The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 910

Chapter 910 A Fireflys Glow In This Mortal World

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During its time in the Desolate Evil Jungle, Su Yu’s Dantian had reached very near its fullest state. Even now, it was continuing to be filled.

This entire process lasted for a whole day. On the following morning, when the medicinal effect had started to wear off, the Vital Energy in Su Yu’s Inner Dantian had even overflowed!

An intense pain suddenly erupted in his abdomen, almost feeling as if the Dantian was being torn from the inside out. Soon after that, a roar was heard, and the Dantian was torn apart entirely.

At the same time, it was continuously expanding to a size that was twice as big as it was before! Endless amounts of Vital Energy were being condensed into Vital Energy Liquid, then descending into the wide Vital Energy lake. The Vital Energy lake was so enormous that even the ninth-grade fairies couldn’t match it.

When the fairies broke through into the Almighty level, their Dantians would transform into the fetal crystals that supplied the Vital Energy. The larger their Dantians became, the more adequate their Vital Energies were. Hence, the stronger the developed fetal crystals also became.

On the same Almighty level, those with stronger fetal crystals could exhibit more powerful Vital Energies. For the same technique, they could display greater and stronger powers.

For that reason, many ninth-grade fairies remained at this level and incessantly refined their Vital Energies as a preparation to acquire stronger fetal crystals. As a sixth-grade fairy, Su Yu had a Dantian that the ordinary ninth-grade fairies could not rival. So, if he really became a ninth-grade fairy, it was unimaginable how wide his Dantian might become!

After all, as it progressed, his Dantian would enlarge multiple times. Then, barring any accidents, by the time Su Yu’s cultivation reached the ninth-grade fairy level, his Dantian would attain the strength of six ninth-grade fairies combined!

Then, if he was able to break through the Almighty level with such a basis, the fetal crystal would be so strong that it would reach a nature-defying extent! With this breakthrough in his cultivation, Su Yu’s soul energy would also rise, thus reaching the seventh-grade fairy level!

His bodily strength would also experience a dramatic increase during the breakthrough. Currently, combined with the First Dragon’s Body, Su Yu possessed the strength that could rival a first-grade Almighty.

Besides this, Su Yu had also discovered a tri-colored thin membrane in his body that faintly existed between his skin, flesh, and blood. It resembled a protective cover, and it shielded the hair follicles from foreign items that threatened it from the outside.

I guess that this is the poison-resistant effect of the Moonless Tridirectional Elixir… Su Yu thought.

With the Milky Way Star Sand in his hand, Su Yu wasn’t necessarily scared of poisonous things. His only worry was that the poison was too strong for him to be able to apply the Milky Way Star Sand in time.

The way it worked was that the layer of poison-resistant protective covering compensated for the weakness of the Milky Way Star Sand. After training, with a single move of his heart, Su Yu’s spirit entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. It had been two months since that time, and the small kylin’s progress in refining the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was unknown.

At this moment, in the spiritual pearl, under a huge tree, the small kylin was sitting with crossed legs, like a human. Its mouth was continuously spitting out extremely terrifying flames.

Above its head, densely packed violet-hued fiery balls that were the size of water droplets were suspended in mid-air. A molten silver liquid drop was embedded inside each of the fiery balls.

At the moment, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo that was in front of small kylin had been refined to the point where there was only a piece of its stem left. This meant that its main trunk had been refined completely.

After spitting out a fiery ball and encasing the last drop of silver liquid, the small kylin grasped the stem of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo and thrust it into the Supreme Growing Soil. In this way, a complete plant of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo would grow from the stem in a few years!


The small kylin then sprinted over and jumped onto Su Yu’s shoulder, both of its hands gesturing wildly. It had an aggrieved look on its face.

“Sorry for your hard work throughout this period. I’ll release you to move about very soon.” Su Yu assured the small kylin.

He knew about the small kylin’s plan. It wanted to request an opportunity to go outside for a stroll.

So, Su Yu assured it that as soon as they left the faction, it could go outside as it wished. Upon hearing this, the small kylin blinked its sapphire eyes and jumped around excitedly.

“Since the refinement was a success, how long will it be until we can condense the sword body?” Su Yu asked.

The small kylin counted with its hooves, then said, “Ten days for the fetal sword, and twenty days for the sword body. In two months, we can probably craft three swords. But, after succeeding in crafting three, I’ll be temporarily unable to craft the next ones.” Without realizing it, the small kylin’s speech had become more fluent than before.

“Oh? What happens after three? Why can’t you craft any more than that?” Su Yu’s eyes shone with surprise as he asked.

The small kylin looked toward the sky and pointed to its head with its hoof. “Lately, a voice in my brain has been telling me that I’ll be falling into a deep sleep in two month. The voice wants to teach me more things. I wanted to refuse, but the voice ignored me!”

A bright light shone in Su Yu’s eyes as he wondered. A voice? Whose voice could it be? Since the small kylin was proficient in refining elixirs and crafting equipment, Su Yu wondered if it could have relations with the voice in its brain.

“Well… In two months, you won’t need to worry about crafting equipment. So, just concentrate on learning from the voice in your brain for now,” Su Yu said.

After all, as this matter clearly concerned the small kylin’s future, Su Yu wouldn’t let it sacrifice its future just to craft a few more swords! Moreover, three swords would suffice, as they were an adequate amount to form a small-scale sword formation! Su Yu was exceptionally excited as he thought of this!

Subsequently, Su Yu went to visit Shengge. She was still comprehending the two Ghost Prison Tokens. She had been enlightened about the succession of one of the tokens, which was an early-stage Almighty token, but the other one remained a mystery to her.

After all, it was a Ghost Prison Token that had been left behind by a ghostly creature of the All Creations level. As such, its succession was extremely complicated, and she couldn’t comprehend it by solely relying upon herself.

As Su Yu did not want to disturb her, he left the spiritual pearl secretly. After returning to his body, he began meditating and regulating his breaths, while reinforcing the six-grade fairy level that he had just attained.

Time passed by in a flash, and before he knew it, it was already the next morning. At that moment, two puffs of energies appeared in the yard.

Upon sensing these energies, Su Yu opened his eyes and stepped into the yard. Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie stood side by side in the yard, quietly waiting for Su Yu to wake up. They had cold looks on their faces, and it seemed as if there was a deep barrier between them and Su Yu.

“You followed me here, too?” Su Yu asked as he looked at Gongsun Wuxie.

Raising her neck, Gongsun Wuxie snorted, then replied tenderly, “I followed Sister Wuxin here, not you.”

Su Yu nodded and did not say anything more. He then turned to leave the Demon Mountain.

Once he was standing at the foot of the Demon Mountain, Su Yu suddenly turned his head and looked at this place where he had stayed for half a year. As he did so, a tinge of sorrow floated through his heart.

As Bing Wuxin sensed his sorrow, a thoughtful look appeared on her face. Right at that moment, a whiff of fragrant wind blew by them.

Under a tree, there was a willowy, elegant figure in the morning fog, its posture graceful. Amid the fog, the figure seemed like a woman, who had apparently floated in with the morning mist.

“You’re leaving. Don’t you want to come and say farewell to sister?” The alluring cabinet master teased as she slowly walked toward Su Yu.

It was only when he got closer to her that Su Yu noticed that there were a few fine dewdrops dangling from her long eyelashes. He then saw that her azure shawl was also soaked with dew. It seemed that she had been waiting for a long time.

“Cabinet Master…” Su Yu was startled, and he said apologetically, “I left in a hurry and couldn’t say farewell beforehand. Please forgive me…”

She pressed her finger to his lips and said, “Don’t worry. But, I do want to ask you for a favor…”

As she spoke, the alluring cabinet master retrieved a space ring from her sleeve and handed it to Su Yu. “While you’re out there executing missions, if it’s convenient, please help me to deliver an item.”

Su Yu did not hesitate for long before agreeing. “Alright! What do you want delivered, and where do you want it delivered?”

“A messenger jade pendant has been left in the space ring. You can check it out after leaving the faction. There are instructions on it,” she explained.

As Su Yu glanced at the space ring, his brows slightly raised. “1,400,000 crystals? That’s a lot! Who do you want to give them to?”

The alluring cabinet master snorted lightly. “Are you getting greedy upon seeing such riches? Let me tell you… If there’s even one missing… Humph!”

Su Yu rolled his eyes. After all, he still had 70,000,000 crystals in his space ring currently. So, a mere 4,000,000 crystals didn’t tempt him!

“Do you think that everyone is like you, loving money like it’s your life?” Su Yu waved his hand in annoyance, then turned to leave.

Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie cast strange looks at the alluring cabinet master upon seeing this scene. After stepping out from the faction, Su Yu turned to take a look.

Amid the fog, the gorgeous figure was still standing quietly. Su Yu knew that this might be the last time they ever saw each other. Sighing, Su Yu strode out of the faction and headed into the bleak wilderness.

Half a day later, the three of them arrived in front of a barren land.

“After crossing this barren land, we’ll be completely out of the Red Blood Palace’s territory. So, it’s time to look at the clues that Master Ghost gave us.” Su Yu immediately took out a letter.

As the three of them landed, Bing Wuxin clearly wasn’t anxious or in a hurry to discover the contents of the letter, as she said, “Before looking at the letter, why don’t we check to see who that mesmerizing lover of yours is delivering crystals to?”

Su Yu thought about it for a moment, then finally agreed to this plan. If it was convenient, they could deliver the crystals first, then focus on finding and killing Mo Yang!

Taking out the space ring and ignoring the large amount of crystals within it, Su Yu took out the messenger jade pendant and pressed it against his ear. Immediately, a soft and gentle voice floated into his ears.

The voice said, “Brother Yuxian, take good care of yourself, as a martial artist’s life is like a firefly’s glow in this mortal world. It vanishes in an instant. Hopefully, in this lifetime, you can come back and visit me at least once. After all, in this life, I don’t have a lot of friends, but you’re one of them. These crystals are actually for you. Take care of yourself.”


Suddenly, a roar sounded in Su Yu’s head, and his heart felt as if it had just been ruthlessly hammered by something. He felt pained and shocked!

His heart, which had been numb for so long, now felt as though it had just been forcefully opened by someone. At this moment, an endless amount of warmth flowed into his heart, making Su Yu lose himself entirely.

It turned out that she had predicted that Su Yu wouldn’t come back after leaving this time. Thus, she had been waiting at the foot of the Demon Mountain since midnight, just to see Su Yu off.

Hardly any of the martial artists’ lives ended pleasantly. Moreover, although their lifespans seemed long, it flew by in the blink of an eye during their training, and no one knew when exactly their own deaths would come knocking.

Perhaps, they would have a tranquil demise as they were meditating in isolation. Or… Perhaps they would die at the hands of their enemies, their bodies sprawled in a pool of blood. One could never know.

After their parting this time, the next time that Su Yu met the alluring cabinet master could be at her lonely grave. As he thought of this possibility, a nameless sorrow came flooding into Su Yu’s heart.

“Xuelian…” Su Yu muttered softly, calling out her real name for the first time.

Bing Wuxin grabbed her long sword and said, “A few days ago, she sold ten vessels of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, wanting only crystals in return. Later, she sold all of the merit points that she had, 300,000 of them in total, which she exchanged for crystals.”

She paused for a moment to recall, then continued, “Thinking back on it, all of the crystals that she received in exchange are inside here. I had no idea that she shared such a faithful and tender relationship with you.”

In the morning, when Bing Wuxin had seen the alluring cabinet master giving away a great deal of crystals upon their parting, she had felt strange. This was she was the one who had taken all 300,000 of the merit points that Xuelian had.

What? Su Yu felt a deep shock rocking his heart all over again as he thought… She even sold her own merit points? All 300,000 of them?

Having been in each other’s company for a while, Su Yu chastised himself for not being aware of Xuelian’s situation. She faced difficulties from both the inside and the outside, while having to depend solely upon herself to earn merit points in a painstakingly slow manner.

Su Yu thought… Yes… 300,000, must have been her savings from several years’ accumulation!

For a woman like her, who regarded money as being as important as her own life, to willingly giving all that she had to Su Yu, touched Su Yu deeply. At that moment, unspeakable emotions rippled through Su Yu’s heart.

Then, while holding the ring in his hand, Su Yu said in a low voice, “You two wait here. I’m going back for a while!”