The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Six Demons Incredible Elixir

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Just as expected, the few people who were intending to accept the mission scowled at the same time, also sensing that something was amiss.

“Mo Yang was a student of mine in the past. When we were refining a cauldron of Six Demons Incredible Elixirs in isolation, he suddenly attacked me and snatched the Six Demons Incredible Elixirs away,” Master Ghost said.

Bing Wuxin raised her brows. “Six Demons Incredible Elixir? The top-grade incredible elixir, which is known as the First Demonic Incredible Elixir of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands?”

Upon hearing that, the long-bearded elder said, “In the past, you and I brought the Six Demons Incredible Elixir from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Then, both of us spent more than fifty years deciphering it. This monster really took advantage of us!”

Su Yu marveled inwardly. He had heard about the Six Demons Incredible Elixir.

It was a very precious and rare demonic elixir. It required six types of almost extinct demonic materials to be made, all of which were extremely hard to find, and three of them had not emerged on the continent for hundreds of years.

For an ordinary person, collecting the six materials alone would take dozens of years. Back when this elixir first emerged from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, it caused a great commotion. This is because it offered immensely useful effects for the demonic martial artists.

Rumors even said that this elixir had very mysterious benefits for breaking through to the All Creations level! So, of course it made all of the demonic martial artists in the Jiuzhou continent go completely bananas over it!

After the recipe came out, even the Holy Demon Faction far in the northernmost Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction came all the way here to get it. The Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction was the same phenomenal faction that had united all of the regions of Jiuzhou, and its faction master was presently one of the Nine Great Prefecture’s kings.

In comparison, the Red Blood Palace paled when places beside the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. Luckily Jian Wusheng, who came from the Red Blood Palace, was there to back them up at that time.

Hence, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction had returned empty-handed. But, they had still not given up, even after so many years.

Many had thought that such an elixir recipe, which shook the entire Jiuzhou Continent, was impossible to refine due to the limited supply of materials needed. But, no one knew that ten years ago, Master Ghost had refined it in secret!

However, at the critical point of refinement, the traitor Mo Yang had taken advantage of him! Mo Yang was recruited by Master Ghost through the assessment in the outside sanctum. Master Ghost had taught him for dozens of years, imparting half of his valuable knowledge to him.

No one would have ever have thought that he would abandon his integrity in order to gain benefits by stealing the Six Demons Incredible Elixir. Moreover, he had even stolen the six nearly extinct materials that were needed to make it as well.

Since then, the Six Demons Incredible Elixir had been lost from the world. This was because it was almost impossible to collect the six materials, as they were now at the brink of extinction once again.

“The Heavens turned a blind eye in letting me keep such a despicable, sinful student!” Master Ghost said, sorrow apparent on his face.

He then said, “But, I don’t hate him. After all, the Six Demons Incredible Elixir was too tempting, and I failed to educate him on how to withstand such temptation. What I hate most isn’t that he badly injured me, but that he killed three of my other students!”

Su Yu felt a little fearful when he heard this. It really seemed like Mo Yang was a wicked, cunning man. He had been patiently biding his time for many years, all the while plotting, yet Master Ghost had never discovered the darkness that was deep inside him, and therefore, he took no precautions.

Moreover, Mo Yang did not hesitate to kill his fellow classmates, with whom he had been learning alongside for many years. He was totally merciless, and his selfishness and cruelty could not be adequately put into words. Su Yu had a clear picture of Mo Yang’s personality now.

“I have only ever recruited three students in my life, and two of them died at the hands of Mo Yang. If he isn’t killed, I’ll never find peace!” Master Ghost said.

He then said, “For this reason, I am offering the 3,000,000 merit points that I’ve been saving for half of my life to anyone who can hunt Mo Yang down! Anyone who personally slays him gets all of them!”

It wasn’t that Master Ghost hadn’t thought of killing Mo Yang himself, but since he was the most important elixir refiner in the Red Blood Palace, he couldn’t leave the faction for too long. Therefore, he could only resort to such means to hunt for Mo Yang.

“I don’t expect you to get back the Six Demons Incredible Elixir, as it’s been so many years that even if he didn’t take it himself, he would’ve surely sold it already. It’s great if you can find it, but it’s alright if you can’t. Regardless, you have to bring me his head!” Master Ghost said.

Even after hearing this, Su Yu still did not change his mind. He decided that he would accept the mission and take the chance to leave the faction. Also, if there was a chance, he would finish off Mo Yang!

“I can’t determine what level of cultivation that traitor has reached within the past ten years. The only thing that I know is that his cultivation ten years ago was that of a third-grade Almighty!” Master Ghost said.

He then continued, “But, I have to remind you that throughout the past ten years, there have been less than twenty students who have accepted this mission, and all of them failed without exception. None of them ever came back! If you accept this mission, you should keep in mind that death is a very real risk.”

He then asked, “Now, who still wants to accept this mission?”

None of them left, even after hearing the grave risks. They were all determined to accept the mission.

“Great! If that’s the case, you are now free to talk about your confidence in killing Mo Yang. Whoever has the greatest confidence… That person will receive the mission,” Master Ghost said.

The three students from the inner sanctum seemed to be very sure of themselves.

“Ma Su hasn’t got any talent, and I’m only adept at the concealment technique. But, if I get close to Mo Yang, I could at least slit his throat with one strike!” The sixth-grade Almighty student slapped his hand on his waist, then gradually turned transparent as he spoke.

He was still standing right on his same spot, but was now invisible to the naked eye. Even more amazingly, his energy vibes had vanished as well!

Master Ghost nodded, while a hint of a smile danced on his lips. Then, two other fifth-grade Almighty displayed their strengths, which were a tracking technique and an insect-controlling technique respectively.

The tracking technique could be used to track Mo Yang closely, while the insect-controlling technique could poison Mo Yang to death in myriad undetectable ways. It was clear that these two fifth-grade Almighties were very powerful individuals.

“Master Ghost, I invited both of the junior brothers here to assist me in executing the mission. If the mission is assigned to me, I believe that I could cut the head off of the traitor Mo Yang,” Ma Su said confidently.

Master Ghost was very satisfied to hear this, and the long-bearded elder and Elder Jing at the side also nodded their heads. The collaboration of the three was very suitable for hunting down the enemy, and the chances of their being successful would be high if the mission was assigned to them.

“Haha, hold on for a moment.” Master Ghost laughed and looked over to Su Yu and the two others.

Actually, to be more precise, he was looking at Bing Wuxin. At the moment, Bing Wuxin had a cold look on her face, and a sword was lying in her arms.

She cast a light glance at Ma Su and his juniors, but kept silent, while a strong spiritual pressure kept flashing over her chest. Soon after that, a pressure that was as strong as a tsunami filled the entire place.

Ma Su’s face hardened, and Master Ghost and the rest hurriedly operated their Vital Energies in order to protect themselves.

Su Yu was also shocked, and he kept his distance and operated his Vital Energy for protection. He then turned to gaze at Bing Wuxin’s shining chest, a strange light flickering in his eyes as he did so. Her chest seemed to contain something terrifying, and she was emitting a freezing energy that could be compared to a ninth-grade Almighty’s!

Su Yu took in a cold breath as he wondered… What is happening to Bing Wuxin?

The whiff of spiritual pressure disappeared in a fleeting moment, immediately returning to normal. Bing Wuxin kept quiet as she stared straight at Master Ghost. Master Ghost looked delighted, overjoyed even.

Ma Su looked fearful as he shot a measuring look at Bing Wuxin, almost as if something had just occurred to him.

“What about you, little girl?” Master Ghost asked as he looked at Gongsun Wuxie.

“I’m Sister Wuxin’s sidekick. I don’t have any skills.” Gongsun Wuxie flashed him a sweet smile.

Master Ghost’s lips twitched in recognition of the name. After all, how could he not know the famous Gongsun Wuxie from the outside sanctum? This little girl had an extraordinary identity and origin!

Finally, Master Ghost looked toward Su Yu, his facial expression returning to one of indifference. He felt strange because he didn’t know this student from the outside sanctum at all. Hence, he figured that he must be someone insignificant.

He looked at Su Yu and wondered… With only the cultivation of a fifth-grade fairy, how dare he accept such a challenging mission?

“And… You?” Master Ghost asked, clearly curious.

Su Yu thought for a moment, then a green light flickered on his arm as a human figure was summoned from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Suddenly, a person appeared in the hall from out of nowhere.

No one had seen it coming. Thus, everyone understandably raised their guards immediately.

When the light shadow faded, the person’s face became clearly visible. It was none other than Hu Wangui, who had recovered from his injuries and now had the cultivation of a fifth-grade Almighty!

“Hu Wangui!” While the others were surprised, the long-bearded elder exclaimed as he stared at Hu Wangui in disbelief.

Elder Jing then asked, “Alliance Master Zhao, who is Hu Wangui?”

The long-bearded elder, Alliance Master Zhao, replied in awe. “Hu Wangui is the top General Manager, who was dispatched by the Heavenly Knife Region to Tianya City. He is in charge of the elixir industry and has rubbed elbows with the Elixir Alliance. But… Isn’t he from the Heavenly Knife Region? Why is he here in the Red Blood Palace?”

What? He’s from the Heavenly Knife Region? Some of the people immediately showed their hostility and murderous intent flashed in their eyes upon hearing this. Even Su Yu became a target!

Master Ghost stared at Su Yu and said, “No matter what methods you used to hide him and make him appear from thin air, he’s from the opposing side.”

He then said, “You brought him into the inner sanctum without permission from the faction. You don’t need me to tell you the consequences for that, do you?”

Su Yu did not answer directly, but he looked to Hu Wangui and said, “Kneel.”

“Yes, master.” Hu Wangui’s eyes were crystal clear, without a hint of confusion.

Then, bending his knees, he knelt before Master Ghost and the rest. The scene shocked everyone all over again.

“He… Is he being controlled by someone?” Master Ghost’s eyes flickered with a shrewd light, and he felt shocked at the moment.

Then, as Master Ghost stared at Su Yu, his old eyes squinting, he asked, “Can you tell me… How did you do that?”

“A senior helped me to tame him, and he handed him to me to control him and use him in order to defend myself. I can’t tell you more than that.” Su Yu was neither humble nor proud as he answered.

Upon hearing this, everyone present was in utter shock. Bing Wuxin’s eyes were also filled with surprise, and she wondered… Senior? What kind of senior would tame a fifth-grade Almighty and hand him to a fifth-grade fairy to be controlled?

Elder Jing scowled lightly, then berated Su Yu, “How rude of you to keep things from the elders! Be honest and tell us everything!”

Su Yu lifted his gaze to look at her. It was clear that he didn’t like her overbearing manner, or the way she was being so demanding.

So, he asked, “Does being a student of the Red Blood Palace mean that I can have no secrets at all?”

She was about to reply, when Master Ghost waved his hand to stop her. “He’s right. I’m only announcing the mission, not interrogating people to expose any secrets.”

He continued, “Well, the fifth-grade Almighty is your trump card, but there are two fifth-grade Almighties and one sixth-grade Almighty here. Do you have greater confidence in your ability to kill Mo Yang, compared to them?”

In terms of abilities, Su Yu was undoubtedly the weakest. After all, he was on his own, and his trump card was only a fifth-grade Almighty.

Su Yu then said frankly, “Well… He’s not my trump card. Isn’t my trump card the element of surprise that you saw just now?”

Then, while looking at the three students from the inner sanctum, Su Yu said, “If Mo Yang fights them, he’ll surely strike with all his might. But me, a fifth-grade fairy… Did anyone here even give a care about me just now?”

His question made Master Ghost fall silent. In fact, no one had even considered Su Yu just now, but it was because of that very reason that they were stupefied when he had summoned a fifth-grade Almighty.

“Judging from Master Ghost’s description just now, Mo Yang is very cunning. Thus, we’ll be at a disadvantage if we fight him openly. So… Why don’t we attack him by surprise? We may stand a greater chance at winning,” Su Yu said calmly.

This was his greatest strength. No matter how vigilant Mo Yang was, he wouldn’t be on his guard about an insignificant fifth-grade fairy. In this way, Su Yu was banking on the truth of the universal law to work in his favor… Ignorance was usually the most lethal weakness!

Master Ghost brooded for a moment, then slowly nodded. But then, his eyes turned stern immediately as he said, “But… I’ve been waiting for ten years, and I have lost my patience.”

He then added, “Moreover, this time Alliance Master Zhao has received precise information about that traitor. If he isn’t killed this time, he’ll go into hiding again, disappearing for several more years, or he might even leave the Blessed and Heavenly Lands altogether! This is a golden opportunity, and I can’t bet it on what ifs. I want absolutes! Thus, I am sorry, but you are not suitable!”