The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Yearning Tree

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A gift? Su Yu was curious about this.

Su Yu was led by Yinmu to the deepest part of the prison. Two beautiful women were bound there by branches. They couldn’t budge by even an inch. There were two green lifelike saplings on their forehead.

Yinmu smiled mysteriously. He took out two seeds from his sleeves and put them on Su Yu’s palm.

“What are those?” Su Yu asked in confusion.

Yinmu looked at Fairy Ling and Gongsun Wuxie, who stared back at him, and spoke in the human’s language. “Those are the Yearning Saplings and Yearning Seeds. The Yearning Saplings were planted in their bodies, while the seeds are in your hands. As long as you have the seeds, you can control both their bodies and hearts, and they will willingly satisfy all of your requests and desires.”

Su Yu became petrified, and black lines appeared on his forehead as he looked at those two beauties. Even though they were pretty and alluring, how had Yinmu come up with such an idea of helping Su Yu control them?

“Well? Are you worried that they will break free of them? You don’t need to worry about that. These objects are all from a Yearning Tree I planted personally in my early years. Even a Mortal Fairy can’t get rid of the Yearning Trees in their bodies,” Yinmu said.

Su Yu spoke, “Can you please take out the Yearning Trees in their bodies? There isn’t the need to take such measures.”

“Did I make a mistake? Yinmu said in surprise. “Humans and other similar living beings will constantly change their mating partners. So, shouldn’t you control them so that they don’t betray you?”

Su Yu blushed with shame. All Wood Clan’s members assumed that humans were the same as other animals, who easily got on heat.

If Yinmu hadn’t mentioned this, it would have still been fine. Once it was mentioned, the two beauties flew into a rage.

“Wait! Did you just say mating partners?” Gongsun Wuxie’s face became flushed, as did Fairy Ling’s. They had assumed that Yinmu set some sort of seals on their bodies, yet in the end, they were vulgar and contemptible objects.

Yinmu wore an odd look. “I have acted according to what the Bronze Tree Men reported back. You acknowledged personally that they were your mating partners. Have I misunderstood anything?” he asked Su Yu.

Awful! Su Yu wanted to stop Yinmu from talking, but it was already too late.

“Ah! Old Lecher, you… you… you are unexpectedly this shameless!” Gongsun Wuxie burst with rage. He had unexpectedly deceived the Tree Men and had stated that they had such a relationship between them. Now they had been harmed and had seals of shame on their bodies.

Fairy Ling’s eyes almost shot flames from anger. “Su Yuxian! Even if I have to die, I still will won’t let you touch me.”

Su Yu was embarrassed. “It’s the Tree Men’s leader who wanted to kill you, and I was forced to state that you are all important people to me, but they misunderstood it and assumed that we had such a relationship between us. Did you both want me to just let them drag you away, and use you as a fertilizer?”

Upon hearing him, the two women couldn’t help but recall what had occurred, and how the Tree Men’s leader had strangely let go of them. They both realized what had really occurred at that time. It was no wonder that Su Yu was stammering.

“Why don’t you then quickly ask them to get rid of our seals.” Fairy Ling felt uncomfortable all over. As she considered the fact that she was controlled by someone, and she might end up offering her body to him at any moment, she felt like dying.

Gongsun Wuxie couldn’t help but hate Su Yu bitterly. As long as she had an interaction with this guy, nothing good would befall her.

Yinmu furrowed his brows. “Youngsters, these two females are rude, unreasonable, and aren’t likable at all, regardless of whether they were your mating partners in the past. Now, you are their master, and you can discipline them as you wish any time.”

Su Yu blushed with shame once again. The two women both had outstanding statuses, and if Su Yu really dared to touch them, endless trouble would await him.

“Can you please take off the Yearning Trees? We are just friends,” Su Yu said.

Yinmu sighed and said, “I’m sorry. I’m incapable of doing it. Once a Yearning Tree has been planted, it can’t be taken off. But the Yearning Seeds in your hand contain a poisonous substance, which can cause the Yearning Trees to dry out, die, and disappear from their bodies completely. You will need to just grind the seeds and have them consume it. However, it seems like these two females are hostile to you, and it will be better for you to not attempt it before reaching a safe place.”

Su Yu was of the same opinion as him.

“Fine, I will escort you out of the forest.” Yinmu waved his sleeves and brought them out with him. He traveled several thousand miles, and crossed the whole Desolate Evil Jungle, journeying to its edge.

Yinmu followed Su Yu with his gaze, and said, “If you suffer any trouble someday, you can come back any time to the Desolate Evil Jungle to seek our protection.”

“Senior, thank you,” Su Yu said.

They were now close to the outside world, and there wasn’t any fog so they could easily reach it. They all traveled to the outside world, and after a short while, Su Yu could see the outside world for the first time in a long while.

“Fuu! We finally got out… What are you all doing?” Su Yu let out a long breath, but he suddenly felt a chill in his back. He turned around and evaded a strike directed at his back.

He looked behind him. Fairy Ling’s face was filled with ice-cold killing intent, and Gongsun Wuxie was also looking at him coldly. She had her hands crossed in front of her chest.

“What do you think we are doing? Our purity mustn’t be tarnished by you. Hand over the seeds, or else. Don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Fairy Ling wore an odd look, and her face became flushed for a moment as she spoke.

Su Yu stood up straight and sneered coldly. “You are just a middle-aged aunt, and that one is a little girl who hasn’t grown up yet. I really don’t understand where you got such confidence from, and why you assume that I’m interested in you. My tastes aren’t like those Tree Men, who only knew male and female dissimilarity. You are thinking too highly of yourself.”

Upon hearing this, the women were humiliated and both flew into a rage.

Gongsun Wuxie panted with rage, and said viciously, “You are disparaging my body once again. I will surely not forgive you.”

Fairy Ling almost went insane from rage upon hearing him call her a middle-aged aunt. Even though she was really middle aged, her appearance seemed more youthful than most thirty-year-old women.

Su Yu had poked both those two women’s sore spots with his words.

“I will tear you to shreds!” Fairy Ling shouted, before she raised her sword, and charged at him. Gongsun Wuxie took several pill bottles out of her pocket. She was ready to teach Su Yu a lesson at any time.

“It seems like you have both forgotten something.” Su Yu just stood still, and leisurely held two seeds. He imbued his Vital Energy into them.

The seeds started emitting heat, while the sapling-shaped imprints on Fairy Ling and Gongsun Wuxie’s foreheads started shining with a green light. Their movements started to slow down, while their struggle was apparent in their gazes.

“Dance for me!” Su Yu ordered.

The rebellious looks in their eyes immediately disappeared and were replaced by a warm look filled with affection toward Su Yu.

Upon witnessing their loving and caring looks, Su Yu’s heart was slightly stirred for a moment as if he had just felt their heartfelt affection.

They both started dancing slowly. One of them was mature, curvaceous, and alluring. She had fair white skin, which was faintly discernible beneath her skirt as she danced around. As for Gongsun Wuxie, she was petite, lovely, and was like an adorable little rabbit, which anyone would desire to hold in their arms and caress lovingly.

Su Yu couldn’t help but observe the alluring sights for several more seconds, while muttering softly, “Aren’t you both better while being this gentle and warm. Why do you need to always bare your teeth?”

Su Yu collected the seeds, and the two women’s bodies came to a stop. When they both realized what they had just done, they were both ashamed and indignant, and they clenched their silver teeth. They both wanted to pounce at Su Yu and tear him to shreds with their teeth.

It was really shameful, too shameful! It was also too terrifying! It was as the Silver-Faced Tree Man had said. It could control both their bodies and hearts.

Neither of them could resist such a matter from the deepest part of their hearts, and if Su Yu desired them, they would both offer themselves to him willingly.

They both realized how grave this matter was, hence why they didn’t dare to rashly attack him again.

“I had already asked you to not act recklessly,” Su Yu chuckled. “You can both set your minds at ease. Once I get to a safe place, I will give you back the seeds. I don’t want to offer them to you now. I might then have to run away while you hunt me down.”

“See you later. You will be on your own now.” Su Yu waved his hand at them and swaggered off.

He went to a desolate plain on the edge of the forest, which had remaining traces of a battle. The Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the Red Blood Palace must have both been involved in chaotic warfare.

“Ah! Teacher!” A shout echoed from a distance place.

It was Master Gao, and he still had three Level Four Divine Masters following him closely. Moreover, from their movement techniques, it seemed like they were adept in escaping techniques. They were all following Master Gao.

Su Yu had already been missing for two whole days and nights in the Desolate Evil Jungle, and there shouldn’t have been any chance for him to stay alive. Therefore, Master Gao had become the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ only Wood Clan’s Language’s master. So, why wouldn’t they protect him closely?

“Teacher, it’s great that you are safe. They have all stated that you won’t come back.” Master Gao’s face was filled with delight. “I really didn’t expect that you would leave the Desolate Evil Jungle alive. It’s really a miraculous matter.”

Su Yu waited for him to land next to him before he spoke, “I was lucky, and didn’t suffer any harm. What happened after I left?”

“Shortly after you fell into the Desolate Evil Jungle, Stars Plucker Old Monster stopped attacking, led the Heavenly Knife Region’s members, and left along with them. However, Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager weren’t willing to let go of him, and after they went back to the city, they rallied all of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ members, and attacked the Heavenly Knife Region’s members.”

“Stars Plucker Old Monster didn’t try to fight them and just led the Heavenly Knife Region’s members away. They fought while retreating. They withdrew from Tianya City, and left all stores taken by them in the past years according to the agreement.”

After Stars Plucker Old Monster achieved his objective of killing Su Yu, he didn’t have any more reason to fight. They were probably still planning to make a comeback since Master Gao’s skill wasn’t on par with Qin Lin.

“Teacher, go back with me to Tianya City. Monk Zhou and the Deputy General Manager will surely be delighted to learn that you are still alive,” Master Gao said.

How couldn’t they rejoice if Su Yu was still alive? As long as Su Yu was alive, they wouldn’t need to worry about Tianya City’s industries.

“It’s out of the question!” Su Yu shook his head firmly. “Stars Plucker Old Monster left willingly just because he thought I was dead. If he discovesr I managed to come out alive… What do you think he will do?”

It was obvious that he wouldn’t spare anything to hunt down Su Yu and kill him.

“This is why I mustn’t show myself in Tianya City before going back to the Red Blood Palace. You mustn’t divulge news that I’m still alive. Master Gao, please keep this matter a secret for now, and ask the seniors with you to do the same.” Su Yu cupped his fists at him.

Master Gao hit his head. “Just look at how silly I’m. Teacher, it’s always you who consider all matters properly.”

“Haha, Master Su, just be at ease. Your safety is linked with Tianya City’s future, so how can we take it lightly? Only after you return to the Red Blood Palace will we report this affair to the Deputy General Manager.”

“I must thank you all. I still have something to take care of, and I will wait here. You should all leave first.” Su Yu gestured at them with his hand.

Master Gao and the others bid farewell to Su Yu and left beaming in delight.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered, and he went once again into the Desolate Evil Jungle. He took a sound transmission jade ornament, and muttered to himself, “It’s really strange. Doesn’t Tianya Auction House want the demonic path’s supreme fairy artifact? Or have they not yet made a decision because Fairy Ling has been stranded in the Desolate Evil Jungle?”

Su Yu pondered this, while he waited patiently in the forest.

After a day had passed, a crisp sound transmitted from his sound transmission jade ornament. He had finally received it!