The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 909

Chapter 909 Unimportant

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Bing Wuxin decided to take the chance and try to accomplish the mission, choosing not to comply with Bing Wuqing’s strict command that she not execute any missions. This was not surprising, as with her personality, she would always opt for rebellion.

As for Su Yu, he would be lucky to get a fighter like Bing Wuxin. To be frank, it was a sort of mutual exploitation between the two of them.

Bing Wuxin squinted, and not only did her face turn cold, but her eyes were full of coldness as well as she said, “You really are a jerk! Great! We will just use each other! I’ll help you kill Mo Yang!” She was really disappointed in Su Yu, and she no longer hoped for anything.

Master Ghost’s eyes shone with a shrewd light as he said, “Su Yuxian, you don’t seem to understand who Bing Wuqing is. I suggest you reconsider what she has just said.”

Su Yu shrugged, then said in a nonchalant manner, “She’s made it clear just now. Master Ghost is not allowed to assign the mission to Bing Wuxin, but she didn’t say that Bing Wuxin is not allowed to assist me in the mission. So… Is there any conflict here?”

Master Ghost kept silent. It was true indeed, and the saying was being proven true… The devil really is in the details! However, Bing Wuqing’s instructions were obvious, and she clearly didn’t want anyone to help Bing Wuxin achieve her goal of obtaining 4,000,000 merit points.

If anyone did, they would be directly defying Bing Wuqing. Doing so would place Su Yu in a terrible position!

“Master Ghost, you need worry, as I have my ways to deal with any consequences,” Su Yu said.

Although he didn’t understand Bing Wuqing, he was going to stay far away from the faction after this. So, he didn’t think that Bing Wuqing could really do anything to him, no matter how strong she was.

Master Ghost pondered this for a long while before he unwillingly gave his permission. “Well… I just hope that you’re mentally prepared. So… The mission will be assigned to you then.”

Su Yu smiled as he thanked him, saying, “Thanks for your compromise!”

“Elder Jing, have you brought along the Five Elemental Defensive Formation?” Master Ghost then looked over to Elder Jing and asked.

He then said, “We’ve sacrificed too many students already. All of you simply can’t be put at risk anymore. Hence, I’ve discussed it with Elder Jing, who is going to lend you a set of formation flags temporarily. After all, having the defense of a fifth-grade Almighty could be fairly useful to you.”

What startled Master Ghost at that moment was that Elder Jing suddenly sneered as she stared at Su Yu and said, “Well… If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t mind lending them. But, for Su Yuxian, haha, he seems to always feel good about himself! So, I have to wonder… Why does he need someone unimportant like me to supply the flags?”

Everyone was stunned by her sudden outburst. Her tone sounded like there was some kind of conflict going on between her and Su Yu.

Su Yu then look at Elder Jing and said, “The presence or absence of your formation flags doesn’t matter to me one bit.”

In other words, Su Yu was basically saying that Elder Jing herself was someone who didn’t matter to Su Yu. The issue ran far deeper than the flags.


Elder Jing slammed her fists down on the table and stood up, feeling unusually bad-tempered. “You’re looking for death!” she shouted.

After saying that, she did not hesitate to launch an attack, catapulting forward like a mass of shadows, heading straight for Su Yu! Master Ghost and Alliance Master Zhao wanted to stop her, but failed to do so in time, while Ma Su and the rest were too far away to even attempt to intervene.

Su Yu’s eyes were calm, as there was a tower the size of a palm hiding in his sleeve. So, clenching his fingers, Su Yu condensed the five elements of the universe and instilled them into the small tower. All of a sudden, colorful wave patterns beamed out from the small tower and surrounded Su Yu.


Right at that moment, Elder Jing struck out with one hand, launching an attack that contained the strength of a fourth-grade Almighty. But, it didn’t cause the wave patterns to waver the slightest bit. However, the recoil force jolted Elder Jing, causing her to fly backwards!

“How dare you retaliate?” Elder Jing was indignant.

To be more precise, she was ashamed and angered that she had been embarrassed in front of everyone. But, at that moment, a cold sigh sounded in her ears.

Then, a voice said, “Just stop it. Although you’re an elder, you won’t necessarily be able to survive at my hands.”

Meanwhile, Elder Jing felt chills on her neck. It turned out that intangible silk threads were winding themselves around her neck at that moment!

The silk threads emitted horrifying energies. Elder Jing shuddered, and so did Ma Su, Bing Wuxin, Master Ghost and Alliance Master Zhao, who were all standing in the surroundings.Their hearts were all pounding and their muscles twitched.

It felt as if something extremely dangerous had appeared. They just couldn’t see it with their naked eyes.

Elder Jing drew in a cold breath and stood unmoving on the same spot, the fury in her eyes immediately dissipating and instantly replaced by terror. She then looked at Su Yu’s right hand, seeing that his index finger and thumb were pinching something intangible. She could feel that with a single move of Su Yu’s fingers, her head would fall from her neck and onto the ground!

“He has more powerful tactics in store?” someone wondered aloud, and as the rest of the onlookers were gazing at the marvelous five-colored wave patterns and the mysterious silk threads, their hearts were racing.

Even Bing Wuxin squinted her bright eyes. She doubted that Su Yu could kill Mo Yang. However, his surprising and unpredictable trump card was enough to kill many strong men, even those with dirty tactics!

The scene fell silent for a while. During this time, Su Yu withdrew the silk threads with a flick of his fingers, automatically diffusing the five-colored wave patterns on the surface.

He then cast a nonchalant glance at Elder Jing and said, “I respect you as an elder, but this is the last time…”

Even though his words were threatening, no one present found Su Yu to be too wild or arrogant. But, Su Yu knew that the main reason that he could easily overpower Elder Jing was because she was too contemptuous when it came to him.

Elder Jing gritted her teeth, her whole face red with shame as she said, “Master Ghost, this place really doesn’t need me anymore. I must bid you farewell!”

Although Master Ghost tried to convince her to stay, Elder Jing pretended not to hear him, leaving straightaway.

“It’s good that she left. Elder Jing’s temper really does need to be addressed! Due to its unruly nature, the faction students hold many grudges against her,” Master Ghost said. He then sighed as he looked at Su Yu.

Everyone present was astounded at that moment. After all, they had just witnessed a shield that even a fifth-grade Almighty found difficult to break to be easily broken by servant of a fifth-grade Almighty level!

Moreover, he had used a silk thread to do it! This guy really had hidden his talents deeply before now! Everyone truly believed that if any early-stage Almighty fell into his hands, he would suffer very agonizing consequences!

“Su Yuxian, the mission is now assigned to you. What assistance you need and how many merit points that you give those you choose to assist you is entirely up to you. We’ll start the journey in two days. This letter contains the last location where Mo Yang was spotted. You can open it and check it out once you’re on your way.” Master Ghost then threw a sealed letter at Su Yu.

“Okay!” Su Yu said enthusiastically.

After Su Yu and the others left, Alliance Master Zhao said worriedly, “Old Ghost, Elder Jing just left as if it was nothing! Doesn’t that matter to you? Judging from her actions, she doesn’t seem to be a very open-minded person.” He was worried that Elder Jing might harm Su Yu.

Master Ghost replied, “Don’t worry. She knows the rules. As Su Yu is currently executing my mission, she’ll not lay a hand on him.”

“Then, I can put my mind at ease,” Alliance Master Zhao said.

At the moment, Elder Jing’s house was in a chaotic state of disarray. Two of her students, the female servants, stood under the awning and dared not move. As they listened to the constant sound of objects being hurled and shattering against the walls and floor, they felt bitter.

This was because ever since Elder Jing had returned, she had been throwing things in the house as if she had gone mad. She was extremely furious, and it seemed as if she had been terribly provoked by something while she was away. This went on for a long while before Elder Jing finally quieted down and left the house not long after that, heading straight for somewhere in the inner sanctum.

“Shao Chunguang!” Elder Jing called out as she arrived before a secret chamber.

When the secret chamber’s door was opened, Shao Chunguang appeared. After cautiously scanning the surroundings, he let Elder Jing inside.

“How are you? Have you considered my offer? As long as you can lend me the Formation Breaking Hammer, I can agree to any conditions,” Shao Chunguang said.

He had secretly looked for Elder Jing before, hoping that she would lend him her original life magical treasure, the Formation Breaking Hammer. But, she had rejected him. Now that she had come to see him now, he naturally assumed that she had reconsidered.

Elder Jing’s face was as cold as ice as she said, “I can lend it to you, but you have to do me a favor!”

“What favor?” Shao Chunguang quickly asked.

You must teach Su Yuxian from the outside sanctum a lesson! This person is extremely wild and arrogant, and my anger and hatred can’t be appeased without seeing him receive some kind of punishment!” Elder Jing said spitefully.

An evil look emerged on Shao Chunguang’s face as he asked in a low voice, “Su Yuxian? Are you sure it’s him?”

“Why do you ask? Do you know him?” Elder Jing’s eyes shone.

Shao Chunguang sneered, then replied, “This person always picks on my Shao family, so we definitely have quite some enmity between us already! If it wasn’t for the Right Palace Master’s restriction, I would have gone to the outside sanctum and crippled him already!”

“I didn’t know that you had such hatred in your heart for him!” Elder Jing smiled knowingly.

She then added, “That’s great! If you could help me teach Su Yu a lesson, I don’t mind lending you the Formation Breaking Hammer! But, I can’t lend you my original life magical treasure, since I only have one, and if you lost it or ruined it, I’d be in big trouble!”

She took a breath, then concluded, “So, I can only lend you a treasure talisman that contains the power of the Formation Breaking Hammer. Although it can only be used once, it will be sufficient for your needs.”

Shao Chunguang’s eyes shone. “Thanks a lot, and don’t worry about Su Yuxian. Even if he doesn’t come for me, I’ll go after him. But, right now, I’m being watched by the Right Palace Master, so I can’t act recklessly. But, I’ll strike when I have the chance.”

Elder Jing nodded, then her eyes flickered as she asked, “Can you tell me… Why do you need the Formation Breaking Hammer? This item is specifically used for breaking seals, so have you discovered some ancient relics?”

“You don’t have to worry about this, as all you have to do is hand the treasure talisman to me,” Shao Chunguang said.

Elder Jing did not push for more information, but simply handed a golden yellow talisman to him and left in a hurry. The corners of Shao Chunguang’s mouth twitched into a sneer.

He then said, “Humph! I finally have it! Brighter days are finally coming for my Shao family! I don’t have any reason to stay at the Red Blood Palace any longer!”

Meanwhile, Su Yu returned to the Demon Mountain with Bing Wuxin following behind him, staring at his back the whole way. Suddenly, she asked, “I’m going to ask you again… Are you just taking pity on me?”

In her estimation, Su Yu had a certain degree of confidence in dealing with Mo Yang by himself. He had insisted on choosing her as his assistant only because he couldn’t bear to see her being restrained by Bing Wuqing.

So, basically, he was taking pity on her by lending her a helping hand. She definitely did not want to accept this!

Su Yu turned and shot her a look, his eyes indifferent as he said, “You’re overthinking this! Why do you assume that I am pitying you? After all, when I kill Mo Yang, his head will belong to me. You’ll get nothing!”

After getting this same answer once again, Bing Wuxin slowly closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she brushed past Su Yu without saying a word.

She would still follow Su Yu as an act of rebellion against Bing Wuqing. That was really the only reason that she had accepted the mission.

Gongsun Wuxie glared at Su Yu ad trotted to catch up with Bing Wuxin. She then said, “Sister Wuxin, don’t worry about him. I know ways to make Mo Yang die horribly, and he will not get a single merit point in the process!”

Bing Wuxin did not say anything, only returned to the house in silence, then closed her eyes and began meditating. Su Yu returned to the house as well, silently sighing along the way. It was actually true, and even though he had not admitted it, he had indeed helped Bing Wuxin out of pity.

His show of indifference just now was because he didn’t want any more ties between them before he left the faction. After a moment of silence, Su Yu took out the Moonless Tridirectional Elixir, and suddenly, a fiery heat appeared in his eyes.

It was a type of ancient elixir that was far less astounding than the Six Demon Incredible Elixir, but was still a precious spiritual elixir of superior quality. As his departure was around the corner, the longer of a rest that he got, the higher the possibility was that he could save himself.

So, Su Yu swallowed the elixir promptly. As the elixir entered his body, a harsh spiciness filled his throat, almost making him vomit. But, very quickly, warm energies seeped into Su Yu’s Dantian, making the spiritual energy in his Dantian rise almost to the point of complete fullness.