The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The battle at the peak

Liu Guang's gaze was cold. He flew over to face Su Yu.

A cold aura lingered in Liu Guang's eyes. His fist was clenched, holding a faint flickering light.

"You can rest in peace knowing you died by my hands!" Liu Guang's murderous fury was evident.


Liu Guang attacked, the light in his hands flashing in a dangerous arc!


Just as the attack started, the two Holy Kings shot out from the hall, landing in front of them. The fight between the two disciples was immediately suppressed.

"Since you two want to fight each other, we will start the Fight of the Century now," Xu Rong sighed.

Li Guang nodded his head in approval, his eyes expectant, "We have waited for a century. Now, the Fight of the Century is finally starting."

Following their lead, everyone descended into the forbidden grounds of the Fenghuang Valley.

The forbidden grounds were equally unfamiliar to those who lived in the Fenghuang Valley as they were to those from the Sanctuary.

Fog encircled the forbidden grounds, making the landscape difficult to decipher.

Li Guang and Xu Rong stood side by side in the fog, their feelings complicated.

The two looked at each other, then used their holy powers!

"Open!" Their incredible holy power materialized in the form of a giant sword, slicing down and splitting the fog to reveal a pathway. A faint pathway appeared, leading into a barren wasteland.

"Enter quickly, all of you!" Li Guang grunted in a deep voice.

The five Holy Disciples from the Sanctuary as well as the ten disciples from Fenghuang entered together.

"Combine!" The two stopped using their holy powers, their faces pale. Such a simple-looking move had greatly exhausted the Holy Kings. The fog was illogically difficult to split.

"As per the agreement, we cannot enter. We can only wait here for the results," Li Guang softly said. A Holy King's presence could affect the performance of the competitors. For the sake of fairness, the two of them could not observe the fight.

Xu Rong jumped onto a giant rock and sat down cross-legged, "The top five spots belong to my Fenghuang Pavilion."

"Until the final result, it is too early to say," Li Guang gently shook his head, looking confident.

In his heart, Li Guang sighed, "Zhao Guang, do not let me down"

As a group, the disciples entered the holy grounds. Everyone was promptly dumbfounded; what they saw was not an arena, but a barren wasteland. An ancient palace had collapsed, becoming a pile of rubblethe bricks and tiles were heavily aged.

It was an old graveyard of broken dreams.

Everything within a ten-mile radius was destroyed. It was as if the wasteland was once a prosperous nation, but had collapsed overnight.

This place was their battlefield!

They were to begin the Fight of the Century on a wasteland; ten-thousand years worth of stories rested under their feet.

This battle would decide if they were ants or dragons.

In the center of the wasteland, a black puppet stood frozen.


The sound of grinding gears came from inside the puppet.

"I am the judge for the Fight of the Century. All of you will follow my orders," the black puppet had a mechanical voice. An intimidating aura enveloped the area.

Everyone was shocked, but they followed his instructions and gathered at the heart of the wasteland.

"Killing is forbidden during the fight. Break this rule and you shall die," the puppet calmly said, "You shall fight in the arena. The loser will be eliminated from the competition and sent out of the forbidden grounds."

Everybody there had sparred before; these rules were more or less the same.

The black puppet swept its gaze across the group before focusing on the person ranked fifth in the Fenghuang Valley, an impassive lady.

She was Level Nine Upper Tier, but her abilities were stronger than the other five Level Nine Upper Tier disciples from Fenghuang Valley.

"You shall go first! The first segment will be the battle for the top five. You can challenge any other candidate here. The loser will be eliminated until there are five people left."

The impassive lady nodded her head, sweeping her gaze across the five disciples from the Sanctuary. Her lips formed a mean smile, "You dare enter the Fight of the Century based on your abilities? I alone can eliminate all of you!"

Liu Guang stood, his gaze sweeping past Su Yu, "Leave Su Yu for last."

"Yes, Senior Liu Guang." The impassive lady was respectful.

She gazed at Su Yu, a look of pity creeping onto her face, "I shall leave you for last, as Senior Liu Guang requests. You must remember to thank him."


The impassive lady flew over to the center of the wasteland. "Remember my name, Chen Ling, the disciple of the Fenghuang Valley who will eliminate all of you from the Sanctuary," she mocked.

"So brazen!" Chen Liang laughed.

Chen Ling focused on the fourth-ranked Holy Disciple from the Sanctuary, Wang An. In terms of ranking, he was above Liu Kun. He had a large muscular body like a wild beast.


Wang An took a step forward, his muscular frame shook the earth.

"Spar, begin." The black puppet was expressionless.

Wang An struck out immediately.

"Tiger Steps and Dragon Flight!" The bones in Wang An's body popped and crackled.

His powerful energy brought his veins to the surface of his skin; from afar, Wang An looked like he was made of blood. He stalked like a tiger, but had the speed of a dragon; every step he took shook the hearts of onlookers.


Chen Ling smiled cooly, putting her fingers together.

"Cloud Breaking Sword!"


Her fingers had the strength of ten invincible warriors! It felt as though the sky had fallen from her power, terrifying everyone. The ferocity and forcefulness of her sword were oppressive to all who faced it.



Wang An, despite having a strong body, had a bloody hole through his shoulder blades.

He flew back with a pathetic howl, defeated with heavy injuries!


Wang An's body was encircled by a foggy light which escorted him out of the forbidden grounds.

Outside the forbidden grounds, the Holy King opened his eyes, his expression surprised.

A Holy Disciple had already been eliminated?

"Zhao Guang, I'm counting on you!" The Holy King was nervous.

Deep within the forbidden grounds, the context continued. Chen Ling had a mocking smile as she pointed at the crowd, "You, whoever is ranked third, come forward!"

Wang Jing's slender figure flew forward. Compared to Wang An, Wang Jing was a bit stronger. But both Zhao Guang and Chen Liang wore grave looks; Chen Ling had defeated her opponent in one stroke. Could Wang Jing stand up to that?

Calmly, Wang Jing formed a claw with her fingers. She was using a claw technique.

"Eagle's Claw of the Heavenly Cocoon!"


Five thunderous sounds stacked against each other, presenting a sharp screech; it was as if an eagle constantly in battle with the heavens had swooped down, tearing apart the earth.

The attack had speed and power. A saint level technique achieved at the top class!

"It's great!" Chen Ling laughed.

"Cloud Breaking Sword!"

Rumble, clash

Her finger swords clashed with the claws, setting off a sound wave.


Wang Jing took ten steps back, her mouth filled with blood. She was shocked.

Only now did Wang Jing truly understand the power of the technique, "Deity-level technique lower class!"

Only Zhao Guang had a deity level technique in the Sanctuary. But in Fenghuang Valley, even the ranked-fifth person could do it!

Fenghuang Valley was too powerful!

"I said I alone can eliminate all of you!" Chen Ling laughed meanly.


They fought for another twenty strokes before Wang Jing was defeated. A foggy light escorted her outside.

Chen Ling had defeated two people in a row and was on a roll. "Number two, come forward!" she said mockingly.

Zhao Guang and Chen Liang were deeply humiliated!

A ranked-fifth disciple had the ability to eliminate all the Holy Disciples! This was too much!

Su Yu stood there quietly, his silver hair flowing. "Why not challenge me first?" he asked calmly.


Chen Liang looked down on Su Yu, stepping forward, "With me around, do you even need to battle? Hmph, Enjoy the sympathy of your enemy and survive as long as you can!"

Chen Liang shot a cold gaze toward Chen Ling, "Your arrogance ends here. It's now my turn to exterminate Fenghuang Valley!"

"Mountain River Whip!" Chen Liang suddenly withdrew a black leather whip, obviously adept in whip techniques.


The whip snapped in the air, the atmosphere crackling. There was a gap between the actual snapping motion and the soundit was incredible!

"Cloud Breaking Sword!" Chen Ling's expression was grave.

Rumble, crash


Chen Ling let out a pathetic howl, taking a few steps back, her fingers covered with blood. The whip had broken her shield of vital energy and had nearly destroyed her fingers!

"You can't even withstand a blow. Such a simpleton dares to act so bravely!" Chen Liang's belittled Chen Ling.

Chen Ling was humiliated and angry. She had indeed been too overconfident and had belittled the Sanctuary.

But, Chen Ling still had her trump card.

"Broken Sword of the Sky!" Chen Ling whipped out a sword from her waist.


The sword emitted an opulent light. It was like a snake, swaying unsteadily.

"You overestimate yourself!" Chen Liang laughed, striking out with his whip!

But the silver soft sword was like a flexible snake, tangling the whip.


The sword slid along the whip!


Chen Liang's wrist felt as if it had been bitten by a poisonous snake, cold and immensely painful. He subconsciously let go of his whip and allowed the sword to strike his shoulder blade.


Chen Liang's shoulder blade developed a long bloody gash, blood spraying everywhere. He flew away in defeat.

Outside the forbidden grounds, Li Guang stood up abruptly, visibly surprised, "Three defeats in a row!!"

Everybody ranked fourth to second was defeated by a single person!

In the forbidden grounds, Chen Ling was breathing heavily, visibly exhausted.

Chen Liang had been harder to deal with than imaginedwhat about the even more powerful Zhao Guang?

While Chen Ling was gathering her courage in preparation for challenging Zhao Guang, Liu Guang calmly sighed, "You are not his match. Challenge Su Yu. Remember to teach him a harsh lesson."

Chen Ling laughed, "Yes! Senior!"

A mocking glare was aimed at Su Yu. "You're reaching beyond your grasp. Xianer is Senior Liu Guang's woman, you don't belong. I'll help fix that perspective of yours!" Chen Ling taunted him.

"Su Yu, come forward!"

Su Yu was calm as he peacefully stepped forward to the center of the wasteland.

"Open your eyes!" Chen Ling growled deeply.

Su Yu shook his head. "You are not worth me opening my eyes," he calmly replied.

"Gimmicks! I shall use my sword to slice open your eyes and let you see the cruel world!" Chen Ling struck out mercilessly.

"Cloud Breaking Sword!" The sword in her hands emanated radiance; Chen Liang had been defeated by this sword.

But Su Yu stood still with his hands behind his back, refusing to make a move until the sword had nearly struck his face.


A crisp sound spread through the air. A crystalline wall had appeared out of nowhere; the sword could not pierce it.

Chen Ling's face tensed up, "What is that?"

"As long as your heart wills it, everything is ice." Su Yu calmly said, his eyes closed. His silver hair was flowing.


His silver hair danced wildly, transforming into countless ice needles!



The frozen silver hairs were strong and cold. They rained on Chen Ling's body. The frozen hairs sliced her robes, lacerating her multiple timesthe sheer force pushed her backward. She vomited blood in defeat!

Under the escort of the foggy light, Chen Ling was sent outside.

The Master of the Fenghuang Valley slowly opened her eyes, serene.

Chen Liang saw Chen Ling's heavy injuries and laughed, "Let's see if you still dare to be so brazen now! Do you know Senior Zhao's power?"

Chen Liang thought of Su Yu, his heart full of envy, "Su Yu was lucky, gaining the sympathy of the man who stole his woman! Who even is he!?"

Chen Ling's expression was bitter. She walked over to the Master of Fenghuang Valley. "Master, I am useless. I lost to Su Yu," she reported.

"Him? In how many strokes?" The Master of Fenghuang Valley was a little surprised as she asked.

"One move!" Chen Ling turned red. To be accurate, Su Yu had not even used a move. She had been defeated by Su Yu's flowing hair!

The Master of the Fenghuang Valley was surprised; he had defeated Chen Ling with one stroke?

Chen Liang could not believe it, "How... how could it be him? In one stroke?"

Chen Liang's face changed color. Chen Liang lowered his head in shame among the snickers of Wang Jing and Wang An.

The forbidden grounds were silent.

Had Su Yu defeated Chen Ling without moving? The disciples of Fenghuang Valley were utterly shocked! Su Yu, who was looked down upon by everyone, was this powerful?

"Su Yu wins! Now it's your turn to issue a challenge!" The black puppet announced.

Su Yu stood silently, his silver hair flowing. With his eyes closed, he considered who was left. The Sanctuary still had him and Zhao Guang. Fenghuang Valley, without Chen Ling, still had nine people left.

"Fenghuang Valley still has too many people," Su Yu sighed, "Xianer is waiting for me. I'm sorry, but I have to get rid of you all quickly."

Everyone from Fenghuang Valley was furious, "How arrogant! You want to challenge two of us simultaneously?"

"Two people? No!" Su Yu shook his head.

"Then don't spout nonsense! Even we do not dare challenge two people at once!" The disciples from Fenghuang valley belittled him.

But one sentence from Su Yu caused the entire place to fall into silence.

"You are wrong. I am not challenging two people at once. Instead, I want to challenge six of you at once! This way, the battle for the top five will end instantly." Su Yu's calm words shocked the entire arena!

Eleven members of the arena would be left with five with the defeat of six people.

The first segment of the contest would be over like that.

"Everyone except the top three Fenghuang Valley disciples, step forward!" Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back. His silver hair and purple robe made him look like an ancient ruler!

One person against six people!