The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 902

Chapter 902 The Five Pulse Dominant Wave

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“Tianxuan, the original fairy artifact has been returned.” A middle-aged man in fine clothing stood in front of Mo Tianxuan.

Mo Tianxuan said with a cold face, “Here’s 100,000,000 crystals! Now, I don’t owe you any debt!”

The man did not refute this, and after laughing lightly and catching the space ring, he turned and said, “I see that you still have a prejudice against me.”

“Stop talking nonsense! Where’s the old man who stole my fairy artifact? Hand him over to me,” Mo Tianxuan said, a bright light shining in the depths of her pupils. That old man was the mysterious person who could resolve the extreme ghost energy!

“Old man?” The man was thoughtful. “Isn’t the one who stole your fairy artifact actually the demonic ruthless man who killed Xue Di? I thought you lost your fairy artifact while you were fighting him? So, how could it have been stolen by an old man?”

Mo Tianxuan’s pretty face reddened slightly, but she covered it up quickly. She then squinted her eyes and asked, “You said that my fairy artifact was put on sale by the demonic ruthless man…”

The man in fine clothing nodded.

She then said, “That’s weird. Could the demonic ruthless man have stolen the treasure from the old man? If so, is the old man still alive?”

Mo Tianxuan’s brows were creased, and she was frowning deeply. The mysterious old man was her only hope for recovery.

The man seemed to be brooding over her words. “You keep mentioning the old man! Why?”

“It’s nothing…” Mo Tianxuan shook her head, then said, “I’ve accepted your kindness in returning the demon artifact. I’ll repay you in the future. If there’s nothing else, I’d like to go and meet a student from the outside sanctum now that I’ve come out of isolation.”

The man’s eyes shone. “Haha, is it the rare expert, who’s proficient in Mu words? He earned back the shops that the Blessed and Heavenly Lands had lost for ten years, and he even expelled the influences of the Heavenly Knife Region from Tianya City! He is indeed a talented person. I’d like to meet him as well! Perhaps he’ll be interested in joining my Severed Fairy Cliff faction.”

Mo Tianxuan cast a look at the man and felt unhappy, but she couldn’t say much due to his identity. So, she simply ordered the people outside, “Call Su Yuxian from the outside sanctum. I want to reward him in person.”

The servant at the door replied, “Palace Master, Su Yuxian had gone into isolation, but I’ll go get him right away.”

“Isolation?” Mo Tianxuan wondered aloud, quickly deciding to let the matter go. “Fine. Since he’s gone into isolation to avoid any disturbances, just wait till he comes out.”

Once she was finished talking, she glanced back at the man. “You don’t have any more reason to stay here now, do you?”

The man laughed. “Haha, I guess not. So, I’ll say farewell. But, just to remind you, anything done in excess results in undesirable outcomes, and since the Heavenly Knife Region has lost all of its shops this time, it has lost all of its respect as well. I’m afraid they’ll be angered by this shame and initiate a war. Thus, the Blessed and Heavenly Lands must stay alert.”

“You’re in no position to worry about that!” Mo Tianxuan snorted coldly.

Su Yu, who was deep in isolation, had not the slightest idea of how great a danger he had avoided by staying in isolation. Once Mo Tianxuan found out that he was the old perverted thief who had molested her and had stolen her flying guillotine, the scenario would be hard to imagine!

Su Yu remained in isolation for half a month, which meant that he had been in Tianya City a month already. As he was training rigorously, Su Yu concentrated all of his efforts on understanding the demonic words in the Five Elements Profound Meaning Art.

After half a month of strenuous learning, he was both satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time. Half a month in time acceleration was equivalent to dozens of years, and Su Yu had only comprehended twenty demonic words in that time.

Back when he was learning under Yinmu’s tree, he was aided by a strong comprehending nature, thus everything had happened naturally and any existing problems were not identified. But, they were all being revealed now.

The difficulty of demonic words in the Five Elements Profound Meaning Art increased as it progressed toward the end. The difficulty in comprehending the artistic conception that was contained at the back exceeded that of the front by several times. Thus, Su Yu’s speed was far slower than he had expected.

“I’ve been too optimistic! An emperor-based saint artifact with Holy Spirit is so much harder than I imagined!” Su Yu could not help but mutter.


At that moment, a petite black-green water dragon flew out from the Five Elements Divine Prison and asked him arrogantly, “Human, how could our demonic emperor-based saint artifact be refined so easily?”

What it hadn’t said was that none of the rare demonic prodigies in the past had managed to refine ninety words in two short months like Su Yu had. Even the first-generation master had spent 500 years to refine only one-tenth! But, the black-green water dragon did not express its shock at all.

Su Yu cast an indifferent glance at it. He was instinctively cautious toward this black-green water dragon.

“Before I comprehend a hundred words, you don’t have to show up, wasting your soul’s strength,” Su Yu said.

The black-green water dragon snickered. “If I didn’t come out to inform you, would you have known that the Five Elements Divine Prison could unleash the additional power already?”

“Wait, didn’t you say that would only happen after one exceeded a hundred demonic words?” Su Yu’s eyes shone with a cold light.

The water dragon said, “Listen carefully, it’s the additional power, not the real power! Only the power that suppresses all things in the universe has the real ability of the Five Elements Divine Prison. But, you can activate the additional power after refining ninety words.”

“What is it?” Su Yu asked, while holding the Five-colored Exquisite Tower in his palm.

The black-green water dragon smiled. “The Five Pulse Dominant Wave!”

It then added, “There’s only one usage for it… Defense! You’ll only need to adjust the five elements that you mastered, then activate the Five Elements Divine Prison to release the wave-like defense. It’s hard for it to be broken by anyone below the sixth-grade Almighty. It can save your life in critical times, but because you haven’t mastered enough elements, you can only use it once a month. And… It can only protect one person at a time! But, if you break through a hundred words, there’ll no longer be limitations.”

Being able to resist the attacks by anyone below the sixth-grade Almighty was phenomenal! Such a strong defense was far greater than even the Eternal Stone Armor! But, if the Eternal Stone Armor could be repaired, that would be a different story!

“Human brat, just focus on comprehension. The Five Elements Divine Prison can give you more and more surprises as time goes on!” The black-green water dragon smiled mysteriously.

After spending half a month in isolation, Su Yu’s gains had gradually lessened. Hence, he naturally decided to leave.

After coming out of isolation this time, I can’t stay for long in the faction. There’s too much trouble. I need to leave the faction as soon as possible, while executing missions along the way in order to earn merit points. But, I’m still short of more than 3,000,000 merit points! Will the normal missions reward such a great amount of merit points? Su Yu frowned deeply as he pondered these things.

Obtaining 4,000,000 merit points was much harder than he had imagined! Plus, he only had four months left!

I’ll ask Zixuan first, as she’s been taking note of the Hall of Missions for these past weeks, so she may have noticed some important missions posted. Thinking of that, Su Yu headed right back to the Demon Mountain after coming out of isolation.

What he hadn’t thought about was that there was already an extremely beautiful woman standing in the yard, her entire being emitting an icy coldness. Her snow-like eyes were cold and stern, as if they could freeze people on the spot.

“You’ve finally come out! I’ve been waiting for you for too long!” The beautiful woman did not hesitate before drawing out a long, cold sword and striking toward Su Yu with it.

The sword moved swiftly and fiercely, indicating that it had a profound sword meaning. Although it looked like there was only one sword striking, hundreds of light rays radiated out from it, making being struck by it inevitable. Every move of the sword was murderous and boundlessly powerful!

The green veins on Su Yu’s forehead pulsated as he screamed, “You crazy b*tch! You really want to slash me open with this sword?”