The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Incapacitate Lao Ai

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“My request is simple. Since he has invited me to join the Right Palace Master’s camp, then please first settle matters related to Lao Ai and all of the people in the Shao family. Once they get expelled from the Right Palace Master’s camp, I’ll join,” Su Yu said.

The flirtatious woman’s face froze, anger floating on her face. She felt that Su Yu was taunting her!


Lao Ai slammed his fist down on the table as he stood up and shouted, “Su Yuxian, you’d better watch yourself! You may have defeated Jian Wusheng, but you just wait until you break through the Almighty level and have to fight me!” Regardless of Su Yu’s excellence, he was still only a fairy, and too many fairy geniuses failed to cross the Almighty’s threshold in their lifetimes.

Su Yu shot him a cold stare out of the corner of his eye. “Why wait till I break through? Dealing with you right now will be a breeze for me.”

If Su Yu had been acting proud before, now he was acting absurdly savage! Even the Great Palace Master could not help but give Su Yu a measuring look and think… This brat really has a lot of confidence!

Lao Ai was so mad that he laughed crazily! The conflict between him and Su Yu had eventually reached the Right Palace Master’s ears, and as he had also heard about Su Yu defeating Jian Wusheng’s virtual shadow, he held Su Yu in high regard.

Hence, the outcome was predictable. He was punished to leave the faction for the second half of the year and guard the faction’s border. This meant that he was removed from the faction’s center and would age and die at the border in the days to come.

This punishment was clearly given to vacant his position for Su Yu. In other words, in the Right Palace Master’s eyes, Su Yu had greater importance than Lao Ai!

That would have been alright, but then the Right Palace Master even commanded him to pay Su Yu a visit and apologize to him in person! He had to gain Su Yu’s forgiveness and be invited to return to the faction! Otherwise, there would be even more severe consequences.

This explained why he had so much pent-up anger and bitter resentment toward Su Yu, and if Su Yu carried on in this merciless way, he would gladly fight him to the death! Lao Ai simply could not tolerate such behavior!

“Su Yuxian! Do you really want to resolve your grudges with me in such a public way?” Lao Ai laughed furiously. “I will give you a chance here and now, if you have the guts!”

Su Yu stood up slowly, completely fearless of Lao Ai’s aura, then said calmly, “Say the word.”

Lao Ai laughed cunningly. “Okay! Let’s have a battle!”

After hearing this, the Great Palace Master’s eyes radiated with a bright light as he said coldly, “Nonsense! The faction strictly prohibits students of both the inner and outer sanctums to compete with each other under! Otherwise, there will be serious punishments!”

Lao Ai laughed insanely. “Serious punishments? Is there any punishment worse than being exiled and forced to guard the border? My whole life is over! I can’t return to the faction to further my training, and I can’t receive cultivation from the Right Palace Master. If that is all that is left for me, why shall I keep on living?”

Lao Ai decided to finally vent his pent-up enmity before leaving. Upon hearing this, the Great Palace Master remarked indifferently, “The time you strike is the time that I will punish you.”

Lao Ai chuckled. “I did not say that I would pick a fight by disobeying the faction’s rules.”


Lao Ai flipped over a badge in his palm that was carved with patterns of sea dragons. It was the Sea Dragon Decree!

“This is the Sea Dragon Decree that I got by climbing 70 levels, so I have the privilege to challenge anyone with it, including the students of outer sanctum!” The corners of Lao Ai’s mouth twitched into a sly smile as he said this.

The Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate was a wonderful place, and the privileges obtained there usually overrode the factions’ rules.

The cold light in the Great Palace Master’s eyes shrunk, and then he asked, “Do you really want to do this?”

Lao Ai seemed intent on offending him, the Right and the Left Palace Masters, and every influence that ever cared about Su Yu! As Su Yu was coveted by all of the influences in the faction, if Lao Ai harmed Su Yu in the challenge, they would not forgive him easily.

“Humph, as things have already developed to this point, I have nothing left to lose. All of you have forced my hand!” Lao Ai almost appeared to be possessed by demons as he shot a cold look at Su Yu and yelled, “Su Yuxian, let me ask you one question… Do you have the courage to fight me in a battle?”

The Great Palace Master kept giving signals to Su Yu, wordlessly asking him to keep his cool. However, Su Yu did not seem to notice at all, and he said, “Name the venue!”

As soon as Su Yu agreed, Lao Ai could not help but smile. “At the outer sanctum plaza! You decide what time!”

“Now!” Su Yu answered simply. Once he finished speaking, he stood up to leave the main palace, walking toward the plaza.

Lao Ai followed him with long strides, a mocking smile dancing on his lips. Senior Brother Lu and Junior Sister He also stood up and followed.

“Humph! I can’t believe this Su Yuxian is so arrogant and savage! I want to see how Lao Ai will humiliate him!” Junior Sister He said.

Senior Brother Lu furrowed his brows. “Humiliating Su Yu is fine, but I’m worried that Lao Ai will take the opportunity to savagely harm Su Yu, such as incapacitating his cultivation!”

Junior Sister He was shocked when she heard this, then she quickly turned indifferent. “He deserves it! Perhaps it’s even better if he was to be crippled by Lao Ai, as then Junior Sister Bing can focus on her training and not waste time.”

The Great Palace Master heaved a silent sigh, then followed the group with hands behind his back. At critical times like these, he would still lend Su Yu a helping hand in order to prevent him from being abused by Lao Ai.

As the group of people walked toward the plaza, everyone in the outside sanctum t paid close attention. Many of them noticed that something important was happening, so they followed along. Thus, when they arrived at the outer sanctum plaza, thousands of people had already gathered there, all of them conversing amongst themselves…

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, but let’s just watch.”

As Lao Ai and Su Yu walked to the center of the plaza, the people who had followed them automatically emptied out a zone for them. They had finally understood what all the commotion was about.

“Is it true that they’re going to have a battle?”

“A student from the inner sanctum and one from the outside sanctum… A fifth-grade fairy and an Almighty Divine Master! This is…”

The crowd immediately fell into a state of confusion, as a competition with such a significant mismatch in power was something that just didn’t make sense to them.

Lao Ai held his arms across his chest and sneered at Su Yu. “I’m curious as to how you really agreed to this? You must be looking for your own death, as you even dare to rush into it like this!”

He did not conceal his vicious intentions at all. Even if he did not kill Su Yu, he was determined to at least cripple him.

Su Yu stood 5,000 feet away from him, calm and at ease. He then said indifferently, “We’ll find out after the battle who’s really looking for death.”

His behavior made the onlookers curse inwardly. It was really too shameless.

“It’s over, Su Yu!” In a flash, Lao Ai charged toward Su Yu with the swift body movement of a first-grade Almighty. His fingers were curled into a claw and were surging toward Su Yu’s abdomen. He was indeed planning to cripple Su Yu!

However, Lao Ai’s confident strike landed in the air!

“Oh?” Suddenly, a cool voice sounded from above his head. Upon hearing it, Lao Ai’s whole body shuddered.

When he raised his head to look, he saw that a pair of wings that had been condensed from flames were flapping behind Su Yu’s back. Those wings radiated an intense heat that could reduce Lao Ai into ashes!

The Great Palace Master’s face changed, and he bellowed in a low voice, “All students from the outside sanctum, step back!”

If a random spark spluttered out from the flames, it could kill any of the fairy strong men! Lao Ai’s heart sank when he saw this, and an unspeakable terror filled his heart. The flames were too dreadful!

The anger in his heart felt like it was instantly doused by a tank of ice water. He shuddered, struggling to completely regain his composure.

“The competition ends here. I admit defeat…” While he was talking, Lao Ai inched toward the crowd.

He was shocked and terrified, and he wondered… When did Su Yu master such a dreadful technique?

It seemed like Lao Ai had underestimated Su Yu and needed to investigate him more thoroughly before dealing with him again. After all, Lao Ai was one to act only after careful planning, and he was extremely cunning. So, once he had calmed down, he decided to plan for the future, still not letting go of his resentment.

Nonetheless, before he could finish his sentence, a wave of intense heat came surging forth. Before he could react, a sharp pain erupted from his abdomen. An enormous mighty force had blown Lao Ai away, causing him to fly backwards into the center of the plaza and form a deep dent in it.

“Ahh! My Dantian!” Lao Ai covered his abdomen, while blood was gushing out of it like a stream.

The Dantian inside it was thoroughly penetrated, and without the panacea, he would be a cripple who had lost his cultivation for the rest of his life!

None of the outside sanctum students present saw what had happened clearly, except the Great Palace Master, whose eyes were filled with solemnity. He saw how Su Yu flew toward Lao Ai with the speed of a fifth-grade Almighty, then simply shoved a golden short sword into his abdomen! From the beginning to the end, Lao Ai did not even notice, and his cultivation was incapacitated in exactly this way!


As Su Yu gathered up the strings of the scarlet remnant shadows, the wings on his back were gradually drawn inward. He then asked indifferently, “What did you say just now… Admit defeat? Oh, why didn’t you say it earlier? I couldn’t withdraw in time! So sorry.”

Once he finished speaking, he turned to leave through the crowd. When he passed by Senior Brother Lu and Junior Sister He, he cast a cool look at them and said, “Both of you, let us find a place and carry on with our discussion.”

Junior Sister He’s face was extremely stiff, and her delicate body was lightly shuddering. Her eyes were flickering to and fro quickly, as she dared not look Su Yu in the eye and answer his question.

Her combat power was similar to Lao Ai’s, but Lao Ai did not even stand a chance against Su Yu before his cultivation was incapacitated! So, when she recalled her quarrel with Su Yu, she felt chills run down her back.

Senior Brother Lu’s expression was also unnatural as he forced a smile and said, “Su… Junior Brother Su, we have other important matters to report to Junior Sister Bing, so we must leave.”

He then pulled Junior Sister He away and left in a hurry. After all, they had just witnessed a fifth-grade fairy from the outer sanctum crippling a first-grade Almighty with a few strikes. This ground-breaking news must be immediately delivered to the inner sanctum!

The Great Palace Master’s eyes shone with a bright light. Su Yu had given him too many shocking surprises thus far! At the level of third-grade fairy, he defeated the eighth-grade fairy Shao Qingfeng. At the level of fifth-grade fairy, he crippled the first-grade Almighty Lao Ai. The speed at which his combat power had escalated was mind-boggling!

“Lao Ai’s techniques were ruthless and intense. At first, he wanted to cripple Su Yuxian’s cultivation, but Su Yuxian defended himself. He deserved what he got! Su Yuxian is innocent,” the Great Palace Master announced.

Self-defense? Everyone shuddered when they heard this. Lao Ai had admitted defeat, so Su Yu chased after him and crippled his cultivation. As the crowd recalled this, they couldn’t help but wonder… How could that be counted as self-defense?

However, no one would dare argue with the Great Palace Master. Besides, Lao Ai was a narrow-minded, petty, cunning and ruthless person. With his cultivation crippled, the majority of the people would applaud and rejoice! So, there was no dissention nor anyone who was willing to risk their necks in order to speak up on his behalf.

“Su Yuxian has overridden the Four Great Demons, hasn’t he?” One of the students exhaled a deep breath, his eyes full of envy. “He’s irrefutably the first among the outside sanctum!”

The battle of the day had shaken both the inside and the outside of the Red Blood Palace. Su Yu’s terrifying strength that could cripple a first-grade Almighty with a few moves had reinforced his title of being the “first among the outside sanctum.”

As the first among the outside sanctum, Su Yu stealthily left the faction and headed straight for the Fairy Confining Forest. At the entrance of the Hundred Beast Valley, Su Yu glanced at his surroundings.

He then called out, “Senior, I am here. Why don’t you show yourself?”

“Haha, I thought you’d forgotten about me.” A light laughter sounded from the inside of the valley, while a middle-aged man wearing a silver mask strode out. He was the holder of the Blue Tianya Decree, and he managed the members of the nearby purple Severed Fairy Cliff.

“Greetings Senior, I was on a mission, so I only received your message upon my return recently.” Su Yu greeted him with cupped hands.

The silver-faced man had both of his hands kept in the sleeves as he asked, “How have you been? Have you made up your mind to purchase the Real Spirit Dragon Veins?”

Su Yu nodded. “How’s the market price?”

The silver-faced man looked surprised, and he wondered… Is this brat really financially capable of purchasing it?

“The price isn’t fixed, as there’s almost no flow of the Real Spirit Dragon Veins on the market. No one will sell it. I’ll release the mission, and whoever is willing to sell it will surely contact me. They’ll decide the price,” the silver-faced man explained.

Su Yu nodded, then took out a space ring and hurled it at the silver-faced man. “Here’s 10,000,000 crystals. Please help me release the mission. The highest price is 2,000,000 crystals per vein, and anything above that can be ignored.”

“Ten… Million?” The silver-faced man’s pupils constricted intensely, while he gripped the ring and scanned it.

The shock he felt at that moment could not be put into words. In one short month, this brat had managed to gather such a massive amount of crystals! It was incredible!

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll steal the crystals?” The man’s eyes shone.

Su Yu said indifferently, “You won’t! Besides, if you are hunted by the Severed Fairy Cliff, you’ll lose a big employer, so it’s not a smart move!”

The Severed Fairy Cliff was very strict about the management of their members, and if situations like the embezzlement of crystals occurred often, the Severed Fairy Cliff would have lost its reputation already. Hence, it kept a close watch on such things.

The man laughed. “It’s indeed a bad deal. I’ve received the crystals, so I’ll release the mission right away. In three months’ time, there’ll probably be some news. As for how much will be received, I can’t guarantee an exact number.”

“Thank you for your trouble.” Su Yu cupped hands once more.

“It’s my job,” the man said. “See you next time, you interesting fellow.”

Once he finished speaking, he levitated and left. After Su Yu watched him leave, he turned and prepared to head for the faction. But, just when Su Yu stepped forward, he recoiled and suddenly turned to look back.

After taking just one look, Su Yu’s pupils shrunk to the size of needles! A bright golden sun was reflected in his pupils, and amid the sun, a figure was vaguely visible! Above the figure’s head was the Sun Moon Crown!

Su Yu drew in a light breath and spoke with pauses between his words, “Golden… Light… Guard!”

Before he turned around, there was no one on the rock, but after he turned around, there was a Golden Light Guard! It was so enigmatic that he had appeared without any warning! After all, this was his enemy of life and death, the Golden Light Guard!

“So, brat, you’ve been hiding in Red Blood Palace! It was so exhausting looking for you!” As the Golden Light Guard spoke, the sound that came out reverberated among the leaves, making them all fall to the ground. At the same time, whiffs of dreadful energies were emitted from the Golden Light Guard’s eyes.

Su Yu’s heart raced, and he wondered… How did the Golden Light Guard find me? And, when did he come here? There were no traces of him at all!

Was it the silver-faced man? Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that the Golden Light Guard showed up right after he left!

However, he didn’t have time to overthink all of this, as the Golden Light Guard was an entity that had been hot on his heels, wanting to kill him ever since he came to the Jiuzhou Continent! If he didn’t die, that would surely be the death of Su Yu!