The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Command To Recruit An Apprentice

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“Why are you being so obstinate?” The alluring cabinet master was clearly angry.

Su Yu smiled. “I’ll remember your kindness, cabinet master. But, I have to go at this time.”

Somehow, she heard something in Su Yu’s tone and words that made it seem as if he was about to travel somewhere far away. Seeing Su Yu’s determination, she could only give up on trying to change his mind.

“Fine. The mission won’t necessarily be given to you, but at least you’ll know that you tried to get it.” As she spoke, she took out a jade pendant and muttered a few words into it.

She had uttered Su Yu’s name. She then began moulding it as she said, “I’ve sent a message to Master Ghost, and tomorrow, his student will come and take you there. Apart from you, the other outside sanctum students who have registered are Gongsun Wuxie and Bing Wuxin, so you can go with them tomorrow.”

Both of them registered, too? Su Yu scowled upon hearing this.

“Thank you, cabinet master.” Su Yu bowed to her to show his respect.

He thought for a moment, then presented her with ten vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid and said, “Please accept these, cabinet master. It’s to thank you for taking care of me for so long.”

In the outside sanctum, the alluring cabinet master had always taken care of him, she had even personally recommended that Su Yu be recruited into the Right Palace Master’s camp. Although the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid served no purpose to her training, if she sold them at the faction’s black market, it’d be worth a lot of crystals. This is why the gift was so valuable.

The alluring cabinet master felt strange upon being gifted something of such value, and the feeling that Su Yu was leaving grew more intense. “Su Yuxian, are you planning to leave the faction?” A light of wisdom rippled in her gorgeous eyes as she asked the question.

“You’re overthinking it, cabinet master,” Su Yu replied calmly.

Her eyes shone with a bright light as she nodded. “Well… If you leave the Red Blood Palace, then you won’t necessarily find a better sanctuary for yourself.”

Once she finished talking, she looked at the ten vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid in her hands and smiled. She then asked, “At least you had enough gratitude to bring me a few vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. Apart from you, I guess no one could easily obtain such a thing?”

Currently, the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was in short supply in Tianya City. And, both of the times that it had emerged, it had been sold out completely almost immediately.

The Red Blood Palace was located hundreds of millions of miles away, and if one intended to get the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, even rushing to the Red Blood Palace themselves in order to get it, there was still no guarantee that they would be able to purchase it. Therefore, the near priceless value of ten sets of Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was not hard to imagine.

“Haha, if these are sold to the wealthy students of the inner sanctum, even selling them at the price of 20,000 crystals per vessel wouldn’t be a problem at all. Hence, these are worth 200,000 crystals! And… If they were exchanged for merit points, they’d be worth 50,000!” She was clearly elated.

Su Yu shook his head in amusement. It was clear that the alluring cabinet master was a clever, money-minded woman, and he was certain that giving her the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid suited her appetite just fine!

“Haha, goodbye!” Su Yu waved his hand and walked away with a chuckle.

On the same day, a great commotion arose in the black market in the outside sanctum of the Red Blood Palace. This was because the widely popular Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands had appeared in the black market of the outside sanctum of the Red Blood Palace!

The matter caused a commotion in the inner sanctum. Many students who were about to break through the Almighty level or had already done so had come forward to fight for it. Even if it wasn’t for their own use, they figured that they could present it as a gift to those who needed it. In this way, all of the ten vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid were sold at the high price of 20,000 per vessel.

The strange thing was that the owner of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid only wanted crystals in a situation whereby everyone else in the Red Blood Palace prioritized merit points! The owner was, of course, the alluring cabinet master.

The Demon Mountain.

Somehow, Gongsun Wuxie and Bing Wuxin found out that Su Yu had registered for Master Ghost’s mission, and they soon came to find him.

“Su Yuxian, give up on this mission.” Bing Wuxin got straight to the point, shouting out to Su Yu as he was standing in the yard outside his door.

Su Yu was sitting quietly with crossed legs inside the house, and upon hearing Bing Wuxin’s words, he frowned lightly. As their information network was so broad, and he was certain that the alluring cabinet master wouldn’t betray him and give away his information, Su Yu figured that they had most probably heard about this from Master Ghost.

“Is there a problem?” Su Yu asked.

He was determined that he would not budge, and he wasn’t planning to open the door for a meet-up.

Bing Wuxin quickly replied, “I’m just telling you that you shouldn’t waste your energy. The mission is at my fingertips, so it’ll just be a waste of your time if you go.”

Su Yu then asked, “How many merit points are you short of?” Su Yu himself was short 4,000,000 from the baseline of the mission merit points that were needed for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, so he wondered how many Bing Wuxin was short of.

“A million. But, after completing this mission, I’ll have more than enough,” Bing Wuxin replied.

Su Yu raised his brows and asked, “You don’t want me to fight for the merit points against you, so you’re asking me to give up?”

Bing Wuxin replied coldly, “I just don’t want you to die for no reason.” Her tone didn’t sound kind at all, which is why Su Yu’s next comment was quite snarky…

“Your kindness is much appreciated. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to meditate,” Su Yu said indifferently. Su Yu did not exactly despise this domineering woman, but he certainly didn’t like her.

Bing Wuxin immediately turned to walk away with a glum face, while saying, “Let’s go!”

Upon returning to Gongsun Wuxie’s house, she wrapped her arms in front of her chest and said, “I told you not to such a person well, as he won’t appreciate it! You kindly advised him against seeking his own death, but he still didn’t listen!”

She continued, “Anyways, the mission is at Sister Wuxin’s fingertips, and no one can successfully fight you for it!”


Bing Wuxin’s fist thumped down on the table, her eyes sizzling with rage. “This fellow! I sought to comfort him, but he showed me that kind of attitude!”

As she spoke, Bing Wuxin looked at Gongsun Wuxie again. She kept feeling that Su Yu was so different from how he used to be, and it all seemed to be because he had been rejected by Gongsun Wuxie!

Since Su Yu had returned, he hadn’t come out of the house, had spoken very little, and had exhibited a very indifferent attitude. Today, when she had brought Gongsun Wuxie to Su Yu’s house, she was planning to talk to Su Yu through the matter regarding the mission.

However, he didn’t even let them inside! Moreover, his attitude was so cold! This had truly angered Bing Wuxin.

“Sister Wuxin, don’t be mad at him.” Gongsun Wuxie stuck out her tongue, then said, “Let’s go check out the black market. I heard that someone is selling merit points. So, we shouldn’t miss this chance.”

Bing Wuxin’s eyes shone. She happened to be short of many merit points, so coming across people selling great amounts of merit points excited her. Plus, such a thing was rare and hard to come by!

“Fine. Just ignore him. Let’s go,” Bing Wuxin said as she and Gongsun Wuxie headed straight for the black market.

In Su Yu’s yard, right after they left, Shangguan Yunque came for a visit. “Brother Su, I heard that you’ve come out of isolation.”

Su Yu opened his eyes and stood up. He then pushed open the door and said, “Yunque, come inside. I was about to come and look for you!”

“Ah, Brother Su coming to look for me? Could it be about something great?” Shangguan Yunque rubbed his hands and asked with a smile.

Su Yu nodded, then took out a space ring from his sleeve, and as he tossed it forward, he said, “These are for you. I hope that they can help you in some way.”

Shangguan Yunque caught the ring and peeped inside it. Confused, he asked, “Brother Su, what is the purple elixir liquid inside it?”

As the Shangguan family had a big business and a great abundance of wealth, they were not lacking in things like elixirs. Su Yu understood that, which was why Shangguan Yunque was so curious as to why Su Yu had given him such a thing.

“It’s the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, which can help empower your Soul Energy. It’ll smooth the process when you break through the Almighty bottleneck…” Su Yu explained.

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Yunque was startled. He then asked, “What? This is the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid that the whole city is going crazy over?”

He had heard of it, of course, as it had developed such a tremendous fame, that as long as one wasn’t closed off from all of civilization, he would have heard about it! The Shangguan family had even specially dispatched their people to Tianya City in the hopes of procuring a few sets of it for future use.

However, after waiting for a few weeks, they had to return empty-handed. This wasn’t because they didn’t have enough crystals, but there were just too many people, among which were numerous strong men. Hence, the Shangguan family stood no chance to obtain what they desired most.

Besides, even if it they had been able to successfully purchase it, bringing it back safely to the faraway Shangguan family would have been a whole other problem altogether!

And now, right now inside the ring on his palm, there were 50 vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, which were worth a few hundred thousands of crystals! Judging from the crystals that had been obtained at the black market today, they could at least be sold at a price of a million crystals, which was the annual income of Shangguan family!

“Brother Su, this gift is too expensive! I can’t accept it!” Shangguan Yunque’s face turned solemn as he immediately tried to return it to Su Yu.

Su Yu quickly said, “Just keep it. Consider it as a little goodwill from me to you.”

Shangguan Yunque tried to refuse a few more times, then gritted his teeth and said, “Fine. How about this? As I won’t let Brother Su suffer any losses, I will purchase it for one million crystals!”

Su Yu’s face turned cold. “Alright, but if you purchase it with money, don’t call me Brother Su from now on! Moreover, you will have to buy them for ten million crystals!”

It was only after hearing such a crazy amount did Shangguan Yunque accept the gift sheepishly. “I owe Brother Su another big debt of gratitude.”

Su Yu smiled and shook his head. “It’s not certain who owes whom a debt of gratitude at this point!”

After all, the Five Elements Divine Prison and the Five Elements Profound Meaning Art were far more valuable to be repaid with 50 vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid. Su Yu did not plan to sever the relationship with him either. He only wanted to compensate the Shangguan family before he left.

“Is there any specific matter that made you come looking for me?” Su Yu then asked.

Shangguan Yunque’s face brightened with a look of jubilance as he chuckled and said, “Haha! I’m here to deliver Brother Su great tidings!”

“Where does the greatness come from?” Su Yu asked.

He was excited to finally hear some good news, as he had been tangled up with troubles lately.

Shangguan Yunque’s was overjoyed as he reported, “My younger sister asked me to deliver this message… Qing-er said that Elder Jing from the inner sanctum hopes to recruit you as her student!”

He continued, “She’s in isolation now and so was unable to come here herself. But, as she knew that my younger sister knows you, she asked her to deliver the news and get your opinion on the matter.”

It wasn’t really that Elder Jing was unable to come, so Su Yu figured that she must be afraid that if she came in person and got rejected by Su Yu, she would be embarrassed. In fact, with Su Yu’s current reputation as the first-ranking student of the outside sanctum, there were many elders from the inner sanctum who also wanted to recruit Su Yu as their student.

But, most of the elders gave up on this idea in order to avoid the possible embarrassment of being rejected. After all, Su Yu had rejected the Left and the Right Palace Masters several times already.

Even though Elder Jing was rather confident in herself, perhaps the most confident among all of the elders, Su Yu did not have to think for long before rejecting the idea of becoming her student. There were two reasons for this.

Firstly, he had already decided to leave the faction, so getting a mentor would be a futile act. Secondly, there was no sincerity in sending someone else to deliver her message to recruit a student. So, he felt that even if he became her student, she might not lend him a helping hand if she encountered predicaments in the future.

“Ah? You are determined to reject her offer? Brother Su, please reconsider this decision! Elder Jing’s identity is remarkable, as she’s the top-grade master of formations and her position in the faction is no lower than Master Ghost’s!” he exclaimed.

He then asked, “There are countless students from the inner sanctum who want to be her students, so why would you reject such a great opportunity, especially as it was brought directly to your doorstep?”

He then added, “Besides, I heard that you have rejected the invitation from the Left and the Right Palace Masters already. If you don’t look for a backer soon, I’m worried that your future life in the inner sanctum will be a constant struggle.”