The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 898

Chapter 898 The Severed Fairy Cliffs Master

Chapter 898: The Severed Fairy Cliff’s Master
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Su Yu lowered his head and looked at the transmission jade ornament. He discovered that a line of words appeared on it. “There is an elder willing to purchase it for a hundred million crystals. Are you willing to sell it to him?”

Su Yu was obviously willing to sell it!

The Flying guillotine was like a hot potato, and the sooner he could get rid of it, the better. As for a hundred million crystals, it could still be considered a fair price according to Su Yu’s knowledge of the market price.

A hundred million wasn’t an amount anyone could take out, and even the whole Tianya City’s yearly income might not reach a hundred million crystals. Anyone capable of purchasing the Flying guillotine was surely a big tycoon.

“Come to the Desolate Evil Jungle to make the deal,” Su Yu replied bluntly.

This was the safest place, as even if Tianya Auction House wasn’t willing to abide by their agreement, he could still hide in the Ancient Bronze Tree Men’s domain. There were more than ten thousand Ancient Bronze Tree Men there, as well as Yinmu, and even if an All Creation Old Monster would die if they chased after him.

After half a day had passed, three people flew through the sandstorm and landed before the Desolate Evil Jungle. They were Fairy Ling, Gongsun Wuxie, and a middle-aged man wearing magnificent clothes and a red mask.

The middle-aged man dressed in magnificent clothes would give people a baffling feeling. Even though he was right here, one would still feel like he was at the end of the world. It was a really strange feeling!

“Why all these coincidences? Why are we in this place once again?” Gongsun Wuxie crossed her arms in front of her chest. She was still angry, even now.

Fairy Ling was wearing an odd look. “Cliff Master, a seal was planted in the Young Cliff Mistress’s body by a Silver-Faced Tree Man in the jungle. Please intervene, and force that Silver-Faced Tree Man to get rid of the seal.”

The red-masked man was unexpectedly the Severed Fairy Cliff’s Master, and he was also Gongsun Wuxie’s father.

“It’s useless! It’s really like what that Silver-Faced Tree Man had stated. Even a Mortal Fairy’s power can’t get rid of it and looking for him will be just a futile effort. Moreover, this jungle’s depths give me a restless feeling, and it’s better to avoid rashly going in.”

Gongsun Wuxie spoke angrily, “Are we just going to let that lecher manipulate us as he wants?”

“A lecher?” The middle-aged man shook his head. “If he is really a lecher, will both of you manage to preserve your purity and come back?”

“It seems to me like he’s just a prudent person, and he didn’t hand over the seeds simply because he had his own misgivings. After Wuxie goes back to the sanctum, she will just have to try persuading him, and I believe that he will surely not make things difficult for you.” The middle-aged man didn’t take this matter seriously. “Fairy Ling, ask that person who will make a deal with us to show himself.”

Fairy Ling nodded, took out a jade ornament, and was just about to get in contact with Su Yu. However, the middle-aged man said calmly, “There isn’t any more need for it. He had already come.”

It was a youth wearing a conical bamboo hat, and he had long silver hair draped over his shoulders. He walked over slowly from the depths of the forest.

Fairy Ling found him slightly suspicious because she found the way he walked quite familiar-looking.

Gongsun Wuxie was taken aback for a moment before delight appeared on her face, which had been filled with pent-up frustration a moment ago. “It’s him! Father, aunt, it’s him!”

Fairy Ling looked in surprise at Gongsun Wuxie’s delighted look. As far as she remembered, her niece rarely forgot herself like this.

The middle-aged man looked at her, “Well? Who is he?”

“It’s the guy who saved me in the Three Murders Gang’s base.” Gongsun Wuxie’s face was filled with delight, and she took a deep look at Su Yu as if he were her long-lost friend.

Gongsun Wuxie had thought of him every day for the past month, and she couldn’t help but make guesses about this youth’s status. When she was in danger, he had borne the brunt of a curse for her, and such a scene had left a deep impression on her.

The middle-aged man’s gaze became grave, and surprise flickered in them for a moment. “It’s him!”

“Father, I will go to have a talk with him,” Gongsun Wuxie said.

The middle-aged man shook his head. “Don’t go over there, and just leave everything to me.”

“Sir, I have the crystals with me here, so where is the fairy artifact?” The middle-aged man threw out a spatial ring, and it landed between him and Su Yu.

Fairy Ling’s eyes flickered slightly.

Su Yu also took a spatial ring and threw it between them. Just after that, they both took the other’s spatial ring. The middle-aged man raised his hand, and the ring flew over to his palm, while a black ray flickered in Su Yu’s right eye, and the other ring was teleported into his palm.

Su Yu swept his gaze over the crystals in the ring. “There isn’t any issue with the amount,” he said calmly.
The middle-aged man also looked at the ring and saw the flying guillotine in it. He nodded slowly. “It really is the demonic path’s supreme fairy artifact. It isn’t fake.”

“Since that’s the case, I will take my leave.” Su Yu turned and strode back to the depths of the forest.

Gongsun Wuxie wanted to chase after him but was stopped by the middle-aged man. “Farewell!”

The middle-aged man followed Su Yu with his gaze, before he waved his sleeves, and brought the other two people with him. They all went into a desolate desert.

Fairy Ling furrowed her brows, and said, “Cliff Master, why did you let him off? Since he dared to seal Mo Tianxuan’s fairy artifact, we should have captured him, and handed him over to her. Why did you change your mind and make a business deal with him?”

The middle-aged man held the ring and smiled. “It’s because he’s the person who saved Wuxie.”

“It’s because of such a favor?” Fairy Ling understood the reason behind it.

“No, it’s because of who he is,” the middle-aged man said with a smile. “Interesting, I really didn’t expect to get to meet him in person.”

Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes lit up. She was more curious about this matter than Fairy Ling and seemed like a curious little baby. She pulled the middle-aged man’s sleeves, and asked, “Who is he? Father, who is he?”

The middle-aged man said, “Do you still remember the news of the Blood Emperor’s death, which had spread a year ago?”

Fairy Ling replied, “I obviously remember it. The Central Prefecture’s King’s greatest All Creation Expert was hunted down for three whole days and nights by a demonic path’s expert, and in the end, the Blood Emperor was erased from the world by him.”

“It’s rumored that he’s a demonic path’s expert with blood-red hair and eyes. He has a blood sea following him around and he emanates dreadful evil energy.” Gongsun Wuxie had also heard about this matter. “The Blood Emperor is an All Creation Expert, whose power is close to the Mortal Fairy Realm, and he doesn’t have a match in the whole Central Prefecture. None would be able to deal with him unless one of the Nine Prefecture’s Kings, or father, made a move.”

“The demonic path’s expert is surely a peerless expert who is approaching the Mortal Fairy Realm. It’s likely that he will become this continent’s new Mortal Fairy.”

The middle-aged man chuckled and said, “That’s right. It’s this person. The whole Jiuzhou Continent was investigated to try and find clues about his origins, but no one managed to find out anything about him.”

Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes were filled with longing. “He’s really a great senior but what relationship does he have with the person who saved me?”

“They obviously don’t have any relationship between them because they are the same person,” the middle-aged man said.

Upon hearing this, both Fairy Ling and Gongsun Wuxie felt like they had been struck by a bolt of lightning, and they both stiffened.

Gongsun Wuxie was dumbfounded, and she opened her small mouth so widely that even an egg could be stuffed in it. “Did you say that the person who saved me is the demonic path’s expert, who has blood-red hair and eyes, and who has a sea of blood following him around.”

Fairy Ling was surprised by this. “Cliff Master, it’s impossible! Even though I didn’t get to see this youth’s face, his hair should be silver. Moreover, his aura isn’t really powerful, so how is it possible for them to be the same person?”

“You don’t need to suspect this. The yellowish blue pearl in his hand is the proof. It’s one of the past Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor’s nine Underworld Pearls. One of them was struck by Shen Yichen, fell on Jiuzhou Continent, and went missing, which is why there is only one present on this land. Regardless of how his outward appearance or cultivation level has changed, we can still rely on that pearl to ascertain that they are the same person.”

“The person who saved you used a yellowish blue pearl. If your descriptions of it were correct, it must be the Underworld Pearl.”

Fairy Ling and Gongsun Wuxie were so shocked that they were at a loss for words.

The middle-aged man stated the reason behind his actions. “This is why I didn’t try to capture him. With my current projection’s power, he will likely manage to destroy this projection, and you may end up harmed by him.”

Fairy Ling said, “It’s no wonder that Mo Tianxuan’s fairy artifact fell in his hands. It’s only a person like the demonic path’s great expert who would be able to defeat Mo Tianxuan.”

Mo Tianxuan was also one of Jiuzhou Continent’s powerful existences, and she rarely met a match below the Mortal Fairy Realm. Now, it seemed like she was weaker than that demonic path’s great expert, who had killed the Blood Emperor.

“I must ask Mo Tianxuan about this matter when I give the fairy artifact back to her,” the middle-aged man said. It seemed from his tone that he had a close relationship with Mo Tianxuan.

Gongsun Wuxie lowered her head, while stars flickered in her bright eyes. She spoke in a soft voice. “It’s that demonic path’s great expert who had saved me.”

All women worshiped peerless experts, and it was especially the case for experts they interacted with.

It had been half a day after since they had left. Five golden suns streaked across the sky and illuminated the land. There were five people shining in the golden light. They were floating in the sky, and they all had a crown of suns and moons atop their heads.

They were the Golden Light Guards, the five apex All Creation Old Monsters who had been hunting Su Yu for more than half a year. Even Mo Tianxuan had been almost killed by them.

The five people were flying around in the altar’s vicinity. The most youthful Bright Light Guard said, “Leader, we have discovered time power’s traces.”


The other four Bright Light Guards rushed over to him and surrounded the area. It was unexpectedly the place where Su Yu had once used his time power to confine Hu Wangui for three seconds. They had unexpectedly traveled from far away and had found this place

“It seems like we aren’t mistaken. That wanted criminal has been here,” the Bright Light Guards’ leader said coldly.

The most youthful Bright Light Guard said, “Leader, the man’s position is constantly changing. There’s no pattern to his movements. He left some traces behind in the Elegant Spirit Mountain, and now, he has also left traces in this land. We can’t ascertain his current position, and it will be difficult to capture him by just depending upon the time power’s traces.”

Their technique for detecting time power’s fluctuations had low efficacy, and it was only after a long time had passed that they would discover them. That was why they were always late.

“You don’t need to worry about this. In half a month, I will master my Heart Tribulation Fire Technique, and then I will be able to sense and detect the Tribulation Fire inside his body. Regardless of how far away he flees, he still won’t be able to escape the scope of my senses,” the leader said.

Delight appeared on the faces of the other Bright Light Guards. “Fuu! Our leader will finally manage to master his marvelous cultivation technique. Now it will be impossible for that lad to escape from us, even if he has wings.”

When Su Yu had made a breakthrough in the past, he had triggered Tribulation Fire, It would appear only when All Creation Old Monsters had also made a breakthrough, and Su Yu had once been almost killed by it. However, he got Zi Xuan’s help and got rid of most of the Tribulation Fire. However, a little part of it had fused with Su Yu’s body.

If the Bright Light Guards’ leader was capable of sensing the Tribulation Fire inside Su Yu’s body, it would be really difficult for Su Yu to escape such a crisis.

“We will get to see him in a month. He has already been fleeing from us for a long time,” the Bright Light Guards’ leader said coldly.

After ten days had passed, Su Yu returned to the sanctum.

Everything which Su Yu had done in Tianya City had already been transmitted back to the sanctum before his return. In the past, the outer sanctum knew Su Yu just as the Supreme Central Demon, but now, they were all amazed and stunned by his great fame in Tianya City. and he ended up attracting people’s attention upon his return.

Su Yu returned to the Demon Mountain and observed its familiar-looking terrain, which he hadn’t seen for a long time. Su Yu had a baffling attachment to this place, and he had already ended up unknowingly considering it his own home. However, the Demon Mountain was empty now, and no one was on it beside Bing Wuxin, who was in secluded cultivation. As for Bai Shanliang and Tian Renyao, they had both undertaken a mission and had left the sanctum.

Su Yu was bored, He pushed open the courtyard gate, and went back to his room.

“You came back.” A familiar-sounding voice drifted to Su Yu’s ears.

Su Yu raised his head suddenly and saw a pretty woman clad in a purple dress. She was standing gracefully in the room and smiling sweetly while looking at him.

“Zi Xuan!” Delight appeared on Su Yu’s face. “When did you come back?”