The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 911

Chapter 911 Purple Moon Demonic Man

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Without further delay, Su Yu broke through the skyline and released Hu Wangui. He then left by striding across the air with the cultivation of a fifth-grade Almighty.

An hour later. In the faction, at the alluring cabinet master’s house…

It was silent and deserted. Even the cavern in which Xuelian trained was empty. It seemed as if she had possibly be taken away by someone.

“Where is she?” Su Yu caught hold of her close female servant and asked.

The servant looked at him oddly and said, “Eh? I thought that the deputy cabinet master said that she would be out on a mission with you! Haven’t you met up with each other yet?”

What? Su Yu was stunned to hear this, and he hurried to the Hall of Missions to check the missions that had just been accepted. Just as he expected in front of a mission, Su Yu saw her name… Xuelian!

The mission involved traveling to the Heavenly Knife Region and secretly obtaining important information from the undercover spies that the Red Blood Palace had planted in the Heavenly Knife Region. She had gone there to execute this exceptionally dangerous mission!

The Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the Heavenly Knife Region arrangement of undercover spies in each other’s territories was a common occurrence. Hence, they were always enforcing strict investigations to weed them out, as well as delivering harsh punishments to those who were discovered. Once one was exposed, there would be no chance of survival!

As such, these types of missions were considered to be the most precarious, and less than three-tenths of those who set out upon them ever returned alive. As he thought of these awful odds, Su Yu wondered… Why did she take such a risk?

Then, as he looked at the mission’s reward, which was 300,000 merit points, Su Yu understood. Yet, his heart still ached.

After all, she had exchanged all of her merit points for crystals for Su Yu’s sake. And now, it seemed as if she was putting herself at risk to gain more crystals now that her store had been depleted.

Su Yu struggled with his thoughts regarding this… Should I still leave the faction?

Perhaps it really was like what she had said… That martial artists’ lives were only like a firefly’s glow in this mortal world, vanishing in an instant. The next time Su Yu came back, he might only be looking at her lonely grave!

“Rest assured, she has executed many of such missions in the past. She’s the greatest intelligence officer in the entire Red Blood Palace. So, she’ll be fine.” An abrupt voice sounded from above Su Yu’s head. It belonged to the Great Palace Master!

Su Yu immediately wondered… How much did he see, and how much does he know?

As Su Yu looked up, there was only the sound of the voice, but no sight of its owner. After staying silent for a long while, Su Yu quietly walked out from the faction. Along the way, he began waving over his decision…

Apart from running away, is there really no other way? Su Yu clenched his fists, hatred roiling inside of him.

Since he had arrived in the Jiuzhou Continent, the Golden Light Guards had been hot on his heels. He had escaped death by a mere hair’s breadth many times, and always, in the end, he had to keep running like a dog that had lost its home.

He wondered… Is running the only choice that I have left?

As he thought this, a cold and sharp light slowly condensed in the depths of his pupils. He then determined in his heart… Running will not solve the problem!

An hour later…

Su Yu returned to the barren land and met up with Bing Wuxin and Gongsun Wuxie. Then, as he looked over at the faraway lands, Su Yu said, “Let’s go! We’ll deal with this quickly!”

While staring at Su Yu’s back, Bing Wuxin felt strange. Something had clearly changed in Su Yu.

Not long after they left, a shaft of purple light flickered across the skyline above the barren land. In front of the Red Blood Palace, in the Fairy Confining Forest, five beams of golden light crossed over the void and descended into the forest.

The five figures shone with a golden light, and they had Sun Moon Crowns above their heads. These crowns gave off an air that made all of the living creatures in the surroundings shudder.

“It’s right here! My senses can’t be wrong.” A fierce snarl flashed on the leading Golden Light Guard’s mouth. “He really is hiding in the Red Blood Palace!”

He had succeeded in the Heart’s Disastrous Fire, so he could finally identify Su Yu’s general location by using the residual disastrous fire that was left in Su Yu’s body. Hence, he had been able to track him to the Red Blood Palace!

The other four Golden Light Guards looked cold, while one of them said, “We’ve been hunting him for half a year, and it’s finally coming to an end. Leader, let us finish this once and for all!”

The Golden Light Guard nodded. On a spot on his chest, a flame-like heart was pounding, emitting whiffs of black disastrous fire.

“A few hours ago, he appeared at the faction’s door. It seems like he’s left the faction and is heading for…” The Golden Light Guard leader could precisely identify Su Yu’s whereabouts, and even the timeline was exactly right! However, as he spoke, his words trailed off suddenly.

“Wait! Who’s disturbing my detection?” the leader asked suddenly.

The other Golden Light Guards were stunned as well, as anyone who could sever their leader’s detection must have an undeniably strong ability, at least stronger than their leader’s!

“Is it Mo Tianxuan?” one of them asked.

They all seemed to be fearful. When they had fought Mo Tianxuan, if she hadn’t been forced to retreat because of the Central Prefecture King’s projection, several of them would have perished, and the rest would have been severely injured! After all, Mo Tianxuan’s combat power was unrivaled by most anyone below the Jiuzhou Kings.

Even with the five of them combined, they would be no match for Mo Tianxuan. Hence, if they encountered Mo Tianxuan here, they would be at a great disadvantage.

“No! If it really was that woman, she would have dashed out already!” The Golden Light Guard leader shook his head. “It must be a very strong person. If I’m not mistaken, it was the same person who had wiped out half of that brat’s disastrous fire, rendering our hunt a failure!”

He then said, “It looks like this brat is protected by some experts, so we have to be cautious!”

One of the other four then said, “But… We can’t identify his exact whereabouts.”

The leader replied, “Rest assured, although the detection was severed, making us unable to pinpoint the exact area, the general area can still be located. It will just take some more effort on our parts.”

He then said, “Let’s go. If the mad woman finds us, they’ll be trouble.”

The leader then led the others and left. Not long after they left, a turbulent demonic energy rushed through the space, while a woman in roiling black energy stepped out. The woman was Mo Tianxuan!

“The Golden Light Guards? They dared to come to the Red Blood Palace again?” Murderous intent boiled in Mo Tianxuan’s eyes, and a strange look appeared on her face as she asked aloud, “Why have they come here? Are they looking for something?”

She then thought… Why would the Golden Light Guards appear at Yuling Mountain, and now, in the outside sanctum of the Red Blood Palace? Also, they have been so stealthy this whole time, as if they are secretly searching for something.

She felt that the fact that five of the Golden Light Guards had been dispatched at surely meant that the thing being looked for must be of great importance.

“It looks like I need to investigate matters of the faction in order to see if there is anything new that related to the Golden Light Guards.” After saying this aloud, not speaking to anyone in particular, Mo Tianxuan retreated into the void.

Then, looking in the direction in which the Golden Light Guards had disappeared, she snorted coldly and said, “You’re lucky you run fast!”

Five days later, in a medium-scale city, three people arrived on the scene. One of them was silver-haired and had a celestial aura and fairy-like manners. Another one was extraordinarily gorgeous and had an astounding kind of beauty. The last one was lively and sweet, and was as adorable as an elf!

The three of them captured a great deal of attention upon their arrival. Based on the description in Master Ghost’s letter, it was the city master of Tianyuan City who noticed the clues.

He was once the elixir master of the Elixir Alliance and had received the benefaction from Alliance Master Zhao. When he learned about the traces of Mo Yang, he had informed Alliance Master Zhao immediately. Alliance Master Zhao then informed Master Ghost, thus resulting in today’s scenario.

“Let us go meet the city master,” Bing Wuxin said.

Su Yu glanced at the surroundings and frowned slightly. “Wait, we can’t just go like this. Tianyuan City is under the jurisdiction of the Soul Seizing Palace, and they have stationed many strong men from their palace. They might recognize us, and once our identities are exposed and news spreads of our presence here, it’ll cause us to be at a great disadvantage in our attempt at capturing Mo Yang.”

“Humph! We don’t need your reminder!” Gongsun Wuxie was clearly displeased as she dragged Bing Wuxin into a small alley.

Su Yu shook his head and thought… Without my reminder, those two would be strolling in the streets brazenly!

He then followed them, while they chose remote alleys and groped their way to Tianyuan City Master’s house together. The three arrived at the place and cleverly avoided many of the guards, scurrying all the way to the cavern in which the Tianyuan City Master trained. But, he wasn’t there.

With a move of his heart, Su Yu’s eyes turned to a shade of silver, then scanned the entire house. Any obstacles would become insubstantial under the Transparent Eye, and every little detail in the house was under Su Yu’s control.

At the moment, when Su Yu was scanning a side palace, he spotted two elderly people. One of them was a fourth-grade Almighty, who had a hideous scar on his forehead. Half of his ear was also torn off.

He was the city master of Tianyuan City. He could be certain of this because people of the Almighty level could easily obtain elixirs to heal the injuries and wounds on their bodies.

Even with an arm or a leg severed, there would still be elixirs available to help them recover. Thus, Almighties like Tianyuan City Master, whose injuries were still present, were extremely rare.

The other person was a middle-aged man of a fifth-grade Almighty level. He had an ordinary appearance and a pair of eyes that were as sharp as a vulture’s. The most obvious feature that he had was the purple crescent moon that was between his brows.

Currently, these two men were in the side palace with the main door shut tight. This made it seem as if they were discussing something that was top-secret.

All of a sudden, the crescent moon marked middle-aged man seemed to sense something and looked in Su Yu’s direction. As the purple crescent moon shone between the man’s brows, Su Yu’s eyes stung. Feeling startled, Su Yu withdrew the Transparent Eye immediately.

Who is that? He could feel the presence of the Transparent Eye, and he even broke it… Su Yu was shocked.

After pondering this for a moment, Su Yu asked, “Do you know someone like this from Tianya City?”

He then depicted the middle-aged man’s appearance in detail. After hearing this, Bing Wuxin did not think for long before answering with a question, “Are you talking about the Third Elder of the Soul Seizing Palace, the Purple Moon Demonic Man?”

An elder from the Soul Seizing Palace? An alarm instantly went off in Su Yu’s mind.

The elders of the Soul Seizing Palace had all seen Su Yu’s old and senile appearance, so the Third Elder would surely recognize it! Then, once they found out Su Yu’s current appearance, they would surely identify him as a wanted criminal of the Central Prefecture, Yinyu! After his identity was exposed, Su Yu’s old look would lose its function as a useful disguise!

“Why did you mention him all of a sudden?” Bing Wuxin did not notice the difference in Su Yu.

Su Yu explained quickly to divert her attention, “Oh… I saw him on the street by chance.”

“Oh, then, in that case, it’s not strange. The Purple Moon Demonic Man is in charge of the jurisdiction of this zone,” Bing Wuxin said.

Su Yu had no doubts about this, so he remained quietly waiting. After some time, a fourth-grade Almighty elderly man with a deformed right ear came out in a hurry.

After looking at Su Yu and the other two from afar, he was delighted, immediately picking up his speed. He then said, “I was wondering who had trespassed into my house! I see now that it’s the three emissaries from the Red Blood Palace. Sorry for not welcoming you sooner!”

He glanced at the three of them, momentarily fixing his stare on Bing Wuxin, and at that moment, fear filled his eyes. It was as if he knew about Bing Wuxin’s power.

“You’re the city master of Tianyuan City, Er Ling?” Bing Wuxin gave the elderly man a measuring look.

“Yes, I am. Emissaries, please come with me. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” Er Ling said, while leading the three of them to the secret chamber. This secret chamber happened to be the one in which Su Yu had seen him and the Purple Moon Demonic Man having a secret discussion.

Erling was very gracious to them, and he did not belittle them for exhibiting the cultivations of fairies.

“Lord emissaries, this is the spiritual tea that I’ve specially prepared for you. It’s from Tianya City, and it is a very precious blend. It has the effect of calming the nerves and relieving anxiety, as well as prolonging life…” Er Ling explained as he made a few cups of tea.

But, Su Yu and the other two did not even move to accept the cups, as they had no intention of drinking the tea.

“City Master Er, it’s best if you provide us with Mo Yang’s information immediately. We are on an important mission, so we have no time to spare,” Bing Wuxin said coldly.

Er Ling was a little embarrassed. He clapped his palms, and a female servant came forward holding a dark, wooden box that was emitting a heavy Yin energy.

“Lord emissary, this is the trace of Mo Yang that I found.” Er Ling placed the long box on the table and slowly opened it.

All of a sudden, a gust of Yin energy came rushing out. As it did so, Su Yu and the others crinkled their noses and displayed their Vital Energies to shield themselves and prevent the Yin energy from infiltrating their bodies.

When the Yin energy dissipated, the object in the box emerged. It was a black, severed arm that resembled the color of charcoal!

The inside of the severed arm was hollow, which meant that only the skin on the surface remained. This was an extremely bizarre thing.

Gongsun Wuxie snorted. “Blo*dy old man, what can we see from a dead man’s arm? Are you trying to trick me?”

Bing Wuxin interrupted her, a shrewd light shining in her eyes. “No! This is no ordinary arm. It’s skin was shed from training for some kind of demonic technique.”

“Shed skin?” Gongsun Wuxie was stunned. “Like… The molting of a snake?”