The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Approaching Crisis

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“Humph! I’m slashing at you indeed, you salacious old pervert!” Bing Wuxin struck out with the sword, which immediately transformed into hundreds of sword shadows.

Her training in the art of sword had attained the level of mind-heart synchronization, at which her mind followed her heart. This meant that she was one with the sword, the resemblance between them being truly astonishing and extremely powerful. She was hardly rivaled by those of the same level, and even the first-grade Almighty could barely evade this strike of the sword.

Su Yu was annoyed. Everything about this woman was good, except that she had overly strict standards and was overbearing! With a move of his heart, the Fire Essence Jade that was deep in Su Yu’s heart started overflowing with massive flames.

With Su Yu’s current understanding of the five elements, he had reached a level at which he could become one with any element. One shift of his thoughts and he could become one with fire!

He stretched all five of his fingers out, causing five streaks of strong heat to be released from his fingers, instantly forming an enormous net of flames. Then, the hundreds of sword shadows perished all at once in this giant net of flames.

Bing Wuxin withdrew the sword and positioned it horizontally in front of her. At the same time, an overpowering sword energy gushed out and tore the oncoming giant net of flames apart.

“Mind-heart synchronization!” A stunning color flickered in Bing Wuxin’s pretty eyes as she yelled the command.

For any paths, reaching the bottleneck meant that there would soon be a breakthrough into a whole new level. But, the paths of swords, fire, ice, water and the like did not follow this same principle.

So, only through training to better comprehend the extremes could one break through the bottleneck and attain the level of mind-heart synchronization. By then, the martial artist would become integrated into the path, his power increasing in an explosive manner.

She had been training in the path of swords for more than ten years, which is how she had finally mastered the mind-heart synchronization. So, she had to wonder… When will Su Yu ever reach the level of mind-heart synchronization with the flames?

Su Yu then said, “If you’re here to challenge me, I’m not interested. If there’s nothing else, you can leave. I just came out of isolation, so I’d like to rest for a while.”

“Of course I’m here for something!” Bing Wuxin remarked coldly.

“Fire away,” Su Yu said, not even turning his head as he marched into the house.

Bing Wuxin said, “Return the acacia seed that controls Wuxie. You’re a big man, so shouldn’t relying on such unscrupulous means to manipulate a woman make you feel ashamed?”

So it is because of this? Su Yu realized. In fact, he had already planned to settle this matter before leaving the faction. He hadn’t thought that he would be misunderstood by Bing Wuxin, making her come forward and confront him!

“Take it.” Su Yu simply hurled two green seeds at her. He did not bother to look into how Gongsun Wuxie had arranged it herself.

He had a vague feeling that Gongsun Wuxie had become much more detached from him and even despised him after Tianya City. He wondered… Is it because I took her fifty-layer privilege away from her?

Su Yu was bewildered about that. He had thought of explaining this to Gongsun Wuxie, but the relationship between them had held him back.

Bing Wuxin was slightly startled that Su Yu did not hesitate to hand over the seeds. It was quite a surprise.

Based on Gongsun Wuxie’s allegation, Su Yu had insisted on not giving her them when she had asked, and apparently, he had even tried to take the opportunity to molest her! Now, this situation just didn’t seem to align with that!

“Hold on… What actually happened between you two?” Bing Wuxin tried to ask him.

Su Yu turned to look at her and thought… What’s the point of explaining anything to you, when you just launched an attack at me with a sword upon hearing only one word from someone else?

“It’s none of your business,” Su Yu said lightly before he turned to go into the house for a rest, shutting the door behind him.

He had been really stressed out recently, as the appearance of the Golden Light Guard had made him feel as though he was carrying a hefty burden on his back. At this point, he could barely think about anything else.

What he had said just now was unintentional, at least in how it had come across. But, it had sounded indifferent to Bing Wuxin.

“Su, what attitude is that?” Bing Wuxin was angered. Su Yu used to have such a gentle and soft attitude, so she had to wonder… Why was he acting so indifferent just now?

Grasping the two green seeds, she quickly went into Gongsun Wuxie’s house.


Slamming the seeds onto the table with her palm, she said, “I’ve gotten these back for you, so can you tell me what happened between the two of you now?”

She thought that Su Yu’s recent change must have something to do Gongsun Wuxie. Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes shone as she grabbed the two seeds and heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Answer my question,” Bing Wuxin said while staring at Gongsun Wuxie.

Gongsun Wuxie batted her eyelashes while giving Bing Wuxin a measuring look from head to toe. She then asked, “Sister Wuxin, why are you suddenly so concerned with him? Could you have fallen for him? This is bad, if so, as many of the senior brothers in the inner sanctum are about to get their hearts broken!”

She said this because Bing Wuxin’s position in the inner sanctum was like a goddess, so countless people wanted to get close to her.

“You know I have no feelings for him, so answer my question!” Bing Wuxin said without any expression, while still staring at her.

Gongsun Wuxie pouted. “It was nothing. I just don’t want to get close to people like that anymore…”

She still hadn’t said what exactly had happened between them, but Bing Wuxin seemed to have realized something, so she squinted her eyes and asked, “Wuxie, did he confess his affection for you, but you rejected him sternly due to my presence, thus making him so crestfallen? If it’s so, then no worries, as I don’t mind! If you really like him, you can be with him!”

Upon hearing that, Gongsun Wuxie’s tiny mouth fell wide open. She hadn’t thought that Bing Wuxin would think that way!

“Him? Really?” Gongsun Wuxie jumped up out of reflex, feeling angry and ashamed. “How would I have possibly fallen for that perverted thief? I could fall for anyone but him! Even if he was the only man left in the world, it’s still would not be possible for me to be with him!”

Seeing her so firm and certain, Bing Wuxin sighed. “Okay. I just hope that you have no regrets.”

“Poo!” Gongsun Wuxie was nonchalant, but after such an episode, she could not help but recall the demonic ruthless man, while a gentle and shy light shone in the depths of her pupils.

Back in the house, Su Yu was deep in thought. The Five Great Golden Light Guards had found him and ascertained that he was at the Red Blood Place, so he had to wonder… Is this place safe enough? If it was the inner sanctum, there’d be Mo Tianxuan holding the fort down, so the Five Great Golden Light Guards would perhaps be afraid and dare not to enter the inner sanctum.

But, this is the outer sanctum, which is far from the inner sanctum, and if they really barge in, no one could save me! As Su Yu pondered these things, his anxiety rose exponentially. During the half month that he was in isolation, his anxiety kept intensifying, while an insecure feeling lingered in his heart for a long time.

If this latent crisis remained unsolved, Su Yu knew that he wouldn’t be able to calm himself down, perhaps ever again! The only plan left now was for him to leave the Red Blood Palace. He thought… Perhaps I could temporarily avoid the Golden Light Guards…

As Su Yu contemplated this, he began forming a plan in his mind. Although he had gone to great lengths to make his way into the Red Blood Palace and lay a foundation here, if he was found by the Golden Light Guards and his old appearance was seen through, his staying at the Red Blood Palace would prove to be quite dangerous!

So, he figured that he might as well leave the faction and search for a safer shelter. But, figuring out how to leave the faction was also a big problem.

Since Su Yu’s fame and prestige was bigger than before, unless there were special circumstances, it was unlikely that the faction would allow such a top-notch master with a high proficiency in Mu words like Su Yu to leave!

It seemed like he had to choose a method that would be allowed by the faction. As he tried to think of a way, a thought suddenly popped in his head… Execute missions!

In the process of executing missions, he would escape to somewhere far away from the Blessed and Heavenly Lands! As he thought about this while he was sitting in the house, Su Yu heaved a long sigh. This was because he didn’t make such a decision willingly.

Although he had only been here for less than a year, he felt reluctant to leave this place. He had so much history here already. He had even vowed to Shangguan Yunque that he would protect the Shangguan family. Now that he was leaving for good, he couldn’t keep his word!


At that moment, Zixuan pushed open the door and came in. She then said, “There’s a huge mission being offered now. Many students received the news and are on their way to the Hall of Missions to accept it.”

A mission had arrived, and Su Yu happened to be in desperate need of a mission!

“What mission?” Su Yu enquired.

Zixuan replied, “It’s an unfinished mission that has been on the Ghost List for ten years!”

“Oh? Ten years?” Su Yu’s eyes shone, as he vaguely remembered that there was an extremely difficult mission that had not been accomplished by anyone yet. This must be that very one!