The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Saving People But Inviting Trouble

The fire dragon made a beeline for the petite young lady.

Sensing a crisis approaching her, in the midst of panic trying to keep the snake away from her, she subconsciously took a silvery white colored ball out from her sleeve.


A noise as loud as a thunderbolt could be heard!

On top of the tree, Su Yus eardrums were ringing. In addition, his inner strength was quivering and he almost fell off the tree.

Immediately after that, a great amount of energy exploded, causing his surroundings to shake violently.


The fire dragon was completely enveloped by the silvery white balls explosion. At the same time, it gave off a mournful cry.

Half of its head was blown off and the remaining half was covered in blood. Seven inches away from the head, a big piece of the snakes scales had come off, revealing its flesh.

The intense pain the snake felt had caused it to become more ferocious. It writhed its body crazily and dashed towards the petite young lady. It opened its mouth wide and was about to devour a delicate and lovely small sheep!

Su Yu secretly shook his head. The power of the petite young ladys silvery white ball was frightening! It was definitely a very expensive life saving treasure! Under normal circumstances, the explosive power of the ball might even be able to kill someone of Level Three Peak of the Martial Arts.

However, the petite young lady was too panicked; seven inches away from the snakes head was the snakes heart. If she had aimed for that spot just now, the snake would be dead.

Seeing that the situation was dire, Su Yu took out his scarlet bow, revolved his pupils to their maximum and aimed at the vulnerable spot. There was an injury there that due to the snakes scales peeling off. Aiming at it, Su Yu shot an arrow there abruptly.


The arrow had hit the target! However, it did not penetrate the heart as the snakes flesh was too thick. Even though the arrow had hit the spot, it was still a small distance from the snakes heart.

The fire dragon gave another mourning cry. As it endured the pain, it lifted up its head angrily and looked at the human who hid at the top of the tree and shot it.

"What are you looking at? Evil demon!" Su Yus heart felt cold as he had no way to defend himself against a demonic beast, which was at Level Three Peak.

Without any hesitation, Su Yu shot another arrow. This arrow was very accurate and it landed on the tip of the feather arrow that was stuck in the spot.

The two arrows were joined like a string of pearls! Immediately, the feather arrow went another three inches into the snakes meat and pierced the heart of the snake deeply.

The fire dragon groaned. It opened up its mouth and spit out a mouthful of a black poisonous liquid. Bits and pieces of the snakes fangs were mixed in the poisonous liquid.

Su Yus expression changed and he hurriedly moved his body behind the trees trunk.


He clearly felt something penetrating the trees trunk behind his back with sudden force.

When he looked back, he saw that the fire dragon was on the floor writhing in pain and it was gradually nearing its death. He only leaped towards the snake after it had completely stopped moving.

As for the petite young lady, she seemed to be knocked unconscious from the impact of the explosion.

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief and without hesitation he removed the fire dragons gallbladder, fangs and skin which were worth the most money. After having done this, Su Yu looked at the knife he was holding in amazement; the fire dragons skin was much harder than expected.

He was rejoicing in happiness. Luckily for him, the silvery white colored ball that the petite young lady used had blasted off the snakes scales at the seven inch spot, revealing the snakes flesh. If not for that, his arrow alone would be unable to pierce through the thick and sturdy snakeskin.

When Su Yu got up and was about to leave, he heard a faint groan coming from behind him.

When he looked back, he found that the petite young ladys face was very pale. Her forehead was full of sweat and she was breathing so heavily that her chest was moving up and down continuously.

"This is not good! She has been poisoned!" As Su Yu did a check on her, he found that a piece of the snakes fang, which was covered in the black poisonous liquid, had pierced through her clothes and went into her chest.

Before the fire dragon died, it had spit out a big mouthful of poisonous liquid and fangs as a counterattack. The petite young lady had been injured by the fangs, causing her to be poisoned.

Without hesitation, Su Yu undid the young ladys clothes. When he examined her, he found that at the right side of her chest, a small piece of fang had pierced through her clothes and skin into her flesh, mixing the black liquid with her blood and contaminating her wound.

At the area near the wound, the flesh had started to turn dark brown, signaling that the poison had started to spread within her body. Once the toxin entered her heart, even a supernatural entity would be unable to save her.

In such a critical situation, saving the injured person is more important. Su Yus hands moved as fast as lightning, with his index and middle fingers meticulously removing the piece of fang that penetrated her flesh.

"Fortunately, the wound where the piece of poisonous fang was is big. Hence, it does not require me to cut open her skin; otherwise there would be a long lasting scar at that spot." As Su Yu analyzed her wound quickly, he secretly nodded to himself. After which, he squatted down and cleaned off the blood on the top of the wound. He then opened up his mouth and started to suck out the blood which had been contaminated by the poison.

As the unconscious young lady was being rescued, she seemed as though she felt the pain and her body was shaking lightly.

Su Yus mind was clear. He sucked out a mouthful of poisonous blood with force and before the poison could enter the blood vessels of his oral cavity, he quickly spit it out. After which, he lowered his head and started to suck the blood out from the wound again.

Only after the sixth mouthful of blood, when the color was bright red, did Su Yu stop sucking her blood. At that moment, Su Yu felt that his mouth was a bit numb, as a small amount of poison had entered his blood vessels.

However, this was all worth it as the beautiful ladys breathing had stabilized and she was only in a state of unconsciousness, with her life no longer in danger.

Su Yu squatted down, covered the beautiful lady with her clothes and left immediately.

He felt that by using this method to save the girl, instead of gaining her gratitude, there was an eight or nine in ten chance that his actions would be misunderstood, which might even put his life in danger.

After all, that purple shirted woman was at Level Three Lower Tier! Moreover, he was in a deserted area. With the beautiful ladys orders, the purple shirted lady could easily serve as a witness against him.

"What are you doing?" When Su Yu was about to leave, that young bodyguard stood up unsteadily and unexpectedly, spotting a stranger moving about sneakily.

At the same time, the fire dragon that they were fighting was stripped of most of its valuable parts! The young bodyguard was furious. "Which thief has stolen our war gains!?"

When he was unconscious, he could faintly hear a thunderous noise. In his mind, he knew that the young princess had used her trump card to kill the fire dragon.

However, he did not expect that upon waking up, he would find the young princess unconscious and the most valuable parts of the fire dragon stolen!

Su Yu did not turn back. He remained vigilant and made use of the opportunity to tear a piece of cloth to cover his face. After which, he left immediately without hesitation.

He did not expect the small amount of poison in his body to take effect, causing his body to become less agile and made him unable to use Shadow Cloud smoothly.

"Where are you going!?" Making use of this opportunity, the young man at Level Two Peak started to chase him.

Su Yu turned back and said in a cold manner, "Hmph! I was the one who saved all of you! You had better check the state of your partners."

The young bodyguard with boiling with rage. "Thief! How dare you! You injured my master and stole our prey without saying anything, yet your mouth is still full of lies! Considering that you are at Level Two Upper Tier of the Martial Path, how is it possible for you to kill the fire dragon? You are definitely someone who injures others and steals their prey!"

"Take that! Ferocious Tiger Fist!" The young bodyguard jumped into the sky, and just like a ferocious tiger descending from a mountain, threw himself towards Su Yu.

Ferocious Tiger Fist was a very powerful medium level cultivation technique! Compared to Su Yus Universal Stroke, it was a level higher.

Su Yu was enraged. "One does not get thanked for his kindness!"

"Universal Stroke," Su Yus body became agile. He continuously threw punches and kicks in unity at the young bodyguard.

A punch and a kick, staggered together like a shadow, maneuvered between one another and landed on the chest of his opponent at the same time.

Having been hit by the punch and kick at the same time, the young bodyguard mourned in pain, and his imposing manner, like a ferocious tiger descending from the mountain, disappeared instantly.

However, before he could react, another punch landed on the exact same spot.

The young bodyguard was both startled and angry. He positioned both his hands in front of his chest. When his opponent stopped his attack for even a moment, he would use that opportunity to counterattack.

However, his opponents staggered punches and kicks continued on, one punch and one kick, landing on the same spot every time.

The punches and kicks continued until the last attack, when Su Yu streaked his leg across the air like a fragmentary shadow and the kick landed on both of the arms of the bodyguard fiercely.


The young man could no longer sustain himself. Both his arms were hurting severely, and his body was sent flying backwards about five meters, causing his eyes to be filled with astonishment. His opponent was at a mere Level Two Upper Tier, yet still managed to defeat him!

That strange mixed combination of fist and leg cultivation technique was definitely a basic level cultivation technique, yet it had the power to suppress him!

The reason Su Yu was able to defeat him was largely attributed to the fact that the young man had been through a tough battle and had used most up of his energy. Combined with the fact that he had just woken up, he was unable to display his true powers.

After sending the bodyguard flying with a kick, Su Yu immediately used Cloud Shadow. It was as though he had the shadow of the white clouds and was like a duckweed floating along the river and sea, capturing the attention of those who caught a glimpse of him. He disappeared into the trees.

Su Yu had to leave as the purple shirted young lady with the greatest abilities had woken up!

"Li Minghai, what happened?" The purple shirted young lady covered her dizzy head, and stood up unsteadily. She had only seen the shadow of a man who sent Li Minghai flying and then escaped hurriedly.

With an ugly expression, he exaggerated the situation and explained it to the young lady.

The purple shirted young lady was shocked. However, she was not concerned about the fire dragon. Instead, she was more concerned about the young princess.

She went towards the young princess and examined her. When she confirmed that the young princesss life was not in danger, she heaved a sigh of relief. However, as she was meticulous, she discovered that the young princesss clothes were a bit untidy and the bloodstain on the young princesss chest was a sight! Lastly, there were a few mouthfuls of dark red blood as well as a piece of the poisonous snakes fang beside the young princess!

The young lady seemed like she had thought of something and her face turned pale. She said in a deep voice, Li Minghai, you are to leave now!"

When he left, the young lady removed the princesss clothes. After which, she saw the wound caused by the poisonous fang as well as a trace of dark-colored skin, traces of being poisoned! However, the blood contaminated with poison had been removed, and the young princesss life was not in danger.

Immediately, as she stared at the markings which suggested that someone sucked out the young princesss blood to save her, her mind started to put together the puzzle pieces. She then instantly understood what happened to the young princess!

With signs of anger, the young lady looked in his direction and said coldly, "Senior Qin, why didnt you stop him? The young princesss body is priceless; how can she accept the fact that her body had been touched by a man? How can she retain her good reputation? If Duke Xianyu found out about this, he would be as furious as a thunderstorm."


With a sound of the clothes fluttering against the wind, a wizened old man with a dull expression appeared out of thin air.

From the very beginning, this wizened old man had been standing in another tree. However, Su Yu did not realize it!

This old mans level of abilities was so frightening that no words could describe them. He was a martial arts expert that was secretly protecting the young princess.

No matter how hard Duke Xianyu was on his daughter, he would not take risks and allow his daughter, whose abilities were weak, to go into the mountain without any insurance. As such, Senior Qin was a martial arts expert who was secretly sent to protect her, and he would only take action when the young princess was in a life or death situation.