The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Legendary Genius

Zhao Guang, Chen Liang, and Wang Jing, the three strongest Holy Disciples, trembled greatlyintent on battling.

"This battle will result in me, Zhao Guang, becoming King of the Century!" The usually stoic and silent Zhao Guang was rarely so sharp!

Over a span of hundred years, the continent's peak battle would decide if they lived the rest of their lives as ants, or as a dragon soaring the nine skies.

Chen Liang and Wang Jing did not want to admit defeat; their eyes lit up as well.

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu also could not help but become excited.

Ants or dragons; this was a rare opportunity to change their entire lives, it would be the fight of the century!

"I, Su Yu, also want to challenge the world!" Su Yu's tightly shut eyes almost cracked opena brilliant ray of light faintly appeared!

In this world, if you did not control everything, you controlled nothing.

Su Yu came from a humble background and had experienced the pain of having his love snatched away from him. He had experienced the misfortune of having his family killed and had experienced being separated from Xianer.

All had happened because he had lacked strength; the weak had no power over their fate. The strong controlled all fates!

Su Yu wanted to ascend the throne of the Holy King and, from then onward, control his own fate!

Zhao Guang lightly shook his head, "With me, Zhao Guang, around, you can only look up to me!"

"This will be decided in the fight of the century!" Su Yu shot back!

Zhao Guang coldly shook his head, "Know your place!"

The fight of the century had stirred up everyone's spirits and hostility!

Who would claim the glorious title King of the Continent, the King of the Century?

A month later, in an unpopulated area of the Fenghuang Empire's hinterland, there was a mountain valley surrounded by clouds, filled with a celestial aura. A petite figure was panting heavily in her training arena, her body drenched full of sweat.

She faced an incredibly charming youth around twenty years old, who had a pleasant smile on his face.

"Junior Xianer, your cultivation base has increased so fast that your cultivation techniques are unable to catch up in time. As such, your strength is slightly low, only rivaling a Level Eight Lower Tier," The youth retracted his fists and laughed while commenting on Xianer's inadequacies.

Xianer wiped away the beads of sweat on her forehead and frowned, "Sooner or later, I will catch up to you, Senior Liu Guang!"

Liu Guang was extremely gentle and elegant. With a smile on his face, his gaze towards Qin Xianer was one filled with love.

Various elders who watched the battle smiled in relief.

"As expected of Xianer, as a part of the bloodline of the Nine Phoenixes. With sufficient spirit elixirs, her training speed is beyond imagination. Now, she has already reached Level Eight Peak Tier. Although her foundation is not solid, with a little bit of training, that problem can be easily resolved."

"Liu Guang is even more amazing. With such gifted talents, it is difficult to find someone who can hope to compete with him! In terms of his abilities, he has long surpassed us elders, and is merely a short distance beneath the Holy King!"

"Rumors say that Liu Guang once challenged the Holy King!"

Liu Guang was the strongest genius in Fenghuang Valley's hundred-year history. His abilities were beyond Level Nine Peak, and he had achieved the level of half Holy King. Across the entire Shenyue continent, aside from the two Holy Kings, nobody was his match!

"Hehe, have you all realized that Liu Guang and Xianer are very compatible?"

Various elders fixated their eyes on them. Both of them standing side by side, one was handsome and elegant, the other one was petite and dainty. They were indeed compatible.

"You all don't know, but the Valley Master has already decided. After the fight of the century, she will betroth Xianer to Liu Guang and conduct the marriage ceremony immediately."

"Haha, a perfect match made in heaven, they are more than compatible!"

"However, rumors say Qin Xianer already has a fianc."

"Fianc? Has he gotten approval from Fenghuang Valley? If not, who does he think he is?"

All the elders coldly shook their heads as they smiled and looked at the two, soon-to-be-engaged martial artists.

As for Su Yu, he had been completely disregarded.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The ringing of a bell could be heard, which caught everyone's attention.

"The Valley Master's emergency summons! Don't tell me, is the Holy King from the Alliance of the Nine Countries here?"

Liu Guang's elegant and handsome face revealed a cold look, "I heard from Feiyun that Xianer's fianc is also among them. Humph! Came at the right time!"

Su Yu and gang had traveled a great distance before they finally reached Fenghuang Valley, and they now sat quietly in the big meeting hall.

The core members of the valley had already arrived.

Fenghuang Valley's Master was an old lady who over a hundred years old. The two Holy Kings had not met in the past hundred years, and now they stared at each other.

"Li Guang, sometime in the past one hundred years you've grown old," Fenghuang Valley's Master sighed. The Holy King's actual name was Li Guang.

"Hehe, Xu Rong, you are also don't look like how you used to," Li Guang laughed.

The two Holy Kings sighedtime spared no one.

Xu Rong squinted her old eyes and fixated her sight on a silver-haired, purple-clothed teenager, who was sitting down with his eyes shut tight.

"You are Su Yu?" Xu Rong asked indifferently.

The Holy Disciples were all shocked. Fenghuang Valley's Master knew Su Yu?

Su Yu slowly raised his head and replied with his eyes still shut, "Yes."

Xu Rong's face remained indifferent as she remained silent for a moment before saying, "Your and Xianer's marriage engagement, as of today, has been annulled."

Although her voice was calm, it carried absolute authority. She was like a deity overlooking at the great earth, issuing orders.

The peaceful hall was instantly filled with tension!

Upon meeting the visitors from the Sanctuary, the first thing that the Master of Fenghuang Valley did was annul Su Yu and Qin Xianer's marriage engagement.

Su Yu's face remained calm. He had expected this, though he hadn't expected her to be so cold and cruel about it.

"Why?" Su Yu asked calmly.

Xu Rong turned away, not bothering to look at him as she replied bluntly, "You are not worthy of her."

Not worthy... Su Yu was not worthy of Xianer.

"Hehe... My engagement with Xianer was overseen by Father, and witnessed by the sun and moon, as well as the heavens and earth. It is not within your right to comment," Su Yu retorted.

Xu Rong shot a cold, sharp look at Su Yu, "Young man, I admire your bravery for defying me, but, I will only give you one chance. Swear you will annul your marriage engagement with Xianer, or else die!"

Su Yu slowly rose and stood casually, "I repeat myself for the first and only time; you have no right to interfere!"

"Die!" Xu Rong's old eyes were murderous. With a mere flick of her finger, a wave of Holy King's power traveled across the distance and attacked Su Yu!


Old, ragged laughter was heard.

Li Guang sat quietly and slowly opened the lid of his teacup and took a sip.

With a flick of his pinky finger, he had repelled the wave of Holy King's power.

"Xu Rong, you bully my disciple right in front of my face. Are you intentionally trying to make me look bad?" The Holy King asked indifferently.

Although his voice sounded calm, it was difficult for him to conceal his anger.

Regardless of whether it was to salvage his own reputation or to protect Su Yu, he had to do something.

Xu Rong restrained herself as she apologized stiffly, " Sorry, I acted out in the heat of the moment. To nurture such a defiant disciple, your Sanctuary is indeed extraordinary."

Hearing her sarcasm, Li Guang laughed but did not reply; he had experienced Su Yu's bravery first-hand.

"No matter what feuds my disciple has with you, as long as he is my disciple, I will not tolerate you bullying him. Don't doubt my words," Li Guang said coldly, coldly glancing at Xu Rong.

Xu Rong was awestruck. She knew Li Guang's personality well, and he definitely was a man of his word.

"Alright! After the fight of the century, he will no longer be your disciple. At that time, if you interfere again, don't blame me for disrespecting your wishes." Xu Rong viewed Su Yu as a thorn in the flesh. As long as he remained, she felt on-edge.

Li Guang sighed lightly, as he could not refute her.

Su Yu's felt cold. He would have to achieve serious status in the fight of the century if he didn't want anyone to interfere with his business.

He would prove he was worthy of Xianer with his strength and skill!

Swish, swish

Disciples continued to enter the hall.

"Who is Su Yu?" A refined figure stepped in, his tone cold.

Fenghuang Valley, both elders, and disciples, stood up and received him with respect. They nearly showed the same level of respect for him as they would show a Holy King!

"What matters do you have with me?" Su Yu asked quietly.


As if the man's glare had physical strength, Su Yu's hair was blown aside.

To give a look physical strength Su Yu realized the depth of this person's skill was great and complex.

Liu Guang looked at Su Yu coldly as he assessed him thoroughly.

Silver hair, purple clothes, and his tightly shut eyes; he exuded an aura of nobility and mysteriousness.

But his strength...

"End your engagement, you are not worthy of Xianer." Liu Guang stood with his hands clasped behind his back and instructed Su Yu in an indifferent tone.

Su Yu revealed a smile and asked, "Then what?"

"Then, I'll marry her!" Liu Guang replied calmly. He was confident, "I'm worthy of her, and you're not. It's just that simple, that cruel."

"Whether I'm worthy of her or not, it is not up to an outsider to comment. As for your intention to marry her, who are you to do so?" Su Yu asked indifferently.

Liu Guang shot a sharp, piercing gaze at Su Yu, "Remember my name, Liu Guang, as the guy who will marry Xianer! As for you, you're just a pitiful worm faced with harsh reality!" he replied proudly.

"You are wrong, I am not interested in your name. I am merely asking, who are you to marry Xianer?" Su Yu shook his head slightly.

Hearing Su Yu's insult, Liu Guang's gaze gradually turned ice cold, "You are asking for death!"

Su Yu smiled faintly, "Those who wanted me dead in the past are all gone. Only I am still alive."

"Hehehehe..." Liu Guang laughed coldly, his eyes filled with pity, "Before you speak any more, you should ask everyone who I am. Your foolishness and ignorance will cost you!"

Who was Liu Guang?

Beneath the Holy King, he was the strongest disciple!

He was the most overwhelming, legendary genius the continent had seen in a hundred years. He was merely one step away to becoming a Holy King; to anger him was not much different than angering a Holy King. The only difference was that nobody could save Su Yu if he angered the Holy King.

Even now, only a Holy King could save him from Liu Guang.

After his speech, Liu Guang advanced, "If I want you to die, not even heavens can stop me!"


Liu Guang was over thirty feet away. A wave of solidified vital energy traveled at the speed of light, not giving anyone any time to react.

The people from Sanctuary were shocked. But, it was already too late.

Su Yu was unable to react in timehis chest had been pierced through right on the spot.

Everyone from the Sanctuary and Fenghuang Valley was astonished.

Liu Guang's attack had surpassed the scope of a martial artistit had exhibited a tinge of a Holy King's power!

The continent's legendary genius, the man beneath only the Holy King, was indeed extremely terrifying!


Su Yu, whose body had been pierced all the way through, turned into a crystallized light and scattered in the air with a small explosion.

Everyone was shocked, as there was no trace of blood.

It turned out that it had only been Su Yu's afterimage. Due to how realistic it had appeared, no one had noticed.

It was then they realized at the gates of the hall stood a silver-haired young man in purple clothes. With his hands clasped behind his back and his back facing the masses, he looked up the sky, "Didn't you say you wanted to battle me? Why are you attacking my afterimage?"

Everyone gasped in astonishment!

His seat was three-hundred feet away from the gate; Su Yu had teleported over in the blink of an eye!

How did he do that? Was he a human, or a ghost?

Liu Guang turned around coldly, "Humph! Your speed is passable."

It was far more than passable!

A speed like Su Yu's was extremely difficult for those below Holy King-level to achieve.

Su Yu pretended to ignore his remark as he walked outside of the hall.

"Hmph! You want to escape?" Liu Guang mocked him scornfully.

Su Yu shook his head and replied, "No, whether anyone interferes, you have to die But, your death alone is enough, I don't want to harm any innocent bystanders!"

The people inside the hall gasped in astonishment!

Su Yu's arrogance was unprecedented!

Where had Su found such confidence?

With a mere sentence from Su Yuthough he claimed he didn't want to harm any innocentsmade everyone shudder.

According to the hidden meaning behind Su Yu's words, the entire hall, full of geniuses from the last century, would be in danger is Su Yu got into a fight!

Such words would only make sense coming from a Holy King.

Su Yu was too arrogant!

However, the few people from Sanctuary merely frowned.

When the disciples of the Sanctuary all thought Su Yu was extremely arrogant, he had proved them wrong with a magnificent battle, as if to prove to them that he was merely stating a fact with his arrogance.

Could it be that he being honest here too?

If that was the case, how strong was Su Yu?

Liu Guang laughed angrily, "Preposterous! I shall experience for myself, where did you get arrogance of yours from!" he shouted.


Liu Guang flew forward.

Su Yu stood outside the hall and slowly turned around.

His eyelids trembled and finally opened slowly.

For the first time, those mysterious eyes had been opened!