The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Seized The Mission

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Master Ghost’s glance swept across everyone, then remained fixed on Bing Wuxin. “Bing Wuxin, the mission will be assigned to you.”

Ma Su and the others looked regretful upon hearing this, but they thought it was a fair decision. After all, Bing Wuxin was indeed more qualified than them.

“Oh yeah!” Gongsun Wuxie jumped around merrily, while she shot a sideways glance at Su Yu and gloated, “Humph! It’s at Sister Wuxin’s fingertips! You’re effort was wasted!”

Su Yu did not show any facial expression at that moment. Although he was disappointed for sure, he would not let it defeat him.

After all, he knew that he would find another mission that would enable him to leave the faction. In fact, he might only have to wait a few more days for such a chance.

Right when the matter was decided, a guard came inside hurriedly, his lips moving. He was sending a message to Master Ghost telepathically.

Master Ghost was startled, and he stood up in a hurry and said, “Invite her in!”

Alliance Master Zhao and Elder Jing were puzzled, and Elder Jing asked in surprise, “Old Ghost, what’s happening?”

Master Ghost stared at Bing Wuxin and let out a light sigh. Bing Wuxin frowned. She had a foreboding feeling.


Right at that moment, a shooting star came dashing down from the sky and right into the stone house! The air vibrated where it passed and spiritual energy made the entire stone house tremble. It felt as if it was going to crumble soon.

The power was truly remarkable! The shooting star then dashed into the house and transformed into the blurry shadow of a female human figure.

When Elder Jing saw it, her face fell. “Bing Wuqing, why are you here?”

Bing Wuqing was the private student of Mo Tianxuan, the chief student of the Red Blood Palace! Rumors had it that if she battled with Lü Chuyi, the First Female Heaven Ruler, she might be able to achieve total victory. In fact, her actual ability had probably reached the ninth-grade Almighty level by now, which meant that she was capable of fighting even Gu Taixu!

In the faction, apart from an All Creation Old Monster, no one was certain to be able to suppress Bing Wuqing. Hence, many elders from the inner sanctum, including even the Left and the Right Palace Masters, had to show their respect to Bing Wuqing when they met her.

Su Yu’s eyes shone as he thought… She’s really strong!

The figure before them wasn’t her original form, but was a doppelganger of her consciousness. To be more specific, it was a doppelganger that had been condensed out of consciousness.

Under normal circumstances, such doppelgangers couldn’t reach even one-tenth of the energy of their original forms. But, Su Yu felt that this doppelganger was no weaker than any of them, and was one that not even the strongest among them, the sixth-grade Almighty Ma Su, could match.

In fact, her consciousness alone was so remarkable already, he could only imagine how strong her original form must be! At this moment, Su Yu felt as if he was facing a strength as strong as Gu Taixu, as even her doppelganger was strong beyond description!

“Did Junior Niece Bing come to my house to offer advice?” Master Ghost was gracious toward Bing Wuqing. It seemed like they were of the same seniority level, he did not seem to regard her as a student at all.

Bing Wuqing’s figure was cold and detached, and even the voice that she gave out was freezing cold as she said, “Do not assign the mission to her! If you do, you should brace yourself for the consequences!”

As she spoke, her finger was pointed at Bing Wuxin! Their names were so alike, with only the difference of one word separating them.

Bing Wuxin’s face was usually indifferent, but right now, when she saw the figure, she was boiling with rage. “Bing Wuqing! What right do you have to decide for me?”

“Because… I’m stronger than you! Don’t forget our promise! The weaker one will be controlled by the stronger one! Your life, your everything… They all belong to me! That is, unless you surpass me one day!” Bing Wuqing said coldly.

Her words were lacking all emotion, and it seemed that she really was someone who had no feelings whatsoever.

“You’re trying to stop me from collecting 4,000,000 merit points and entering the Glittering Jewel Wonderland?” Bing Wuxin gritted her teeth as she asked.

Bing Wuqing said, “Yeah! So what? If you dare to break the promise, I’ll take your life right now!”

Once she finished talking, Bing Wuqing turned into a mass of shadows and rushed out of the stone house. The house then fell into a long silence, and the only thing that was left in Bing Wuxin’s eyes was a furious look.

At that moment, Master Ghost laughed bitterly. “Bing Wuxin, you heard it. There’s nothing I can do about it. The mission can only be assigned to Ma Su.”

Bing Wuxin bit her lip and did not argue, but a deep disappointment flickered in the depths of her eyes. Su Yu was beside her, and he could clearly feel her delicate body trembling from rage, and also from grief.

“Ma Su, the mission will be assigned to you. I hope that you won’t let me down,” Master Ghost said.

Ma Su was overjoyed, and he bowed and said, “Thanks a lot, Master Ghost!”

“Hold on!” At that moment, Su Yu asked, “Master, why not select me?”

Everyone was startled by this, and they thought… This fellow still hasn’t lost hope, even now?

But, alas, Master Ghost had said it already, such a mission took real martial strength, not just good luck. Although Ma Su and his mates didn’t have capabilities like Bing Wuxin’s, they were far greater than Su Yu’s. Hence, there really didn’t seem to be much else to consider.

“You?” Master Ghost shook his head, then said, “No… I do not need to reconsider…”

Right when he was about to make up his mind completely, Alliance Master Zhao said thoughtfully, “Old Ghost, hold on for a moment. Let me ask this student a question…”

The people present felt strange when they heard this, and they wondered…. Could Alliance Master Zhao actually be interested in Su Yu?

He had been Master Ghost’s brother from the same faction many years ago, so they had a strong bond and similar proficiencies in their elixir refinement. But, only one of them had entered the Red Blood Palace, while the other had joined the Elixir Alliance of Tianya City.

“Can you tell me your name?” Alliance Master Zhao asked as he stared at Su Yu, while smiling amiably.

Su Yu replied, “I am Su Yuxian. Does Senior have any advice for me?”

Upon hearing that, apart from Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie, the rest of those present were all shocked.

Ma Su then asked with surprise, “Su Yuxian, the top student of the outside sanctum? I heard that you were working in Tianya City and had sold a great deal of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid! That was you?”

Master Ghost was shocked too, and a bright light of surprise flickered in his old eyes. After all, everyone in the inner sanctum had heard of Su Yuxian!

The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid didn’t matter to them. What they cared about was Su Yu’s expertise in Mu words, which greatly outshone even the Heavenly Knife Region’s.

This person had a significant position in the faction, and once he was called upon by Mo Tianxuan, he would be assigned important responsibilities and be protected. In terms of positions, he was not much lower than the elders of the inner sanctum.

Initially, he thought that Su Yu was a small. unimportant figure. He never would have guessed that Su Yu was actually such a well-renowned fellow!

Elder Jing raised her eyes, while her face fell. “So… You’re actually Su Yuxian!”

She had intended to recruit Su Yuxian as her student, but had failed. She was about to send someone to bring Su Yu to her, but now ,she had come across him right here!

Everyone had a different expression on their face at that moment. As for Su Yu, he was calm and composed as he looked at Alliance Master Zhao. He had heard him being referred to as “Alliance Master Zhao” just now, so he knew his identity.

“Hahaha, it really is you!” Alliance Master Zhao laughed, then stood up and came in front of Su Yu. He held Su Yu’s hands and was very friendly to him.

He then said, “I am Zhao Ting from the Elixir Alliance. A month ago, you saved my granddaughters from the Three Murders Gang. I’ve wanted to pay you a visit and thank you ever since then, but when I came out of isolation, you had already returned to the faction. So, I came to the Red Blood Palace in order to thank you now.”

Master Ghost was surprised to hear this, and he asked, “Old Zhao, he’s the one who saved those mischievous granddaughters of yours?”

“Haha, it was him indeed, the shopkeeper of the Tonglin Elixir Store, who was serving two months ago!” He laughed and patted Su Yu’s shoulder.

He then said, “Back then, you were only a nameless little shopkeeper! I never thought that you’d become a top-notch master of Mu words after I came out of isolation!”

Su Yu smiled. “I’m flattered, Alliance Master Zhao. As for saving your granddaughters, you don’t have to thank me.”

“Well… There’s no reason for me not to repay your kindness!” Alliance Master Zhao said as he retrieved a jade vessel from his sleeve. There was a tri-colored spiritual elixir within it.

Upon seeing the elixir, Master Ghost’s eyes shone. “This is the Moonless Tridirectional Elixir that you recently deciphered from the ancient elixir recipe, right? I remember that it took you a great deal of effort and energy to do so.”

The Moonless Tridirectional Elixir was an elixir recipe that was brought out alongside the Six Demons Incredible Elixir in the past, and they were ancient elixir recipes. The elixir recipes were extremely abstruse, as they were filled with words that had long been lost. Hence, they were only able to be deciphered after many years.

Due to the rarity and shortage of materials, he had only managed to refine three of the elixirs. So, he wasn’t even willing to use them himself, yet he now wanted to give one to Su Yu!

“Haha! How could the lives of my three little granddaughters be compared to an elixir?” Alliance Master Zhao laughed as he stuffed the elixirs into Su Yu’s hand.

He then said, “I should’ve come out of isolation to thank you in person right when it happened, but as it happened at such a critical point in my refining of this elixir, I could not. As I have nothing else to compensate you with, please just take this newly refined Moonless Tridirectional Elixir.”

He then added, “It has two effects for middle-stage fairies like you. The first effect is that it enhances your cultivation. So, you could at least reach the fifth-grade fairy level if you ingest it. The second is that it can resist poisons, so once you swallow it, it’ll form a protective membrane in your body, preventing poisons from harming you.”

Su Yu attempted to reject this gift a few more times, but Alliance Master Zhao insisted that he accept it. “If you don’t take it, I’ll summon those three granddaughters of mine and ask them to kneel before the Red Blood Palace to express their gratitude until you do!”

After hearing this, Su Yu could only accept it. At that moment, Gongsun Wuxie stared at the elixir and licked her lips, looking like a gluttonous little cat.

After returning to his seat, Alliance Master Zhao pondered all of this for a moment. He then looked embarrassed as he said, “Old Ghost, the mission can be assigned to anyone, so just let Su Yuxian have it.”

With him pleading on Su Yu’s behalf personally, Master Ghost felt rather awkward. “But, this time, we finally got accurate information about Mo Yang. If we don’t make good use of the chance…”

“Old Ghost, I was the one who got the information, so shouldn’t you show me some respect on this?” Alliance Master Zhao was clearly displeased, and he seemed to be strongly supporting Su Yu in this moment.

Master Ghost was speechless, and he shot Su Yu a stare. He then sighed and asked, “But, Old Zhao, aren’t you worried that he’ll die with his low cultivation level?”

Immediately, Su Yu cupped his hands and said, “Rest assured, Master Ghost, I promise to complete the mission!”

“What right do you have to give such a promise?” Master Ghost asked with a frown.

Su Yu smiled. “I am confident in doing so because Bing Wuxin is going to assist me! Now, is there anything else that Master Ghost is still worried about?”

Hearing that, everyone was startled, and they looked at Su Yu in disbelief. It was as if they were looking at a monster that was fearless of death! Bing Wuxin had just given her warning, yet Su Yu had dared to defy her!

Bing Wuxin shuddered and stared at Su Yu in disbelief. She had never thought that Su Yu would decide to let her assist him in this mission! After all, two days ago, Su Yu was totally ignoring her!

After collecting her thoughts, Bing Wuxin grasped Su Yu’s intention and her face turned cold. “I don’t need your sympathy! Without this mission, I can still collect 4,000,000 merit points! Humph!”

“Who says I’ll give you the merit points? All 3,000,000 merit points will be mine alone! As for you, if you don’t want to succumb to Bing Wuqing, then help me complete the mission!” Su Yu said, much to everyone’s surprise.