The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 901

Chapter 901 A Fright Without A Mishap

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Sensing the strong oppressive force in the other person’s eyes, Su Yu activated the Power of Time without hesitation. This caused the surrounding time to accelerate by several folds.


Before the rays in his eyes shot toward him, Su Yu managed to dodge in time and flip his palm at the same time, tightly holding the Underworld Pearl in his left hand and a leaf in his right hand. The opponent was an All Creation Old Monster, so any reservation of techniques meant death!

It was very likely that Su Yu could have been killed by the All Creation Old Monster before even retrieving the treasures, which is why Su Yu had decided to initiate the attack. The Underworld Pearl was used for shielding himself, whereas the leaf was meant to be used to kill the Golden Light Guard.

The Golden Light Guard looked at Su Yu from afar, while standing on the rock. He did not attack, but simply stood looking puzzled for a long while.

“It really is you…” The Golden Light Guard murmured in a confused voice that was barely audible.

Su Yu got an idea and quickly took the opportunity to instill Vital Energy into the leaf. However, he became doubtful when the Golden Light Guard did not launch his attack. After standing for a few breaths on his same spot, he broke open the Void and left.

Su Yu was startled, and he wondered… What happened? Could he have noticed the danger of the Tree God’s Original Life Leaf and then chosen to escape?

After waiting on his spot for a long time and ensuring the Golden Light Guard had left and was not lying in ambush nearby, only then did Su Yu tuck away both of his treasures. His heart was flooded with doubts at that moment.

He thought that it was going to be a battle to the death, yet it had ended so quickly. He was expecting a huge blowout fight with the Golden Light Guard, but surprisingly, it had passed with such ease.

Still feeling doubtful, Su Yu quickly returned to the Demon Mountain. Once he was back in the house, Su Yu became immersed in deep thoughts. Although the encounter just now was merely a fright without any mishaps, Su Yu still felt insecure about it somehow.

Since the Golden Light Guard had already discovered that he was hiding in the Red Blood Palace, the threat had become even greater. Perhaps this was why Su Yu felt so uneasy.


Zixuan pushed open the door and came inside. Upon seeing Su Yu, she said, “That mysterious person came looking for you. Are you alright?”

Su Yu answered, “Yes, I’m alright…”

After collecting his thoughts, Su Yu could not help but lift his gaze and ask, “How did you know I’ve met the person?”

“When you fought Lao Ai, I was nearby. When I got back home, you hadn’t returned, so I guessed that you must have gone to meet the mysterious man,” Zixuan blinked her eyes and answered as she replied.

That was it… Su Yu thought.

He then said, “Lately, I’ve decided to train in isolation in the Virtual Shadow Combat Chamber. The first reason for this is that there’s something to be refined, while the second reason is to avoid some meaningless bothers.”

After such stimulation by the Golden Light Guard just now, Su Yu had decided to comprehend the “Five Elements Profound Meaning Art” and master the Five Elements Divine Prison. After all, the more techniques he acquired, the more capable he would be of protecting himself. Plus, his never-ending troubles could be avoided, as the impacts of defeating Jian Wusheng were still ongoing.

Zixuan nodded obediently. “Yes, I’m planning to search the faction again to ascertain if there’s any news of Su Yu. If there really isn’t any, I’m prepared to give up.”

“Yes. Give up. It would be better, as you’ve spent too long on the matter already. Don’t delay your training any longer,” Su Yu remarked. It was strange that, although he could be relieved at last, he felt oddly guilty.

He immediately wondered… Is it really a good idea to keep lying? Zixuan is such an innocent and gullible girl.

“I heard from sister Bing that you want to take part in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and you’re collecting merit points , right?” Zixuan asked.

Su Yu nodded. He had attained 200,000 merit points by being the shopkeeper of Tonglin Elixir Store and had gotten 100,000 from participating in the sacrificial offering at the Desolate Evil Jungle. That meant that he had 300,000 merit points in total. It was still a far cry from his goal of obtaining 4,000,000 merit points.

“Still not enough? After you go into isolation, I’ll help you take note of the Hall of Missions for missions with high merit points. I hope that will help,” Zixuan said. “After all, when I was alone out there, you were the only one who helped me.”

“Silly girl, what are you saying?” Su Yu stroked her head. “Back then, you saved my life! Doesn’t it go without saying that I should take care of you?”

Zixuan did not refute this. Not long after that, Su Yu entered the Virtual Shadow Combat Chamber, headed straight into the secret chamber, and started training in silence.

After he entered isolation, even the alluring cabinet master, Xueqi, had come to look for Su Yu, but returned without any meeting after learning that he was in isolation. Every day, students from the inner sanctum came with the hope of meeting Su Yu. Among them were numerous challengers.

In the inner sanctum.

At the Left Palace Master’s dwelling place, in the study room, a middle-aged man clad in pristine clothing was holding a thick scroll and quietly reading it.

“Left Palace Master, Wei Zheng is back,” the servant came in to report.

The middle-aged man set down the scroll and said, “Ask him to come and see me.”

Before long, Wei Zheng and Bi Xueling came to the study room together. Wei Zheng’s face was full of anxiety as he bowed and said, “Wei Zheng, greeting the Left Palace Master.”

Bi Xueling giggled and obediently massaged the middle-aged man’s shoulders. The man cast a look at Wei Zheng and Bi Xueling, then asked, “Wei Zheng, I am assuming that Su Yuxian did not agree to it?”

He was observant, and Wei Zheng’s facial expression had given him the answer without saying a word. Wei Zheng’s face was bitter, and he stole a look at Bi Xueling, feeling aggrieved. “It’s because of my uselessness. I failed to persuade Su Yuxian.”

He was totally being Bi Xueling’s scapegoat! The man turned to look at Bi Xueling. He had already speculated about most of how everything happened. He was certain that his daughter had followed the group and ruined the matter.

“Dad, that Su Yuxian, I think he is unacceptable! He’s merely a fifth-grade fairy, yet he’s extremely arrogant and headstrong! So, how could he move far along the path of martial arts with such an attitude?” Bi Xueling glowered at Wei Zheng as she spoke.

She then added, “If he’d defeated Jian Wusheng’s virtual shadow with Almighty cultivation, his arrogance would be reasonable. But, he merely defeated Jian Wusheng while he was a third-grade fairy. So, what’s there to be proud of? It’s uncertain whether he could break through the Almighty in this lifetime! Hence, we’re not short of such an insignificant genius.”

The middle-aged man’s face darkened upon hearing this, and he said, “Don’t be silly!” His light yell made Wei Zheng hold his breath, and Bi Xueling was so startled that she shuddered.

He then said, “Despite his noteworthy potential, his performance in Tianya City is what really matters to me!” The man then turned and glared at Bi Xueling. “Defeating Jian Wusheng at his third-grade fairy level was nothing, but his proficiency in Mu words is compatible to the master of the era. Where can you find someone else like that?”

He paused, then added, “It’s said that the General Manager of Tianya City, who’s in isolation, admires Su Yu and has the intention of recommending him to the Skyscraping Palace Master to become a documented student, thus giving Su Yuxian an identity and safeguarding him!”

He took a deep breath. “Then, in the future, after the Deputy General Manager retires, Su Yu will be promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager! I don’t need to explain to you how a Deputy General Manager of Tianya City could help our camp in gaining benefits in Tianya City, do I?”

These were the secrets that were unknown to the outsiders, and a cold sweat broke out on Wei Zheng’s forehead when he heard them. Bi Xueling also realized the severity of the matter, while thinking… It seems like that fellow is really important!

“Ling-er, it was you who behaved arrogantly, making him unhappy, wasn’t it?” The man berated her. He was clear about his daughter’s character.

Bi Xueling felt aggrieved, and she muttered. “I didn’t know! Besides, who asked him to be so insolent? His aptitude is only mediocre, yet he thinks he is so great!”

“Of course he is great! At least, his aptitude is better than yours,” the man said angrily. He was upset over her uselessness and her argument.

Bi Xueling felt even worse. Her dad usually doted on her, but he had repeatedly chastised her because of an outsider today. “It’s just mastering Mu words, which isn’t that remarkable! He still needs the faction’s protection, doesn’t he? If any real danger comes, he’d still need us to rescue him!”

“Ha, are you sure? He needs the faction’s protection indeed, but not yours! If any danger really comes, he’ll be protecting you, not the other way round!” the man said.

Bi Xueling retorted furiously, “I have the cultivation of a first-grade Almighty, so I don’t need the protection of a fifth-grade fairy! Dad, it’s fine if you’re attracted to his worth, but do you have to insult your daughter about the path of martial arts?” Her anger kept rising.

“On your way back, people from the outside sanctum sent me the news that Lao Ai used his privileges to challenge Su Yu. What do you think the outcome was?” The man asked coldly.

Wei Zheng shuddered. Since the Left Palace Master had been mentioned, the outcome must have been unusual.

“Could he have sustained many strikes?” Wei Zheng guessed. He was stunned… Only… How long has it been? I can’t believe that he could even fight the Almighty?

Bi Xueling was nonchalant. “Well, he could have sustained more if he was really that great! If it had been me, humph, just one strike and he’d be sprawling on the floor, looking for his lost teeth!”

“Yes, the victory was decided after just one strike indeed, but he was the one who incapacitated Lao Ai’s cultivation! Ling-er, how much higher is your cultivation than Lao Ai’s?” the man asked.

“What? Crippling Lao Ai with one strike? How is that possible? Could Lao Ai’s ability have been restricted by something?” Wei Zheng took in a cold breath, clearly surprised.

The man replied, “Lao Ai wanted to incapacitate his cultivation, but failed. He was crippled with one strike instead. There wasn’t any restriction, as it was an open competition.”

Bi Xueling was dumbfounded, and she muttered, “Impossible! A fifth-grade fairy, crippling a first-grade Almighty with one strike… How could that…”

“That’s why I said you ruined a big deal! Whether it’s regarding his potential in martial arts or his future worth, he’s a rare genius!”

Wei Zheng pondered this for a moment, then said, “I’m willing to head for the outside sanctum again and repent by making a contribution. I promise to try to persuade Su Yuxian to agree to join us.”

The man sighed and said, “It’s too late! Before he defeated Lao Ai, we still had a chance. Now, all of the elders of the inner sanctum have heard about it, and those who want to take Su Yuxian as an apprentice are many.”

After hearing that, Bi Xueling couldn’t even speak.

Also at the inner palace, in the Right Palace Master’s camp, a burly middle-aged man, whose face was gold-black, asked, “This Su Yuxian, he doesn’t have much respect for me, does he?”

The gold-black middle-aged man was the Right Palace Master, and he was very displeased at the moment. He had asked Lao Ai to go and invite Su Yu in person and had even exiled Lao Ai to the border, which was showing adequate respect and honor to Su Yu. But, in the end, not only did Su Yu not accept his goodwill, he even crippled Lao Ai, thus embarrassing him!

“Palace Master, allow me to go and meet this insolent person. He has brought countless troubles to my Shao family!” a young man with a head full of white hair said, his entire being emanating an air of viciousness.

He was the prodigy student that the Shao family took the most pride in. He had entered the inner palace many years ago and was renowned. In the inner sanctum, he was among the top ten absolute best experts, his cultivation having already reached the eighth-grade Almighty level!

“Chunguang, you just focus on preparing for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland that will be held five months from now. You don’t have to deal with Su Yuxian yourself,” the gold-black man said.

He then added, “Besides, the weight that Su Yuxian carries now is unlike before, as it concerns the rivalry between the Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the Heavenly Knife Region for benefits and honor. Hence, he can’t be touched.”

“Yes!” Shao Chunguang said, but murderous intention and a cold light still flickered in the depths of his eyes.

In Tianya City.

On this day, the Elixir Alliance was embellished with vibrant colors and festive vibes were widespread. This was because Alliance Master Zhao, one of the two alliance masters who had long been in isolation, had come out.

He had convened a large meeting and had just arrived at the headquarters of the Red Blood Palace, where he met up with the Deputy General Manager.

“Oh? Alliance Master Zhao has paid us a distinguished visit, thus adding glamor to this place,” the Deputy General Manager welcomed him with a smile, displaying his best manners.

He dared not take the Elixir Alliance lightly, as these elixir-refining masters had broad networks. Hence, they couldn’t afford to offend them.

After some friendly chatter, Master Zhao explained the purpose of his visit, “There’s a shopkeeper named Su Yuxian, who is under your jurisdiction. I’m unsure which elixir store he’s working for, but months ago, he saved some mischievous granddaughters of mine, and I haven’t thanked him yet. So, today, I’d like to thank him in person.”

The Deputy General Manager had heard about this matter, and he thought about how remarkably fortunate Su Yuxian was to have built such a rapport with figures like Alliance Master Zhao.

“Master Zhao has come at a wrong time, as half a month ago, Su Yuxian completed his term of office and has already returned to the faction,” the Deputy General Manager said.

Master Zhao kneaded his beard as he said, “Fine. I’ll make a trip to the Red Blood Palace. I owe him a kindness, and until it is paid, I am distracted and unable to focus on refining elixirs. By the way, there are also some old fellows in your faction that I haven’t seen in years, so I’ll visit and exchange some elixir-refining skills with them, as well as deliver some news about the traitor!”


Red Blood Palace.

Mo Tianxuan surprisingly came out of isolation to meet a valuable guest…