bright Moon Householder would now need just a single thought to take out Su Yu from there, and what awaited Su Yu then would be unimaginably cruel torture.


A golden tree truck suddenly appeared in the tunnel-shaped ancient character. A white and fair hand stretched out from it and held Su Yu’s shoulder. The spatial power surrounding Su Yu immediately collapsed, while a terrifying aura slowly seeped into the area.

The expression of Yinmu, who wore a sinister look, stiffened suddenly. His pupils contracted when he saw the white hand. He spoke in fright. “Tree Goddess!”

Impossible! Wasn’t the Tree Goddess asleep? How had she managed to come here?

Boundless fright welled up in Yinmu’s heart. This was an instinctual fright, and he couldn’t help but desire to immediately escape.

However, he discovered that he was already incapable of budging by even an inch. It was like his body was confined by something, and he kept the same stance before, and couldn’t budge at all.

The soul inside his body, the small silver tree, fled out of Bright Moon Householder’s forehead in panic. But when it just left the body, it was also confined in space, and couldn’t budge at all.

This was a soul at the late-stage of the All Creation Realm, yet the Tree Goddess still needed just a thought to confine it and prevent it from moving.

“Tree Goddess! Please spare my life…” The small silver tree begged forgiveness in fright, while a golden flame started burning its body, and let it suffer intense pain.


The golden tree trunk flickered, and the hand’s owner appeared here. It was a woman sitting on a throne, and sleeping peacefully on it. Her posture wasn’t any different than before, and the only difference was that she raised her hand, and put it on Su Yu’s shoulder.

“Yinmu, I haven’t seen you for several thousand years, yet you have already weakened until your cultivation fell to the All Creation Realm? It’s no wonder that evil energy was able to invade your body. It was because you are already on the brink of death.” A sigh reverberated from inside the Tree Goddess’s body.