The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Ten Year Mission

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This mission had already been released some time ago, and as it was a classified mission, only the person in charge knew about its specific details. Now that news of this mission had resurfaced, it indicated that the previous person in charge of it had failed. Hence, it had been released once again.

“Is there anything special about this mission?” Su Yu asked.

Zixuan nodded. “I heard that the merit point reward for this mission is the highest amount on the mission list of the Red Blood Palace in history. It’s even higher than killing the first wanted criminal of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands!”

Su Yu remembered that the Ghost Buddha, who was ranked thirteenth on the wanted list, was worth 300,000 merit points. Hence, the first-ranking wanted criminal must be worth over a million merit points at least!

“How much?” Su Yu asked.

“I heard 3,000,000,” Zixuan said.

Su Yu’s eyes grew wide as he thought… 3,000,000 merit points! How could it be such a tremendous reward of merit points?

“The one who announced it was the elixir-refining master of the inner sanctum, Master Ghost. He makes almost all of the incredible elixirs that are consumed by the Almighty strong men in the Red Blood Palace inner sanctum,” Zixuan said.

Zixuan then added, “Therefore, he holds a vast amount of merit point, a sum of which not even the Left and Right Palace Masters could compare. Specifically, Master Ghost can afford 3,000,000 merit points!”

Master Ghost? Su Yu had some impression of him, and he seemed to vaguely recall the widely renowned elixir-refining master of Red Blood Palace inner sanctum.

Yuan Yingying seemed to have been noticed by Master Ghost and was thus recruited into the inner sanctum. He had a significant position, so all the Almighty strong men in the faction always showed him respect.

Su Yu hadn’t thought that this ten-year mission would be announced by Master Ghost, and the reward of merit points was extremely impressive. After completing the mission, he could get much closer to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

It was a pity that Su Yu had decided to leave the faction in order to avoid the Five Golden Light Guards. This mission only served one purpose to Su Yu… To help him leave the faction honestly and with no regrets.

“How long has the mission been released, and has it been accepted by anyone yet?” Su Yu asked.

Zixuan shook her head. “No, there are too many students who want this mission, so Master Ghost has decided not to assign the mission in the normal manner. This is why it has remained incomplete for such a long time.”

As the mission had not been completed, even after ten years, it made sense that everyone was becoming very anxious about it and wanting it to be finished.

“Oh? If it isn’t to be assigned normally, then how can one accept it?” Su Yu asked.

Zixuan said, “You can register for a chance at it, then Master Ghost will select among the registrants on his own.”

“Is there any condition or restriction for the registration?” Su Yu asked. He figured that since the mission was so tough, there must be some kind of parameters.

“No, anyone who deems himself capable can register,” Zixuan answered.

What a strange mission! Su Yu pondered this for a moment, then nodded and said, “Then, I’ll give it a try and register for it.”

In the Hall of Missions, when Deputy Hall Master Qi had mysteriously gone missing, he had been replaced by a new Deputy Hall Master. What surprised Su Yu was that he knew the new Deputy Hall Master.

“Cabinet Master, why are you…” The woman in charge of the registration in front of the Ghost List was alluring and gorgeous.

Her beautiful and mesmerizing face could make one fall head over heels for her instantly. This person was the cabinet master, who was in charge of managing the flame chamber.

The alluring cabinet master subconsciously raised her head, her pretty eyes filled with hurt as she said, “You’ve been back for half a month, but you’re only coming to visit me now? You’re a heartless little fellow!”

As she spoke, she stood up and walked toward Su Yu. Then, she suddenly threw herself in his arms.

Su Yu rolled his eyes. He simply couldn’t put up with the alluring cabinet master!

So, while taking a slight step back, he said, “Cabinet master, congratulations on your promotion.”

Compared to the remote flame training chamber, the Hall of Missions was undoubtedly the more sought after position. Despite being the Deputy Hall Master, the advantage was definitely no worse than the fire training chamber.

“Haha, this is all because of your endowment, little brother! You’re helping me to earn lots of merit points by selling the elixirs is the only way that I could bribe my way into the high-level management to replace the vacancy,” she said with a big smile.

So, she was basically admitting that she had gone through the back door and gotten promoted by spending a great deal of merit points. She had bought her way to the top!

“Cabinet master, I’m here to inquire about a mission,” Su Yu then said.

She blinked her gorgeous eyes. “Okay, that’s simple. What kind of mission are you looking for? I’m in charge of the Ghost List, and they’re all top-notch missions. Little brother, whatever great mission you want, I can notify you anytime beforehand. But, as for the price… Haha…”

This woman was so nauseating that she made Su Yu want to flay a layer of her skin off! But, Su Yu knew that she was only joking with him.

“I want to know if I can register for the mission that was announced by Master Ghost through you?” Su Yu said, immediately getting to the point.

Hearing that, the smile on the alluring cabinet master’s face gradually faded, while her eyes grew serious. “You’re here to ask about that mission?”

Seeing Su Yu nod, her face changed, slowly turning cold. “Are you so eager to die?” Her stern tone revealed her affection and concern for him and his safety.

“Please enlighten me about it, cabinet master, as I’ve just heard about this mission,” Su Yu said.

The alluring cabinet master finally understood the situation, and it seemed like Su Yu hadn’t realized the danger that this mission entailed.

She shook her head, then asked, “How dare you act so carelessly, wanting to sign up for a mission without knowing about it? Don’t even think about this mission, as it’s not suitable for you! Even in the inner sanctum, only the 30 preceding elite students are qualified to accept it!”

There’s such a high threshold? Su Yu was immediately curious. “Dare I ask, cabinet master, what on earth is the mission that requires such strong students and rewards such a massive amount of merit points?”

“I don’t know about the specific details, as Master Ghost himself is the only one who’s clear about all of that,” the alluring cabinet master answered.

Su Yu frowned. “Haven’t the specifics been leaked by the students who were attempting to execute the mission for the past ten years? Even via some rumors… Something has to have been leaked, right?”

She shook her head, then explained, “It’s not that those students didn’t want to tell, but they didn’t get the chance to. This is because none of the students who tried to execute the mission came back alive!”

She then added, “Just a month ago, three inner sanctum students, who were attempting to execute the mission, had their Original Life Badges destroyed, thus failing the mission.”

“Dare I ask, how were the cultivations of the students who attempted to execute the mission?” Su Yu asked, sensing the danger for the first time.

The alluring cabinet master replied, “The lowest was a third-grade Almighty, while the highest was a fifth-grade Almighty.”

Hearing that, Su Yu was stupefied, and he wondered… What on earth is this mission all about?

He then asked, “Hasn’t the faction looked for the missing students?”

The alluring cabinet master’s face turned even more somber as she replied, “They have, but they only found pieces of skin, no organs, bones, or even brains!”

Upon hearing that, chills cascaded down Su Yu’s back, and he shuddered as he thought… What an awful way to die!

“Do you still want to register now? I heard about you incapacitating Lao Ai with a single strike, but this mission isn’t about fighting Lao Ai, and so many inner sanctum students have already died attempting to execute it!” The alluring cabinet master was patiently advising him against registering for it.

She then added, “After hearing about such dramatic casualties, the inner sanctum students have been extremely discreet about this mission, and there aren’t many people who have registered for it so far. If you do so yourself, it’s no different from your seeking your own death.”

Su Yu did not speak for a long while. He then asked, “Where can I register? I want to participate!”

With numerous techniques on his fingertips, even if Su Yu couldn’t succeed, he was confident that he could at least protect himself as he attempted to do so. Besides, even though it might be dangerous to attempt to execute the mission, it was even more life-threatening for Su Yu to stay in the faction, as once the Five Golden Light Guards arrived, Su Yu would have no chance of survival!