The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Yinmus Gift

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In the past, when the Tree Goddess was heavily injured and on the verge of losing consciousness, she had set a defensive seal around her. At that time, Yinmu was still a Mortal Fairy expert.

After countless years had passed, Yinmu’s life force gradually weakened which allowed the evil energy to invade his body and turn him into an evil existence. It was then that he started planning to steal the Tree Goddess’s godhood.

Yinmu was being burned. He pleaded for a while and shouted angrily several times, going out of control. However, as the golden light continued burning him, the black luster on the small silver tree started disappearing gradually and turned into a black smoke which dissipated in the sky.

Yinmu’s tyrannical and brutal nature also disappeared along with it.

After several more seconds had passed, the black color on Yinmu’s soul disappeared and his soul became wholly silver once again. It shone with a bright and splendid silver color. It was a dazzling yet gentle light, and it would give people peace and serenity.

After the golden radiance disappeared, the small silver tree changed beyond recognition, and it went back to its body.

When Yinmu opened his eyes once again, all the evil in his eyes had disappeared and he wore a calm and serene look.

Su Yu felt the same cordial aura emanating from Yinmu’s body that he felt from the Tree Goddess.

“Tree Goddess…” Yinmu muttered and a blank look appeared on his face. It was like he had just been reborn, and after he passed a while recalling everything he had done in the past several thousand years, shame couldn’t help but appear on his face. He knelt on the ground on one knee. “I’m really useless, and I couldn’t protect you. Instead, I even let the evil energy invade my body, and I tried in vain to steal your godhood. Tree Goddess, please punish me!”

The Tree Goddess said amiably, “I don’t blame you. After I fell asleep, you all lost my divine power nourishment, and you all gradually weakened with each passing day. Even you weren’t an exception to this. It would have been difficult for you to manage to survive until now.”

Yinmu lowered his head in shame.

“There are still many clansmen alive who have been plagued by the evil energy, and there are even more who have already died and been turned into Evil Spirits.” The Tree Goddess was aggrieved, and she pitied them all. “Yinmu, after I fall asleep once again, you must protect our clansmen, and wait for my next awakening.”


The sound of rustling leaves reverberated in all directions. Such a sound had a heavenly charm.

Su Yu was mesmerized by it upon hearing it, and he didn’t dare to speak and disrupt this world’s most beautiful music.

All Tree Men on lands where the sound echoed stopped in their tracks, and the wisps of the black gas in their bodies, as well as their negatives emotions, disappeared.

It was the case for all Tree Men in both the outer and inner regions of the Desolate Evil Jungle.

The thick layer of dust on the Desolate Evil Jungle, accumulated through countless years, had dissipated as the wind swept it, and the sun shone once again upon this forest after so long, and let the gloomy Desolate Evil Jungle have a special beauty.

All Ancient Bronze Tree Men, who returned to their senses, prostrated on worship toward the place where the sound echoed. They were all excited!

That beautiful sound of nature let the world descend into silence, and an auspicious and peaceful aura engulfed every place it echoed through.

It was only after that sound disappeared that Su Yu slowly opened his eyes. When he looked at the Tree Goddess, he felt that the imposing consciousness inside her was gradually weakening. It seemed like she would fall to sleep once again.

“Yinmu, protect our clansmen well,” the Tree Goddess said, while her body disappeared from the tunnel and went back to the Divine Realm.

When she was about to disappear completely, she spoke once again. “Please treat this human youngster well. If he asks for your help, please help him as much as you can.”

“Understood Tree Goddess,” Yinmu replied respectfully.

Even though the Tree Goddess disappeared, the seal was still present as ever.

Yinmu stood up. He wore a peaceful and serene expression. The serenity came from the deepest part of his heart.

“Youngster, thank you for obstructing me.” Yinmu was grateful to Su Yu, and shame filled his face as he sighing.

Upon witnessing this, Su Yu exclaimed inwardly. Yinmu was really purified.

“I have just done the best I can,” Su Yu said, “May I ask whether my friends are still safe?”

What Su Yu was most worried about was the two women’s safety.

Yinmu nodded. “They weren’t injured and harmed, so you can set your mind at ease. Before leading you to meet them, I want to offer you a gift, and you can consider it a token of gratitude because you have saved all Ancient Bronze Tree Men.”

After two hours had passed, they managed to leave the underground world and returned to the lakeside where Su Yu had met Yinmu for the first time.

Su Yu looked at the peaceful lake, as curiosity welled up in his head. “What will your gift to me be?”

“The spring of life,” Yinmu replied.

“The spring of life? Isn’t it in another place?” Su Yu said in surprise.

Su Yu still clearly remembered that Yinmu had discovered Bright Moon Householder and Mistress Qin here trying to sneak toward the spring of life.

“That is also the spring of life, but it’s the spring of life where ordinary Ancient Bronze Tree Men are born. It’s used to just nurture our younger generation. What I want to offer you is the spring of life formed by me in the past when I was still in the Mortal Fairy Realm,” Yinmu said.

Recently, Su Yu had gotten so many precious objects that he had started getting used to it. Hence, he didn’t feel much joy or excitement.


The lake split open, and a silver wooden box flew from the deepest part of the lake. A strong life force was emanating from the wooden box, and Su Yu felt it was as intense as the Fate Altering Pill’s life force. However, it was still vastly inferior to that pill, but even though this was the case, it would be difficult to find another spiritual object with a life force rivaling the one before him.

“It’s condensed by using the Mortal Fairy Realm’s power, and this is my Wood Clan’s rare and special ability. I have condensed nine drops in countless years, and each drop could let one live for another thousand years. It can also purify one’s body, and bring one unimaginable benefits. In the past, Venerable Yaomo had an ordinary talent, and through cleansing his body with six drops he managed to successfully advance into the Mortal Fairy Realm.”

“Now, I will gift to you all of the remaining drops, and it can be considered a token of apology and gratitude,” Yinmu said.

It could increase one’s lifespan by a thousand years? Su Yu licked his lips. How could he reject such great benefits?

Moreover, it could still purify one’s body, and Su Yu couldn’t help but think back of the curse on his chest. He could probably get rid of it now.

“It will be better to use this object while you are on the verge of advancing into the next Great Realm. Only then can you exhibit its effect to the fullest,” Yinmu instructed him.

Su Yu nodded and gave up on his impulse of consuming and refining it immediately.

“Senior Yinmu, many thanks.” Su Yu collected it and stored it along with the Tree Goddess’s three leaves. They were all peerless and precious treasures.

Yinmu revealed a warm smile. “It’s me who should thank you. The Tree Goddess has instructed me to take care of you, and I will offer you another gift on her behalf.”

As Yinmu spoke, his whole body flickered in silver light, and he turned into a thirty-thousand-meter-long silver tree. It obscured the sky and covered the earth, and was really a magnificent sight.

“Youngster. One can seek the truths of the Dao beneath a Bodhi Tree, and even though our Ancient Bronze Tree Men aren’t Bodhi Trees, we still have the same ancestors. If you have a moment of enlightenment beneath me while I’m in my Tree Form, you will surely succeed in comprehending many matters.”

He would supply him with an environment suitable for making him enlightened? Su Yu became overjoyed once again. Su Yu had always believed that he had a pretty good perception, and it was still becoming better as his body was nourished by the Divine Nine-Dragons Cauldron. However, his perception was still lacking in comparison to Xia Jingyu’s amazing perception.

Now, he suffered many issues in his techniques’ cultivation, so how could he give up on such a good opportunity? Su Yu’s body flickered, and he immediately sat cross-legged beneath the silver tree. He started using the time speeding power and studied all the cultivation techniques which he hadn’t managed to achieve any progress in for a long time.

Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique, Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, and Five Elements Mysteries Art were all extremely complex cultivation techniques, and Su Yu started studying them while using the time speeding power beneath the silver tree.

Two hours passed. Four hours passed…

The sun started rising from the east, before setting and leaving just faint light shining upon Su Yu’s face.

While the sun was setting, Su Yu opened his eyes slowly, and as the sun shone upon his eyes, it seemed like two little flames were burning within them. They were burning peacefully and emitted a faint light.

Even though just half a day passed, it was tantamount to a whole year since Su Yu had used his time speeding power. Moreover, since he was studying beneath the silver tree, his comprehension power was ten times better than before, which meant that this session was tantamount to ten years of Su Yu’s usual arduous cultivation. It managed to help him advance by leaps and bounds in all his three cultivation techniques.

His Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air Technique’s cultivation had unknowingly passed through the entry-level, then the low tier, and had now reached the upper tier. He was only slightly short of great mastery, and with his current tier, he would be capable of controlling four Divine Master experts at the same time.

Su Yu had never experienced such great progress in this technique cultivation, and if Yun Yazi learned of it, he would surely be astounded.

He had also made considerable progress in the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm Technique. In Zhenlong World, he had remained in its upper tier and hadn’t been able to master it completely. However, now, he had achieved it. The mastery of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm’s first layer would mean he was able to easily kill Level Three Divine Masters with this technique.

The last one was the Five Elements Mysteries Arts. Before this, Su Yu had comprehended just seven Demon Clan’s characters meaning, but now, he understood seventy.

As long as he continued and comprehended thirty more characters, he would manage to control the Five Elements Divine Prison. Moreover, his alchemy skill had also benefited from his mastery of the Five Elements Mysteries Art.

Previously, he had managed to just occasionally reach the Elixir Fire Fusion State, but with his current understanding of the fire element, he would easily manage to get into such a state. The next time he did, he would make elixirs and would surely manage to make a breakthrough.

Su Yu was quite excited because he had received many benefits after having a moment of enlightenment beneath the silver tree. However, he decided to stop for now. One mustn’t try to run before he could walk, and he must first digest what he had just achieved before continuing further.


Silver light flickered around the silver tree, and it took back its divine form as Yinmu.

“It seems like you benefited greatly from it,” Yinmu said.

Su Yu nodded and paid his respects to him out of gratitude.

“However, I felt and detected time power. I really didn’t expect that the ancient times’ time power’s inheritance hadn’t disappeared,” Yinmu said with a smile while looking at Su Yu.

Su Yu wasn’t surprised by this. It would be possible for him to conceal such a matter from an All Creation Old Monster., but he couldn’t conceal it from a former Mortal Fairy.

“You should be careful. Even gods will covet the time power’s inheritance, and you mustn’t let them get wind of it,” Yinmu instructed him sternly.

Su Yu said, “I understand. Senior, many thanks for your warning.”

“The Tree Goddess wants me to spare no effort in helping you, and I hope for you to stay here so that I can protect you, help you in your cultivation, and help you reach the Mortal Fairy Realm faster,” Yinmu said.

Su Yu fell silent and hesitated. He was slightly tempted by such an offer.

“Senior, many thanks for your concern, but I still have many matters left for me in the outside world to handle, and I can’t stay here,” Su Yu said.

Yinmu tried to urge him to stay here for a while. Eventually, he gave up. “Fine, I will now accompany you and your friends out of here.”


Yinmu waved his sleeves, and Su Yu was taken by him to a dead tree. The tree hadn’t been turned into an evil existence, but its body had still been altered, and it had been turned into a prison. It was the place where the human intruders were imprisoned.

Upon arriving, Su Yu witnessed Hu Wangui in the outer region of the prison. He was taking his last breath, and his spiritual energy was sucked dry. His fate was now to become a container for seeds.

“He came here along with you, and he’s also your friend. You can also take him out with you. After we were purified by the Tree Goddess, nurturing the young generation’s seeds became easier for us, and we don’t need any longer to use such a cruel method,” Yinmu said.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “He’s an enemy rather than a friend, but he will quickly become my servant.”

Su Yu entered the prison wearing a faint smile.

After a long while had passed, Hu Wangui followed Su Yu closely while wearing a respectful look. It seemed like he was his servant!

Su Yu was a Level Five Fairy, and it just happened that he was able to use Tianzi’s Soul Control Technique to control a Level Five Divine Master.

Hu Wangui, who was on the brink of death, give up resistance without any hesitation. He was under Su Yu’s control.

Once Hu Wangui’s body recovered, it would also recover its former fighting prowess. A Level Five Divine Master Realm expert could provide considerable assistance to Su Yu in crucial moments.

Su Yu’s arm shone with a green light, as Hu Wangui was taken by him into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

“There are still your two mating partners left.” Yinmu revealed a faint smile. “I had once said that I would offer you a gift the next time you all met again, and I will now fulfill such a promise.”